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1) Other than wrapping "20/20", I uploaded the rest of my Prince of Tennis fic to AO3, reorganizing them somewhat in the process. The first of the lot is fully 10 years old. Good grief. I was 23 writing stories about what it might feel like to be 33. Now I am nearly 33, but it's less help than you might think since I've had a very different life from what I envisaged for the characters, who meanwhile in the ever ongoing manga are probably still about 15 (behaving in most respects like 18-20, but still).

2) Saw Catching Fire, American Hustle, and The Desolation of Smaug when they respectively came out, but little else in the way of new movies over the holidays. (Links are to Tumblr reviews.) Watched Steve McQueen's Hunger and a bunch of Netflix randomosity while catsitting for my sister.

3) Caught up on Hannibal-the-TV-series; will probably be done with the first season by tonight. It still operates with a weird believability gap, for me -- too many OTT serial killers for realism (or Baltimore), too much psychiatry and forensic work for outright phantamasgoria -- but if I give Bret Easton Ellis a pass as horror-fantasy this certainly deserves the same. I suspect I would be more comfortable if the series were supernatural, like if the evil deer were a shikigami, Sakurazukamori-style, rather than a metaphor/Victorian brain fever. Then I would know where I was at. XD;;

...CLAMP, eh. In retrospect, few people have written as fine a sociopathic serial killer story as Tokyo Babylon, if you choose to take that perspective on it. Young ladies and ultra-violence etc.

4) Sororial unit did a wizard thing with Chrome add-ons and Apple TV so we could hack into the iPlayer, and have accordingly watched S3E1 of Sherlock. Enjoyed it with the usual quibbles, spoiler cutting all other commentary as I know what's good for me. XD )

5) Watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, which makes me only drastically behind rather than unutterably behind. Enjoyed but thought it worked better as setup for upcoming plot than as fan-service candyfloss, which is what multi-Doctor stories are supposed to be IMO. Furthermore it was awkwardly obvious that this was envisaged with Nine as part of the story (imagine how much better Billie's role would have worked). Must confess I do not umm actually understand how *spoiler* is supposed to differ from the status quo delineated in Ten's last couple of seasons, but agree that this is the right time in the arc of NuWho-as-a-whole to do *spoiler* regardless of what the nonsense explanation is. Now watch Moffat not actually delve into the obvious plot in S8 just to spite me. I maaaay cover off S7 if I find the time.
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1) A fic rec:

Title: The Mystery of the Runaway Bride, by roane
Fandom: Doctor Who (S6) + Sherlock (between S02E01 and S02E02)
Rating: Gen
Words: 12087 (complete in 7 chapters)

Sherlock and John solve Donna Noble! The sign of a good DW/Sherlock crossover is that by halfway through chapter 1, you are already clutching your face with horror at something Sherlock has done.

2) While waiting for TTSS to download I watched this other movie with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy in it, on the YTubes in its entirety, called Stuart: A Life Backward (a BBC thing I think). Tom Hardy was completely unrecognizable, and Benedict Cumberbatch was barely acting, in the sense that his protagonist could have been Benedict Cumberbatch for all the difference it would have made. It felt like Ono Natsume, and I still can't decide if it was aware of its own (potential? defused?) problematic-ness. I go on for a bit about this one, believe it or not. )

Anyhow these uhhh deontological meditations are extraneous to why I watched the movie, obviously. XD I am really very fond of Tom Hardy. It's the kitten story that made the rounds so long ago, I suspect. Never underestimate the impact of Tumblr. BBC!Tarr has the right psycho edge, as [personal profile] yumiyoshi pointed out, but Tom Hardy makes up for Le Carré's (lampshaded) lacuna, namely that Irina's decision to confide in Tarr makes no sense. Dude is evidently just as capable of playing total psychos so I think I am not committing an impact-for-intent fallacy, here.

3) Speaking of both deontological meditations and TTSS )

4) Top 3 confused reactions to TTSS-the-movie on Douban )

The Smiley-verse turns out not to be perfectly consistent - ages and responsibilities kind of slide around, I think Guillam stays forty-but-looks-way-younger for like 15 years. XD; Agatha Christie had the same problem with Poirot. I think everyone these days knows better than to start one's character off retired, because WHAT IF FRANCHISE?
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1) For Yuletide, I received Another Man's Son, which is a what-if story about how Dio met Giorno (it is awesome and chilling and involves Arrrt). YES, LADIES AND GERMS, I HAVE CAUSED MORE JOJO FIC TO EXIST. I really did, because I nominated the fandom. And the writer had some small part in it, naturally. XDD You should all go read and comment, because it is v. good indeed.

