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The latest round of [ profile] drabble_trade is up! Ouran fic for me:

Kyouya/Tamaki + Haruhi
Nekozawa (ahaha)

I am having difficulty formulating a guess, though. XD;

Overheard in an Aerodrome in the Imperial City of Archades, by [ profile] canis_m [FFXII/Swordspoint]
Privilege-timeline, insofar as that stretches; an AU of sorts (but then who knows what strange lands one might encounter in the course of one's travels XD). Also a giftfic for me. ♥

Berlin, by [ profile] atdelphi [Harry Potter/Petshop of Horrors]
Recced by [ profile] issen4 (who is on fire these days). Also a dashedly clever crossover. The key to the genre, I think, is identifying a hinge where two or more series are in exact if accidental agreement and writing from there, rather than simply having characters from series A meet characters from series B. Here the conceptual hinge is Fawkes. *g*

Not very on the ball for the upcoming Potterdämmerung (to steal from [ profile] keelieinblack) - no firm plans yet for acquiring the book or going to see the movie, somewhat to sororial unit's frustration. But I'll have to do both ASAP, like everyone else, or miss the LJ spoiler boat.
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1) FFXII gameplay notes for story purposes; I might continue the Larsa fic. )

I like how plausible the gameplay is. People write fic all the time about fighting random encounters in FFXII. No one ever writes fic about fighting random encounters in FFVII, because it would just come off as completely retarded. Midgar is filled with, what? Killer robot dogs? Evil houses on legs?

2) [ profile] mullenkamp is recording and uploading Vagrant Story cutscenes, if you ever felt an urge to watch/re-watch the thing. Some parts are unexpectedly... poignant, after FFXII. )

3) As seen on [ profile] fabulous_papaya: flOw for PS3 (the O stands for Oxycontin). Your wasted time guaranteed or... actually you don't even have to pay for it.

I don't find it as relaxing as advertised, precisely because it taps into what I assume are primal brain-stem urges. Eating protozoa? Running away from jellyfish? Serious business, j0. XD

There is also Cloud, where your job is apparently to move clouds around. I am totally on this, right now.
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I'm posting the music video from that Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant romcom. Because nothing says hyperreality quite like FAKE EIGHTIES.

Latest round of [ profile] drabble_trade went up yesterday. There doesn't seem to be much guessing this time, so I will link and wait for people to confess. :D

Written for me:

Basch and Penelo
Fai and Sakura
FMA!Supernatural, by [ profile] arboretum (to go with [ profile] ladysisyphus's Fatal Frame!Supernatural and VS!Supernatural. IT'S LIKE A LITTLE BLACK DRESS.)

What I wrote (for [ profile] lazulisong, reposted):

Vincent/Reeve, vaguely DoC-era, 100 words. Has the potential to be way longer except I had only 20 minutes left before deadline. XD; )

Larsa is sneaky like a ninja, 1451 words. Um... yeah. )

...It's not so much a short story as it is a chunk of game novelisation told from Larsa's POV, and as such goes on and on and on and WHY IS IT NOT STOPPING. I blame Lois McMaster Bujold.
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Now my parents are onto a Spring and Autumn period drama (read: I have trouble picking up plot threads on the fly the way I usually do because the characters' mindset is too long-ago, like Renault's Ancient Greece). Pretty sure this is what [ profile] paleaswater was talking about, unless there's another one this season that's like IN YR DAILY CHINESE HISTORY LESSON, DEPLOYING BL FICTION PLOT TWISTS. >_> Could always go upstairs and check the back of the DVD box but that involves walking which is just silly.

The production values and acting in these TV series keep getting better and better... I wish someone would sub them, they'd be fun for the Rome crowd I think. (In English that is, they're always subbed in Chinese as it's a bit like watching Shakespeare only not as readily comprehensible. XD;)

A note on the FFXII Ultimanias. )
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What's bizarre about this is that I did the exact same thing one year ago. The last one's topic was "beatings", and this one's is... um. "Hookahs"?


