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 Dear Yuletide author:

Thank you so much for the offer! :D

I like to have the maximum amount of information possible when I write to a prompt, so I'll do my best here, but if you want more room to maneuvre or if my suggestions stump you, feel free to chuck any/all of them over the side and do your own thing. I'm not a picky fic reader: any pairing, any rating, any genre, any kink, any premise. No squicks whatsoever. If you liked the canon and characters enough to offer it/them, as far as I'm concerned, we have enough in common.

If you'd like to poke around and get a sense of me in general, I'm [personal profile] petronia here, on LJ, and on AO3. Also minimoonstar (non-fandom, mostly music/movie stuff) and genufa (fandom, mostly Hannibal meta right now) on Tumblr.

Requests under cut )
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I totally forgot that was a thing I did. Here are two!

In Clear Terrain (2592 words) by Petronia
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hawkeye (Comics), Young Avengers, Marvel 616, Marvel (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Clint Barton & Kate Bishop, Kate Bishop & America Chavez, Kate Bishop & Cassie Lang
Characters: Lucky (Hawkeye), Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Clint Barton, Cassie Lang
Additional Tags: Los Angeles, Character Study, Canon - Comics, Implied/Referenced Sexual Assault, Friendship, hot off the press comics spoilers seriously, Misses Clause Challenge

Once loosed, an arrow only flew one way. Kate Bishop was a superhero, and that was never going back to the shop.

(This was my Yuletide fic. I wrote 1000 words of it one random day a year ago, 500 words while down with a stomach bug in Buenos Aires -- anyway it rained torrentially and I had no umbrella -- 500 words on the plane back, and 500 words in the last 30 minutes before the AO3 collection opened on Christmas Eve, after having wrapped all the presents and cooked Christmas dinner. I was totally calm about this, for some reason; I felt like Buzz Aldrin landing the Lunar Module.)

The Weight of the World and Its Heaven (7226 words) by Petronia
Chapters: 3/8
Fandom: Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham & Clarice Starling, Hannibal Lecter & Clarice Starling, Alana Bloom/Hannibal Lecter, Bedelia Du Maurier & Hannibal Lecter
Characters: Clarice Starling, Will Graham, Alana Bloom, Eldon Stammets, Ardelia Mapp, Hannibal Lecter, Bedelia Du Maurier, Winston (Hannibal), Jack Crawford, Dr. Frederick Chilton, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Future Fic, think of it as Season 5 plus setup, Backstory, Contemporary Art, Catholic Iconography, Migratory Birds, POV Multiple, Original Dogs, canon compliant Hannigram, canon compliant pretentious dialogue, canon compliant art murder, Dream Sequences, Post-Canon, Clarice has just about had it with you crazy SOBs, Implied/Referenced Torture, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Harris/Fuller/Mann/Demme/etc. extended deep house megamix, Physarum polycephalum, Paris Catacombs

Bedelia took a sip of wine. "We all die, Hannibal," she said, "often before we cease to breathe. I suggest only that you give full consideration to what comes afterward."

(This is my Hannibal Big Bang fic, so I've written 6/8 chapters to date but it won't finish posting until March. It's the most pretentious story I've ever written, in the face of some admittedly stiff competition. Variously: Hannibal steals a dog, Clarice goes to the opera, Will is done with everything.

Read now before... AO3 goes down for scheduled maintenance this afternoon? Yeah.)

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Dear Yuletide author:

I was a last-minute signup this year, so all the optional details are in this post rather than the sign-up itself. I like to have the maximum amount of information possible when I write to a prompt, so I'll do my best here, but if you want more room to maneuvre or if my suggestions stump you, feel free to chuck any/all of them over the side and do your own thing. I'm not a picky fic reader: any pairing, any rating, any genre, any kink, any premise. No squicks whatsoever. If you liked the canon and characters enough to offer it/them, as far as I'm concerned, we have enough in common.

If you'd like to poke around and get a sense of me in general, I'm [personal profile] petronia here, on LJ, and on AO3. Also minimoonstar (non-fandom, mostly music/movie stuff) and genufa (fandom, mostly Marvel and long Hannibal meta) on Tumblr.