2) Feel free to guess my Yuletide story! For, uh, credit? XD A prize yet to be determined? (This applies to anyone who was not at my IRL housewarming party and remarked on my whiteboard scribbles.) I will make the game super-duper-easy: I've talked about the fandom, the post's not fallen off my DW page yet, and the story itself is an Obvious Sabina Story(tm). It was completely written and edited in 36 hours - that also covered two decent nights of sleep, a four-hour work meeting, and several loads of laundry. Yeah, I have no idea.

3) PENGUINSPOILERS ARE NUCLEAR, I am three eps behind and downloading as we speak. Will comment after I'm done, no doubt, unless of course I just flail and repost fanart on Tumblr as I've been doing all along.

Ikuhara could piss me off at the finale (and it won't be beating Utena, anyhow), but I have to say I enjoyed the process of watching an anime week-by-week, actually looking forward to the next episode, and not getting bored halfway and stopping. I think the last time that happened was Monster, literally. Since then, if I've managed to watch an anime TV series entire, it's because I marathoned it (or large stretches of it).

4) A white Christmas! I had grown resigned to us having stolen London's December, so this is extra gratifying (despite having to drive in terrible conditions today).

Cut for random updates on the state of Sabina in December )
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SEE, I WAS NOT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH, HERE. It can be done, and it can be done well. Karen Gillan was absolutely amazing; it makes one realize how little range she's actually given in most episodes.

The Gatiss ep was really good too IMO (have to say I didn't see the twist coming). Just as well because I was this close to giving up on the show, no lie. XD;

(Oh yeah I am back from Venice and shiz. More in another post, see Tumblr in the meanwhile.)
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Thanks to epic D&D/Warhammer game + potluck + live photoblog party, I actually managed to watch the new Doctor Who ep on the day of! This never happens.

Sadly I only gave it a 7 in the diggerdydum poll, considering dropping that as annoying aspect is so annoying )

This I have to say, I'm sure complaining about the Doctor Who is in the long run making me a better writer. XD; Just being able to identify what the problem is, and more to the point, how it should have been fixed.
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I have finally managed to finish watching the last two episodes of Doctor Who I had left! Guys, I am SO CONFUSED. First of all, yes I did stop for weeks in the middle of a two-parter. For some reason the accents in these eps completely defeated me: I could barely understand what ppl were saying, and everyone seemed to be having hysterical personality flip-flops to boot. I don't think the plot itself was off but I couldn't hold the pacing in my head. It felt like watching a movie while unable to parse film semiotics; no proper build, just "stuff happens, stuff happens, stuff happens". E07, which is much less linear on paper, suffered from this a lot less. But the ending was pretty o_O; Everyone was required to commit Acting, though, even characters one'd never met before, so I kind of felt like the day was carried on conviction.

Spoiler cut for S06E07 )
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Well, that was great fun although )

Tomorrow I might even end up seeing it again! But I think this is all the rants there is. XD;
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Two, by the time I get back, since I doubt the hotel wireless is up for it; but then IIRC it’s breaking until autumn anyway. I did watch The Doctor's Wife before I left - and the eps before that the weeks before, though I didn't blog them. )

There's another Dunnett post to come (observational odds and ends before I start book 6 eventually; been sort of pecking at the txt file) but now I've got to go and get some breakfast. XD;
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(1/3 way through Queen's Play)

I have been at the Googles, without much success, because I'm convinced someone else must have at some point created an RP character sheet (any system) for Lymond. As in, someone who is experienced at such things, who is not me. I've gone through D&D character creation twice, and by the second time I'd forgotten everything I'd learnt from the first. Also, I don't mean like seriously, because no one would let you roll a character like that. I mean for the lulz. IDK DUDES MAYBE HE IS ~ACTUALLY~ A BARD

In other news--

Doctor Who S6: wait, so we've all decided we don't like S5 now? XD; Though I enjoyed this a lot more than the early S5 eps, in some immediate yet unpinnable way. I think (despite Moffat's best efforts to make it all about Plot) the characters have developed ongoing relational complexity/glue with each other, and that gives the actors ground to build on. I'm more relaxed when I feel like I'm watching people.

