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Heavy spoilers for book 3, mid-level spoilers for, um, random other books.

Such as Mirage of Blaze... this prolly deserves the MoB tag, even )

and Raymond Chandler, for whom I have no tag )

proud countryman of Belle and Sebastian )

Obviously, I wasn't able to keep up with the word lists and the plot at once. XD; On a reread, maybe. I did greatly enjoy "primaeval ooze", that was a corker.
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From [ profile] fahye:

Pick a character I write, and I will give you the top five ideas/concepts/other I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting them accurately. This includes both original characters and characters about whom I write fanfic.

Actually, you can extend that to any character I've read a lot of fic about... not that you'd know necessarily, of course. XD My voracious and not-particular-picky fic consumption is (among other things) a way of honing my own ideas of characterization against Fandom, like window shopping or a card-sorting exercise. Right, right, wrong, right, hmm, wrong, poor taste, right. Reading is what creates the model. Writing only introduces quirks.

Or, pick up the meme so I can ask you.

Or-or, I was taking Ask Me Anything questions on my Tumblr the other day - click link, ask me a question?
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Yeah, the whole "ask me for an essay" bit was sort of irresponsible considering I probably won't have time to write essays. XD; Have expanded on some of the shorter ones in comments, though - and there's the following.

Snippety McCut )
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Someone I know has read this, right? My friends are all about stuff like this.

Dear Mr. CNN, how to make yourself look like 1 x asshole. (link from [ profile] jokersama)

Somewhat relatedly, Tania made me watch Team America: World Police last night. )


Three SSBB submissions reviewed, beta'd and accepted: two for July, one for August. *is productive* Keep'em coming! :D


Recently I thought about sorting through my MSN chatlogs from last year and posting all those related to Mirage of Blaze. While they're not what one might call reference material-worthy I did recount large tracts of the plot in considerable detail - in fact I can remember days when I told Aki the story of the last five chapters or whatnot then turned around and regurgitated the whole thing to Chrissie a second time. XD I don't know that I'm likely to write up more respectable summaries at this point but at least it would give people an idea of what the plot actually was, for those periods when I was too drained to do anything on Livejournal but rant obscurely about the pigheadedness of the characters.

This would require the permission of [ profile] sesame_seed, [ profile] absenceofmind and [ profile] ayatsujik, though (and others?). While I would obviously edit out personal and/or off-topic discussion their commentary forms an organic and indispensable part of the whole. XD

JoJo speech patterns (seguing from Mirage ahaha) )

Hmm, I think I can definitely stand to get out of here (must go buy Black Powder War XD). More on JoJo when I return after these messages.
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Why I had to beg that Jeff Buckley song off [ profile] calintz. XD

Chiaki Mix
(a white night falls on the city of lost lovers)

01. Manifest - Dupla Presso
02. David Bowie - Criminal World
03. Sade - Jezebel
04. Prince - Joy In Repetition
05. Suga Shikao - Affair
06. Kobayashi - Midnight Ambulances
07. Diana Krall - The Night We Called It A Day
08. Jeff Buckley - Forget Her
09. Ariane Moffatt - Will You Follow Me?
10. Bohren And Der Club Of Gore - Kleinerfinger
11. Morphine - Candy
12. Rosinha De Valencia - Summertime
13. Dire Straits - Where Do You Think You're Going?

Total Time 1:01:50

Definitely will add songs and move tracks around... Not like the others in that it really isn't electronica or dance at all (a bit acid jazz). I didn't mean it to be quite this depressing but in the end tis Mirage of Blaze, what do you want. XD
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I totally feel justified in reading other people's hilarious Advent Children threads as, like, I've seen twenty minutes of it already. But this reminds me that - correct me if I'm off-base of course - I always kind of assumed the ZOMG FANFIC feel to the latest crop of FF7 spinoffs was due to Enix? I know the merger caused a fairly thorough corporate shakeup, and I always pictured this gang of Enix managers trooping down to Nomura's office and going "ALL YOUR BASE IS BELONG TO US, RESFIC NOW THX. :0"



(2AM and no one will be reading this) I need a proper frontispiece for Petronia // Yume. Am a bit stumped, I want a Mirage of Blaze pic but certainly don't have any original or doujinshi Mirage art that looks good in electric blue on black monotone. >_> Suggestions are welcome.

