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Saturday was a super moon, which I didn't know -- but on Friday night I went biking along the riverside path, eventually ending up in the Lachine Rapids migratory bird sanctuary a half-hour's ride away. The moon was very large and very bright; in iPhone photos it looks like a spotlight on the water.

The last time I went biking, the Saturday evening after Canada Day, I ran into an outdoors salsa social, a Greek neighbourhood dance party/food fair, and a waterside bonfire, over the course of a 7km ride. And there was a view of the Old Port fireworks on the way back. Southwest Montreal is off the anglo radar -- the Plateau hipsters of my generation follow their French counterparts north to Anjou when they get hitched and want a bigger place;  the squares move back to NDG/Cote Saint-Luc, good grief -- but Wellington Street is what Monkland Village was 25 years ago, with better metro access. (Except Verdun/LaSalle/Charlevoix were traditionally French-Irish Catholic working class. Now with sizeable mainland Chinese population: university kids, restaurant workers, and new immigrants, not  the big-house suburbanite types across the river in Brossard. I can do my weekend grocery run entirely in Mandarin if I wanted. Then there's the err assorted characters.)

Come on: two minutes' walk to the metro station (7 minutes metro to downtown), 5 minutes' walk to the supermarket and the Canadian Tire, 5 minutes walk the other way to the gym (3 gourmet coffee shops along the way), 5 minutes' bike to the public pool, and from there access to 30 km worth of bike paths along riverside parks, bird sanctuaries, et al. Every yard backing onto the alley behind my house contains a dog, and this is why. There is also a pigeon coop, and an extraordinarily friendly peaches-and-cream outdoors cat. She followed me up the fire escape last night, was not at all shy about coming inside to have a look around, in fact was rather indignant about being put out again. I'm quite allergic to her, alas.


Have been watching the World Cup (generally agreed to be the best WC since [insert] year: my first and measuring-stick WC was '98, so '98 for me), old Winding Refn movies, and listening to vaporwave. Uploaded a couple of mixes to 8tracks. Last night was Queen and Adam Lambert at the Bell Centre; probably the loudest stadium show I've ever been at (I don't do a lot of classic rock). The amps seemed ready to fritz, and I could barely hear myself talk afterward.

There is probably an alternate universe in which Brian May is the narrator of Cosmos and Neil Degrasse Tyson is a guitar god.

Much of the social-use space Queen occupied in their heyday has been taken over by other genres, I think. And even rock bands that make the charts tend to feel homogeneous, rather than very recognizable personalities meshing as a team (this is also what I want out of pop vocal groups and, for that matter, World Cup national sides) -- I mean the Mumfords are nice folks but etc etc. The thing I diffusely miss in non-rock genres is that certain types don't end up with as much of a place in the stage act, or the public face of the art, or what have you. Never mind Brian May or Roger Taylor; who's the John Deacon of rap, you know? It closes off avenues. But being the John Deacon of Queen is also meaningless outside of the context of there being a Freddie Mercury, Brian May, and Roger Taylor of Queen.

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1) Montreal Comiccon. That was before-last weekend. I'd managed to muddle my dates despite looking forward to the thing and didn't make it to the Palais until Saturday afternoon, so no, couldn't find the middle volume of the Deadpool and Cable omnibus. On the other hand, totally discovered there is a reboot of Red Sonja and it doesn't suck! That and some other stuff I bought. )

Other than shopping I sat in on Star Trek celebrity panels. I wanted to live tweet but Twitter was locally down because of everyone else doing the same. The thing that nobody ever explained is that listening to William Shatner and Patrick Stewart shoot the breeze and take questions live is a sonically beautiful experience. Also, Shatner does better with a tsukkomi to play off of. Supposedly on the Friday evening they went for a caleche ride in the Old Port with their SOs... I could transcribe more salient points but I'd be here all night.

2) Karaoke. On the Saturday night I went to karaoke with my sister and a friend for five hours straight. I continue unable to sing in a language I don't read, which eliminates all the K-pop. Puzzlingly, I remember the rap in "American Boy" far better than the sung tune.