A) The Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso
B) Cibo Matto - Sugar Water (Acoustic)

Man, Cibo Matto were a great band. I wish I'd gone to see them on their last tour.

Other tunes rocking mi casa (from this point forward Youtube links will be provided alongside mp3s where available):

Monkey Majik + m-flo - Picture Perfect: got this from [ profile] kickinpants recently. Rocking a summer jam at this time of year might be seen as jumping the gun, but verily I say unto you: it's at this time of year that summer jams are most sorely needed. [PMV]

Peter Bjorn & John feat. Victoria Bergman - Young Folks (otherwise known as "that whistling song"): in Soviet Russia Scandinavia, indiepop brainworm digs you. [PMV, described by someone or other as "Linklater without the drugs and paranoia" (and 500% more twee) - actually I heard this song for the first time randomly trawling Youtube. XD The second time I heard it was while trying on an outfit at American Apparel.]

Rebecca Lynn Howard - That's Why I Hate Pontiacs: I'm pretty sure I got this off some music blog not known for posting Sad Country Songs(tm), which is fine since neither am I. XD But oh the song is brill, it completely nails the emotion it's aiming for, in the same way as good slash fanfiction does. Grab a bottle of whisky and.
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At one point I realized you could rhyme 'moogle' with 'asshole'......yeah pretty much. )

Balthier the Moogle belongs to [ profile] coloredink (adopted by fandom at large), the rest belongs to The Modern Lovers, I'll be in my trailer if you need me. >_>
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Compiling another mix - spinning bastard pop, 8-bit theatre midi bobbins, and musicblog trend fodder.

Dans Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill: rules to live by. XD I wish people would write pairing manifestos this way - pithy, taxonomic - but listmania is more advanced in music fandom than anywhere else, I suspect.

Malcolm McLaren - Love Will...: for peeps who don't keep Fluxblog on feed. Malcolm McLaren mixes Captain & Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" with Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart"; Richard X grows third leg, kicks self for not getting there first; more news to follow. Comes with New Order gig review for anecdotal context.

(I had the chance to see Hooky DJ, actually, Thursday after... New Year's?, but I was still in recovery mode. XD;)

Amerie - One Thing (Amerie vs Nujabes Mix by Siik): what you think. Ingenious like all successful mashups, and the vocals serve to remind one what a gorgeous groove this is.

In other news: HAY VAAN ZODIAC STONE GETTO. That there is the kind of goings-on that lands one in timelines not one's own. Don't inadvertently destroy Ivalice, guys; not asking for much.

There is a part of me - the larger part, possibly - that prefers them as sprites. MAYBE I AM ACTUALLY OLD-SCHOOL?

Happy Chinese New Year!
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CLAN PROVISIONER: I heard you have 99 of every kind of loot ever dropped by anything. Every treasure chest and monograph. All the rare monsters. All the elite marks. I heard you equipped Thief's Cuffs and stole every piece of Gilgamesh's equipment. I heard that you chained bombshells in the Lhusu Mines - twenty, fifty, seventy-five. I heard that you defeated Yiazmat and got a perfect score in the fishing game. I hear you're buying gemsteel and empyreal souls and throwing those Deathbringers out the window because you want to make something real. You want to make a greatsword. I hear that you and your party have sold your Arcana and bought High Arcana. I hear that you and your party have sold your High Arcana and bought a Canopic Jar. I hear that every item in your inventory is worth more than every item in my inventory. ...But have you seen my wares?


Blame [ profile] fabulous_papaya's Daft Punk Is Playing At Balthier's House icon. Also, blame the flist. ALL I HEAR, ALL DAY.

Status update: just before Henne Mines, chaining Dark Nation's hydrocephalic blue cousins for fun and great profit.
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Indiepop Capital of the North: Amy Millan confirms to Brendan Murphy in this week's Hour that she, Emily Haines and Feist are thinking of recording an album together. So uh, in the event that you care, stay on top of that one. XD

Thank God for Youtube (VG Edition): I keep watching other people's gaming clips. Not just cutscenes for reference but boss battles and combos and such (and not just FF, either). It's lame but I can't stop for some reason. XD; (......The new JoJo game. I just remembered. Ohshi how much will I get fired if I get on Youtube right now.)