Not only have I not been reading Mirage, I've not been thinking about it. ^^; It's like I've locked that part of my mind away and stuck a biohazard sign over it. I've had to put fandoms aside because they were impinging on pressing real life concerns, but only reluctantly and never with great success; this is the first time I've had to put a fandom aside because I needed my brains back for other fanstuff. Weirdly the one exception seems to be that Chiaki jazz bar fic, which I'd still rather like to finish before I leave despite it being 99% unlikely. It's just that I have the suspicion my brains'll be eaten by a whole new set of who knows what by early October.

...I have decided to bring Trinity Blood novels for plane and train reading. Admit this is pretty genius. For all I know I may even be inspired to write for the series; I mean what would you rather read anyway, travelogue bloggery or travelogue bloggery thinly disguised as plotless fic about Hugue de Watteau wandering around Bruges and angsting?
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Mmm, not finished either. ^^;

I can offer nothing
This nothing's everlasting
I could be Shiva lying
Beneath ferocious darkness
My heart's devoured
Cover me with flowers

Let me see the face
Of all enduring grace
Let me take a crack at
All that matters
And in the weightless hours
Cover me with flowers

--David Sylvian, "Cover Me With Flowers"

He woke to the void. )

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Then again I don't have an icon for Mirage either. ^^;

Picking up the story from my last summary post )

On Chiaki's motives: cp'd from convo with Shi Lin as I'm too lazy to retype my argument which for all its extrapolation doesn't show that Nagahide *isn't* an asshat, merely that he's consistent )

I finally realised what it was about the Red Whales that niggled at me: they're like a fantasy AU fanfic of a non-existent shounen sports manga.
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While googling for more historical-geographical kitties (there is a Katou Kiyomasa kitty!) I somehow ended up on this page of spurious Sengoku personage biographies, owned by a self-proclaimed joshikousei. Dude, I can only choose to believe that she's top of her class in Japanese history, because it'd be pretty tragic otherwise.

I am linking this primarily because I was EXACTLY THAT KIND OF NERD in high school. More European history and mythology and whatnot, obviously, but pretty much.
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Bonnie Pink with Yuka Honda - Manic Monday (m4a format)

(Courtesy of [ profile] insaneneko who also upped the version of "Manatsu no kajitsu" from the same album.)

Today I trump even the narrator of the song as I nearly fainted between the elevator and the front door of the office and had to sit down on the floor right there for about 30 seconds. Damned fallopian tubes, what's the use? Of course as soon as it passed it passed and I was fine. I think I need a refresher on my first aid certificate as I knew nigglingly that there was a position you were supposed to take if you were going to pass out but couldn't remember what. =_=

I've come close to passing out half a dozen times in my life but never actually lost consciousness. I fight it too hard. ^^;

Got up relatively early on Sunday but didn't accomplish much of anything, let alone all the writing I wanted to get done. Instead I watched the Rogers Cup final with Rafael Nadal vs. Andre Agassi (having now some interest in the outcome XD). It was a really awesome match, especially the second set. Considered catching up on the PoT manga afterward but decided not to chance it. Then I read about 100 pages of Mirage of Blaze 23; the book contains more coke than a Columbian warlord's warehouse.

Last night I dreamt I was running around Shikoku trying to find a mystery player on the ATP circuit but kept arriving late after the event was over. =___=

I am also reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I'm 150 pages in. It's a wonder I haven't started talking in the book's narrative voice yet. XD

EDIT -- file under "I may be on crack but so is my entire country": Kuwabara Mizuna owns Kuukai Kitty.

