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Midway through Beirut's set at Osheaga on Sunday. You know how when inspiration strikes really hard your brain goes into this weird whiteout mode and you later realize you have no idea what the other person's been saying to you for the last five minutes? I lost a good 10 minutes of that set, which annoys me because it's not like I get to see Beirut play every other week. It's not the sort of idea I'd normally ever write out, either, but now I feel like I have to, just to have something to show for my distraction. XD;

Anyway. It turns out that Beirut has a new album out (on MP3 - it leaked early, so the digital version went out early while the physical formats ship for an August 30 release date). Because I am a nonpareil of deduction I figured this out when they started playing songs I didn't know. I've just gone and pre-ordered the LP for a chance at the special ed., since I have a ridiculous textbook-case mania for clear vinyl. Beirut makes good vinyl-listening albums so the risk isn't great: I nearly always put The Flying Club Cup on from beginning to end. I've gradually come to realize that that album is a bona fide decade top 20. It's weird because no individual song on it is as good as "Elephant Gun" or "Postcards to Italy" or "Gulag Orkestar" (except arguably "Cliquot"), but it's perfectly sequenced and does what it does so well. I remember when it first came out, someone wrote a review which identified the perfect use case: the evening after moving into a new place, unpacking boxes while unwinding with a glass of wine. Packing a suitcase before next morning's flight, too, it works for that. As long as I continue to travel for pleasure, this album will never fully leave the rotation.

My ranking of Beirut releases, based on how often I listen to them:

The Flying Club Cup
Realpeople Holland (particularly "Venice", because I can't get over that it actually sounds like Venice)
Lon Gisland EP
The Gulag Orkestar (a good album, but I only ever replay three songs on it)
March of the Zapotec (I barely listen to this one at all)

So clearly I approve that Zach Condon chose to return to indiepop roots on The Rip Tide, instead of making a vuvuzuela-gamelan fusion record or something which was the only other career route this could have taken. It can't ever be disgustingly twee, anyway, what with the brass instrumentation and dude's vocal style, although "East Harlem" makes a concerted effort. I don't know how much I'll end up listening to it yet, but I imagine as much as Lon Gisland EP surely.

IMO this is the best of the new songs (dodgy Soundcloud upload, listen before it's gone):

The Rip Tide - Beirut by DJmich
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Is this episode actually called A Christmas Carol: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE POISSON )

TRON Legacy: picture the Dude from The Big Lebowski wandering through the music video of Can't Get You Out Of My Head while dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, in IMAX 3D )

** People my age who were in the US public school system in the 80s: there was this book catalogue. What was that? It came something like biannually, and listed all the Newberys and Victorian classics. Beverly Cleary. George MacDonald. You ticked off the books that looked interesting, your parents wrote a cheque (I assume; I never saw this part), and the books just appeared after that. I don't even remember if they came to the school or the apartment. No memory of a limit on the number of books, or reading level. If I ever heard the words reading level while in elementary school it was spoken by adults above my head.


Oct. 14th, 2010 04:26 pm
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1) Any albums I should catch up on? I am going to load up my iPod and not touch iTunes for the two weeks I'm in China, and probably standing in a lot of lines at the Expo. Priority will be given to readily downloadable/iTuneable shiz, I don't have time to hit up the record store. XD;

Stuff I'm already seeking or have:

* The Carl Barat album (wildly uneven, but the good songs are really good - I had a mental image of where I thought CB ought to go, and 200% less expectation vs. PD that he would ever attempt to go there, but this is... about 75% on the mark XD)
* The Dave Sitek album (I'm meh about TV On The Radio, but this contains, like, Karen O and the chick from Shivaree)
* The most recent Janelle Monae (here's a thought that deserves unpacking: why do I feel vaguely guilty for liking Nicki Minaj better?)
* The most recent Caribou (so I can sleep on the plane, ER I MEAN he sounds so nice in interviews)
* Mount Kimbie, Skream... I got the Hudson Mohawke one in NYC and AFAICT its purpose in life = BGM for an acid-fuelled Labyrinth/Willow/Neverending Story mashup vid
* Tinie Tempah, why not (I still haven't posted about Virgin Radio's UK chart countdown on Sunday evenings, it's been like two years... two years of OH WHY EVEN LET US HAVE SELF-GOVERNANCE WHILE YOU'RE AT IT)
* The new Belle & Sebastian... I'm looking hard, at any rate... Murdoch's songs being about God doesn't make him a worse lyricist, if anything he can be the G.K. Chesterton of Xtian rock /diesalot
* Should probably listen to the whole Arcade Fire record at some point... yeah

1a) Alternately, if anyone's got recs/reqs for music that's easier to find in China, now's the hour. Right now all I have on my list are Cold Fairyland and Faye Wong back catalogues.