3) Pop Montreal. stayed in and slept on Wednesday. Elite Gymnastics and Grimes on Thursday (dancing on the balcony in Club Soda). David Byrne and St. Vincent on Friday (dancing on a pew in St. Jean Baptiste church), followed by Bertrand Burgalat (dancing on the stage at Cabaret du Mile End). Blew budget at Pop record fair and flea market on Saturday. Then Woodpigeon and Patrick Wolf on Sunday (sedate and sit-down at L'Astral). More comprehensive reviews on Tumblr at some point, most likely.

4) Books and movies. Reading The Constant Gardener, which is OK except for how awful the (dead) female lead is, and any time Le Carre pretends the setting is this century. Watched the film version of Less Than Zero, after sororial unit bugged me to do so. It's a memorable movie with some obvious strengths and flaws. )
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So, like, June and the first week of July were super busy? At this point, it's a blanket apology if I haven't answered email or otherwise faffled off.

1) Had a couple of barbecues. Did a bit of Jazz Fest, missed a Rufus Wainwright concert, caught Gianmaria Testa on a whim (still able to partially understand Italian while drunk). Next up: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, some more Afropop shows, Faudel. Since I already saw Khaled, that leaves Rachid Taha for the hat trick. Also, possibly Frank Ocean?

2) Baby's first LARP. Interplanetary diplomatic crisis sort of setting. I did a Star Trek: TOS hairstyle. Lots of paranoia, but managed to avoid being blown up by terrorists! Several extra D&D sessions in general, as one of our players is leaving for Ottawa for a few months (and thus, in fact, game night is being held at my apartment).

3) Books read. Ellis, Reichs, Bujold, some Avengers. )

4) Movies seen at the theatre: Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, Brave. )

5) Movies watched at home: Alien, Aliens, Push, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. )
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1) I think I forgot to mention this anywhere on LJ/DW, but I'm now writing regularly for The Singles Jukebox. (I suspect I immediately typecast myself as The One Who Knows Way Too Much About J-Pop.) It's been going better than I thought it would, in every way: the Jukebox covers a wider variety of releases (geographical and stylistic) than I'd assumed from occasional forays into the front end, more of that new music is listenable than I'd feared from the state of commercial radio and indie, and I turn out to have more opinions about it than I'd ever have imagined. Or maybe I've just hit the point where non-fiction comes really easily, I dunno. I just don't think I would have been able to do something like One Week One Band, or 5-10 singles blurbs a week, several years ago. Maybe it's a honeymoon period but it doesn't quite feel like that, either. XD

2) Went out and bought Gibson's Distrust That Particular Flavour! It's not a large book, and I was prepared to have read everything in it already (I'm both stannish and distrustful enough of media web site longevity to want an actual hard copy). Was pleased to find that I hadn't. I really could have finished reading it in less than two hours, though.

3) Downloaded RocknRolla and watched that, mostly because We On This Here Blog have arrived at the point in the intertextual conversation where we couldn't avoid it any longer (by we, I mean me). Like, it's Ritchie so I was aware it would have deeply-set, difficult-to-pinpoint pacing flaws, and irritate me with increasingly refined iterations of gay chicken, because really? Really? Mind you, I think some of that is a kind of pro-active borrowing of vocabulary, so to speak, because dude lacks a native vocabulary in context to express relationships between straight guys. That's my intuition of the intent, I can't prove it (and I'm being generous). My intuition of the impact is that the thing ends up a goddamned BL light novel. It's like sitting bound in a chair for two hours having Guy Ritchie of all people whack your moekink buttons repeatedly with a cricket bat. I knew it would be, which is why I was avoiding it. I will say that if one had a problem with feeling sorry for Jim Prideaux, this movie actually helps. A lot.

An observation regarding Tom Hardy characters (list in progress) )
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One Week One Band is done! Ha. HAHAHA. Look, my top rate for non-fiction is higher than my top rate for fiction but I still impressed myself by not flaming out horribly, okay. I'm not actually sure how many words I wrote in the past week - slightly under 10,000 would be my guess.