I really like the FFXIII protag's character design. She looks somewhat like a female version of Cloud[1] and a lot like a cyberpunk version of Beatrix. ON THAT BAD ASS LIKE WHITE ON RICE Y/Y. If Shiva can be a motorcycle then Save The Queen can be a gunblade.

Also she wears a cape. A++ Nomura-san...... Cut for tangent. )

The following is just for Kristin really: Final Fantasy character classes, not that this helps necessarily - jobs and tropes have imperfect overlap, and every new installment in the series remixes what came before. XD; For instance... this is severely non-interesting to anyone except me, I don't know why I'm writing it down. )

...No really why on earth did I write all that. orz I had a whole long thing on Vagrant Story but now it'll have to wait.

[1] Not that Cloud isn't a trap when he wants to be.

[2] Edited to note: Edgar is also TWINS. Um. I guess someone in charge of FFXII really digs Edgar? THAT'S OKAY SO DO I.
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...a Mage Masher between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style.

Overheard in Ivalice, part I don't know what in a continuing series )

You guys, I can't believe the GetBackers manga is ending! I feel like we ought to do something. XD; It's the one fandom I haven't really wandered away from in the past four years, though the extent of my participation these days is reading each tankoubon as it comes out and flailing. I downloaded the latest chapter and... it's pretty flail-worthy, yeah.

I'm still reading through the SSBB submissions, but have some music in the meantime:

Emiliana Torrini - If You Go Away (Ne me quitte pas): the original French is possibly the saddest song in existence, and Emiliana Torrini takes a good stab at it. I remember my best friend in high school saying, "Anyone who can write lyrics like this is getting laid," which I agree with in principle - except no one would ever say things like this to another person if they had a chance. You just don't. You're only this desperate when it's already over.

Cat Power and Karen Elson - I Love You (Je t'aime... moi non plus): what it sez. This is a mini-theme. XD

José González - Crosses (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)
José González - Crosses (Superbass Mix)

Have been listening to José González which reminded me I never posted the "Crosses" half of the Crosses/Heartbeats 12". *g* I don't even perceive this sort of remix as being in a separate genre from the original anymore, just... longer. The Jori Hulkkonen is more percussive, the Superbass is lovely Balearic house. (Earlier today I thought, if there's such an appellation as 'piano house', why isn't there 'acoustic guitar house'? Then I realized that's what's meant by 'Balearic' 75% of the time, innit.)

I will have comments to make re: FMA. Eventually. XD
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EDIT -- Oh and for the three of you who've missed it, the first issue of [ profile] imaginarybeasts is up! The publication will have an entirely different "house style" from [ profile] bb_shousetsu, I suspect. XD

Uploaded that Alec Campion DJ Mix to [ profile] fst, where... it is enthusiastically received. I'm baffled but gratified. XD (Also, still waiting on that Richard-in-PotS mix, guys. I have a retarded joke planned re: my OTP being The Knife/José Gonzalez.)

DJ mixes aside my best (if not my only) FSTs have always been for novels, or series I experienced primarily as novels: Good Omens, Mirage of Blaze, Yukikaze, The Etched City. This is telling because I find it difficult going on impossible to produce fanfiction for books written in English. I run up against authorial prose. It's not a sense of inadequacy, just that I perceive the task to be reproduction, not translation, and I'm a translator. My entire writing process resides in the metaphor-space delineated by the work of recreating images in prose, or prose in music, or the cadences of Japanese in those of English - I'm always trying to explain something. As I see it dancing about architecture isn't futile, if I were a choreographer I'd take it up as a creative challenge. XD

I pronounce the leaked Arcade Fire album rather good! Not as much with the epic as the first (or maybe just that one sees them coming the second time around - "Intervention" is still brill though), more a low-bitrate Starlight Mints, dusty drinking-hole-for-ghosts vibe. Last Plane to Jakarta distinguishes between albums with "wet" and "dry" landscapes; Neon Bible is so dry it makes me want to sneeze. I hear the backlash is starting, or something, to which I say good since it allows me to continue pretending they're just another middling-successful quirky Montreal musical outfit. XD Which they are, in everything except the middling. I'm not and never have been dedicated enough to swing tickets to one of their small-venue shows, but they sound so local I get cognitive dissonance.

