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Here, for posterity, is the Foursquare badge I got for checking in at the movie theatre:

With that out of the way )
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In IMAX, which was like $17.50 on a Sunday night. Good grief.

Minor details cut for spoilers )
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Yeah, the whole "ask me for an essay" bit was sort of irresponsible considering I probably won't have time to write essays. XD; Have expanded on some of the shorter ones in comments, though - and there's the following.

Snippety McCut )
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Aside from the macros, the funniest bit of the whole business is how membership in [ profile] grindeldore apparently doubled overnight. In other words there were people in HP fandom who either a) did not think of shipping a fairly obvious pairing until it was canonically approved by JKR or b) did not feel justified in shipping a fairly obvious pairing until it was canonically approved by JKR. HILARITY. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?

Cut for book 7 spoilery speculation )

Set foot in an HMV for the first time in months. Cut for haul and non-haul. )

Basically all of the above involve me noticing that X has become one of my favorite artists of all time without me ever actually paying for X's recorded output.

Reviews of various stuff (it's funny how, through all my flip-flops and reservations re what I ought to blog about, I've never lost the ironclad conviction that people want to hear my opinion on topics relevant to their interests XD;;):

Samim, 'Heater' )

Thing is I've hit the point with techno where I basically hate everything except Ricardo Villalobos and Lawrence, which I took as a sign to get out of the genre and listen to something else for a while. XD; Hence why I am working my way down Pitchfork's sidebar of most-read reviews. I KNOW RITE.

Black and White )

Empire of Ivory: the series continues incrementally depressing. ^^; Cut for general spoilers. )

Spitz, Sazanami: my only problem with this is the niggling suspicion it's Waiting For The Siren's Call mark II, yeah I went there. )

[1] except by [ profile] canis_m. XD
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If you had a friend who:
  • is male
  • is straight
  • is unfazed by teh ghei (totally non-homophobic; has many gay friends; TB/X-1999 fan)
  • has never read any fanfiction
  • but is online/fandom-literate enough to know, for instance, what a "ship" is
  • just finished Deathly Hallows
  • would like some HP fanfic recs, with no caveats except quality of writing
...What would you recommend? ^^;

Links to quality single- or multi-author archives as welcome as (or even preferable to) links to specific stories. Was baffled as not only do I not read HP fic anymore other than what occasionally crops up on my flist, I've been out of the fandom for so long that if you asked me to point out an archive of decent, fairly-current HP fic of any denomination/pairing, I wouldn't know where to look.

My guess is that dude would prefer the long, plot-filled type of fic rather than - say - Malfoycest bondage PWPs, but he's not easily fazed. XD; Maybe a kind of fandom-wide survey, with a couple of representative/seminal works from each pairing/era/movement. Eg. some post-book-5 war epic, some Marauders-era S/R, some Pumpkin Pie, some Fanon Draco's Leather Pants: A History, some Percy/Oliver intellislash, and so on. Although this might be over-ambitious (albeit commendable) as a project, so really, recs pls. XD
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So I stayed up all night reading it. Thanks to which I got to work late, then I had to go to lunch with colleagues, so had to stay late and miss an advance screening of Stardust. Why is life so hard. XD

Seriously long, but then this is the last book so I might as well indulge. )

Going back to work on SSBB. XD ONE LAST PUSH.


Jul. 21st, 2007 12:39 pm
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Everyone is talking about HP7, I haven't read it, and yes people the stuff you don't really think is spoilery actually is spoilery, taking the wider meaning of spoiler as "information that causes one to read/watch with expectations instead of without expectations". So I'm getting off the internets. XD I don't have much time to be on the internets anyway!

You'll hear from me in the parallel universe of SSBB, though.


Jul. 19th, 2007 08:32 pm
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TRUFAX: the rise in the Canadian dollar has more than wiped out the increase in shipping costs from Amazon Japan removing the economy option. 10,000 YEN is now only 85.50 CAD! And the books still arrive in 48 hours. XD
  • Steel Ball Run 11-12
  • GetBackers 39 + The Last Piece: last of the series, sobsob - d'you think, if one ran a [ profile] blind_go/[ profile] subrosa_tennis-like challenge for GB, it would be a success? Then we could mutter darkly about BNFs in this fandom too!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist 16
  • Maiden Rose 2: though either I haven't read the last half of volume 1, or I just have no memory of it. >_> Actually I tend to think of this series as Mirage of Blaze without the idiocy. Or too much of the idiocy, anyway.
  • Crimson Spell 2
  • Finder no (howtheheckdoyoureadthis... Ryoshuu?) i.e. Viewfinder 4. I can't believe I waited so long to place an order that the HK arc came out in tankoubon. Probably the first time in my life procrastination has saved me money.
  • Amato Amaro: GOD FINALLY.