The Charlotte Gainsbourg Posts(tm), in order:
  1. Introduction
  2. [Photo] Charlotte Gainsbourg by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, 1994
  3. Charlotte Forever, "Lemon Incest," and lolita pop: part 1 | part 2 | part 3
  4. [Image] Henri "Le Douanier" Rousseau - The Dream (1910)
  5. [Quote] The Cement Garden (1993) - as sampled by Madonna’s 2001 single “What It Feels Like For A Girl”
  6. Etienne Daho with Charlotte Gainsbourg - "If" (2004)
  7. Air ft. Jarvis Cocker and Charlotte Gainsbourg - "The Duellist" (2007)
  8. [Chat] Excerpted questions from an interview with (2006)
  9. Who is Charlotte Gainsbourg, anyway?
  10. "5:55" (2006)
  11. English rockers and French girls
  12. 5:55 and "Everything I Cannot See" (2006)
  13. "Love etc." (1996)
  14. [Quote] Sean O’Hagan, “Charlotte Gainsbourg: ‘I had no idea how scared I was of dying’”, The Observer (2010)
  15. IRM pt.1: "Vanities" (2009)
  16. IRM pt.2: "Le chat du cafe des artistes" (2009) and Jean-Pierre Ferland
  17. "The Operation (Superpitcher Remix)" (2010)
  18. Stage Whisper and "Paradisco" (2011)
  19. "The Songs That We Sing" (live 2011) and conclusion

* * *

If I had to do it again I'd start in on 5:55 sooner, without attempting to stick to a chronology. Like, the flow would've been a lot better if it were the Madonna quote and Interview blurb, then "5:55," then the Evene interview, then "The Duellist," then the massive essay, then "If". But it's not too bad considering I was posting in real time and couldn't go back and reorder or rewrite. XD; I covered everything I'd wanted to say, anyway, in an order whereby each post mostly built on the last's ideas, which was my best case scenario when I started.

In other news, Christmas card shortfics are starting to trickle back:

The Motion of Bodies in Public Spaces by [ profile] Petronia for [ profile] arboretum
Fandom: Captain America/The Avengers (nebulous post-movie continuity)
Characters: Steve Rogers + the usual
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Rating: Gen for now
Wordcount: 854 words and counting

It's really just the beginning of the fic proper (the second part is about 75% written), but I wanted to post it because it was Christmassy. XD; IDEK where this came from? It's not really an "Avengers movie" story, I think, more a "fixated on the underlying SF premise" story. Though I totally expected anyone else to write the Steve Rogers + "I'll Be Home For Christmas" idea, and was really puzzled when it didn't happen.

Oh, large fandoms. This trifle had 100 hits in less than 24 hours. That's a lot for me, though small potatoes compared to the traffic One Week One Band was getting.
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In case you guys were wondering what I was freaking out about. XD; I'll be writing there for the rest of the week.
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All the ones I've seen are too long and require too much thinking about points that are not that relevant. XD; So I have made my own.










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1) The Writing: So I may have signed up for Nano, for the first time since 2003. AhahahahaHA. I will also be nominating for Yuletide as soon as those are up, despite the fact that the new system shows every sign of being crankier than the old system, and at this rate the story itself will need to be written in like three weeks. What the heck do I call Ono Natsume/basso's Italy-verse? It doesn't have a canonical anything on AO3. I don't think it has fic at all, anywhere.

2) The Hair: I have a new hairstyle, as a result of neglecting the old hairstyle until it got incredibly long and straggly, then going to a salon that botched the cut, then fleeing in dudgeon to another salon that fixed the cut for the sort of $$$ I would associate with deductibles for elective surgery. Which, in a way, this was. (Due to massive repeated childhood/adolescence home haircut trauma, I am more terrified by haircuts than by dental work. In fact, a bad haircut is the only thing that will give me a panic attack, whereas I've been known to doze off in the dentist chair if no one is actively causing me pain.)

The hair is now shoulder length and VERY CURLY, which causes it to be VERY VOLUMINOUS. Think Chara circa 1992. The stylists kept talking about J.Lo, which I think demonstrates that gays with refined taste in R&B have LONG memories, because J.Lo hasn't had curly hair since like the mid-90s.

