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15 – Warnings – What do you feel it most important to warn for, and what's the strangest thing you've warned for in a fic?

Ah, warnings.

When I edited SSBB I had a no warnings policy. Or rather, there was what was known as the Elves Rule, which seemed like a throwaway joke or an euphemism[1] but was really not. The guidelines have since been reorganized, and if you think my memory extends to the letter of this sort of text you are quite wrong XD; but I assume those who care remember what I’m talking about.

Cut for yes I really did think about all this stuff. Maybe not in so many words. This doesn't really answer the letter of the meme. )

Notes )

Important to warn for: see footnote [3].

Weirdest thing warned for: probably "blasphemy", in the Black Lagoon fic, which contained both killer nuns and nun killings. Mostly I was tickled that tag existed.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 04:19 pm
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Uploaded my Yuletide story! Rather, uploaded it yesterday, ran to a dinner party, came back home and did housework, slept, got up and made a PROPER CURRY, ate, and am now blogging while waiting for the dryer to do its thing, as there's no point in starting on the like twenty SSBB stories sitting in my inbox when I'm leaving the house again in 1/2 hr. orz It's a marker of how breakdown-inducing these community challenges are, that my natural misguided optimism only wins out enough to sign me up for them one year out of three. XD; This round was the smoothest-sailing thus far, in that I finished a whole three hours before deadline and while a couple of sections could have stood another edit the thing was basically DONE as opposed to missing chunks or otherwise soul-destroying. ([ profile] sub_divided was a hero, of course.) Not sure I'll go back for more next year, though; December is not a good time of year for two weeks to disappear into the writerly void.

Speaking of SSBB, I think I might need a pinch hitter for the cover pic. o_o;; The artist in question is reliable; her computer situation is not, and therein lies the rub.

Next up: cheapo movie night has come around again, which means it's time to review last week's (Disney princess meta).

EDIT -- [ profile] luckykitty, your card arrived! It's adorable. ♥ My first one this year~ XD
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I wouldn't have believed this, but pirate/ninja has really got legs. XD;; Like normally you have people finangling the themes and coming up with "creative interpretations", but this time around they're just Occam's Razor-ing it. I suspect the thing writes itself, in the sense that once you've come up with an explanation for why there's a pirate and why there's a ninja to begin with, the plot is right there and all you gotta do is unwind the yarn ball. It does get a bit Richard Chamberlain if you catch my drift but one supposes that comes with the territory.

What would happen if I started doling out themes based on Who Is The Deadliest Warrior episodes, I wonder.

Unrelatedly: logging this for tomorrow because I'm too brain-dead to read it tonight, also it is soooo [ profile] corneredangel so I want him to see it (via William Gibson's twitter, natch). OH GOD MILLE PLATEAUX

Wait, what

Sep. 11th, 2009 08:10 pm
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It turns out SSBB was in the last Preditors & Editors Reader Poll, which... buh? If I'd known I'd've sent the readership to vote. XD; The main LJ comm's also got a PageRank of 4. DUDE, IT'S LIKE IT'S A REAL ZINE AND EVERYTHING.

(THE MORE YOU KNOW: I'd always assumed PageRank just meant - yanno - the ranking of your web page. But no, it's named after Larry Page.)

OKAY SO this is what I think for 2010:

* February will be FOOD (yr story must come with a recipe, and then we will have a photo post to collect the ensuing foodpr0n, like the [ profile] ontd_startrek baking posts)
* June will not have a single theme but provide a [ profile] 31_days-style prompt list compiled by moi
* There may or may not be a f/f special... just cos of too much going on, but if so it'll be in the second half of the year?
* September will be the 5th anniversary issue, f'reals. The theme should probably reflect that, like it should be BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES or some sort of back-to-basics operation, like. SCHOOLBOYS!!!1
* I have considered doing a VAMPIRES issue. This may be a bit much, though. XD; Ditto SOULBONDED DRAGONS.

I really want to do a special treeware issue - it'll cost something, but I'm willing to subsidize it and/or commission certain things out of my own pocket, it's not to turn a profit. I also want it to be nicer than just a stack of bound photocopies which is where I hit a wall. XD; Do any of you ppl have experience with putting out comic anthologies and zines and such? The content'll be different from regular SSBB as well but haven't decided exactly how.

Thoughts are )

Anywayz this will really take a whole year to get off the ground since I have no money and no experience, not even a Paypal merchant account.
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1) Cards: Nat, Hana, Cindy - thank you! They all arrived after Christmas as Canada Post outdid itself this year. XD Before the 25th we had three altogether, by the 1st we had two dozen.

2) SSBB: issue 17 is up, but you know that already. There's not a duff story in the lot as far as I'm concerned (and it may well be the first time I'm saying this). Next up: the design brief, which is rapidly turning into a shotgun marriage of aesthetic manifesto and aggrieved outpouring. XD; Clarity! Clarity and concision!

