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I'm posting the music video from that Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant romcom. Because nothing says hyperreality quite like FAKE EIGHTIES.

Latest round of [ profile] drabble_trade went up yesterday. There doesn't seem to be much guessing this time, so I will link and wait for people to confess. :D

Written for me:

Basch and Penelo
Fai and Sakura
FMA!Supernatural, by [ profile] arboretum (to go with [ profile] ladysisyphus's Fatal Frame!Supernatural and VS!Supernatural. IT'S LIKE A LITTLE BLACK DRESS.)

What I wrote (for [ profile] lazulisong, reposted):

Vincent/Reeve, vaguely DoC-era, 100 words. Has the potential to be way longer except I had only 20 minutes left before deadline. XD; )

Larsa is sneaky like a ninja, 1451 words. Um... yeah. )

...It's not so much a short story as it is a chunk of game novelisation told from Larsa's POV, and as such goes on and on and on and WHY IS IT NOT STOPPING. I blame Lois McMaster Bujold.
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Sentou Yousei Yukikaze FST and The Etched City FST reuploaded to [ profile] fst (join comm to see posts). Upping a couple more before month's end - may even toss up that 20th Century Boys FST, eheh, though it's hard to count it finished when I haven't read all the manga yet. ^^;

100-word FFXII drabble gifted me in [ profile] drabble_trade (Chrissie, isn't the first one you too? o_O): here and here (inappropriate bunny cat ears warning). Signups for round two are under way. I think this time I'll offer for offbeat fandoms only and see what happens.

Other FFXII drabble request GETTO ♥ from [ profile] geekerypokery: here (end of game spoilers warning). Here as well as above I'm assuming that having read the one(s) I linked everyone will click through and read the others, which are even more brill. I haven't requested from other people because I owe too many drabbles and thus feel too guilty to do so. XD;

Drabbles I contributed to [ profile] drabble_trade:

for silvermuse89: PoT, Shuusuke and Yumiko )

for orangensaft: Love Mode, Reiji x Naoya )

Other drabble-related thing I made: [ profile] fanwork_tag, a sandbox for anyone who wants to play Truth or Drabble, Sketch or Drabble, etc. (it's a lot less bothersome to have the signup post on a low-volume LJ comm than a personal journal). I advise single-fandom games as multi-fandom has a way of getting out of hand ahahaha. Um. WILL SOMEONE ELSE PLS START A FFXII GAME I HAVE NO TIME orz|||

I'm going on RL social hiatus until my birthday (which, well, I'll at least let you know where that's happening XD;;). Not declaring LJ hiatus but don't be surprised if I drop off for a bit - or conversely, spam. I just really need to get a few things done, and I don't have time for that, compiling the next SSBB issue, and seeing people in the evening or on weekends. ...Besides I'm kind of seriously PUP right now. XD;;;;
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Firstly, Shousetsu Bang*Bang no.9 is up - but you knew that. XD

Secondly, this is [ profile] helvetius's ficlet onna card about Sirius and Remus. It's #3 because there is a #2, it just hasn't been entrusted to the post yet. XD;; "Solace", if you're having trouble placing it, is a Scott Joplin rag.

557 words. I guess this is supposed to be James and Lily's, um, first and only Christmas party? T_T )
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Ka asked for Giorno/Mista or Jolyne/Annasui, and I've already written 9,000 words of purported Giorno/Mista this year, so. Spoilers for the ending of part 6 (as in, the very last scene) and part 7, in a manner of speaking.

...I should upload this song as BGM. XD

654 words. Possibly more meta than the Rohan fic. Also likely to be the only anime/manga-based fic ever to contain the words 'amber alert'. )
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For [ profile] arboretum (the artist formerly known as [ profile] ametatsu). She asked for Tamaki but as often happens I didn't so much write him as write around him - literally, it's a camerawork exercise in prose. Or maybe a pictoral representation of the music, variation by variation (in lieu of red roses, white roses, blue roses, pink roses, etc.), at the given tempo.

If you don't know the piece... you know the piece, trust me. XD;

503 words. For some reason this was quite difficult to write. )
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For Kristin, who requested DJ Ran in Montreal. The flist is large, so if you have no idea what that's about: for the past couple of years [ profile] canis_m and others have been tossing around a WAFFy Clover AU in which Ran is a techno DJ and Gingetsu bodyguards or otherwise sticks around, and they travel (details vary depending on who's writing; there's been very little attempt at background coherence XD). There's an aesthetic correspondence... but mostly it's about t3h cute.

Related fic, art, and mixtapes. )

I'm missing stuff. There was at least one with popstar!Suu and producer!Ran. XD; Link me if you're better organized. Anyhow other people fic and I... post mp3s, but this time I was told to write the akchul DJing bit. So this isn't really a story, it's a description of a minimal techno night as they occur in these parts. I found I had to base myself on something so I used what I was listening to, namely Michael Mayer's Immer 2 (SCSI-9, "Morskaya" -> Jesse Somfay, "Lying in a Bed of Mist"), but very inaccurately.