Requests behind the cut )

Thanks again for all the fish, and be certain that whatever you write, I'm almost certain to enjoy it. *g*
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Really belatedly: I received andata e ritorno, which is Armando/Vittorio out of basso's Orso e intelletuale series, which I'm going to shriek about now because THIS SERIES! which I never expected to get matched on ever! To be fair it is also a Lazio-biased football story so there are maybe three of you (YES YOU) this could be, and I cast so broad a net only because IDK who signed up for Yuletide. XD;

Nota bene: Alessandro Nesta currently plays in Montreal. I DON'T KNOW EITHER.

Mine should be easy to dig up, should anyone want to bother: medium-sized fandom for Yuletide, multiple medias, recent (past year or two), not very long or spectacular. Kara said she guessed it from the author's notes. XD;


Silver Linings Playbook: #insert imaginary gif of PSY screaming at Jennifer Lawrence’s butt

#believe me if it had not been imaginary I would have found it

review CPed from Tumblr )


Les Misérables: idem )


The Hobbit (the inevitable post, as [personal profile] labingi put it): 3D HFR )

2D 24FPS )

I've written more about the movie, in comments here and there, but I'm too lazy to compile them right now. Instead I'm going to write the AU in which Bilbo works as a code monkey for Palantir, Belladonna Took was a famed MIT hacker, Benedict Cumberbatch Smaug is a notorious cyberterrorist, Erebor is a failed state, Radagast used to kick it with Timothy Leary, and Galadriel is Hillary Clinton. Sorry I'm not sorry.
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In chronological order of deadline/disaster potential:

Trip to London: done (and awesome!)
One Week One Band: DONE (apart from straggling posts on my own Tumblr which I'm writing as I can; compilation post to come)
Christmas gift shopping: done (see - trip to London)
Client #1 presentations A, B: done
Put winter tires on car: done
Renew health card/driver's license: done
Pay rent: TODAY
Laundry and cleaning: all done by tonight! This should hold til next weekend when the major writing rush'll be over
Christmas decoration: finish on ad hoc basis this weekend (buy outdoor lights???)
Holiday party #1: December 15
Going to see The Hobbit, which needs scheduling since it's a three-hour time block: December 16

Client #2 writeup: December 17, finish this weekend for Monday review
The Singles Jukebox Amnesty Week #2: ongoing December 16-18 (try to get a head start this weekend)
OWOB theme week: December 17 (H. poss. amenable to accepting last-minute entry ~Dec 23rd), DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE THIS
Client #1 presentation C: ~December 19
Yuletide story: December 20, 8PM, NOT STARTED -- this is the horrendous stickler obv; I'll have to decide before Sunday if I'm going to default for lack of time, which I really really do not want to do
Christmas cards: NOT STARTED... ... ...hopefully everyone will be OK with getting their cards AFTER the 25th
Christmas gift wrapping: December 24, NOT STARTED
CHRISTMAS: December 24-25
Holiday party #2: December 27
Holiday party #3: December 29

I've written 12-15K this month easily, and I need to pull another ~10K or so out of my hat between now and the 20th. I should not be online, like, AT ALL right now. XD
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1) Yuletide assignments are out! Mine should be eminently doable, as the recipient seems to have the same tastes as I do, she just has them in mostly different fandoms. XD; Like, I would fill more than one of her requests, out of sheer interest, but I won't have time to consume the canons other than the one we matched on.

I love the fact that someone posted their Yuletide fic to the collection already. Carpe the fuck out of your diem.

2) So did I mention that the other day my sister and I went dancing onstage during the encore of Rufus Wainwright (and family and friends)'s pre-Halloween concert at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, within arm's length of Anna McGarrigle and Lucy Wainwright and Teddy Thompson and JORN and Rufus Wainwright in a toga and gold foil laurels as the god Apollo. Did I mention that? Because that totally happened.

(Do you know, they made Jorn sing? He's one of those bassos who can produce exactly three notes, very carefully. I guess they only realized post-facto that there's a Montreal by-law as says you can't marry into the McGarrigle-Cohen-whatevers unless you sing.)

3) What with Mystery Music Writing Project due in November, and Yuletide due in December, and a major pitch that just dropped into my lap at work that mostly needs to be out the door by the time I fly to London on the 30th (...did I mention I was going to the UK for a week?), on top of my ongoing work projects THAT I AM BEHIND ON and the two Avengers WIPs that I have a horrible suspicion AO3 ppl think are on a bimonthly serialization schedule, I should probably suck it up and get off the Internet for the rest of the month. Pretend I'm doing NaNo. Except if I'm not on the Internet, how do I crawl about bothering my friends to beta for me. XD;
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1) For Yuletide, I received Another Man's Son, which is a what-if story about how Dio met Giorno (it is awesome and chilling and involves Arrrt). YES, LADIES AND GERMS, I HAVE CAUSED MORE JOJO FIC TO EXIST. I really did, because I nominated the fandom. And the writer had some small part in it, naturally. XDD You should all go read and comment, because it is v. good indeed.