3) Resolutions: I never do them, but this year I have one: to write at least 100 words a day for myself - not for school, and not for work. I really mean fiction, but I may have to include LJ and SSBB as well, to make the count. I'm behind already. XD; Insofar as anything's postable it will go up on carnet.

4) Consumerism: spent a bunch of money over the holidays, mostly on food and entertainment. Realized however that I have no excuse to buy clothes downtown anymore, as my neighbourhood has gradually turned into discounter/factory outlet central ever since the Wal-Mart opened... Picked up a pair of knee-high boots for $30, and some gorgeous little tweed jackets for $15-$25 each. The problem is I keep making halfhearted efforts to dress like a grown-up businessperson but end up looking like an indieboi (largely because I treat "business" "shoes" for "women" as the joke they are).

5) Karaoke: went out with J. from school and a Japanese friend of his now residing in TO. Knew J. was a karaoke enthusiast but there's a distance between that and "could audition for American Idol without staining the family honour". I have never been to karaoke with someone who could harmonize off-the-cuff. Tried to sing "Coffee & TV". How hard could it possibly be? Answer: REALLY FREAKING HARD. My best vocal impression is still Karen Carpenter.
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Here - sorry for the dreadful delay, though I expect everyone was reading the Halloween yuri issue, right. XD As mentioned in the post I'm going to be more systematic about the schedule in the future, now that there's three different things to juggle (reg'r issues, yuri issues, reader challenges). Will also sit down in December and write that design brief, plus organize the long-promised off-LJ website/archive, plus do some costing of the other stuff.

There's a holiday gift request on this year, as previously mooted. So go ask the ether to do the hard work for you. XDD
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  • 02:35 bet the Manic Street Preachers version of "Inertia Creeps" isn't this minimalistic ♫ #
  • 02:51 lesbian cybernetic Bach celesta fugue ♫ #
  • 03:15 Belgian New Beat version of Kevin Saunderson original (girl vox is Lisa Moorish, she was like 15) ♫ #
  • 03:20 mmmh Twelve Kingdoms? ♫ #
  • 03:42 P.S. I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT SSBB, signup post will be up this weekend! #
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You know [ profile] fst request rounds?

What if we did something like that for SSBB?
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If you'd caught me any time last week (and probably this one) you would have gotten a rant on the state of the North American economy and/or the Chinese tainted milk scandal which I find as upsetting as anyone could who's not directly affected - for cripes' sake there's a global recall on White Rabbit candies, that's like the Chinese equivalent of Kraft dinner being tainted, it's just not right. I'd been seriously considering moving back to Shanghai to work for a while, but then the idea comes that it's nuts to leave Canada for a place where smog is normality and infant formula isn't fit to drink. That never used to be a consideration, but as I get older it sort of... is. :/

Anyway, the point was more that I don't want to talk about stuff like that on the internet. XD Instead I'll talk about LUCKY☆ STAR, which T. and I are currently watching. This series is like hanyaaaaan~~~ XD Relaxing, I guess, because of the note-perfect evocation of coasting through high school, even though I wasn't even an anime fan back then (and online gaming barely existed). BAD STUDY HABITS R 4 LIFE. Kagamin is my ideal, in practice it's a combination of Tsukasa and Konata to this day - sleep patterns especially. Meanwhile T. is procrastinating hardcore on her Ph.D. thesis, she says the table of contents alone is 18 pages and counting. We had a serious discussion re: how by some measures we're becoming less responsible, since before we used to panic and/or feel guilty about not getting stuff done or cutting daily-life corners and now it's just like, whatevs! Ecksdee ecksdee.

In other news, [ profile] ladysisyphus wrote me some farfuture!Vaan and Penelo as part of a request meme, and there is some mindbogglingly awesome fanart happening at [ profile] bangbangwhimper. (My stuff if anyone wants to try. XD By the evidence people want to do f/f pictures though, don't they.) I'm also thinking of standardizing SSBB's logo, but that's a design job in and of itself.
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Opening signups for the September issue; lining up cover illustrators, which shamefully I always forget to do; scoping out and cold-callingcommenting the people in the author suggestion box while working my nerve up to the LJ luminaries (the MBA works well as a crutch for this sort of social anxiety). Though I'm acquainted with quite a few of the authors mooted, and some of the others write for SSBB already, only the fact isn't common knowledge. XD

Oh, and themes for next year. Three slots to fill at least. Suggestions? There's been a few but they're buried under a pile of email at this point. XD;;

Upcoming posts:
  • some music I uploaded ages ago
  • book reviews
  • more music, this time involving Alex Turner out of the Arctic Monkeys and my dreadful suspicion that the future came to Japan first again
  • writeups of six gigs I attended in as many weeks
  • I never record it on LJ anymore when people come to visit me??? I DON'T KNOW WHY :/

[ profile] canis_m, got your postcard from Croatia - lovely, let's make it a theme. XD♥
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1) Has anyone received a Brazil postcard from me? :/ I gave them to the hotel front desk to post as could not find a post office and didn't have time to search, but they could well have taken my tip and lost them in a drawer somewhere.