I'm much more intimidated by Eleven going off than Ten going off. With Ten you're afraid he'll crack, with attendant consequences for the universe. With Eleven I am convinced he will break me if I piss him off enough, straight up no lie. I'm also incapable of seeing him as "young".

You know who you are and to what this refers: the word you want is probably "mannula". Mannula maga. The original is farked, which is absolutely not surprising, even traditional. It ought to be "puella maga" in the singular, "puellae magae" in the plural.
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Doctor Who S06E01 (plus those two eps of the Sarah Jane Adventures, sob)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica E01-08

I plowed right into it without putting away the Dorothy Dunnett mental toolkit, so, well. XD Let's all discuss etc.


Jan. 13th, 2011 12:23 am
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Apparently we are shifting Doctor Who S6 episodes around in such a way that the dude who wrote the second episode of Sherlock is writing one of the earlier ones?

Moffat y u do dis

Just don't, like, have the Doctor meet Chairman Mao a la Mind of Evil ok thx.
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From [ profile] fahye:

Pick a character I write, and I will give you the top five ideas/concepts/other I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting them accurately. This includes both original characters and characters about whom I write fanfic.

Actually, you can extend that to any character I've read a lot of fic about... not that you'd know necessarily, of course. XD My voracious and not-particular-picky fic consumption is (among other things) a way of honing my own ideas of characterization against Fandom, like window shopping or a card-sorting exercise. Right, right, wrong, right, hmm, wrong, poor taste, right. Reading is what creates the model. Writing only introduces quirks.

Or, pick up the meme so I can ask you.

Or-or, I was taking Ask Me Anything questions on my Tumblr the other day - click link, ask me a question?
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Is this episode actually called A Christmas Carol: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE POISSON )

TRON Legacy: picture the Dude from The Big Lebowski wandering through the music video of Can't Get You Out Of My Head while dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, in IMAX 3D )

** People my age who were in the US public school system in the 80s: there was this book catalogue. What was that? It came something like biannually, and listed all the Newberys and Victorian classics. Beverly Cleary. George MacDonald. You ticked off the books that looked interesting, your parents wrote a cheque (I assume; I never saw this part), and the books just appeared after that. I don't even remember if they came to the school or the apartment. No memory of a limit on the number of books, or reading level. If I ever heard the words reading level while in elementary school it was spoken by adults above my head.
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There is some proper nerdy conceptual stuff in there. Moffat and Gatiss talking about power balance in the Holmes-Watson relationship as a chain of command thing, for instance - ship's captain and ship's doctor (who overrules the captain on certain issues). Kirk and Bones. ...Aubrey and Maturin? One suddenly realizes this is its own instantiable class. Also, this made me ping that the BBC version of Dr. Watson is just like Bones with the ladies, although he probably doesn't hate the universe as much. It's not a usual thing, Bones's way with the ladies! I wonder. XD

Moffat really does state that Holmes is asexual,** and Eleven tends in that direction, although Ten doesn't. It finally crystallized for me today, reading a fic by [personal profile] dira on the topic of Jack Harkness and Aral Vorkosigan XD;; and thinking, what's interesting about this story is that Jack plays in it the same micro-role as his most effective macro-role in the Wmedia fanfictional multiverse i.e. vanishing mediator between the 1980s+ cultural mores/pressures that created slash and those of the Moffatian 50th century AD (as often happens, an object closer than it appears in the SF mirror)... So here you have Russell T. Davies, whose basic tendency (one of, at least) is to normalize - such that the companions are delicately delineated mundane archetypes with vivid mundane Earthbound support structures, and the Doctor himself is more human than he's ever been - and therefore his Gay Agenda(tm) is ppl who just happen to be, dotted here and there unremarked in the landscape; but subject to an unconscious normalcy bias nonetheless (m/m singles and couples, fewer f/f, trans and other nonexistent); whereas Moffat's basic tendency is to exceptionalize - Amy, at the point you meet her, is inherently special already - he is a het dude who on a really fundamental level does not see the world in a queer way or instinctively populate it with Muggle gays, but he will write characters whose sexuality are part and parcel of their extraordinariness: the omnisexual futurist (Jack and River), the asexual genius (the Doctor and Holmes); if he writes a trans or gender-fluid character in future I'd be less than surprised. Moffat's out in the double ring of the dartboard, IOW, where representation is a matter of pointing out that these options exist at all, rather than are not weird. But he's interested in them because they present as weird, to him.