Like "Ocean of Noise", which is sort of like Southern All Stars taped in a barn haunted by the spectre of Martin Hannett. Surf pop album filler is a totally Montreal thing, either by way of French chanson influence or hankering for what we haven't got, or both.

I forgot to mention that last week I went for drinks with some colleagues after work. It was at a bar off Square Victoria I'd only been to once, on the terrasse. It turned out the interior was packed, wall-to-wall standing room, with suits and blond girls in tweed miniskirts from Marketing, swishing glasses of wine and trying to pick each other up. There was a DJ; he played (quite good) progressive house. Nobody danced of course. The whole thing was only funny because it was real, if it had been parody it would've been too heavy-handed.

In other news, I ordered the FFXII Ultimanias Sunday night because sororial unit wanted them, and they arrived Wednesday morning. These things are the size of fantasy novel omnibuses in trade paperback, what the hell, I thought they'd be large and thin like English strategy guides. There's the entire bestiary in Japanese, everything a townsperson might ever say to one's party, how to defeat Yiazmat using a single party member with beginner licenses, no quickenings, and the PS2 controller tied behind one's back, etc. So far I have been baffled by the following:

1) The capital of Rozarria is called "Topaz Valley". Not in katakana or anything, just... it's a valley. Made out of topaz (or was that amber?). Like Silicon Valley is made out of silicon. So if you were, say, a princess of the Second Margrace Dynasty, you would be... a valley girl? I think.

2) That one picture of Ashe and Basch stripped down for the Fun Phon Coast. GEEBUS, WARN ME PEOPLE WILL YOU.
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Sentou Yousei Yukikaze FST and The Etched City FST reuploaded to [ profile] fst (join comm to see posts). Upping a couple more before month's end - may even toss up that 20th Century Boys FST, eheh, though it's hard to count it finished when I haven't read all the manga yet. ^^;

100-word FFXII drabble gifted me in [ profile] drabble_trade (Chrissie, isn't the first one you too? o_O): here and here (inappropriate bunny cat ears warning). Signups for round two are under way. I think this time I'll offer for offbeat fandoms only and see what happens.

Other FFXII drabble request GETTO ♥ from [ profile] geekerypokery: here (end of game spoilers warning). Here as well as above I'm assuming that having read the one(s) I linked everyone will click through and read the others, which are even more brill. I haven't requested from other people because I owe too many drabbles and thus feel too guilty to do so. XD;

Drabbles I contributed to [ profile] drabble_trade:

for silvermuse89: PoT, Shuusuke and Yumiko )

for orangensaft: Love Mode, Reiji x Naoya )

Other drabble-related thing I made: [ profile] fanwork_tag, a sandbox for anyone who wants to play Truth or Drabble, Sketch or Drabble, etc. (it's a lot less bothersome to have the signup post on a low-volume LJ comm than a personal journal). I advise single-fandom games as multi-fandom has a way of getting out of hand ahahaha. Um. WILL SOMEONE ELSE PLS START A FFXII GAME I HAVE NO TIME orz|||

I'm going on RL social hiatus until my birthday (which, well, I'll at least let you know where that's happening XD;;). Not declaring LJ hiatus but don't be surprised if I drop off for a bit - or conversely, spam. I just really need to get a few things done, and I don't have time for that, compiling the next SSBB issue, and seeing people in the evening or on weekends. ...Besides I'm kind of seriously PUP right now. XD;;;;
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1) I have just discovered by reading the singles charts on Wikipedia that "Otoko no Sekai (Mandom: The Lovers of the World)" is a song, by country singer Jerry Wallace (but released in Japan only). It was the theme of a TV ad starring Charles Bronson and went to Oricon #1 in 1970. P2P searches are left as an exercise for the reader.

