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In an attempt to be somewhat timely. XD (I put back posting about my cherry trifle until the fruit was completely out of season, and then I lost the photos. Oh well: reason to make it again next year.)

Theoretical Montreal feijoada )

Cassoulet and high-end cassoulet cookware )

Classic slow cooker pot roast not in a slow cooker )
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Campbell's chicken noodle, canned - it would have been bland if I'd gone with plain broth and milk/cream, I think. Fennel behaves like celery, except the leaves look like dill, and the whole tastes delicately but persistently of aniseed. Not sure why I bought the thing given that I'm neither fond of celery nor of aniseed, rolling, but it turned out delicious in the end.

1 head of fennel
1 medium onion
2 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp annatto powder
1/2 tsp curry powder
1 bay leaf
salt, pepper, fennel seeds etc. to taste

Chop fennel and onion into smallish chunks. Chop garlic coarsely and heat with the butter until it starts to sizzle, then add the annatto powder and mix well. (Or you can use achiote oil to begin, if you have any or know how to make it. The purpose of this stuff is 10% flavour and 90% just to make the end result look nice and golden instead of pale and blah. XD;) Turn the heat down to medium and stir-fry the chopped onion and fennel until they go soft and translucent. While stirring, add the curry powder, bay leaf, and other seasonings.

At this point I halved the vegetables, since I was just feeding myself, reserving the rest for another day's soup. If you want to go ahead and serve 4, add two cans of Campbell's condensed chicken noodle, plus two cans of milk, and simmer/stir on low heat until flavours are combined. Or, if you have a working blender and want to go that route, puree the vegetables with clear chicken broth and half-and-half cream (you'll probably also need more salt, in that case). Take out the bay leaf before you do, though.
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Made Smitten Kitchen's recent spiced applesauce cake, but instead of cream cheese frosting (which would've just gotten calorie-related complaints), covered the top of the cake with overlapping thin slices of Honey Crisp apple, and covered that with a mix of brown sugar, granulated sugar, and cinnamon. So it looked like... a pie... on top of a cake... ahahaha. Well, it turned out very nicely. Took 45 minutes to finish baking, but there's an extant warning that it's supposed to be a wet cake and also the butter was "light" butter which I'd entirely forgotten I'd purchased simply to see if my ill-formed suspicions were borne out (isn't it a contradiction in terms?). I added a couple of tablespoons extra, and it creamed up well with the brown sugar, but the texture after the eggs went in was extremely alarming. Things panned out in the end, but I wouldn't try the stuff for more delicately-textured desserts.

...Am blogging this because I forgot to bring a slice to work and now I am VERY HUNGRY and have no money. :/
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Massive outdoor queue in frigid weather! No one dislikes the idea of cupcakes for charity. A moratorium was declared around 4:30 for fear of fire hazard and I had to sneak in - at least, I think I snuck in. Crowd control was not very decisive in the Queen E. XD;

It is very difficult to say "Cupcake Camp" fast.

Part of me is dangling in wait for Yuletide assignment, not good as I have other projects on the boil. I went and took a look at the summary page, and if I understand the match algorithm correctly (not guaranteed!) I know what fandom I'll be getting, if not writing. Haaa well like I said last year, if they offer it I will do them the honour of assuming they know what they're doing. XD

I have roasted baby potatoes in olive oil and Mediterranean spices, and a tourtiere. ♥
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This is merely the recipe printed on the back of the packet of Savoiardi ladyfinger biscuits - except there were two recipes, because the English and French versions were totally different. Seriously. One called for 230g of mascarpone, the other 400g, for the same number of biscuits; one called for marsala, the other for brandy or cognac; and so on. LOL QUEBEC. Of course, instead of picking one over the other I fused the two, and the result turned out very well, so I'm reproducing what I did here before I forget. XD;

Serves 6-8 people (actually, it served 10 easily over two days, and not with stingy portions)

24 Savoiardi biscuits
3 large eggs
1/2 cup sugar
400g mascarpone (the regular container in these here parts is 475g; it could have taken the extra 75g with a spoonful more sugar, for no leftovers)
6 shots espresso (from a coffee shop)
4 tbsp madeira wine
cocoa powder

