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* If you of the flist have a book in print and I haven't bought it... it's now because I forgot rather than because I'm broke. XD; Also, Jhegaala and Victory of Eagles. I'll get the Paarfi ones from the bookstore, they were there last I checked.

* The most recent volume of Steel Ball Run I own is #12 and #20 just came out. Also WTF is this and why is it on Gallimard, sad'lgj;gfdkgh Araki stans have a tough life of it. I finally got around to watching Gaga/Beyoncé's "Telephone" video while picturing Hirohiko crying manly sensitive tears through its 9 1/2 minutes. I could break it down painstakingly but if you care it'd be obvious, and if it's not obvious you won't care. So. XD;;

The damage )

Stuff to buy next round )

Stuff to get from the bookstore )

I think I will sell off some of my older books, no way is all this coming with me when I move. = =+
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1) I read the latest TRC spoilers since I figured I'd never manage to catch up on the manga before the grace period expires anyway, and now I am DYING. CLAMP YOU SPAZZES WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOINGGGG XD XD XD

2) One peculiar side-effect of Libs fandom is that people (RL people, that is, or online people who may as well be RL) feel impelled to keep me in the loop re: happenings in Pete Doherty's life. Like if he's in jail, out of jail, on the front page of Youtube, frolicking through fields of bluebells, that sort of thing. It's... kind of heartwarming? I mean, I know, hence being in the fandom, but the thought, etc. XD

The manager of Babyshambles ought to write a best-practices handbook on Dealing With Batshit Fandom and send a copy to LJ's customer relations management team (that is, assuming LJ actually has a CRM team and not just LIES). It's rather inspiring to watch competence in action.

3) Sororial unit returneth tomorrow in good spirits, having fulfilled her mission of getting glomped** by Carl Barât. Man, I remember when I used to go the extra mile for fandom, now I'm way too lazy.

4) This (linking [ profile] ladysisyphus's post for context).

5) I hope at least some of you people knew Tada Yumi does My Chemical Romance doujinshi.

** Somehow I managed to get this far before I figured out the right word for it
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Yeah, the whole "ask me for an essay" bit was sort of irresponsible considering I probably won't have time to write essays. XD; Have expanded on some of the shorter ones in comments, though - and there's the following.

Snippety McCut )
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Tsubasa and SBR are all I'm following these days, mind you.

TRC to chapter... 173, I think. Spoilers. Does anyone care about TRC spoilers? )

The two chapters of Steel Ball Run to come in this space once I'm done reading them. XD


Turn around for five minutes and My Bloody Valentine reunites, now this. XD

Spoilery notes on SBR 30-31, more or less on the heartwarming tip. )

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LAUGHING. Candidate for biggest nerd-out by members of the "respectable" scientific community since Planet Xena. But think, it could have been worse - the researchers could have insisted that their discovery be illustrated in moe-chara style. LIGASE-TAN WILL BIND YOUR SYNAPSES WITH LOVE.

Those of you who're Ph.D.-tracked, I'm looking at you.

In other hilarious news, apparently there are Viewfinder side-stories out? Love Prize 3, Naked Truth Zero )

Other updates: TRC 159-165, Holic 139-144. Contains spoilers. )

I've also read up to FMA vol.11, halfway through. Am however missing vol.15 which stands to become a problem in the near future. ^^;
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Ayaka - I Believe: I just now saw Ayaka sing this on CTV Sports as Miki Ando won the World Figure Skating Championships (held in Japan this year) and skated to this song for her gala performance, and they got Ayaka in to perform it live. Where is my figure skating shoujo manga, Japan?

The Field - The Deal: caught up with TRC and Holic. I... I think I should've waited until next week. XD;;

Anyway, this was the (appropriately titled, at that) piece of music I was listening to when *spoiler* defeated *spoiler* and *spoiler* came down from the sky and then *spoiler* *spoilered* and everything went pear-shaped. It was sort of awesome.
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I'm posting the music video from that Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant romcom. Because nothing says hyperreality quite like FAKE EIGHTIES.