In other news, my sister read the HP7 leak but I couldn't really be arsed. All I have time for this week is SSBB submission vetting. This means I get the paper copy first, though. XD
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: non-Fantasia of course. I liked it a lot - it may be my favorite movie thus far - but I think I'm in the minority on this! Cut in case anyone is worried about spoilers. )

In other news, T is putting together an FMA cosplay group for Otakuthon. I >_> in advance (since my hair is now too long to do any character except Lust, and uhhh that outfit).

Now reading the manga I got off Sakki, up to volume 3. This... moves pretty fast. I forgot how much I like Scar; nowadays as well as liking characters because they fit my "type", I like some characters as characters, because they're unusual in some way.

[ profile] fabulous_papaya - got the books and CD too, thanks!
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The latest round of [ profile] drabble_trade is up! Ouran fic for me:

Kyouya/Tamaki + Haruhi
Nekozawa (ahaha)

I am having difficulty formulating a guess, though. XD;

Overheard in an Aerodrome in the Imperial City of Archades, by [ profile] canis_m [FFXII/Swordspoint]
Privilege-timeline, insofar as that stretches; an AU of sorts (but then who knows what strange lands one might encounter in the course of one's travels XD). Also a giftfic for me. ♥

Berlin, by [ profile] atdelphi [Harry Potter/Petshop of Horrors]
Recced by [ profile] issen4 (who is on fire these days). Also a dashedly clever crossover. The key to the genre, I think, is identifying a hinge where two or more series are in exact if accidental agreement and writing from there, rather than simply having characters from series A meet characters from series B. Here the conceptual hinge is Fawkes. *g*

Not very on the ball for the upcoming Potterdämmerung (to steal from [ profile] keelieinblack) - no firm plans yet for acquiring the book or going to see the movie, somewhat to sororial unit's frustration. But I'll have to do both ASAP, like everyone else, or miss the LJ spoiler boat.
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Firstly, Shousetsu Bang*Bang no.9 is up - but you knew that. XD

Secondly, this is [ profile] helvetius's ficlet onna card about Sirius and Remus. It's #3 because there is a #2, it just hasn't been entrusted to the post yet. XD;; "Solace", if you're having trouble placing it, is a Scott Joplin rag.

557 words. I guess this is supposed to be James and Lily's, um, first and only Christmas party? T_T )
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To distract me from the new chapters of Bleach and Viewfinder I just dled but can't read--

Name me a character or pairing and I will ramble on about him/her/it/them. (Although if it's someone/something I've never given any thought, I will probably just say "I've never given that any thought." XD) The other one I've seen going around is "Ask any of my characters a question and I will answer", which is also OK for today's purpose! ♥

EDIT -- meme closed. I've still got a couple left I shall answer shortly. XD
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Wyrd Sisters song titles are funnier if you add "in Goyle's pants" to the end of them.
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But in completely other news, has anyone else seen the teaser trailer for Goblet of Fire? More to the point, HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN RON AND HARRY'S HAIR?
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I stayed up til 6 reading it. So the following may be relatively incoherent. =_=

Spoilers for everything, obviously. Very long. )


Jul. 18th, 2005 09:55 pm
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The tally of uncut HBP spoilers posted by flisters who really should know better currently rests at three. ^^; Guys, I have the book in my purse and will probably be done with it by tonight, so really the onus is on me to flee Livejournal for the day, but just. For future reference and the record:
  • "I'm disappointed that there's no [foo]!" is a spoiler.
  • "Haven't read the book but haven't been spoilered either, except for the bit about [foo]." is also a spoiler.
  • "Insert clever joke about [foo] involving references to other series from which the reader can draw inferences" is a spoiler too.
  • Oh, and while I'm on it, [ profile] joliefolie, "You said JKR said [foo] in an interview and that's not what she did! You gave me incorrect information!" is technically a spoiler as well, although not a serious one. More to the point, am I my brother's Rowling's keeper?

More instances will be added to the list no doubt. Yeah, I know I said the spoiler grace period in practice was 24 hours and that's over.

I am on the first page of chapter 7. )

...Will post more as I read, I guess.
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Okay. I'm back. =_= )

The story after Gunjou is Shichigatsu umare no Sirius, which is totally about how Naoe takes Takaya out on a date on his birthday (7/23, for the record, that's in less than a week). It's the second time I was walking down the street reading Mirage under the same stars as the characters - sorry am dorky okay. Read Sabaku Junkyou too. Same idea, heat wave these past few days in the concrete jungle of Montreal, so I got really dehydrated and ended up ordering the next few books with express shipping.

In the meantime I have to read the new Harry Potter. Believe me I'm bitter about not being allowed to do this on my own time, but if I don't read it now now now the race'll be on to see whether my sister kills me first for not reading or I get inadvertently spoilered by my flist (because in 24 hours or so people will stop caring about spoiler cuts when making jokes - or lj icons). And no, JKR doesn't write well enough that being spoilered won't half ruin the thing. :P

Don't panic

Feb. 8th, 2005 01:39 am
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I proceed to demonstrate what I mean by Draco/Fuji, okay?

#23: Candy )

......Okay, so maybe I should just sign up for it.

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