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 I've been posting these over at Tumblr since that's where people actually are, but Tumblr is zero good at archiving and I'm not entrusting this much text to Google.

Hannibal and wine (nerd exegesis 1)

Coherency of the TV narrative arc vs the books w/r/t the treatment of women (a follow-up to the whole fridging controversy)

Hannibal characters and perfume (nerd exegesis 2. Ever since I was at the Osmothèque in Versailles I've given this way too much thought. There was also a follow-up discussion whereby someone said Hannibal identified Bella's perfume as JAR Bolt of Lightning, which sets the bar way high. I have yet to rewatch the episode in question and uhh didn't understand Mads Mikkelsen's accent the first time, so. XD;;)

Pappademas' writeup in Grantland, queerbaiting (TL;DR version: the show totally is, but what is it going to do, make them get together 4 real? That would mean EVIL WINS :P)

Coherency of the TV narrative arc vs the books w/r/t the characters' sexuality (major spoilers for S1-S2 and all the books to date)

aaaaand A FANMIX: The Weight of the World and its Heaven (8tracks)

...Good thing I decided to do this since I'd already forgotten I wrote some of these posts. :P

I said this show reminded me of Tokyo Babylon halfway through S1, so when S1 ended I was like "yes ok sacrificial young woman tickybox" and thought that was that. Of course, S2 just charged ahead and did X:1999. In conclusion [personal profile] canis_m noped right out like "no way am I doing the 'animal-loving nice boy falls in love with total raving psycho' trope again" and she was prescient to do so. XD;;;
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( link )

Top-down gauzy reverb sunburst eternal present... a couple of q. blurry guiding ideas behind this one: 1) Considering the speed and durability of eg. the International Shoegaze revival, it's weird that it took nearly another decade before people started making Paisley Underground records again; and 2) Why is it always California or Scotland? That does not compute, except it clearly is. I could probably have stuck a Glasvegas track in there in lieu of "Just Like Honey" - or removed that bit altogether, seeing as how Dum Dum Girls make pretty good Mazzy Star albums these days - but it is nice to hear something familiar come up in the rotation. By which I mean every Pains of Being Pure at Heart song ever. Girls is officially no longer chillwave, thank goodness. Honestly pleasantly surprised that the dude did not disappear down a drug-fuelled rabbit hole. On some subconscious level I expect ridic high Pitchfork scores for first albums to be cursed - but they're not.

Have I really posted a mixtape a month for three months? Madness.
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Hold your own when stuck in cocktail party conversations with elderly white NPR listeners! lol joeks credit where credit is due, the Birkenstock wearers are not afraid to shake booty at live gigs. XD Some of these are just personal favourites, others are massive international hits (eg. the two central dance numbers, "Soul Makossa" and "Township Funk", over something like a 35-year divide). If you like a track, check out the album it came from; the way I put this together, it should be worth your while.

Fantasia now, gotta run. o_o
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Max Cooper Live - Reflections/Contortions [For Gottwood festival] by Max Cooper


1. Max Cooper - Solace (Traum)
2. Microtrauma - Contrast - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
3. Max Cooper - TBA
4. Max Cooper - TBA
5. Fairmont - They Live in the Moon - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
6. Dominik Eulberg - Sansula - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
7. Max Cooper - TBA
8. Andrew K - The Doppler Effect - Max Cooper Remix (Vice Versa)
9. Hot Chip - I Feel Better - Max Cooper Remix (Flash)
10. Ricardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Llena De Cosas - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
11. Xircus - Rolf Harris - Ronan Portela Remix (Trapez)
12. Max Cooper - Heresy (Traum)
13. The Good Natured - Animal - Max Cooper Remix (Unreleased)
14. Kura - Crystal Clear - Max Cooper Remix (Bujakasja)

Plus, all the good things in life are free:

Another one here I haven't had a chance to listen to yet:

The first ten minutes of this is sweet ("Contrast"!) but I habitually skip ahead to "Sansula" (far superior to the original tbh). The 25-odd minutes between that and "Mi Pieza Llena De Cosas" are pretty much the summer techno mix I would have tried to make right now anyway... kind of, Border Community hauls its pasty English ass to the beach (Ryanair microtrance?). Watch the speedometer if you drive on the highway to this.