2) Feel free to guess my Yuletide story! For, uh, credit? XD A prize yet to be determined? (This applies to anyone who was not at my IRL housewarming party and remarked on my whiteboard scribbles.) I will make the game super-duper-easy: I've talked about the fandom, the post's not fallen off my DW page yet, and the story itself is an Obvious Sabina Story(tm). It was completely written and edited in 36 hours - that also covered two decent nights of sleep, a four-hour work meeting, and several loads of laundry. Yeah, I have no idea.

3) PENGUINSPOILERS ARE NUCLEAR, I am three eps behind and downloading as we speak. Will comment after I'm done, no doubt, unless of course I just flail and repost fanart on Tumblr as I've been doing all along.

Ikuhara could piss me off at the finale (and it won't be beating Utena, anyhow), but I have to say I enjoyed the process of watching an anime week-by-week, actually looking forward to the next episode, and not getting bored halfway and stopping. I think the last time that happened was Monster, literally. Since then, if I've managed to watch an anime TV series entire, it's because I marathoned it (or large stretches of it).

4) A white Christmas! I had grown resigned to us having stolen London's December, so this is extra gratifying (despite having to drive in terrible conditions today).

Cut for random updates on the state of Sabina in December )


Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:37 pm
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UPLOADED. Er, still needs editing. XD; But uploaded, and - for a certain definition - complete. New personal record for number of words written in one 24-hour period!! (Unless the last half of Proof by Contradiction broke that, but I suspect not.) I think I will take myself off to Laika in celebration.

The reveal of this one will be interesting, because by a certain point (a week ago?) I knew I could do it, and didn't actually panic at all. One of those all-too-rare lightning-in-a-bottle experiences.

...And now for Christmas card treats. XD The batch sans prompts has been sent out already, though I'd be lucky if anyone gets one before Advent.

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Let me ask you the following question: can you imagine what it must be like to be Katie Forsythe right now?

Mind you, for all I know Katie Forsythe does not like the Ritchie!Holmes movies. She'd be well within her rights! Sometimes, Hollywood commits to a movie adaptation of your work only to warp it beyond recognition for no good reason. It happened to poor Susan Cooper, and at this vantage point Katie's stories certainly seemed more sparing on machine guns and bombings. But in the "someone else has paid upward of 100M$ for Robert Downey Jr. to star in my fan fiction" life goal sweepstakes, there are worse places to be than in a winners' circle with Joss Whedon.

...More seriously, the scriptwriters totally picked up on the same thing I picked up on when I re-read the Moriarty stories, which I'm not going to state because it is a spoiler! No, not the Greuze.

(And yes, I have crawled back just to write a comedy movie review. My major deadline passed today with flying colours, and I had a few hours of cheerful optimism before I realized I had THREE WHOLE DAYS in which to write my Yuletide story, since I'm hosting a party tomorrow.)
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Cut to not bother anyone but the relevant )

EDIT -- I did the 30 Days of Fanfiction meme back in the summer, and it occurs to me that it might help - some of it talks about my taste in fanfiction in general, not just what I wrote. XD;
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1) The Writing: So I may have signed up for Nano, for the first time since 2003. AhahahahaHA. I will also be nominating for Yuletide as soon as those are up, despite the fact that the new system shows every sign of being crankier than the old system, and at this rate the story itself will need to be written in like three weeks. What the heck do I call Ono Natsume/basso's Italy-verse? It doesn't have a canonical anything on AO3. I don't think it has fic at all, anywhere.

2) The Hair: I have a new hairstyle, as a result of neglecting the old hairstyle until it got incredibly long and straggly, then going to a salon that botched the cut, then fleeing in dudgeon to another salon that fixed the cut for the sort of $$$ I would associate with deductibles for elective surgery. Which, in a way, this was. (Due to massive repeated childhood/adolescence home haircut trauma, I am more terrified by haircuts than by dental work. In fact, a bad haircut is the only thing that will give me a panic attack, whereas I've been known to doze off in the dentist chair if no one is actively causing me pain.)