Lay a layer of biscuits out in a 13"x9" pan (I find 12 ladyfingers fit perfectly, but you have to stagger them). Mix the espresso with 2 tbsp of madeira, and moisten each biscuit in the pan by drizzling spoonfuls of the espresso mixture over. I do it this way rather than dipping because it's better for the bottom layer of biscuits to start off drier than the top layer, gravity being gravity. This method also makes it easier to not run out of espresso halfway, if you're like me and don't have a machine at home. (I have made tiramisu with regular coffee, and the qualitative difference is readily apparent.) This could have taken a bit more liquid overall - 2 more tbsp of madeira, or one more shot of espresso - but not more than that.

Separate the egg yolks and whites. The whites go into one bowl with a pinch of sugar; the yolks go into another bowl with the rest of the sugar, 1 tbsp of espresso, and 2 tbsp of madeira. Cream the yolk/sugar mixture with a hand mixer until it is pale and double the volume, then incorporate the mascarpone, beating well until smooth.

Wash your hand mixer (bah) and beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. (The order is important. The yolk mixture won't mind a bit of white getting mixed in, so you don't have to wash the mixer, but if you beat the egg whites first they'll have separated again by the time you're done with the mascarpone.) Fold the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture.

Spread half the cream over the biscuits in an even layer, and sprinkle with cocoa powder. Repeat with another layer of biscuits (crosshatch the pattern, for best final consistency), moisten them with the rest of the espresso, then spread the remaining cream over and sprinkle again with cocoa powder. Cover the pan with foil and refrigerate for at least 12 hours.

This tasted better after 48 hours than 24, as per many rich alcoholic concoctions; you'd have to be consciously running an experiment to find out how much longer it keeps in the fridge after that. XD
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This is one of the most beautifully conceptualized books I've ever seen; one does not at all want to take it into the kitchen and get tomato sauce stains on its black-and-white pages. XD; I was all ready to buy the thing on the strength of the graphic design alone, but as I flipped through it I realized it was a very good Italian cookbook, bawling. All of a sudden I had such an insane craving for pappardelle con lepre (the existence of which dish I'd completely forgotten, after 2007) that instead of driving home from the radio station, I drove to Jean-Talon Market and bought the ingredients. I'll set everything to marinade, then take off for the D&D group with the tiramisu I made late last night. Will report back if/when the pappardelle turns out to be awesome. It looks pretty failproof: the recipe's got chocolate in, even.
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Talking to Kara about making epic tom kha gai from this recipe, with the following modifications (both intentional and unintentional):

* Both garlic and onion in lieu of red shallot.
* No fresh chili XD;; would rather not when the flavour profile is so complex otherwise. Just a dash of chili garlic sauce.
* Didn't de-bone/de-skin the chicken thighs - why bother?
* Whole fresh oyster mushrooms in lieu of chopped.
* Thought I bought frozen galangal but it definitely wasn't. XD;;; I actually have no idea what I did buy, bawling - some kind of ginseng, I think. It had a very delicate flavour and turned the soup an attractive golden orange. Yes, I added the root of an unidentified plant to my soup. And some ginger chunks to compensate.
* Dried kaffir lime leaves in lieu of fresh.
* While getting ingredients at the local Filipino-Vietnamese grocer I saw that they were selling fried crab - fried crab! Drained and plastic-wrapped with a bit of ginger and shallot. So I bought a packet of three and ate them for lunch. Then I boiled all the shells and legs and bits with the bones of a chicken I'd bought for making stock. For like six hours. It was really, really epic stock. Don't do this if you can't live with your house smelling like boiled crab for a while. But any soup based on this stuff would have gone to a different level.

The recipe is very good, beautifully balanced - you're better off adding just the juice and not any of the zest, though, certainly don't drop the lime half in, or it'll get bitter.


Sep. 8th, 2010 04:20 pm
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[ profile] jantalaimon asked for my recipe at one point, but ratatouille is one of those dishes that forgive lack of systematicness and so I do not have a recipe so much as guidelines, and it turns out different each time. XD;; I make it cos of spending childhood holidays with French-from-France people and thus the taste is nostalgic. This is what it was the last time it worked.