EDIT 2 -- The entire Shikoku Hello Kitty series. St00pid Red Whales fic, here I come~

Mirage 23

Aug. 14th, 2005 09:47 pm
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I give up )

edit )
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Rather, "body or astral body?" Let us all close our eyes and pretend this is a fanfic.

indices i-viii )

notes )

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I have the 12th written - it will be posted shortly - and if all goes well I'll write the 11th tomorrow and post it out of order. ^^; However after that I'm giving up on trying to make [ profile] 31_days for the rest of the month. (Exceptions are the 19th and the 29th which I've already mostly written.) I do plan on writing all the themes in due course, because I'll probably never find so fine and appropriate a list again *tips hat in [ profile] pornkings's direction*, but it's been a bit ludicrous for a few days already with me posting thirds of fics and first drafts at 11:59PM only to have to edit extensively the next day after everyone's read the thing already. I have expansive ideas for the 16th and the 28th-31st stretch I want to do justice, and the rest I'll save for when not half-arsed inspiration strikes (knowing myself my brainpan is due to boil over with HOMG STOOPID RED WHALES GAGS, not sure why the other shoe hasn't dropped yet).

Thinking about it this run of fic happened under perfect conditions. It's been a whole year since I started reading Mirage of Blaze and stockpiling my reactions without expending them through fic; my best writing happens in August-October after a long hot summer's recharged my batteries (I run on solar); and the paradigm of the series itself makes for an effortless brainmeld. I have a feeling that I will eventually be a bit creeped out at how self-revealing I've been in these pieces. XD;

Oh, and let's not forget SSBB. That goes on the front burner as of this weekend. Unless [ profile] tongari has decided to massively change her cover art or something I have my story planned out in my head, all that remains is to write it. Easily said, haha!
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Late by a whole day, but people who care will see it here. ^^; I could stand to expand this, in fact, the POV's fascinating. I have to keep reminding myself that no matter how good Kotarou is with loanwords, he doesn't know terms like 'instrumentalism' or 'constructive pragmatism'. XD

I wonder if Inui Sadaharu has ninja ancestors?

Haruie comes to Kotarou several days later, defeat in her eyes. )

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Can someone tell me where I got this from? It's so annoying to plagiarise and not even remember from whom.

Naoe sleeps. )

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Bohren & der Club of Gore – Kleinerfinger

Huh. Does it count if it's readable but unfinished?

Chiaki arrives by car at dusk. )

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I am so drunk! ...No, seriously, I've had three g&ts and most of a bottle of white wine. This is disjointed as all get out. Still it makes for a nice change from the Uesugi, who're bloody depressing and no way around it.

Pizzicato Five - Catchy (Voltage Unlimited Mix by Towa Tei)

Nobunaga probably hates Shibuya-kei. On top of it all he's a rockist pig, as befits a character you're supposed to love to hate. And the only de facto Juliana in Mirageverse was Isari-hime. But one has to try everything at least once, or how would one know else?

Nobunaga went through periods. )

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Irobe-san as Sasaki-sensei, circulatory disease expert, circa 1955. One of the most gratuitously depressing pieces I've ever written, I think, albeit appropriate in a way to the anniversary (Hiroshima isn't mentioned but this is under the influence of Fio's post-war narratives text which I read in an evening and very much liked - then again I claimed that one partly because I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to be writing this ^^;).

There is something to be said for working with a set of characters who are functionally immortal.

Her name was Noriko. )

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I apologize for reposting this, but it's so obviously part of the series in ideology that I feel obliged to archive it as such. ^^; For people who've not read this - from remarks dropped here and there in the series I've always had a mental image of the teenage Tachibana Yoshiaki as being... Nanjou Kouji, more or less, sans jpop involvement (though Kouji fell into his career also because he was looking for someone and thought media exposure would help, a topos I encountered last in Kon Satoshi's Millennium Actress - but I'll leave the AU possiblities for others XD). Also for pictoral reference, Naoe would have been eighteen in 1981.

She is not very old, by the tallying of years. )


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