I'm backlogged by 3-4 chapters though I've kept up with spoilers. My problem is I just want it to be the endgame, now. XD; I mean, the way I see it, options for the last boss of this series come down to:

A) The President of the United States
B) The Second Coming of Christ
C) The President of the United States absorbs the parts of the Corpus Christi, grows six wings and the Spear of Longinus, and we have to defeat him standing on the torch of the Statue of Liberty while he buzzes around annoyingly in circles. Luckily, both Johnny and Gyro have long-range projectile weapons.

I would be lying if I said C) were not my favorite option. And no, I don't think it's going to be Diego - structurally speaking Diego is basically, yanno, Seifer.

2) I see people going back and forth with this, and I just want to say: why not streamline and go for the FFXII/Phoenix Wright crossover? No jury trials in Archades either amirite.

3) It fell out sororial unit is reading Vlad Taltos, and I'm reading Amber. Halfway through the second book, I'll have more constructive comments to make but first of all, DOES THIS REMIND ANYONE ELSE OF KATAMARI DAMACY? With the King, and all the little princes, and the running and running and shifting Stuff around until you get a whole new world to play with okay please tell me I'm not the first person in the universe to think this.
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I've been combating unspecified stress by reading fic. >_> If you've written FFXII fic, chances are at this point I've read it [1]; not to say I've commented or anything, since I'm still at the stage where my insights fall along the lines of "LOL, I forgot that happened in the plot!" Mostly I guess sororial unit and I just discuss our thoughts with each other? I did post a couple of times on the topic but in carnet. In retrospect I have no idea why I did that. ^^; (Subdee reposted her end of the discussion here.)

Cut for length, not spoilers. )

In other news, I wrote my piece for the [ profile] hail2jojo Sketch or Drabble game, to be reposted here as soon as I clean it up. Then I have to fill my [ profile] drabble_trade request. So at least January will look barely passable when I compile the 2007 fic meme. XD I did write a scene in "Senza Fine", but now I have a better idea, so I'm going to redo it.

[ profile] sub_divided, I got the books. ^_^ Also ordered some Steven Brust and that huge Amber compendium so I'm set for months to come, eheh.

O and real life: Igloofest both days, only a couple of sets per, but there is an upper bound to how long one can dance outdoors in -20C weather. Friday was Ghislain Poirier + DJ Food, Saturday Nôze + Mini. All acts I've caught before, counting what I saw of Nôze at MUTEK. They were just as WTF as the first time, in fact more so since they took all their clothes off and as aforementioned it was -20C. XD;

5$ entry, 2$ grilled sausage (real one, not hot dog), ease of booze smuggling. Good times!

[1] Actually, if you've written any fic this month, chances are I've read it. Even if it's Kingdom Hearts or Smallville or something.

[2] Or if it's never occurred to you, but now...
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FFXII tardery, technical not spoilerish )

FMA (now up to episode 38): the comments seem equally divided between "you ain't seen nothin' yet" and "stop watching now". XD I was pretty flummoxed is all, and not certain of understanding - the cast is numerous and the focus of action not always clear, let alone allegiances. There's a lot of running in circles (and yet somehow Ed and Al's inquiry advances?). Too the relentless emotional hammering is sometimes effective and sometimes chain-jerk. I do like Izumi a lot though. T and I intend to keep watching to the end, after which I'll probably read the manga, but really it's for the compulsive quality of the thing.

GetBackers: read the chapter summaries on [ profile] getbackers, which helpfully begin where the last tankoubon left off. *CRIES*!! But I guess spoilers )

Am uploading music, so stay tuned. ♥
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Giza Plains, monsoon season. Loads of rambling. )

I was going to write more character blurbs but it'll have to wait - bookblogging too.
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Too under the weather to go out so staying home and gaming, but sororial unit is still at the piano so I'm writing an LJ entry instead. :P In any case I am wending my way toward certain tombs and very iya da about it. With Vagrant Story I would drag my feet when in the overcity unwilling to go back downstairs because overcity Lea Monde is a sleepy little medieval French town that is lovely to wander through, even if it is overrun with the Cardinal's men trying to stick you with pointy objects. Now that I have a proper world map and blue desert skies at my disposal I am doubly IYA DAAAA.