* ~20 Italian tomatoes
* 2 large (or 3 medium-sized eggplants)
* 4-5 zucchini
* 3 bell peppers (I actually used about 8 pointy mild peppers I got at the market. Don't buy these, they're a pain to open up and clean out the seeds in comparison to the amount of edible pepper you get)
* 2 onions
* a really massive amount of garlic
* fresh oregano, thyme, basil, lavender (however much you want, hand shredded)
* mix of dried thyme, basil, marjoram, rock salt (ground up w/ mortar and pestle)
* olive oil (like chocolate: no point to the cheap stuff)
* canola oil
* the biggest pot you have

Wash and dice the vegetables into 1" chunks. The only one I bother to cook separately is the eggplant, because it takes forever and would throw off the timing otherwise, so I do it first in as much canola oil as necessary and the herbes de Provence salt mix crushed and sprinkled over. Drain and set aside once cooked through but not mushy. Heat ~3 tbsp of olive oil this time. Chop onions coarsely, mince garlic, cook in olive oil on medium-high until translucent. Add the zucchini and 3/4 of the tomatoes. Add oregano/thyme/lavender. Cover and cook on medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until the tomatoes turn mysteriously into tomato sauce, at which point add the peppers, the reserved eggplant, the rest of the tomatoes, and the basil. Stir and continue to cook until it attains the consistency you want. XD;

This is the normal vegan(!) version. For the Chinese-ppl-add-protein-to-everything version, add 300g of ground pork and/or 2-3 chopped Italian sausages at the same time as the onions/garlic and cook well.
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* Nigella's chocolate Guinness cake, raved about by coworker and online as promised. It will serve to use up some of the Greek yoghurt, assuming one can substitute the sour cream (I don't see why not). OTOH the heavy cream is probably inescapable, particularly since I also need to make the--

* --lingonberry parfait from that Ikea recipe flyer. Only it will be a mix of lingonberry, redcurrant and cranberry, because all these things desperately need using up. Especially the cranberries, which I will just freezer jam and figure out later. It's actually fresh redcurrant season but -- cupcakes again, maybe? That would get rid of the store chocolate frosting, too.

* Tiramisu, because I have ladyfingers and good cocoa powder, and the eggs need using up as well. Need mascarpone, have rum (but no marsala), would have to pick up espresso from a coffee shop (instant won't do).

* The reason I'm argh about the heavy cream is because I have 15% cream nearing expiry but it won't work. >_> I meant it for Swedish meatball sauce but that won't happen unless I need to feed other ppl. I will almost certainly end up using it for Alfredo sauce which I love and is worse for my health than crack.

* ...Unless I make squash soup with it! I have tons of squash that I froze in a panic before leaving for NYC. XD; Will it stand up to roasting? Should I defrost it first? Ahaha orz. Will probably do this first so if you guys have tips now is the moment. NOTA BENE NO WORKING BLENDER IN HOUSE THAT I KNOW OF.

* SUSHI. Think an avocado will serve to clean out the remnants, unless the green onions have really gone off.

Need to actually eat the last of that steamed fish dish, too (sororial unit polished off the chocolate cream. Yes, I can quite easily have chocolate hanging around forever until I foist it desperately off on someone else - I like the idea of it better than the reality). The trick is really to get rid of stuff without acquiring more groceries in the interim.
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Ingredients for personal reference purposes, listed in the order in which they come into play. Well, basic stuff, but if you want detailed steps just drop me a comment. XD; Summer vegetables are key. None of these should take longer than 20 minutes, other than the congee which is a two-hour brunch food one gets up at 8AM to make.

Pasta )

Montreal breakfast )

Stirfry )

Cold noodle )

Congee )

I am very hungry right now (congee seems like more food than it actually is - mostly water). :| I think I will make pasta and sautee some green garlic in butter, maybe a bit of the dry saucisson from market. It is like 35C this week in Montreal but I have massive quantities of pinot gris chilling in the fridge, so life is good.
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Thanks for the well-wishes, guys. The gastro mostly cleared up after a day and a half (most of which I spent sleeping), although I probably shouldn't have had the beer last night if I knew what was good for me. XD; It was a special occasion though.