3) The PSA: There is an arrrt gallery on Saint-Denis (under the Planete BD, next to a few funky furniture stores) that sells original penciled/inked comic/BD pages. It's pretty much all it sells, in fact, other than some toys and comic-style illustrations - flipbooks full of them, like poster art. A signed original colour insert by Dany runs in the $3000 range; a random inked page out of a random issue of Young Justice or Iron Man runs in the $200 range. Is that normal? Like... is this really what happens to the original art after the comics get printed, Marvel/DC/the Franco-Belgian publishers sell it off in bulk to the art gallery circuit? XD;

4) The Blog: Alas, I am using Tumblr more these days. But I would encourage you guys to remember that the main Tumblr is "minimoonstar", and the fan Tumblr is "genufa", and that the petronia Twitter is not active, sorry, I can only update one Twitter from my phone and I need that shiz for work.

5) The Movies: Hara-Kiri, Drive, Take Shelter. I also basically wrote out my post on Melancholia but it was eaten by Via Rail's wifi. Short version: I will punch Lars Von Trier in the face, though the contents of the film are excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who was able to play through the first Kingdom Hearts without barfing, and does not find portrayals of depression too triggery. Also, Tomboy. Don't let me forget that one.

6) The Upcoming Content: I may be doing a bit of volunteering for OTW. IDK, I was contacted and it occurred to me that while I don't have the patience or the bandwidth or the skill set to make the sort of contribution I see from others (and is also why I never volunteer for online fandom projects, in general), I could... do the stuff I do at my day job? Basically. So we'll see how that discussion pans out.

What I really did put myself in the queue for is One Week One Band, upcoming, in January. Basically I am waffling between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mylène Farmer, but I have two months to decide. (Jane Birkin would be in the running, but writing about Jane basically implies writing about ALL THE GAINSBOURGS. Which may or may not be a good thing, in terms of scoping the project. I want this to be lightweight; I have a horrible feeling I could barf out a 33 1/3 on eg. the Libertines if I weren't careful. XD;)
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( link )

Top-down gauzy reverb sunburst eternal present... a couple of q. blurry guiding ideas behind this one: 1) Considering the speed and durability of eg. the International Shoegaze revival, it's weird that it took nearly another decade before people started making Paisley Underground records again; and 2) Why is it always California or Scotland? That does not compute, except it clearly is. I could probably have stuck a Glasvegas track in there in lieu of "Just Like Honey" - or removed that bit altogether, seeing as how Dum Dum Girls make pretty good Mazzy Star albums these days - but it is nice to hear something familiar come up in the rotation. By which I mean every Pains of Being Pure at Heart song ever. Girls is officially no longer chillwave, thank goodness. Honestly pleasantly surprised that the dude did not disappear down a drug-fuelled rabbit hole. On some subconscious level I expect ridic high Pitchfork scores for first albums to be cursed - but they're not.

Have I really posted a mixtape a month for three months? Madness.
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Midway through Beirut's set at Osheaga on Sunday. You know how when inspiration strikes really hard your brain goes into this weird whiteout mode and you later realize you have no idea what the other person's been saying to you for the last five minutes? I lost a good 10 minutes of that set, which annoys me because it's not like I get to see Beirut play every other week. It's not the sort of idea I'd normally ever write out, either, but now I feel like I have to, just to have something to show for my distraction. XD;

Anyway. It turns out that Beirut has a new album out (on MP3 - it leaked early, so the digital version went out early while the physical formats ship for an August 30 release date). Because I am a nonpareil of deduction I figured this out when they started playing songs I didn't know. I've just gone and pre-ordered the LP for a chance at the special ed., since I have a ridiculous textbook-case mania for clear vinyl. Beirut makes good vinyl-listening albums so the risk isn't great: I nearly always put The Flying Club Cup on from beginning to end. I've gradually come to realize that that album is a bona fide decade top 20. It's weird because no individual song on it is as good as "Elephant Gun" or "Postcards to Italy" or "Gulag Orkestar" (except arguably "Cliquot"), but it's perfectly sequenced and does what it does so well. I remember when it first came out, someone wrote a review which identified the perfect use case: the evening after moving into a new place, unpacking boxes while unwinding with a glass of wine. Packing a suitcase before next morning's flight, too, it works for that. As long as I continue to travel for pleasure, this album will never fully leave the rotation.