Okay anyhow this is the FFXII-to-date post. I'll start with the characters and hope I'll remember everything else I wanted to say as I go along. )

...These character notes seem to get more flippant the further I get down the list. ^^; O and I am incubating one of my inevitable Invisible City Postcards about Ashley Riot at the Muthru Bazaar. Because empires and religions rise and fall, but bazaars last forever.
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More rigmarole with DHL, but the books came. >_>

* xxxHolic reading guide, new edition
* Steel Ball Run 10
* Sweet Blue Flowers 2

The Araki versus Nekoi interview is exactly what you imagine and more. I am translating. There is also an Ayamine Rando fanart spread, just like he blogged there would be - I am amazed at his restraint in not making Yuuko over(t)ly boobtastic. XD; The Holic characters look entirely natural in GetBackers!artstyle, even though Ayamine complained it was haaaard.

Watched more FMA with Tania last night, now up to episode 23 or was it 24. The angst continues apace. ^^; Also umm kind of spoilered myself for FFXII because I came downstairs in the morning to find my sister watching a cutscene sequence and a certain character did something with his sunglasses and I couldn't make myself look away after that. XD;;;
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I was going to write a long and spurious ship rating post for FFXII like I did last night for FMA, but then I got through the cutscene-o-rama with Punjabi Lando [1] and decided I had to digest that, so I went and read all the game mechanics FAQs on weapon stats, quickenings, bazaar goods etc. instead. I really wish I hadn't because now I have much more to worry about. XD;

However then I started thinking about applying the same modelling technique to fandom. That is, I was merely being precious last evening but then I figured, you could actually do something with this. XD

NOTA BENE: the following all relates to "passive" popularity, i.e. what proportion of people you could expect to like your pairing (or at least agree to entertain the idea), not what proportion of people are likely to write/draw for it. That introduces a whole slew of other factors (ex. size of fandom, how "difficult" the series/characters are to fic for, etc.), and besides I believe this last is random starting condition + power rule anyway. XD Similarly, the "wank" rating is a measure of how much tinder the warehouse contains, not whether anyone is going to light a match.

NOTA BENE 2: the following is pretty much bullshit, but IMO not more so than many economic models.

Canonicity )

Moe )

Personality/Meta )

Controversialness )

The formulas )

Sample calculations )

EDIT, ABOUT AN HOUR LATER -- I think I'm going to change this so as to put the PPa + PPb term in WPab instead of (or perhaps in addition to) sum(PP) in WPt. That is if both pairings are very popular in the fandom it's much more likely there will be wank between them than if both are fringe ships, for example R/H vs. H/H is likely to cause wank, Ron/Luna vs. Ron/Tonks, not so much.

So the new formula is: )

Going by this WP(Ban/Ginji, Ban/Akabane) = 77.562, WP(Roy/Ed, Ed/Winry) = 87.85, and WP(SxS, SxK) = 83.9. Out of curiosity I did WP(Ron/Luna, Ron/Tonks), and it gave 18.146. My instinct is that WPab is logarithmic but I wouldn't be able to prove that mathematically. XD

EDIT 2 -- figured out how to shift the curve in the above formula to account for the 60/40 effect. $(PPa - PPb) should be something like larger(||PPa - PPb| - 2|, 0.2)? Will crunch more numbers when I have the gumption, or better yet you can do it for me. XD

[1] All the mooglecraft tech support gets outsourced to Bhujerba these days OH GOD I'M SORRY I'LL JUST BE OVER HERE [2]

[2] And anyhow it's not as funny as "How come you always see a Hume guy with a Viera girl and never the other way around?" Thanks a million, [ profile] fabulous_papaya!

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