2) Those 30 Questions lists. Where do they all come from?

Oh and thank you for the Yorkie, [ profile] disprove~~ XD


Jul. 4th, 2010 12:00 pm
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Voyages musicaux 音乐大同 (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 23: June 29 - Montreal Jazz Festival and other randomosities
right click to download
listen streaming here


Metric – Gimme Sympathy [3:55]
The Manhattan Transfer – Until I Met You [5:18]
Nils Petter Molvaer – Song of Sand II [6:12]
Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix) [4:42]
Cyndi Lauper – Crossroads [4:42]
M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson – O Superman [~4:00]
Elisapie Isaac – Turning My Back [4:30]
Elisapie Isaac – Out Of Desperation [3:25]
Spitz – Koisuru Bonjin (2010 Spitz Jamboree Live) [3:36]
Cyndi Lauper feat. Puffy AmiYumi – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Acoustic) [3:03]

I am not really a Metric fan; I like this track because it is essentially an Annie song sung by Emily Haines. Some jazz fest feature stuff (Cyndi Lauper sings the blues; apparently there was controversy regarding the Laurie Anderson/Lou Reed/John Zorn experimental triple bill, which basically boils down to "what did you think your $100 was going to get you, exactly"). Elisapie Isaac is the former singer of Taima, whose 2001 album I really liked. Her solo material is less electronica/Emilie Simon, more indie drums and echo-ey dreampop guitars. If you've ever thought Mazzy Star would be more awesome in Inuktitut, this album is for you! Meanwhile I picked the b-side to play off the new Spitz single because I have a weakness for Spitz when they play fast and show their punk roots.

At jazz fest the other day I saw this Quebec band that came off as a jazzy jam band version of Cocorosie. Now I like Cocorosie** but this was fully as dire as it sounds.

** Although if I were to write an impassioned defense of them it would be much more nuanced on the sexism vs racefail front than what is out there.
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I know myself enough to realize that there is something bubbling away on the back brain burner at this point, that will coalesce from the primeval broth of my preoccupations in eight months or whenever I find the hook (and here one pictures a metal fish hook lowered into a supersaturated solution of salts). Some of the stuff I'm preoccupied with. )

Anyhoo. No way this is going anywhere until I find out what else the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Moffat has to say on the topic of weeping angels. And possibly retrace the entirety of the Knife's research for their opera ahaha of course I could just write an album review instead of an album review disguised as a Doctor Who fanfic but where is the fun in that my friends, where is the fun in that. Although as much as anything I just want any excuse to borrow the libretto, which I find... intensely moving? Like it gets to what touches the soul/heart about SCIENCE by not foisting meaning on one at all, just presenting the act of observation (and cataloguing, and cogitation) for what it is. I keep coming across reviews that are like "asd;jklsd this is SO CHALLENGING" and it's like... really? There are 3-4 songs that are yr typical The Knife/Fever Ray and okay, the rest is recitative over techno noises rather than eg. a harpsichord, and lovely experimental ambient stuff that probably accompanied video projections and contemporary dance numbers onstage, and that one can safely zone out to without feeling like one has failed as a listener (or the creators qua creator) because one can't locate the pop oomph. Like, maybe you're challenging yourself to hear something that's not meant to be there? So says the person who has never managed to get into Gas.

Other ppl's fic, comedic value, gaps in the record )

Anyway I have been fiddling with a longstanding original fiction project that I have now given a firm deadline, but anything relating to that will be on carnet where it belongs.
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Done! Finally!

Florence and the Machine, Bebel Gilberto, Owen Pallett )

* I'm sort of serious. XD; Perhaps this needs to be a coordinated effort? Someone else has to request it, after all.