Latest round of [ profile] drabble_trade went up yesterday. There doesn't seem to be much guessing this time, so I will link and wait for people to confess. :D

Written for me:

Basch and Penelo
Fai and Sakura
FMA!Supernatural, by [ profile] arboretum (to go with [ profile] ladysisyphus's Fatal Frame!Supernatural and VS!Supernatural. IT'S LIKE A LITTLE BLACK DRESS.)

What I wrote (for [ profile] lazulisong, reposted):

Vincent/Reeve, vaguely DoC-era, 100 words. Has the potential to be way longer except I had only 20 minutes left before deadline. XD; )

Larsa is sneaky like a ninja, 1451 words. Um... yeah. )

...It's not so much a short story as it is a chunk of game novelisation told from Larsa's POV, and as such goes on and on and on and WHY IS IT NOT STOPPING. I blame Lois McMaster Bujold.
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Spent a good chunk of my Sunday attempting to catch up on fandoms - twenty chapters' worth of TRC and Holic each, mostly. Still about a volume behind on Holic but am pretty much up on TRC now. I don't want to have to spend time reading CLAMP's glorified crackfic (for pete's sake) so much as I wish I could just download the images into my brain and instantaneously digest the information contained therein, but for now we make do with what we have.

Concurrently I was reading Aristotle's Poetics, which served to highlight how ancient CLAMP's grab bag of tricks is. To give them credit they're pretty much the only purists in their particular scene... I keep wondering, did ever an Athenian want to throttle Sophocles this much?

"WTF, I can't believe Oedipus put his own eyes out at the end! What is up with the eyeball obsession? THE MADNESS MUST STOP!"

...Spoiler cut, not that I say much of import. )

What else? Oh yeah, spoiler zone declared in the comments - WHERE IS THE FIC, PEOPLE?? It doesn't have to be good, it just has to be heartfelt. 以上です。

Less vituperatively, I finished watching the Ouran anime. Very much in the "homg must bring artificial closure as manga shows no sign of wrapping up!" mode, but intelligently done despite the rush. Basically they played it straight like the shortest distance between two points, which is not a description of the rest of the series, but if you love the characters (and "they" know you do) you'd be a fool not to ride the wave. The fluffy, pink, shoujo-coloured wave.

More spoilersome observations. )

I should read the manga but I doubt the question arises there, which makes it sort of moot.


Aug. 29th, 2006 08:14 pm
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Many happy returns to the inestimable Miss Jae Young! Also, late (because I'm really lame about this sort of thing) happy birthday to [ profile] triniophoenicis and [ profile] youkofujima. Also-also, early (because no doubt I'd miss it otherwise) happy birthday to [ profile] pere_chan and [ profile] woodburner.

(Boy, a lot of you were born in September.)

Stuff that doesn't belong in the same entry, but I don't want to spam with a new one:

dental TMI )

anime and manga )

Time to leave for dental appointment again. =_=
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I did start JoJo pt.3 last night (when I left off Our Heros were on the train from Singapore to Malaysia). Star Platinum kept reminding me of someone but I couldn't think of who it was. [1] This morning on the metro I figured it out: Kurogane out of TRC.


[1] Nor did I try, because I could tell I wasn't going to like the answer. Ever get that feeling?

...It's not so much that Kurogane (whom I adore) looks like Star Platinum particularly. I mean, he does, but CLAMP's actual JoJo fanart is an endeavour roughly on par with [ profile] surlykitty's Powerpuffing - they look like the originals but you can't actually say they look like the originals, if that makes sense. It's... you know that shit-eating grin he'd get sometimes as he's laying the smack down? When he's enjoying the killeration for the hell of it? This before CLAMP dragged out the War Mace of Woobiefication.