My ranking of Beirut releases, based on how often I listen to them:

The Flying Club Cup
Realpeople Holland (particularly "Venice", because I can't get over that it actually sounds like Venice)
Lon Gisland EP
The Gulag Orkestar (a good album, but I only ever replay three songs on it)
March of the Zapotec (I barely listen to this one at all)

So clearly I approve that Zach Condon chose to return to indiepop roots on The Rip Tide, instead of making a vuvuzuela-gamelan fusion record or something which was the only other career route this could have taken. It can't ever be disgustingly twee, anyway, what with the brass instrumentation and dude's vocal style, although "East Harlem" makes a concerted effort. I don't know how much I'll end up listening to it yet, but I imagine as much as Lon Gisland EP surely.

IMO this is the best of the new songs (dodgy Soundcloud upload, listen before it's gone):

The Rip Tide - Beirut by DJmich
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Hold your own when stuck in cocktail party conversations with elderly white NPR listeners! lol joeks credit where credit is due, the Birkenstock wearers are not afraid to shake booty at live gigs. XD Some of these are just personal favourites, others are massive international hits (eg. the two central dance numbers, "Soul Makossa" and "Township Funk", over something like a 35-year divide). If you like a track, check out the album it came from; the way I put this together, it should be worth your while.

Fantasia now, gotta run. o_o
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Max Cooper Live - Reflections/Contortions [For Gottwood festival] by Max Cooper


1. Max Cooper - Solace (Traum)
2. Microtrauma - Contrast - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
3. Max Cooper - TBA
4. Max Cooper - TBA
5. Fairmont - They Live in the Moon - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
6. Dominik Eulberg - Sansula - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
7. Max Cooper - TBA
8. Andrew K - The Doppler Effect - Max Cooper Remix (Vice Versa)
9. Hot Chip - I Feel Better - Max Cooper Remix (Flash)
10. Ricardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Llena De Cosas - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
11. Xircus - Rolf Harris - Ronan Portela Remix (Trapez)
12. Max Cooper - Heresy (Traum)
13. The Good Natured - Animal - Max Cooper Remix (Unreleased)
14. Kura - Crystal Clear - Max Cooper Remix (Bujakasja)

Plus, all the good things in life are free:

Another one here I haven't had a chance to listen to yet:

The first ten minutes of this is sweet ("Contrast"!) but I habitually skip ahead to "Sansula" (far superior to the original tbh). The 25-odd minutes between that and "Mi Pieza Llena De Cosas" are pretty much the summer techno mix I would have tried to make right now anyway... kind of, Border Community hauls its pasty English ass to the beach (Ryanair microtrance?). Watch the speedometer if you drive on the highway to this.

Meanwhile, uploaded some tracks for tonight's radio show here here (Marianne Faithfull, PJ Harvey, Youssou N'Dour...). And some Dominik Eulberg in the parent folder. I am pretty sure "Wenn Es Perlen Regnet" was the twinkly bit James Holden was playing at Piknic, which only goes to show as Eulberg himself did nothing of the sort. It was very BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM with decided peaks and breakdowns. And then he played (his own remix?) of "Emerge", and all the ancient ppl in the audience cracked the hell up eg. me, the guy working the official video camera, etc. And then I got to meet Eulberg totally by accident as wandered behind the tents looking for a friend just as dude came down and was collared by half a dozen enthusiastic fanboys in a row.
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A review of Jane Eyre (2011 movie). In retrospect I should have written this as a MST3K between my inner 12-year-old and my inner Kate Beaton, both of whom definitely have something to say about that beard. Maybe the next movie I spot Michael Fassbender in will NOT be about him animus-ing all over the mansion in aid of a teenaged girl's eventual self-actualization who the heck am I kidding?

A Miriam Makeba song and a not-quite gig review. Buy everything by everyone named in this post, except Bernard Perousse who is a critic. Afropop 8tracks mix to come.