Meanwhile, uploaded some tracks for tonight's radio show here here (Marianne Faithfull, PJ Harvey, Youssou N'Dour...). And some Dominik Eulberg in the parent folder. I am pretty sure "Wenn Es Perlen Regnet" was the twinkly bit James Holden was playing at Piknic, which only goes to show as Eulberg himself did nothing of the sort. It was very BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM with decided peaks and breakdowns. And then he played (his own remix?) of "Emerge", and all the ancient ppl in the audience cracked the hell up eg. me, the guy working the official video camera, etc. And then I got to meet Eulberg totally by accident as wandered behind the tents looking for a friend just as dude came down and was collared by half a dozen enthusiastic fanboys in a row.
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Code seems wobbly for some reason, so link here: ( ontogenic simulacrum of a Yoko Kanno soundtrack )

Or, a Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex FST, if you will. It's not fully complete, but then it's one of those that never will be.
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1) Yuletide: uploaded and dusted! The AO3 software allows for edits between now and the 25th, methinks, so I'll probably give it one last go-over after a few days' distance, and add end notes. Not expecting a huge free-floating readership for this one (the Black Lagoon story was more a case of existing fanbase without much fic), but am looking forward to linking it here, as I kept telling ppl it would be the best thing I wrote all year. XD; Which it might be, but as far as fiction goes the choice is between this and the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover, so yeah.

It won't be hard to guess... that's an understatement. It'll be hilariously obvious as per the usual.

2) Holiday postcards: all sent! Drabbles will have to wait, though, as the time situation is desperate (WHAT ELSE IS NEW except, well, I was expecting Work to die down like most sensible offices and it has not, quite the opposite) and I would rather ppl actually got cards sometime in December. Have started receiving them too: [personal profile] bladderwrack, yours came yesterday~

3) Christmas mixtape: here you go bbs

With thanks to [personal profile] acchikocchi who saved me from having to dig through old external hard drives. "15 tracks including Saint Etienne rarities, indie covers of Darlene Love, romantic J-pop about snow, and a Santa hat pastede on Julian Casablancas' moppy head."
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Voyages musicaux 音乐大同 (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 24: July 6 - Mamer, the Polaris shortlist
right click to download
listen streaming here

It's kind of sad how I actually genuinely care about the Polaris shortlist )

Episode 25: July 13 - Fantasia Film Festival, Festival International Nuits d'Afrique
right click to download
listen streaming here

Not linking the film review posts as you've seen all that already )

Episode 30: August 17 - genderplay, impromptu Osheaga recap LOL
right click to download
listen streaming here

Plagued with technical issues! The podcast was down for a month due to some ridiculous hosting service problem the radio station's been having. Then the computer stalled just as we went on air, which is why the first five minutes are just me blathering into the mic orz )

Oh, and I randomly threw that Alec-out-of-Swordspoint DJ mix from 2005 on 8tracks. More as an exercise to see if all the songs were searchable than anything. XD;
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Children, Wake Up: 20th Century Boys FST

tracklisting )

This is the one I lost via computer upgrade in 2006 or so and had to reconstruct. As such my files are too scattered for easy upload but a listenable version has been cobbled together via 8tracks. Mostly rock, of course, though I intentionally avoided Bob Dylan and so on. XD;

I've also uploaded the Mononoke FST for easy streaming access.
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Today's not!Advent thingy. Requested by [ profile] woodburner back in, I believe, 2007; better two years late than never. XD;; I originally had some Japanese paper with which I meant to make origami packaging for the CD, so here is a digital version of sorts.