Meanwhile, just had to share this - when I was a kid I had a book of Chinese folk tales, and half of them were about food. Food and financial credit! The turning point in the story is always like "So they looked at this thing that had been left in a dish for six months / turned black / had green fuzz growing on it / smelled strongly / etc. and decided to have it for lunch. With a bit of soy sauce and shallots."

...P.S. guys remember century eggs are like gasoline: make sure you buy UNLEADED orz
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Rice wine soup: my philosophy is that if you're going to make this stuff, make it tooth-rottingly sweet and eat a smaller portion. It turned out we didn't have flour for tangyuan, though, and it never occurred to me to buy them pre-made because we never do - what I care about is the osmanthus syrup anyway. XD; So I used, uhh, bubble tea tapioca.

Chocolate cookies: I forget what these were called in the book. They turned out to be the Danish butter biscuits that come in a tin, basically, only with cocoa - sort of smoky-tasting. Good basis for cookies'n'cream type desserts I'd imagine... next time, stick a chocolate chunk in the centre, sprinkle with crystallized sugar, and give them 12 minutes instead of 10.


Darker Than Black: in [ profile] lacewood's comments a few days back, discussing how DtB was one of the few anime series with a reasonably non-faily and nuanced portrayal of foreigners; Chinese characters in particular (going as far as knowing subversion, eg. sticking Kirihara in the cheongsam and buns instead of Alice). Then again, it had better be, considering it's an immigration/xenophobia parable. XD; Just not as overt as - say - District 9, due to viewers being kept in the dark for 20-plus episodes as to what anyone's motive or provenance is. But there aren't many non-gaijin Contractors in Tokyo, that much is evident.


Nnnh have to confer with T re whether we're watching Ryuusei no Gemini. Meanwhile Amber's chara settei made me so nostalgic for C.C. I've picked up Geass R2. That shiz qualified in shark jumping at the Olympic level from episode one but whatev, I really love seeing that rabid little weasel Lelouch get wound up like a ticky toy.
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Chocolate sour cream cake: two cups icing sugar? Rly, Nigella? I mixed and tasted and 3/4 cup was as much as a reasonable adult could be expected to take. Just as well because I ended up eating quite a bit of that icing on its own as made too much (a sad fate, to be sure XD;). Had a bit of an accident turning the cake out before it had sufficiently cooled, inevitable knowing me but hopefully not to be repeated.

Roasted pork tenderloin: my mother, who Does Not Like Fat Marbling, keeps tenderloin cuts in the freezer and chops them up painstakingly to make stir fry. Personally, in the hierarchy of tiresome kitchen tasks I prefer deglazing a pan to cutting a 3lb. finger-freezing block into tiny cubes. =_= They're really easy to glaze/marinade, too - whatever was in the fridge at the time:

3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp Dijon mustard
3 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp powdered sage
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper

Cut slits in the top of the tenderloin and inserted half-moon orange slices. Rub all over with mixture, squeeze other 1/2 orange over top. Would have added onion if I'd bothered, peppercorns and marmalade (as the recipe I based myself on suggested) if I'd had any. Already way fancier-looking/tasting than the literal 5 minutes this took me would suggest.

The key, I suspect, is to roast it low-ish at 300 - 25min per pound does for it in our oven. But one is supposed to sear the outside first, either on the stovetop or for 10min at 450.


Feb. 1st, 2010 04:41 am
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Made a couscous (ground meat, onions, potato, pepper) but with quinoa instead of couscous, and blessed Nigella's chocolate-cherry cupcakes, but in little loaves. XD I gave them a couple extra minutes and a lengthy cooldown in our speedy convection oven, they were great. [EDIT -- note for future self: substituted self-raising flour, Double Fruit chunky jam] Quinoa is all right albeit fussy to wash; it's also bland to eat by itself, in a way that even couscous isn't.

(I always meant to mention this: at one point I was sat in Indigo reading a Phaedon coffee table book comprised of a Q&A with Charles Saatchi - he's a notorious recluse, so apparently at one point had loads of questions collected from media/the public/etc. and answered them all at a go, in order not to have to do it anymore. About 15% of the questions were variations on "Soooo what's it like being married to the perfect woman," and as I wended through the answers I very gradually realized that Charles Saatchi's wife was Nigella Lawson. For the record, his take is that he's abjectly grateful she deigned to take notice of him but that he has no tastebuds to appreciate with, due to a post-war English childhood.)