The hair is now shoulder length and VERY CURLY, which causes it to be VERY VOLUMINOUS. Think Chara circa 1992. The stylists kept talking about J.Lo, which I think demonstrates that gays with refined taste in R&B have LONG memories, because J.Lo hasn't had curly hair since like the mid-90s.

3) The PSA: There is an arrrt gallery on Saint-Denis (under the Planete BD, next to a few funky furniture stores) that sells original penciled/inked comic/BD pages. It's pretty much all it sells, in fact, other than some toys and comic-style illustrations - flipbooks full of them, like poster art. A signed original colour insert by Dany runs in the $3000 range; a random inked page out of a random issue of Young Justice or Iron Man runs in the $200 range. Is that normal? Like... is this really what happens to the original art after the comics get printed, Marvel/DC/the Franco-Belgian publishers sell it off in bulk to the art gallery circuit? XD;

4) The Blog: Alas, I am using Tumblr more these days. But I would encourage you guys to remember that the main Tumblr is "minimoonstar", and the fan Tumblr is "genufa", and that the petronia Twitter is not active, sorry, I can only update one Twitter from my phone and I need that shiz for work.

5) The Movies: Hara-Kiri, Drive, Take Shelter. I also basically wrote out my post on Melancholia but it was eaten by Via Rail's wifi. Short version: I will punch Lars Von Trier in the face, though the contents of the film are excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who was able to play through the first Kingdom Hearts without barfing, and does not find portrayals of depression too triggery. Also, Tomboy. Don't let me forget that one.

6) The Upcoming Content: I may be doing a bit of volunteering for OTW. IDK, I was contacted and it occurred to me that while I don't have the patience or the bandwidth or the skill set to make the sort of contribution I see from others (and is also why I never volunteer for online fandom projects, in general), I could... do the stuff I do at my day job? Basically. So we'll see how that discussion pans out.

What I really did put myself in the queue for is One Week One Band, upcoming, in January. Basically I am waffling between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mylène Farmer, but I have two months to decide. (Jane Birkin would be in the running, but writing about Jane basically implies writing about ALL THE GAINSBOURGS. Which may or may not be a good thing, in terms of scoping the project. I want this to be lightweight; I have a horrible feeling I could barf out a 33 1/3 on eg. the Libertines if I weren't careful. XD;)
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I forgot to post this here:

Title: Lyonnesse
Fandom: The Bigend Trilogy, by William Gibson
Characters: The Curfew (proportionately to canon)
Spoilers: character stuff through the end of Zero History, but peripheral to the plot of the books
Rating: PG13 for Heidi's language
Wordcount: 3183 words

See end notes for the rest. I have to add something which I hadn't realized when I posted on LJ, which is that this is basically just... a better version of a Gravitation fic I wrote in 2002. XD;;; I guess writerly preoccupations don't change, even if taste in music does.

(...I totally still think the Gravitation singles are good songs, though.)

(......Watch me request a fusion in next year's Yuletide whereby Mycroft is Seguchi Touma.)
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Title: Lyonnesse
Fandom: The Bigend Trilogy, by William Gibson
Characters: The Curfew (proportionately to canon)
Spoilers: character stuff through the end of Zero History, but peripheral to the plot of the books
Rating: PG13 for Heidi's language
Wordcount: 3183 words

So yes, I wrote a story about the fake reunion of a fake indie band while faking William Gibson's style. XD; This got a great comment-to-hit ratio for AO3, though the fandom's a minority interest even for Yuletide.

the fuckyeahthecurfew Tumblr reblogging Pitchfork Reviews Reviews' review of Pitchfork's review of The Curfew reissue )

This was interesting as a writing exercise for two reasons: the characters turned out to be indivisible from Gibson's prose style, and I had to dial back my own process to get it right. Gibson is a lazier writer than I am!
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My gift story:

This Town We're Painting [St. Trinian's, Kelly/Annabelle, soft R]. In which Kelly Jones - and by extension the entire Old Girls' Network of St. Trinian's at a pinch - goes to work as the attache of a minor figure in the British government. Being as she undoubtedly has the legs for the legwork. #dyingwhatisthisamazingness #automaticheadcanon

Somewhere in there is a cliff-shag-marry conversation re: Golden Era Spice Girls? And the mystery writer has excellent taste along several lines. XD Basically it is a story about girls being awesome which was what I wanted always.