Mononoke: The Fan Soundtrack

Fuka Vincente - Tempura Soul
David Bowie - Beauty and the Beast
Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (Familjen Remix)
Laika - Black Cat Bone
DJ Krush with Shinichi Kinoshita - Beyond Raging Waves
Gorillaz - Ghost Train
Nick Cave - O Children
Florence + The Machine - Blinding
Hajime Chitose - Kono machi

Total Time: 40 minutes

Keepin' it short: one track per story arc, roughly, plus the Medicine Seller, plus Kayo, plus intro - but in listening rather than chronological order. (Who knows what the chronological order of the arcs is anyway?) It is all about funky shamisen cutz~♥ I'm pretty sure the one was off [ profile] moebius_rex and the other from [ profile] jantalaimon, even after all this time.
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8tracks sinks to a new low every time I go back and look at it: now the mix descriptions aren't allowed to be longer than 140 characters. >:[ I guess they're trying to keep people from doing tracklistings, shock horror vapours, but there are smarter ways to handle that. Was Muxtape only a year ago? It seems much longer.

Anyway, I'm just going to do this the way I usually do. XD;

September 2009 Mix

master impressionist of post-clubbing tinnitus - first time I heard anyone say "big up to Dylan" and mean Jakob - reminiscent of Etienne De Crécy's "Fast Track (Vocal Version)" except uhh not fast - per ILM, genre apparently called "wonky" :| - meanwhile the proper DM single is remixed by Peter Bjorn and John - ppl did warn me Damon Albarn would never go away - waiting on genre-of-moment remixes now, analogous to Depeche circa "Precious" - master impressionist of staying home but awake at 5AM anyway

8tracks randomizes the tracks after the first play by a given user, but instead of abandoning the damned software like a sensible being I find myself treating the limitation as an aesthetic challenge, i.e. trying to come up with playlists that sound just as good on shuffle as in the intended order. This is one of the reasons I stick to the minimum eight tracks, another being that I don't have patience for mixes that run past 40 minutes anyway.
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Earlier ones here and here.

bing list )

** My sister is kind of a muso. XD; But she's right in the sense that writers are the only creative creatures who enjoy analyzing their art as much as engaging in it (or more); musicians, painters, potters and what have you just want to just get on with the doing.
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Didn't get around to finalizing this until just now (made it three weeks ago).

Been replaying a lot of mid- to late-nineties stuff - songs I didn't own but that were on the radio and part of one's general consciousness at the time. Trying to make a point about how various sounds are making a return IMO: in uncertain times one turns to Lauryn Hill, or something along those lines. I was reading The Beautiful Fall to cheer me up but all it did was give me anxiety dreams about being cut by Hank Paulson at a house party(!). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: high fashion is like one of those BL manga-verses where 95% of everyone is gay. Also, was that photo of Karl Lagerfeld in the one-piece swimsuit w/ plunging neckline really necessary? Really? FUGBACK TO THE FUTURE.

Currently watching this and frothing with rage because they keep cutting away from the good stuff (Robyn DJing BV3 and Erasure! Lindstrom backing Earth Wine and Fire!) to the inadvisable (terrible afterhours DJs, terrible tuneless indie, terribly dressed hipsters posing in front of the Diesel logo wall. When did this logo wall thing at parties start? It feels like it couldn't have been more than two years ago. I try not to be like "I hate contemporary pop culture" because it just comes off old and grumpy but sometimes I hate contemporary pop culture).
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It was going to be either entirely hipster disco or entirely acoustic guitar noodling. Hipster disco won out... FOR NOW??
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It's not as nice as Muxtape, though: no colours, doesn't display the tracklisting in advance, and the ban on artist repeats is built-in. XD; So a different philosophy of mixtape design, perhaps. No idea if it's more or less likely to appease the RIAA.

Tomorrow I'll... write an entry about Arctic Monkeys. Or something.


Jun. 28th, 2008 11:01 pm
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It looks like I'm going to be relatively free for the next month, so I'll try to check in once a day, just like old times. That means music, photos, book reviews, concert reviews, unfilled requests, some writing on carnet to keep my hand in, what have you - not doing the latest book list meme though, those things are starting to get on my nerves. :P To be frank they're always full of books I have no desire to read.