* Nitsuh Abebe's rant on identity erasure in discourse re: Vampire Weekend and their fans (pt1 | pt2 | pt3), with my bonus semi-related rant on how I want Fandom and Music to be one conversation even though they're completely not, particularly when the conversation is about something like this; but the gap is unbridgeable out in (internet, even!) reality even though the synthesis operates in my head, because the 0.1% of ppl with requisite depth of redoubled interest/background/stake in the matter srsly have better shiz to do like draw Scott Pilgrim

(Not as facetiously: in that 0.1% I include U GUYZ eg. Nat, Bing, Janni... Creed, Cis, Fiona, Elfie... this is not saying you have to be interested, it's vaguely wondering why we're not - enough - to post about it; or am I merely the only one for whom the OBSESSIVE COMPARTMENTALIZATION is imploding at least w/r/t intellectual inquiry/fanwank)

* Moar thoughts on Mary Sue, following my stealth contribution(tm) to that particular conversation - borrowing technique from the Music side this time not subject matter
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Was sick yesterday - sore throat, probable low-grade fever, general sensation of limp noodledom. But it wasn't an actual cold: I feel much better after lying on the couch for 20 hours straight. XD; Perhaps this was just the body's way of informing me I was overdoing it. Have begged off Igloofest and two parties this weekend, although I think I'll still make the brownies I was planning to bring.

Actually, in that time I got a lot of laundry done. XD; I also made coconut lemon chicken soup and fettucine alla carbonara (today) - this actually turned out perfectly! The egg didn't go gritty or anything! And the cleanup was gratifyingly easy as I added a chopped green pepper which deglazed the bacon fat skillet neatly. Now I can give myself indigestion without paying an Italian restaurant for the pleasure, awesome~~~


Relatedly, Photo Of A Mince Pie:

Pie ~= 3.1415


While lying on the couch I also watched a lot of classic Doctor Who - eight hours of whatever exists on Youtube, basically. Under these circumstances you don't want anything as taxing as Torchwood. XD;;


Is there any chance we could just, like, hire Olof and Karin Dreijer Andersson to work on this? Or at least to remix the theme music )

** Check the fine print, yo: licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
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1) SSBB on schedule? I think? (Erin?) It's a big issue too, on top of it all - almost like the good bad good old days.

2) Where do I go to download more Doctor Who? XD 2008 Christmas special through this year's, plus the Confidentials from S3 on. Sororial unit is taking off so we probably won't be watching more before NYE but we have six episodes left to S4, it's kinda epic. One of the weirder fandom experiences: I get obsessive when I'm watching it - with huge gaps in between - but self-imposed spoiler lockdown, so basically I've been stewing gently in my own juices for a year. That being said spoilers have been impossible to avoid, because the thing is so culturally pervasive it's a bit like trying not to find out who won American Idol.

I have some compare-contrast notes re the Companions to make, now that I actually have a data set. Also someone requested a FST... Circa S1 I tried to build an FST using only the British pop music on my ipod at that exact moment. Got about seven tracks in. XD;;

3) Speaking of stewing, I made... well not boeuf bourguignon, it's missing half the ingredients (last minute), so I guess just a red wine stew? Whatev it tastes good.

4) Movies!

Up In The Air: well-cast, extremely well-written, topical only in a fleetingly clever way. A romantic comedy that's ambiguous in its stance vis romance )

The Princess And The Frog: good movie that misses out on great. The middle section needed more surprises, perhaps; it felt perfunctory, as if by that point the script felt free to go down the list of "Disney animation" checkboxes. Helluva initial setup, though, sinking under the weight of its semiotics )

Sherlock Holmes: as truthful to the canon as any other adaptation, really, but made a point of playing down bits that have become screen/pastiche-canonical and playing up ones that haven't. I never cared for any screen adaptation of Holmes, they all had that uncanny-valley thing whereby they were sort of it but irritatingly not-quite, and this at least avoids that trap. XD To my unexpected gratification, the plot revolved around my big takeaway from reading the stories at age 4 )