I better not see Fye in this or I'll have to do some smacking myself.
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To distract me from the new chapters of Bleach and Viewfinder I just dled but can't read--

Name me a character or pairing and I will ramble on about him/her/it/them. (Although if it's someone/something I've never given any thought, I will probably just say "I've never given that any thought." XD) The other one I've seen going around is "Ask any of my characters a question and I will answer", which is also OK for today's purpose! ♥

EDIT -- meme closed. I've still got a couple left I shall answer shortly. XD

More lists

Jan. 3rd, 2006 08:44 pm
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1) Read TRC up to chapter 88, found raws for the rest. Started watching the Outo Arc in the anime and found it sort of boringly paced, as well as even more strikingly reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts. XD Has anyone else noticed how much the characters drink in TRC/'Holic? They're constantly getting trashed, it's amazing. Isn't this supposed to be a kids' series? XD Sometimes I've felt that North American censors would get a bit twitchy at scenes of sexuality or violence in the anime or manga I follow, but this is the first time I'm thinking it about (often underage) alcohol abuse. Sakura is so the party animal.

Of course, if I were constantly travelling between worlds I'd be sure to sample the local booze everywhere I go, but this isn't about Ford Prefect me.

2) Three Invitations to a Far Reading, by Joan Houlihan
via [ profile] supacat. Reviewer blasts several post-structuralist poets, essentially for being hypertext magnet poetry. What's refreshing is that she's discussing rules of composition (i.e. why is hypertext magnet poetry hypertext magnet poetry?), not blanket-attacking currents of lit theory. In fact she seems to accept that this type of writing calls for an alternate cognitive/reading strategy (and provides the most concise breakdown I've yet encountered of what life text looks like on consciously-induced adult-ADHD internets!skim mode), she just doesn't think it's better. More precisely, she thinks it's crap. XD

3) Caught up to Bleach anime. The bright colours they picked for the various bankai make everything look vaguely dorky - and Byakuya's Senbonzakura is pink, which completely lays waste to my ability to cut the rest for ep. 60ish spoilers. )

4) Also, [ profile] worldserpent posts her views on Bleach pairings. It's a synthesis of what we both think, really, was up til 4AM talking about it. XD Cut, again, because it got long. This part is RenRuki. )

This part is IchiRuki. There iz CHARTS. )

Eh, I should just give up and write Byakuya/Renji and... and Aizen/Ulquiorra or something. :D;; Except that would hardly reduce the effort of analysis. (The only thing that would cut down on said effort is Ikkaku/Yumichika, because I reckon the 11th Division can't even spell analysis with the right number of y's.)

P.S. In 200 years Yachiru will be grown up and then she and Kenpachi would have to get married, like.
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For [ profile] serendip. She requested the suffering and travails of TRC!Eriol. XD As a bonus I made it steampunk!TRC!Eriol, so as to be able to post to [ profile] myriad_myriad for December, which is why this is going up now. XD

Teatime, 473 words )
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EDIT -- I am just going to post these two together, since they're fairly short and then I won't have to remember to do it. XD

For [ profile] silvermuse89. She asked for wayoldergen!Academy fic and possibly Ukitake/Unohana, I think it was? XD

with the result that Shunsui took over the room and worked it, 231 words )

For [ profile] pere_chan. This and the one I wrote for Meg make a fine matched pair, except Kurogane likes short sentences and Fye likes enumerative run-ons. XD

Fye and sweets, 355 words )


Dec. 4th, 2005 02:06 am
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CLAMP, I hate you! That was a calculated assault on readerly sensibilities! Not cool!

*wanders off weeping*

(Damn age-old Liebestod templates. Anyone comes across a version of that that ends well, drop me a note.)

Ficlets onna card written: 10/25. だ…ダメかな??
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For [ profile] corneredangel: Mik asked for this semi-jokingly, but of course I wrote it. Keep in mind I probably haven't watched the last few episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion since the turn of the millennium.

NGE, notpants!Kaworu, 270 words )

For [ profile] lazulisong: I'm sorry for how angsty this turned out. XD And I think this my first actual CLAMP fic! As opposed to crack crossover fic that has a couple of CLAMP characters in.