A fancy cocktail recipe. Over the weekend I also tried to reproduce that one awesome accidental pitcher of chartreuse mojitos I made last year, but it didn't entirely work - no Perrier in the house this time.
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Code seems wobbly for some reason, so link here: ( ontogenic simulacrum of a Yoko Kanno soundtrack )

Or, a Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex FST, if you will. It's not fully complete, but then it's one of those that never will be.
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There is one item I have not gotten done today, and I really want to leave the office, but if I go home I know I won't work, I'll watch the three episodes of Doctor Who I have saved up.



fuckit XDD;;

MUTEK: wrote a bit on Tumblr regarding the, um, the lighting effects. Will probably post music at some point? The last couple of days/nights seemed to feature a lot of James Holden, including a Piknic set I only caught the tail end of, which is a pity because I have historically failed to experience Holden in any state resembling sober. XD;; I remember I enjoyed myself, and can sort of abstractly reconstruct why, but not to bring up anything dude actually, yanno, played. Also idk I guess I expected Border Community shiz to come across as sorta cheesy, now? I wasn't following his body of work? But it wasn't the same old. Dude had a 3-5AM on the fourth consecutive night slot this round, for starters, and it felt like he was pulling every trick out of the bag to keep the crowd moving - always one trippy track away from a collective sinking into open-mouthed stupor. So there were no trippy tracks, exceptionally given that I classify Holden along one axis simply as "pastoral English psychedelia" (as Superpitcher is "moody German romanticism"). Then the Piknic set was all twinkly pretty microhouse bits... Frankly it turns out Piknic is a more appropriate setting for James Holden, since in person he is a baby deer. Speaking of English pastoral. I mean, my theory is that teh fanz are creepy about Hawtin because he's blond and kind of a wanker unattainable behind his deck and stroboscopic cage of LEDs (and the pure adrenalin of the music doesn't come with pointers as to how it's meant to be channeled, if that makes sense). Holden is dark-haired and doe-eyed looks incredibly related to Ed Grizzly Bear Droste and displays shy dorky hipster body language, so when he plays outdoors hipster girls weave crowns of wildflowers and laurel leaves for him to wear. I mean like I saw this actually happen. Dude was on the tiny second stage on the tiny green riverbank, basically a lemonade stand, and when the set ended people didn't drift off or even protest, they just stood around smiling at him with dreamy goodwill. One fandude gave him a perfectly ripe strawberry from his picnic basket, then ran away.

Yeah I guess this is what I won't write about on Tumblr, bawling, the fawn-like qualities of techno DJs OTZ|||

I think twinkly microhouse may be making a comeback, actually?!? For the first time in ever I attended Sunday Nocturne and Marc Akufen played as Horror Inc., this has never happened. First Akufen-related set I've wholeheartedly enjoyed from beginning to end. (Oh God please let it make a comeback, it's been a full decade amirite) Other than that I managed to accidentally catch two Gold Panda sets in as many weeks, since he played both Primavera and MUTEK. XD; They were very different, and I still haven't heard the album, so.

EDIT -- Here are some things I have learnt in the past hour:

1) Dominik "Forest Ranger" Eulberg has another album out and WILL BE PLAYING PIKNIC ON JUNE 19. OMG need to buy new headphones, did I mention my Audio-Technicas died in Barcelona, am on baseless earbuds courtesy of Continental Airlines :'(

2) There will be a spinoff Piknic series this year... IN BARCELONA. They are holding it on Montjuïc. Bawling I really should have... taken my whole three weeks in one go...
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The less said of work this week the better, but at least everything got pulled together on time, no project went careening into disaster, the right ppl were impressed and so far no major cabbages have fallen out of the basket (although if one had I wouldn't remember it, by definition XD;). I've also managed MUTEK every night since Wednesday, without collapse. It helps to get the physical activity in; and let's be honest, I stay up regularly on weeknights for far worse reasons. I subscribe to Villalobos' vision of the "club" as a sunny, 24/7, urban outdoors public utility, like a sandbox playground XD basically a fairy mushroom ring of speakers with noise cancelling technology on the perimeter. You step in, dance until you've de-stressed, then leave whenever you feel like it. (I've always thought he derived the idea from Piknic.)