** In particular re: subjects I find truly relatable despite never having articulated them (eg. the ontological muddle of being the avatar of an RPG/adventure video game vs. moving said avatar around according to the player's will vs. treating the character as an entirely separate entity for purposes of eg. perving -- surely PhD theses have been written about this -- Heartland is a natural extension of the premise of "He Poos Clouds" merely with a different controller interface, one conveniently transportable to concert stages, i.e. the narrative is not something that has happened, it is happening during Pallett's performance in the same way that the story of Link is happening whenever you boot up Twilight Princess), although that's less because Pallett is more articulate than because I'm... not all that bothered? I mean, do you ever worry about the possibility of your "muses" having a crisis of faith when they realize their life stories are flimsy excuses for dodgy authorial gay sex fantasy? And breaking the fourth wall to murder you in revenge? EVERY DAY, HUH?

In other words Pitchfork never actually grokked why "Final Fantasy" was an appropriate name for the project, although that's okay because I choose to believe Squeenix did.

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Was sick yesterday - sore throat, probable low-grade fever, general sensation of limp noodledom. But it wasn't an actual cold: I feel much better after lying on the couch for 20 hours straight. XD; Perhaps this was just the body's way of informing me I was overdoing it. Have begged off Igloofest and two parties this weekend, although I think I'll still make the brownies I was planning to bring.

Actually, in that time I got a lot of laundry done. XD; I also made coconut lemon chicken soup and fettucine alla carbonara (today) - this actually turned out perfectly! The egg didn't go gritty or anything! And the cleanup was gratifyingly easy as I added a chopped green pepper which deglazed the bacon fat skillet neatly. Now I can give myself indigestion without paying an Italian restaurant for the pleasure, awesome~~~


Relatedly, Photo Of A Mince Pie:

Pie ~= 3.1415


While lying on the couch I also watched a lot of classic Doctor Who - eight hours of whatever exists on Youtube, basically. Under these circumstances you don't want anything as taxing as Torchwood. XD;;


Is there any chance we could just, like, hire Olof and Karin Dreijer Andersson to work on this? Or at least to remix the theme music )

** Check the fine print, yo: licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
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Ensuant on Part I.

Linda Thompson )

Little Boots )

The Good, The Bad & The Queen )

Fantasia starts tomorrow! Reviews and stuff to come.

Late meme

Jul. 4th, 2009 03:44 am
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The Rules:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. (If you want a letter, just say so.)
2. List (and upload/link) 5 (or more if you want) songs that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] keelieinblack gave me an N, two weeks ago.

Ciara )

DJ Rolando and The Aztec Mystic )

Laura Marling )

Martha Wainwright )

Too tired, next batch tomorrow. XD;
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With downloads, as promised a while back. Plus new stuff. ...Do any of you guys actually read my Tumblr, besides the two or three of you who post there? ^^; Having multiple blogs pretty much just means that they take turns experiencing benign neglect, but I wish I had a better sense of who sees what first.

Pet Shop Boys )

Gorillaz )

The Tears )

Fever Ray )

Patrick Wolf )

k-os )

Peter Doherty and Dot Allison )

Saint Etienne )

Grizzly Bear gig tonight! Ed Droste just tweeted saying Le National is one of his favorite venues, bless (it's where I went to see Bebel Gilberto last time round).
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I have one paper left that I got an extension on and after that I'm done. So of course I'm not working on it, I'll review all of Blur's studio albums with an excessive number of anime references instead. It is pretty easy to write about this band because dudes suffer from chronic severe stephenkingitis, unlike Arctic Monkeys where it's like, "They have 2.5 albums and I skip 3/5 of the tracks, actually I think they're a great band!" I've been trying to write something intelligible about teh Arctics for half a year... With Blur you can create blog content by playing otaku car games like "top ten b-sides not including album tracks and remixes".

Leisure )

Modern Life Is Rubbish )

Parklife )

The Great Escape )

Blur )

13 )

Think Tank )
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The Last Shadow Puppets, The Age of the Understatement: I was on second-coffee-date terms (so to speak) with this album before I left for Brazil, where I stopped listening to it because it didn't suit the climate. Then I came back to Montreal, and we picked up where we left off. ♥ Id est review would've made more sense two months ago but what can you do... Sororial unit accused me of liking this for Owen Pallett's frou-frou orchestral arrangements. XD This is untrue - I got used to the indie vocalising pretty fast - though Pallett is a sort of under-credited band member here, as always. Dude doesn't so much subordinate himself to genre constraints as he loves them, which makes his "griffe" all the more distinctive. A la Morricone.