2) Send in mp3s for the SSBB muxtape! I'm serious! A couple of you made entire soundtracks, which will be up for download, but I'd like to get wider representation for the stories and it's easier if you pick your own rather than me picking for you, assuming I even find the time. XD;

3) Belated thanks for the anime wedding suggestions, will try to track some of these down (pointers or uploads would be immensely appreciated but I won't push my luck XD). Ditto for the letter meme - I'll comment separately on those. I'm backlogged by a dozen book and CD reviews too, but they'll have to wait until SSBB and these essays are done. /cough

4) The person who input Alex Arctic Monkey in the SSBB suggestion box is kindly advised to submit her own take on the mafia circus clown tragic love story trope. ^_^

5) JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE KINK MEME. Be there or be square!
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The only restriction is that they be contactable via what may be considered conventional online means. *g* A note on why would also be helpful, as I'm probably conversant with fewer writers than you'd think.

Comments are screened, so don't be afraid to embarrass yourselves. We may be in the gutter, etc.

EDIT -- dunno why I didn't think of this, but if there are illustrators you'd like to see in SSBB, let me know too. ^^
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1) I read the latest TRC spoilers since I figured I'd never manage to catch up on the manga before the grace period expires anyway, and now I am DYING. CLAMP YOU SPAZZES WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOINGGGG XD XD XD

2) One peculiar side-effect of Libs fandom is that people (RL people, that is, or online people who may as well be RL) feel impelled to keep me in the loop re: happenings in Pete Doherty's life. Like if he's in jail, out of jail, on the front page of Youtube, frolicking through fields of bluebells, that sort of thing. It's... kind of heartwarming? I mean, I know, hence being in the fandom, but the thought, etc. XD

The manager of Babyshambles ought to write a best-practices handbook on Dealing With Batshit Fandom and send a copy to LJ's customer relations management team (that is, assuming LJ actually has a CRM team and not just LIES). It's rather inspiring to watch competence in action.

3) Sororial unit returneth tomorrow in good spirits, having fulfilled her mission of getting glomped** by Carl Barât. Man, I remember when I used to go the extra mile for fandom, now I'm way too lazy.

4) This (linking [ profile] ladysisyphus's post for context).

5) I hope at least some of you people knew Tada Yumi does My Chemical Romance doujinshi.

** Somehow I managed to get this far before I figured out the right word for it
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For the comm's convenience (will be linked shortly). Feel free to respond.

[Poll #1158806]
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T's housewarming party was attended. Family dinner of turkey, pork roast, potatoes, ice cream log etc. was consumed. Cranberry sauce was a success. Shousetsu Bang*Bang issue 13 is up, in case you haven't noticed, and now the coding mistakes are hopefully all fixed. ^^; That marks my last deadline for, uh, about a week? There's stuff to do but I can procrastinate if I like. I feel... unsettled. XD;;

For once I don't even want to go out; I feel like holing up for a bit and reading manga or something. Still got a Vlad Taltos omnibus somewhere I haven't started on... I badly need to make another Amazon order but Wasim promised me a volume of Hagaren and now I have to wait for him to fly over to see which one he got. XD; Of course there's always SBR but I missed the download of chapter 32, kurses.
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Why come up with original content when one can meme? XDD

Comment here and ask me ANYTHING about any fandom I'm involved in/have been involved in. Controversial or innocent, silly or serious, ask and you'll get my honest opinion on the subject [to the best of my knowledge/ability].

General fandom questions are also allowed, but nothing about actual people IN fandom, please.
Well, you can ask, but I might ask you to take it to chat or something. XD


Give me two characters from different fandoms you know I'm familiar with, and I'll give you a dialogue happening between the two of them. Without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worlds clashed, or how they could even meet each other. Just a silly crossover conversation with no backstory, for fun.