It's a sexless concept of the thing, but then "the club" comme tel is a multi-use space, and for this particular purpose it's currently inefficient... there are different crowds as everyone knows and Sherlock (a total fascist-aesthete) will turn out for the stuff Schuldig is bored by. Basically. XD; It turns out he majorly digs Echospace. IDEK. But at one point I was at the barrier and turned around and there wasn't a single person with an alcoholic drink for rows. Dub techno: socially validated autistic stimming for four hours at a stretch.

Meanwhile, as I left the Plastikman show last night I overheard some bleary hipsters threaten Richie Hawtin with sexual violence. NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FACT. It's gotta be the hair, I refuse to believe the fanboys were creepers like that in the 90s.

And then there was ~*MODESELEKTOR NIGHT*~ XD [ profile] credoimprobus would be amused to know that we've gotten to the point where we just give them a whole night to curate. I couldn't stay for their whole set, ironically, due to ummm sororial unit's convocation ceremony the next morning (good on law school, it was over in a sweet 90 minutes), but the lineup was flawless.


[ profile] readerofasaph reminds me that I had two thoughts about Glee S2 (it's not me, it's sororial unit):

1) You know that one TezuFuji doujinshika that Cfandom in particular was wild about? We used to swap the book, even. And one of her series was about Fuji quitting Seigaku and going to Hyoutei? What was her name?

2) The alternate reality in which fandom musical Harry Potter is on prime-time US TV kissing a boy... it's been said, I know.
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Kylie Minogue @ Bell Centre, April 28, 2011

The bad: the muddy sound at the Bell Centre, urrrgh I am probably not supposed to talk crap about it now that I work for the company but it's like a sandbag levee between the act on stage and the audience. It's an unfair context for Kylie, whose pop is rather finely calibrated on the whole. Speaking of which, I wasn't sure about the industrial rock(?!) version of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"; seemed like it missed the je ne sais quoi of the thing.

The good: well, everything else was good. Other than the latest album being one of her strongest (at least most consistent), the Aphrodite/Ishtar schtick is a good look on Kylie. XD She is well-cast in the role, yanno? And I could fend off cognitive surplus by considering the semiotics of the costume changes, which zoomed forward in time in discrete bursts, through pannier skirts and ostrich fans to daisy dukes and beyond.

The awesome: there was a golden winged horse, and a chariot and stuff. Kylie sang an acapella version of "Your Disco Needs You". And "Looking for an Angel" segued into - of all things - a cover of "There Must be an Angel (Playing With my Heart)", so I sang along loudly with the dude in a neck brace sitting next to me, who obviously also dug the Eurhythmics hardcore.

By the by, multiple someones in Kylie's camp must've seen the original video, because it was exactly what I was thinking toward the beginning of her show - "This has a vibe of court entertainment circa Louis XIV."


Hang on, there is video of Kylie too:

By "and beyond" I meant of course "Barbarella". Fashion magazine interns must fight over Kylie photoshopping duty.

The Kills @ L'Olympia, April 30, 2011

The Kills are sort of like The Black Keys - simple concept, flawless execution. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hart's presence, as rock stars, doesn't feel accidental, nor is it simply practiced motion - it had to have started with talent, backed by the mythical 10,000 hours required to turn it into unthinking flowing mastery. They are very, very good at this one thing. We started off in comfortable balcony seats with a good view (went down halfway because the dance imperative became irresistable), so I can vouch that they projected all the way to the back of the room. I think ppl focus on Alison more because she's the main vox and it's still rare to see a female rocker arrogate this... I mean, female rock stars are usually sexy. But a certain type of male rock star can move into this vulnerable, bi-attractive space, where you're almost not allowed to be unless you're a male rock star (or comparable), and that's where Alison Mosshart situates. A comparison with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is instructive; Karen O is a charismatic frontwoman, who presents as flamboyant and feminine but not conventionally sexy, and she's not in that space. But I always get the sense from Alison that this is something women can do as well as men, it's just that women mostly don't. (To be fair, male rockers who can pull this off are rare as well.)