The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You
The Last Shadow Puppets - Meeting Place

Other charming things about this album )

My sister still cracks up when she hears the word 'tambourine' )

For the record, TLSP is a side project of Alex Turner, the singer/songwriter/guitarist of indie rock band Arctic "How Can You Tell We Started This Band As A Joke In The Ninth Grade" Monkeys, and Miles Kane, the singer/songwriter/guitarist of other indie rock band The Rascals.** The rationale is that they are BFFs who enjoy collecting old records, getting matching Beatles haircuts, covering Rihanna, and giggling like lolis. As such, the main extra-musical entertainment value lies with the British press's battle to rein in its moé for long enough to complete an interview with dignity. The problem is that the Libertines debacle basically did for the NME what the Slam Dunk doujinshi fandom did for Weekly Jump, i.e. "If only we knew this back when we were pushing the Smiths!" Only gonna be more lulz from here on out, guys.

** I have stopped keeping track of people in UK indie bands forming side projects with people in other UK indie bands. This is where Canada's socialist-collectivist nature shows to its best advantage: we give our indie musicians automatic membership in an umbrella organization called Broken Social Scene of which all other bands are defined as side projects, bypassing the semantic quibbling.


Jun. 28th, 2008 11:01 pm
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It looks like I'm going to be relatively free for the next month, so I'll try to check in once a day, just like old times. That means music, photos, book reviews, concert reviews, unfilled requests, some writing on carnet to keep my hand in, what have you - not doing the latest book list meme though, those things are starting to get on my nerves. :P To be frank they're always full of books I have no desire to read.

First up: [ profile] silvermuse89 requested a Nobuta FST, in the holiday mix CD request from uhh last October. It was clear from the get-go that this was going to be single format à la Balthier/Fran, not a full mix, but it took this long to get it right anyway.


A) Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky One
B) Arctic Monkeys feat. The 747s - Baby I'm Yours

Setting aside Alex Turner's (probably) subconscious auditioning for another indieboi to sing duets with him... I'm starting to think a full FST might be manageable, keeping to this 60's pop style. But it'd take another year's work, so. ^_^;

Next - condensed versions of reviews I started composing in my head months ago when the albums in question actually came out ahaha. orz At least this way I'm sure of what I think.

The Charlatans, You Cross My Path )

Client, City )

Ladytron, Velocifero )

Ladytron are playing the Jazz Fest, and my friend A is holding a ticket with my name on it. Due to scheduling incompetence this'll be the first time I'm seeing them in concert since the Light & Magic tour in... 2003? With Simian opening. It sounds a lot longer ago if you say it was back when James Ford was drumming in indie bands not producing them.
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Have been writing this entry for days on end. ^^; Updated the Muxtape, but that was a week ago and I'm liable to change it again soon. XD; Will make some of the songs downloadable here... eventually.

Leonard Cohen, Death of a Ladies' Man. Kind of a long and excessive rant. )

* Actually I was going to post the awesome live video from 1979 (in which Len sings the song like a robot while trying desperately not to crack up, and his backup vocalists do the proto-macarena) but Youtube took it down. D: The bastards!!! I knew I should've written this post earlier. Anyway you all have to dl this for Leonard Cohen's TOTAL RONNIE SPECTOR STYLEE FREAKOUT at the end, which has got to be one of the most traumatizing yet hilarious moments in music ever committed to record.

** It occurs to me that I should have used my story about the dude who wanted Up The Bracket to be produced by Phil Spector as a lead-in to this. XD; MOAR MELLOTRON.
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I upped all this stuff for subdee a few days back so figured I should link them on LJ or something.

Down in Albion
The Blinding EP
Shotter's Nation

Dirty Pretty Things:
Waterloo to Anywhere

DiA )

WtA )

What else... uh, I've talked about Shotter's Nation (though not about "French Dog Blues" which is the prettiest song on it). The EP is an EP. XD; I could actually go on a fair bit about the video (it's by Julien Temple, the dude who did that "Blue Jean" short for David Bowie) but it's getting kind of obscenely late. My sister thinks the best song is "I Wish", I think the best one is "Sedative". Which sounds like the 90's**, but I'll live, honest. Maybe I'll just think of it as "True Faith" on downers.

** It's got the same drum pattern as "High and Dry". That has got to be Adam's own initiative though, I kind of don't see Peter Doherty ripping off Radiohead's snares. XD;
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A TRUE STORY: to make the mental jump from acoustic Pete Doherty bootlegs to Pretty.Odd.Punctuation.Strikes.Again. I had to go through Syd Barrett. In the process I discovered I find Ryan Ross's voice 1,000 times more tolerable than Brendon Urie's. What the hell, guys.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: so when are PATD going to cover "Waterloo Sunset"? Will someone get on this??? I hear they use the Internet and stuff.