I got this thing out of the library the other day: The Game Is Afoot: Parodies, Pastiches, and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes. J.M. Barrie wrote one. Poul Anderson. Stephen Leacock. Fritz Leiber... btw if you guys missed it on my Tumblr, here is The Young Lord Peter Consults Sherlock Holmes, by D. L. Sayers.
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We watched the Doctor Who Christmas special... from two years ago, shut up we're getting there. XD;; [ profile] helvetius, your discs are the holiday gift that keeps on giving. Now that sororial unit is off we may make it through the fourth season by decade's end, and then I can actually READ SERIES DISCUSSIONS ON THE INTERNETS oh joy oh wonders, oh no wait there's more to download isn't there. orz

The s3 ending arc before that, which was kind of \o_O/. And then I had to imdb to figure out where I'd seen the dude before (sororial unit didn't know, normally with UK TV she's like "oh that one's been in Harry Potter, she played whatserface in season one of Rome, and I think I saw the other on Buzzcocks"). EDIT - re this thread, I'm still waiting for my onsen special dammit.

Holiday foodery roundup, because I know I will be looking for it next year: cake pan gingerbread thing )

bacon and mushroom stuffing )

I also bought, get this, stuff for making mince pies? XD;;; It's [ profile] incandescens talking about it every year, I've gone around the bend.

Lauren, Cindy, your card and postcard arrived (several days ago, I've been neglectful XD;). Thank you! ♥
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Movie about Existence(tm) but not Horrible Dysfunction(tm), which is nice. XD The thesis is that the components of a purposeful, fulfilling life (marriage, friendship, vocation, avocation, home) and the effort women put into making theirs so are similar down to details, regardless of era or economic circumstance. Meryl Streep doesn't often play cuddly characters, so that was nice to see as well. Amy Adams' character was annoying, though: the small gods preserve me henceforth from movies in which bloggers blog on-screen then throw emo tantrums over their comment count, I don't have to pay 5$ to access that kind of entertainment. XD;

Mastering The Art of French Cooking is now #1 on the bestseller lists, supposedly. Here's the boeuf bourguignon recipe off Knopf as an FYI; I call BS on the servantless American cooks who STRAIN THE SAUCE AND WASH THE CASSEROLE HALFWAY THROUGH yeah right. Great that the cook unspokenly gets to finish the bottle of red though. XD Julia Child and her husband both lived to their nineties so there is your French Paradox in full effect.

Later the same evening I ended up - for reals - reading this Sylar/Mohinder fic in which - I am not making this up - The Joy of Cooking also played a role. Then again Julie & Julia deserves an extra half-star just for its A++ usage of Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" which only goes to show. The moral of this story is not to follow links from [ profile] ontd_startrek.

Food meme

Aug. 19th, 2008 12:43 am
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From [ profile] jokersama and [ profile] beeblebabe.

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Bold and cross out any items you never would again

100 foods )
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I'll have gotten around to reviewing all of them! ...By watching half as many as usual, granted. XD;

Who Is KK Downey? [trailer]: locally-produced, -financed, and -shot indie comedy, about a pair of fame-hungry loser buddies who perpetrate a literary fraud in the vein of the James Frey or JT Leroy debacles. Budget-what-budget, of course, and some of the actors were less convincing than others, but the script was strong - basically it was an over-the-top sendup of vacuous hipster culture, with a full gamut of awful ironic hipster hairstyles on display. Read the novelization, if they ever turn one out as promised in the Q&A session.

Repo! The Genetic Opera [trailer]: I'd be lying if I didn't admit part of Fantasia's enduring attraction was the geek cred of those North American and world premieres. I mean, de gustibus non est disputandum and all that so I guess there's a few people on my flist who wouldn't go see Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, and Paris Hilton sing in a massively OTT goth rock opera produced by Yoshiki out of X-Japan (and yeah, check out the rest of that cast while you're at it), but the rest of you are going to have your butts parked in the repertoire house come Halloween. Something to look forward to in life... The screening was something of a triumph. XD Ced and I didn't stay for the Q&A as it would've just been anticlimactic, so instead we went to La Banquise and had poutine (with bacon! and onions!). It was delish but I suspect the sudden influx of starch and trans fats didn't agree with my system - have been living off fruit and cold noodles and such for a while.

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