Band fashion watch: I sometimes wonder if Alison Mosshart has just the one leopard-print long-sleeved blouse, or if she owns a buttzillion interchangeable ones. The stage background was based off that shirt! Ditto Jamie Hart's polka dot scarf. XD; (I've also come to realise that, although Jamie Hart started off in the public eye craggy and 50-year-old-looking, he's stayed the exact same craggy and 50-year-old-looking since the early 00s.)

Afterward I went over to Chris Hum's practice studio to listen to the Dharovar Project EP over good monitor speakers. I've got to upload this for you guys, it's been progressively blowing my mind.
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Yeah so I haven't updated these since I went to Shanghai, bawling. I kept the tracklistings though... well, since December. November's a bit of a loss.

January 4, 2011 [direct link]
Lisa Nilsson, Gorillaz, Terror Danjah, Rox, I Blame Coco, Utada Hikaru, Saint Etienne )

I still prefer the Matsuda Seiko version of "Who's That Boy" - English enunciation aside, she owns the sentiment of the song while the heartfelt belter is more Lisa Nilsson's thing - but hey, I found the original version! Did you guys even know there was an original version!

BROADCAST REGULATION CANADIAN CONTENT PROTIPS: any and all covers of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" count as CanCon. Similarly, if Damon Albarn makes a track on his iPad in a Montreal or Vancouver hotel room after a gig, this also counts as CanCon.


January 11, 2011 [direct link]
Cold Fairyland, jj, Owen Pallett, David Bowie, Akufen, Isolée, Ikonika )

I was at Igloofest Friday and Saturday night in -30C weather, dancing until my legs dropped off in order to beat hypothermia. It was awesome! Missed Terror Danjah night due to work, but Egyptrixx and Weatherall** turned out impressive sets and ginger monster Hatchmatik completely blew up the igloo tent. One imagines dude must have LOLed for like an hour when he dug up a track that transitions seamlessly into "One More Time" without giving the game away. UNTIL THE SYNTHS HIT

Going back next week for Detroit night and Ikonika. Please disregard anything I said about Ikonika in the podcast, apparently I'm incapable of not sounding like an idiot.


January 18, 2011 [direct link]
jj, Broadcast, The Ian Fays, Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith, Kylie Minogue, Gorillaz, Saint Etienne, Korallreven, Hamasaki Ayumi )

Geebus I have played that dumbass song about Ecstasy thirty buttzillion times. This album has a giant marijuana leaf on the cover, so classy.

** One of the unsung pleasures of Igloofest is clocking DJs in winter gear. XD As Sam put it no one is really going to buy a parka for a single gig, so chances are you're getting real-life dorkiness and/or stylishness and/or Scandinavian daily-lifeness or what have you. Weatherall showed up in this impressive fur collar number, having remarked in interview beforehand that the upside of winter was being able to dress appropriately i.e. in tweed. "Heat is the enemy of style!" /LOL SCOTS
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1) Yuletide: uploaded and dusted! The AO3 software allows for edits between now and the 25th, methinks, so I'll probably give it one last go-over after a few days' distance, and add end notes. Not expecting a huge free-floating readership for this one (the Black Lagoon story was more a case of existing fanbase without much fic), but am looking forward to linking it here, as I kept telling ppl it would be the best thing I wrote all year. XD; Which it might be, but as far as fiction goes the choice is between this and the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover, so yeah.

It won't be hard to guess... that's an understatement. It'll be hilariously obvious as per the usual.

2) Holiday postcards: all sent! Drabbles will have to wait, though, as the time situation is desperate (WHAT ELSE IS NEW except, well, I was expecting Work to die down like most sensible offices and it has not, quite the opposite) and I would rather ppl actually got cards sometime in December. Have started receiving them too: [personal profile] bladderwrack, yours came yesterday~

3) Christmas mixtape: here you go bbs

With thanks to [personal profile] acchikocchi who saved me from having to dig through old external hard drives. "15 tracks including Saint Etienne rarities, indie covers of Darlene Love, romantic J-pop about snow, and a Santa hat pastede on Julian Casablancas' moppy head."

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