TRC, KuroTomo, 374 words )


Nov. 10th, 2005 09:39 pm
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Went to see the Provençal painting exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum yesterday evening. A whole lot of Cézanne and some fascinating 18th-century panoramas of Antibes and whatnot, where the canvas is three-fifths sky with shiploads of anthropological detail crammed into the bottom two-fifths. Didn't get home early enough to read any more Tsubasa, of course, but that hardly matters as my zip of volume 8 is corrupted.


I suppose since it turns out I'm enjoying the series so much I'm morally obliged to buy all this after all, except I don't think the French is out to volume 8 either. (And so sororial unit can read it on the bus, although it will not eat her brain as much as it eats mine because she knows nothing about X, Rg Veda or Clover.) Vampires? ...I'm sorry, I think I am truly bothered by this. *has disturbing visions of Louis and Claudia*

Rec me fic, people! Nothing overly spoileriffic, but I need feeding today.

Here's another thing I would really, really love to have: the Tommy Feb opening to the Paradise Kiss anime. ♥ Didn't mention that I'd managed to watch 1-3 over the weekend (along with the latest subbed episode of Monster and the first ep of Mushishi). It's by the same people who did Beck, isn't it? *rolls* The feel is different from the manga. There's the chibis, the weird beasties, the character design (for some reason Arashi and Hiroyuki didn't translate too well I feel, the rest are fine). Most of the voices startled me, as if either tonality or diction weren't what I'd been hearing in my head, but it's been so long since I read the manga... ^^; The pacing. I like it, mostly - it's infinitely preferable to a pedestrian reading with no sense of a director's hand at the helm - but it doesn't achieve the original's breathless romanticism, and as I was thinking about it afterward I realised it was because of the music. The lack thereof, rather. ParaKiss is so not an ambient noise soundtrack sort of series. And what there is of it is, well, there's this single chord that plays whenever George is about to do something that drives me batty because it makes me think I'm about to hear "Mizuiro no machi" by Spitz which is like the antithesis of a George song; that's pretty typical. >_> They had it with the opening, they had it with the ending, now what about the rest? Or has the budget been blown?
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Reminder to self: acquire poppy! J is right in that they're hard to find, it slipped my mind because I haven't seen anyone selling them thus far. >_> I could swear in past years they had a poppy stand at Namur metro, but...

Last night I had to get off the computer at the WORST CLIFFHANGER CHAPTER EVAR in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, so much so that this morning I lost half an hour so I could read the ensuing chapters and find out what happened. XD;; Minorly spoilerish babble. )

One day Watanuki will be cleaning Yuuko's place, and he will come across The CLAMP Eyeball Collection. That will be one more day he rues in his tender life.

May Dance
by [ profile] gisho. TRC fic, far too tame to justify how dirty I felt after reading it. XD;; Rarely do I get that minty fresh ride-to-hell sensation from fanfiction these days, but this one did the trick - not because it was excellently written and characterised to the point of total believability (it was) but because it seriously hit a button I didn't think I had. Then I thought twice and realised it was the same whatever that causes me to write Toshiki x Ren (I thought of it as a pairing fic when I started writing but the point it was trying to make eventually precluded that). Clearly I just... have a kink for conflicted gay older man x sweet self-possessed pubescent girl. Oh, Papa Freud, where are you now.

Why Learn A Second Language?
Article found from [ profile] darcenciel. The bit about the Persian ghazal is tremenjously OTM and made me laugh. I'm not sure I've ever read a translation of a classical Chinese poem that seemed to me like the same poem (although it may be, and is often, a quite good poem in its own right). And when my Japanese comprehension improved to the point that I could read haiku and tanka I was taken aback by the difference as well.

(...Improved to the point, she says. Really it's only just about at that stage.)

Have been thinking of the aesthetics of poetry lately. )

Okay, I think I have overcompensated with points in this entry. XD

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