Based on a MUTEK venue, though it could be anywhere really. 881 words. )

I'm doing a techno mix too, not a chillout one. ^^; Maybe I should get permission and repost everything to my [ profile] minimalicious account? I just had the idea of turning it into Ran's fake blog à la [ profile] yuushidiaries only with moar mp3s, but I couldn't write it, Kristin would have to write it. At best I'd obtain and abuse Fruityloops for great veracity.
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Ficlets onna card have started arriving - not in order, but this is the earliest written and sent (Puu made the first request IIRC). Inspired by the maintainer of that Rohan shrine, whose theory was that stands have bizarre preconditions due to the circumstances of their discovery, especially if the stand is later able to grow beyond said limitations. When it's introduced Heaven's Door only activates on someone who 1) is the first person to see a new chapter of Rohan's manga, and 2) is "on his wavelength", i.e. groks his manga. From which the essayist derived that Rohan must have discovered his stand by accidentally victimizing his editor, after having been shot by the arrow. XD

If you are like me you just thought, "Rohan's editor... geez, it's true, come to think of it Rohan must have an editor. .............That poor bastard."

The rest is further elaboration on the Pink Dark Boy mythos as seen in the Giorno/Mista epic, i.e. META META META. XD

Kishibe Rohan, part 4 timeframe, 637 words )
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For [ profile] arisuesei, but I got her permission to post it to LJ immediately because I... I can't quite bring myself to send the same cards out, I'd have to buy Valentine Day ones at this rate. XD And also it's way too long. But I guess long isn't a bad trait in giftfic!?

I'm not sure I like this. ^^; Seduced by the concept to the detriment of characterization methinks. Take it as one version of what might have happened rather than the version... The title comes from the Ladytron track of the same name, which is actually one of my songcalls for Johan and Anna out of Monster. Which... I suppose that makes Aizen Franz Bonaparta? *crawls off and dies in a corner*

All The Way, Gin and Rangiku, 1861 words )
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For [ profile] wenlet, who asked for Nana fic. Thanks to my London hosts, apologies for appropriation of imagery. (There was also this Ciara video I caught at least five times on Belgian MTV during my holiday? And the Pet Shop Boys I keep threatening.

...I still need a decent rip of this song. ^^;)

Honjou Ren in London, 469 words )
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For [ profile] serendip. She requested the suffering and travails of TRC!Eriol. XD As a bonus I made it steampunk!TRC!Eriol, so as to be able to post to [ profile] myriad_myriad for December, which is why this is going up now. XD

Teatime, 473 words )
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EDIT -- I am just going to post these two together, since they're fairly short and then I won't have to remember to do it. XD

For [ profile] silvermuse89. She asked for wayoldergen!Academy fic and possibly Ukitake/Unohana, I think it was? XD

with the result that Shunsui took over the room and worked it, 231 words )

For [ profile] pere_chan. This and the one I wrote for Meg make a fine matched pair, except Kurogane likes short sentences and Fye likes enumerative run-ons. XD

Fye and sweets, 355 words )
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For [ profile] one_if_by_land. I posted a snippet of this conceptverse to a guess-the-character drabble meme buried somewhere on [ profile] sesame_seed's journal, but otherwise... uh, don't ask. XD; Lightly edited from the card version.

Hikaru and Akira, holiday fluff, also does double duty as the request Bing made in April, 445 words )
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Now I'm breaking my own rule. Sorry Bing darling! But I want to get this chapter of my life over with as it were. XD P.S. Thanks to everyone who commented on the IniD ficlet, I am glad you enjoyed. XD

For [ profile] yasminm. You know you're curious. *g* Actually I'm quite fond of this one, it makes me laugh even though I wrote it (possibly because I am a mean person).

Feilong x Takaba, 1401 words )
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As she typed it up when she received it. XD But once again, posting in order.

For [ profile] sesame_seed. "Traffic" is supposed to be set circa Love Surprise, and so this AU would branch off pre-NT (whereas [ profile] yasminm's fic onna card branches off after). Deliberately I've made neither story an attempt to predict what I think will happen in canon, although if Yamane Ayano touches on what I consider key points I'll be amused. XD

Asami x Feilong, 1176 words )
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...As realistically speaking I won't be able to write any more of it for a while, though in my original fit of inspiration I blocked out much more than what's here. I am supposed to post these in the order in which they arrive. XD;

For [ profile] metempsychosis. Not what she asked for but she seemed to like it. I love you in advance, flist, because I know you will get this. XD

D is for Dance, 30-second preview )
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For [ profile] triniophoenicis. Sort of in-joke taken to a logically extreme conclusion (Genie lives in Ithaca). The truly charming image in my mind is Atobe boots-deep in Taughannock Falls but the story isn't about Atobe. XD

TezuFuji, 327 words )
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For [ profile] fabulous_papaya. Written after a Friday that ended with abuse of raw fish and alcohol. I quite like it, it's like a cheerful little ditty with lyrics that are impossible to grasp.

Urahara and Yoruichi, food, 438 words )
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For [ profile] corneredangel: Mik asked for this semi-jokingly, but of course I wrote it. Keep in mind I probably haven't watched the last few episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion since the turn of the millennium.

NGE, notpants!Kaworu, 270 words )

For [ profile] lazulisong: I'm sorry for how angsty this turned out. XD And I think this my first actual CLAMP fic! As opposed to crack crossover fic that has a couple of CLAMP characters in.

TRC, KuroTomo, 374 words )
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Should've answered more comments in the evening or - better! - gone to bed, as my eyes have given out on me again and I cannot actually see or anything, but this was DRIVING ME INSANE. I had to rewrite it. Better to have claimed that I was desperate at all times for betas, someone might've told me how to fix my drabble then. >_< Is it too late to recant?

In case anyone thinks to ask: Lu Xun. I've always been convinced of this, and I don't know why.

Viewfinder shortfic requested by Chrissie, take two, written directly into Semagic. I will look at it again tomorrow morning GWAR )


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