** I suspect Gatiss is not ttly onboard, though he's careful to preserve a united front. XD; You can tell he picks and chooses which points to endorse outright in the commentary (and ahh debunks the whole Irene Adler romansu bit). Epigrammatically I'd say Moffat believes John is straight and Sherlock is asexual, and Gatiss believes John is bi and Sherlock is tsundere.
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I went back to look for the fic formatting I used to use, only to realize I never had fic formatting. XD;

Title: But Abberline Was Clearly An Idiot
Fandom: Sherlock/Doctor Who/Moffat's Writing Speed Is The Bottleneck
Characters: The Doctor, Amy, Rory, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson
Spoilers: through DW S05E13 and Sherlock S01E03
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~575 words

I literally just wrote this. First draft, unedited, nada. )
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Doctor Who S05E13, "The Big Bang": not in reference to Amy and Rory's wedding night oh gawd I'm sorry I'll stop now )

The Douglas Adams thing )

Bitsy thoughts )

After this I'll finish House of Five Leaves (the other 13-ep series), then I'll go back and keep watching Star Trek TOS, I think. Two whole seasons to go. XD; Alternately you guys could always rec me some anime.
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Doctor Who S05E12, "The Lodger Who Despite Obvious Appearances Is Not Running A Meth Lab, It Is Weirder Than That": no but srsly )

Doctor Who S05E12, "The Box Vaguely Inspired By Greek Myth Opens": what was the ridiculous bonus on that bluff check )

**P.S. if the Yeti rumours prove true I DEMAND THE COAT I DEMAND IT
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Doctor Who S05E10 "Vincent and THE ULTIMATE GINGER": Speaking of City of Death, we should just mandate Doctor-looking-at-Arrrt-in-Paris eps like we mandate Dalek eps, for the good of the people )

Dude, dude, I have officially the best idea for an episode ever: VASARI AND THE DOCTOR.
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1) I ain't dead!

2) Notes on those last two Doctor Who eps to come! Too late for fandom-at-large purposes I know; see subject line etc. Um... painters are good! I like painters. My top three picks for historical cameos on Doctor Who are William Blake (it would explain a lot), Charles Darwin (Doctor: "Don't say Silurian don't say Silurian... that was out loud wasn't it"), and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (epic fanfiction). Also they need to pony up and actually show Ole Lennie da Vinci, not just talk about him. Who are yours?

3) U.S., Japanese Publishers Unite Against Manga Scan Sites. I complained to [ profile] rusalkaz regarding my unattainable dream of a simultaneous digital edition of major manga phonebooks via iPad app (global translation with the push of a button... but really, even in J-only or E-only this would be a buy-hardware-nao killer app for me, in fact the only killer ebook app as far as I'm concerned), and she directed me here. Sigh, why does no one enjoy making money. So much would be different if Steve Jobs were a Narutard.

4) I may be getting media accreditation for Nuits d'Afrique? This is exciting. I know enough about African music not to feel fraudulent, but not enough that I wouldn't gladly take pointers - who are the artists I should pay close attention to and/or attempt to score an interview with?

5a) Kink Bingo (see subject line, again):

Donna Haraway, "A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century"

LOL Oshii. I like how Togusa is like, I have a heterosexual nuclear family unit, lady. My stay-at-home Japanese wife calls me "anata". Would you like to speak to my transhuman colleague over there.

5b) Hey, while we're at it, why not: Nebraska, by [ profile] samdonne [Iron Man, R - author considers this to be original fiction "on aesthetic and socio-psychological grounds" and I'm inclined to agree]

It turns out the first Iron Man movie inspired some great thinking-fic, which is perhaps unsurprising as its catnip trails all lead in the direction of meta (I noticed this in Wal-Mart: it is not a bad trick on Marvel's part, to enforce branding within the fictional sphere so that the merchandise outside of it extends rather than breaks immersion). Grosso modo the best stuff deconstructs Pepper Potts, or makes use of the Vanity Fair reporter, or both - [ profile] samdonne also wrote the hyperreal The Kids Aren't All Right, regarding which what surprises me most is that there was no official, "viral marketing" attempt at same. XD; Too much politics, perhaps.

Anyway. "Nebraska" is an unpackable suitcase about reproduction (genetic, memetic) and AI and transhumanism and... you guys know me. There is a version of Tony Stark out there in the multiverse who would inevitably stumble on the Kusanagi Motoko of "Man-Machine Interface" (in particular, rather than she of the anime adaptations or original comic), which would be hilarious on so, so many different levels.

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