Public Image Ltd.: Yazawa Ai, statistical improbabilities, and vampires )

Duffy: how I used to read about dance music before ever setting foot in a club, and an inevitable aside re Amy Winehouse )
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In between writing a music post, or perhaps vice-versa. It's hard to tell. XD;

Babyshambles )

Taylor Swift )

m-flo )

Teddy Thompson and Linda Thompson )

P.S. there has been a mysterious friending matsuri this past couple of weeks. The flist is now up to 350, which is my cue to ask new people to introduce themselves - you don't have to, that is, I won't be defriending you, but it would be nice. XD Why now, when there are fewer updates than ever, and the mp3 posts are unlocked? Did I make it seem like I'd gone friends-only? XD;;
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Beirut - Cliquot
Final Fantasy - Took You Two Years To Win My Heart
Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Mix)

Plus photo reference - I learnt my lesson with PWolf and from now on there will be pictures of any band/musician/whatever anytime there is over-analysis, not just when I go see them live. )

The theme is "songs that involve Owen Pallett out of Final Fantasy, and are also sad waltzes about the end of relationships." Final Fantasy, to recap, is intricate violin-based indiepop by a dude from Toronto who did all the strings arrangements for the Arcade Fire (among other less-useful references). There are no basslines. The lyrics (literally or metaphorically) revolve around:
  • videogame nerd-dom
  • faggotry, with a minor in Mishima
  • Canadiana
Basically it's kind of like listening to Joanna Newsom's gay otaku oniisan.[1] Needless to say I like this stuff a lot but I can't believe it exists, and I can't believe it won the Polaris Prize. Srsly, only in Canada. It feels like some kind of judgment on my lifestyle. XD;

I got to like Owen Pallett's work for other bands first, which I don't think is just a function of the aforementioned lack of bass - he's obviously the sort of creative personality who works best under preexisting constraints. If he were writing on LJ he'd be asking for drabble prompts constantly.[2] When there's no other band there saying do this and do that he sets arbitrary parameters for himself, which is actually what the whole "one song for each of the D&D schools of magic" etc. rigmarole is about, not the Melt Wizard sort of hommage-rendering. When there is a band he's very good at, not submerging his sound, but turning it into what it's required to be. Even when the requirement is nebulous. The Stars remix is 10x better than the original in that it reaches through the drumbeats and drama to find the sadness. All the time you thought I was sad / I was trying to remember your name; and she so defiant, not knowing she meant so little. Plus it does sound like Jon Brion, with the piano (about the only thing P4k got right in its otherwise DED RONG pan, because the whole remix album happens to be grebt).

The Beirut album (I'll write about Beirut in some other entry) absorbs me in part because it feels collaborative. I'm thinking of Electronic, here, how it's possible to hear Sumner and Marr and Tennant as separate abstract entities in a given song and how totally weird that is. XD Part of it being that the tracks on The Flying Club Cup were mostly laid down before the strings were arranged, I think, and part of it being Beirut's violin section is way more technically proficient than the rest of the band. XD Like, in a really obvious way (cf. "In The Mausoleum"). Not that LOL HIPSTERS LEARN TO PLAY FASTER isn't part of the charm of Gulag Orkestar regardless - of indie as a whole, insofar as it inherits from punk. Unlike Christgau I won't call it "detournement" because that word means something else.

So yeah, Final Fantasy sounding more Beirut than Beirut does all over the album, and "Cliquot" sort of makes me wish Pallett would help a fella out and write all the lyrics, though he'd probably have to tone down the rampant ghei before he gives Zach Condon an untimely heart attack. ...Memes are funny things. This idea of "plague songs" that may or may not have started with the 4AD project, then it was Patrick Wolf saying he wanted to write a whole album about the Black Death, except everything PWolf says about songs he hasn't written yet always turns out to be bullshit, so in the end it was Owen Pallett who wrote it. For Beirut. I actually cannot get over this song, it's too depressing. XD I've mentally elaborated some sort of AU fanfic(?!) set in Dante's Italy in which Owen Pallett is a spoony bard who gets the bubonic plague then dies in a fire. I think the song triggered a relapse of my trauma from those R.A. MacAvoy novels.