EDIT THIS JUST IN: someone wrote me a double drabble as a Treat!

Unique [Atlas Shrugged, Francisco D'Anconia/Hank Rearden]



I've read a few other things here and there but the AO3 server etc. Someone wrote the epic of Stephen Stills and Joseph in Scott Pilgrim (rather than the epic of Wallace Wells and Mobile, which I'd always vaguely assumed would happen first); consider it recommended on my part. There was also a long one about Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia which made me realize I don't remember my Italian history.
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I literally do not have the time to finish reading it right now, which is like


So epic, dudes

Head canon-ing forever
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1) Yuletide: uploaded and dusted! The AO3 software allows for edits between now and the 25th, methinks, so I'll probably give it one last go-over after a few days' distance, and add end notes. Not expecting a huge free-floating readership for this one (the Black Lagoon story was more a case of existing fanbase without much fic), but am looking forward to linking it here, as I kept telling ppl it would be the best thing I wrote all year. XD; Which it might be, but as far as fiction goes the choice is between this and the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover, so yeah.

It won't be hard to guess... that's an understatement. It'll be hilariously obvious as per the usual.

2) Holiday postcards: all sent! Drabbles will have to wait, though, as the time situation is desperate (WHAT ELSE IS NEW except, well, I was expecting Work to die down like most sensible offices and it has not, quite the opposite) and I would rather ppl actually got cards sometime in December. Have started receiving them too: [personal profile] bladderwrack, yours came yesterday~

3) Christmas mixtape: here you go bbs

With thanks to [personal profile] acchikocchi who saved me from having to dig through old external hard drives. "15 tracks including Saint Etienne rarities, indie covers of Darlene Love, romantic J-pop about snow, and a Santa hat pastede on Julian Casablancas' moppy head."
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Hoping to keep it up. XD; Once I get home I should:
  • Vacuum the staircases
  • Write my holiday postcards (signup still open here! I just want to get the first batch out)
  • Write my marketing and fund development proposals for the radio station
  • Prepare my radio show a day in advance? Could it be?!?
  • Make my origfic writing group entry, which is late again by a weekend
  • Oh yeah and maybe draft a bit of Yuletide or something
...Have dinner?

I have had some Christmas mail already. That includes the Saint Etienne Christmas album which I bought on a clickthrough whim but is so totally worth it. Didn't ask for the Christmas card, though, it seemed a little weird. Though not much more than doing an open flist card exchange, when you get down to it... maybe if there had been an option to reciprocate. XD;

The new Sistol album is really good. Less frills than the latter-day Luomo stuff (and I never totally got onboard with the Vladislav Delay moniker, so). I am excitedly iTuning the remixes although the three releases are under three separate artist names, LOL Sasu good job breaking the database. ...Oh yeah and I bought myself an iPod Touch during Black Friday online sales, so I am listening to music again XD. Not that I completely stopped, because I had this USB drag-and-drop $30 Philips doohickey (still probably best option for the gym), but it was a mucho bare-bones experience.

APPS WHAT I HAVE INSTALLED (other than what is already there)
  • Evernote
  • Foursquare
  • iBooks (you know what is really popular in iBooks? Out-of-copyright true crime tales)
  • The Economist (free version)
  • iJewels
  • 4000 Household Recipes (in Chinese, but very highly recommended)
Considering: Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper
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Massive outdoor queue in frigid weather! No one dislikes the idea of cupcakes for charity. A moratorium was declared around 4:30 for fear of fire hazard and I had to sneak in - at least, I think I snuck in. Crowd control was not very decisive in the Queen E. XD;

It is very difficult to say "Cupcake Camp" fast.

Part of me is dangling in wait for Yuletide assignment, not good as I have other projects on the boil. I went and took a look at the summary page, and if I understand the match algorithm correctly (not guaranteed!) I know what fandom I'll be getting, if not writing. Haaa well like I said last year, if they offer it I will do them the honour of assuming they know what they're doing. XD

I have roasted baby potatoes in olive oil and Mediterranean spices, and a tourtiere. ♥
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I'm [ profile] petronia here, on LJ, and on AO3. You can get a good sense of what I enjoy just by nosing about my tags and my fic, I think; heck, you've probably got a good sense of me from my requests, for which I apologize. I prefer dry comedy, consume fanfiction at all ratings, over-intellectualize everything, and am squicked by virtually nothing. ^_^;v

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