In other news, guess when my Finance mid-term (25% of final grade) is? Award yourself a cookie if your answer was, on the day of the SSBB submission deadline. With an Organizational Behaviour case study (30%) to hand in the day before, and an Operations Management assignment (10%) the day after. It looks like the majority of stories will come in just under the wire, and there probably aren't enough beta readers to go around. DOOMY FEELINGS. XD
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Spent day working through to-do list and listening to this. The mix is amazing (download on linked page) but the helpfully-provided spreadsheet especially makes me happy. XD I like conceptualizing the track I'm listening to as a colour bar called "Pistachio-A-1", gradually followed/overlapped by "Rubine-B-2". It's soothing, in a more emotionally fundamental sense than aesthetics: just the idea of this complex architecture of abstract sound in time = a Pantone colour, itself designated by a series of alphanumeric symbols, everything indexing something else in the universal taxonomy. Is why I like words, really, they index things... Techno music for yr inner autistic-spectrum synaesthete. IOW, back to Kompakt Extra for the umpteenth time. XD Now that we are having the SSBB remix challenge I wonder if I should do something like that - link the stories compiled as original + remix(es) "releases", with random photo + colour bar + number for each cover image? This despite how I said I was expending no effort on this one.

Actually, I'm none too sure how these things normally work. ^^; Should people have to state which story they're remixing when they sign up, or leave it as a surprise? Or state the author and leave the specific story as a surprise?


If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?
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1) Hahaha speaking of ethnographic techno, someone finally did it: they made a mnml version of the Ghost In The Shell theme. Vinyl bootleg, biyatches! I'm listening to a rip now and it's ace - kind of Cadenza-style.

2) The signup for [ profile] getbacksubrosa ends tomorrow! Have about a dozen people on the list right now, looking for more, so pass it on. ♥ Emails will go out Friday.

3) WWNPHD? I'm taking this as conclusive proof I'm not imagining the zeitgeist's recurring theme.

4) Yesterday I went to a talk given by the legendary Mr. Schulich, He Whose Name Is On The Science Library (didn't get to thank him for that before he left, as I'd dorkily wanted to do - though he'll never know why he's a legendary in-joke XD;). Bought a copy of his book for 15$. It's shiny - as in, the cover is gold foil - and basically a collection of salient but randomly ordered aphorisms. The talk was along the same lines.

5) Had another presentation skills workshop. I have to kvetch about this, because while IMO the course content is urgent and key, when it comes to watching classmates give Powerpoint presentations on completely random topics, there are few places and times worse than huddled in a corner of an echoingly empty classroom, with the AC permanently stuck at Sub-Polar, from 6PM to 9PM, on a Tuesday when you've had four hours of sleep. It got pretty gruesome toward the end: there were giggle attacks, and one girl presented on the Spinning Right Or Left Brain? Ballerina. I was so tired I seriously considered giving mine on the topic of JKR Sez Dumbledore Is Gay. Instead I talked about Green Life Montreal and went over the time limit by five minutes. The instructor said I shouldn't have made all the Dumbledore jokes at the beginning but at 8PM anything to get a few lulz from the audience amirite.

6) I wrote more on the Accounting midterm paper to argue why I should get marks back than I did to answer the questions themselves. SAD.

7) I didn't talk much about SSBB this round (no news is good news XD). Now that you're all read the issue, figure that a couple of weeks after the concert I finally scored a copy of Patrick Wolf's Lycanthropy on the wild internets, and sat down to play it through while editing the next submission in the queue. GUESS WHICH ONE.

8) More music to come!
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(I was going to write about Daft Punk, but I figure I'll do that tomorrow when I'm rested.)

Very long, and free of useful or informative links. )

[1] Not a joke.

[2] Which I actually agree with, because that's how the world works. I mean, name three books you read as a preteen that would so, so not have been in any kind of all-ages lending library if their content was portrayed as-is in images, still or moving.

[3] Of course, before I'd shut down the zine, I'd move the zine (which is fully backed up). And I wouldn't move the zine on principle alone, because that shit takes effort. *g* All the existing LJ clones are subject to the same potential issues, besides.

[4] Because I believe this is stupid. I don't care if it's unwise not to; it's stupid. I have an entire chatlog of me ranting at Erin that I might ask her permission to post, but it essentially boils down to kids are better at self-censoring than adults are at censoring them, and BTW DOES NO ONE REMEMBER ACTUALLY BEING TWELVE.
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Shousetsu Bang*Bang volume 2, issue 11

Shousetsu Bang*Bang special summer issue 2007

The yuri special is 15 stories and 83,000 words. The regular issue is 28 stories and 220,000 words. I had perforce to give up the idea of squeezing all the names onto the cover, after several tries that looked terrible.

As per usual I had to drop out for lack of time - sorry, Chira! - OTOH I've written more than I'm likely to abandon at this point and the end is in sight if not within reach, so it will probably end up in the December issue. If optimism prevails I might try to finish last December's story for the upcoming October issue, but... yeah. XD I have made the October theme 怪談百物語. PLEASE NOT TO TAKE THIS AS A HINT TO COLLECTIVELY MAKE 100 SUBMISSIONS OK.

It feels like I've been doing nothing but work on SSBB for the past month. Upon consideration, this is because I have been doing nothing but work on SSBB for the past month. XD

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy a cake~♥

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