Compared to that "Took You Two Years..." comes off as normal, heartache-wise. It's really straightforward; I just like waltzes. XD

[1] I'm not just mocking, their work evolves in parallel. Has a Good Home is to He Poos Clouds as Milk-Eyed Mender is to Ys: the former cute, hooky, low-key and disparate, the latter conceptual, orchestral, and unified in scope. I like the pop albums better. XD

[2] Actually I find Owen Pallett sympathetic in interviews because he reminds me irresistably of People In Fandom. XD The whole self-aware but uncontrollably knee-jerk self-deprecation raised to a fine art schtick. GOD STFU, IT IS SO THE BEST STORY TRACK ON THE ALBUM.
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Chrissie, I got your postcard! ♥ A couple of days ago, but I keep forgetting to mention it of course. XD; Your handwriting is rather as I pictured it but I can't remember if that's because I've gotten mail from you before.

I'm going to take the music in this post down pretty soon, so if you're still downloading, step it up!

Patrick Wolf - The Bluebell
Patrick Wolf - Bluebells
[official video]

I'd planned to link this song (it's one song, no idea why the intro is split off) on Bonfire Night, since it's actually about the 5th of November - the drum track is made out of fireworks! - but I forgot. XD Or was not at the computer, or something. Insofar as one can pass an objective judgment on something like songwriting I'd say this and "Augustine" are his best thus far.

The PWolf thing is unusual because it's actually following the arc of a proper fandom i.e. gone into the "waiting for new canon" holding pattern. XD The count is at two pints per album, plus one for the b-sides, plus one for being generally THE MOST HILARIOUS PERSON ALIVE, plus one for introducing me to Angela Carter. He will probably want that in Bailey's though.

Been listening to Burial for a day or so, the new album (I'd put money down to get a higher bitrate than 192vbr). Thinking about Burial, how he apparently wants to stay Anonymous Kid In Hoodie #183,255, South London, After Dark. His friends put his music on and don't know he's the one who made it. Insanity! The past year of listening feels like a series of prodigy narratives - Jesse Somfay**, Patrick Wolf, Zach Condon, Burial - there's this whole mythos of the teenaged bedroom producer. XD I built my equipment out of duct tape, I multitracked myself to pretend I have a band, I only know how to use Soundforge so I draw sinewaves on a napkin. Then again all it's done is replaced the "any kid could pick up a guitar and ROCK OUT" meme, probably. A little.

It could also be my own selection bias as all these artists share a primary mood: a saudade one is probably born with, or not. Imaginary countries glimpsed over a wall, between treetops, under sodium streetlights, in the sunset, in the fire.

...You guys will probably be grateful once the CDs go out and I can post mp3s again instead of wanking on and on AMIRITE.

** I just checked Jesse Somfay's website, and he's got a new page up. HTML title is "An atmosphere the scent of crystaline[sic] static, vapourised snow and metamorphic rain. An ozone embrace for my hexahedral heart." STAY TRUE, JESSE, NEVER CHANGE.
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Someone asked for more Patrick Wolf. XD; May as well do it like this as it's difficult to give a sense of the range of dude's material without upping 6-7 songs with attendant verbiage anyway. I've actually held back because I want to write these essays, but I don't have time to write spurious essays. orz

Folder links all:

Wind In The Wires
The Magic Position

All three albums have a core of big, dramatic, windswept-and-sea-drenched English Gothic Romanticism that's what I like best, really. XD "London" (Westminister chimes, what is this genius), "Teignmouth", "Bluebells"... "To The Lighthouse", "Wind In The Wires", "Overture". Otherwise Lycanthropy is about being a teenaged werewolf in London or something like that, and Wind In The Wires is about being possessed by the spirit of Béroul in Cornwall, and The Magic Position is about a girlfriend, which is why it's an aberration of perkiness. In a good way. The last thing I heard about PWolf was that he was going to sing on an Angelo Badalamenti track for a Dylan Thomas biopic coming out, which sort of blew my mind (all three parts of the equation).

I think exactly 1 out of the 40 tracks here is sort of boring and skippable, the rest induce embarrassing hyperbole. The b-sides are as good or better than the album tracks but I'm keeping them back to use in mix CDs, solly. XD My sister has this paranoid theory that Last.FM is biased toward Patrick Wolf because it refuses to log anything else she plays, only his tracks. You'll have to ask her about that one though.

Sazanami, by Spitz, because someone asked for that too. XD Review is in previous post, but you know you love it.

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