First up: [ profile] silvermuse89 requested a Nobuta FST, in the holiday mix CD request from uhh last October. It was clear from the get-go that this was going to be single format à la Balthier/Fran, not a full mix, but it took this long to get it right anyway.


A) Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky One
B) Arctic Monkeys feat. The 747s - Baby I'm Yours

Setting aside Alex Turner's (probably) subconscious auditioning for another indieboi to sing duets with him... I'm starting to think a full FST might be manageable, keeping to this 60's pop style. But it'd take another year's work, so. ^_^;

Next - condensed versions of reviews I started composing in my head months ago when the albums in question actually came out ahaha. orz At least this way I'm sure of what I think.

The Charlatans, You Cross My Path )

Client, City )

Ladytron, Velocifero )

Ladytron are playing the Jazz Fest, and my friend A is holding a ticket with my name on it. Due to scheduling incompetence this'll be the first time I'm seeing them in concert since the Light & Magic tour in... 2003? With Simian opening. It sounds a lot longer ago if you say it was back when James Ford was drumming in indie bands not producing them.
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Have been writing this entry for days on end. ^^; Updated the Muxtape, but that was a week ago and I'm liable to change it again soon. XD; Will make some of the songs downloadable here... eventually.

Leonard Cohen, Death of a Ladies' Man. Kind of a long and excessive rant. )

* Actually I was going to post the awesome live video from 1979 (in which Len sings the song like a robot while trying desperately not to crack up, and his backup vocalists do the proto-macarena) but Youtube took it down. D: The bastards!!! I knew I should've written this post earlier. Anyway you all have to dl this for Leonard Cohen's TOTAL RONNIE SPECTOR STYLEE FREAKOUT at the end, which has got to be one of the most traumatizing yet hilarious moments in music ever committed to record.

** It occurs to me that I should have used my story about the dude who wanted Up The Bracket to be produced by Phil Spector as a lead-in to this. XD; MOAR MELLOTRON.
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Updated the muxtape. ^^; The idea is to maintain it as a more condensed/structured version of the ever-protean current playlist. For instance, the "tape" can be started at any point and plays on continuous loop unless stopped, so it actually goes "Cherry Cherry" -> "B.U.R.M.A." -> "Love Vigilantes" (arguably the most definitive New Order cover of all time, if only because it was intended as country-folk in the first place). Which is how I actually listen to these songs, so it makes more sense to me than discussing them in a vacuum. Alternately I just like making fake singles. XD

I haven't listened to New Order for so long that a lot of the tracks sound drastically different. That and I've never had, say, the single version of "Round & Round" - with NO the difference between mixes is subtle but critical.

The STP of this software is rather interesting. XD I mean, I don't actually know the starting point(s) from which it was introduced - I first saw the thing at [ profile] poptimists - but thus far the user base seems very, very hip in an mp3blog way.
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Tends toward unreleased acoustic demos, girls with charming accents, and the like.

(It can be occasionally wonky - reloading or switching to IE helps. As the software seems to belong to Amazon I'm sure they'll be adding more servers in no time.)
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A Room With A View
it's a tribute mix for [ profile] la_foule, pretty much

01. Jon Brion - Phone Call
02. Henri Salvador - Chambre avec vue
03. David Sylvian - Orpheus
04. Françoise Hardy - À suivre
05. Joe Dassin - Si tu n'existais pas
06. Patricia Kaas - Hotel Normandy
07. Beirut - Cherbourg
08. Sylvie Vartan - En écoutant la pluie
09. Yann Tiersen - Bagatelle
10. Rufus Wainwright - Leaving For Paris No.2
11. Vladimir Cosma - Promenade sentimentale
12. Henry Mancini - Moon River Cha Cha
13. Beirut - Forks And Knives (La Fête)
14. Feist - Amourissima
15. Michel Polnareff - La poupée qui fait non
16. Thomas Fersen - Bijou
17. Duo Ouro Negro - Dio come ti amo
18. Lisa Ono - Historia de un amor

Total - 1:01:49

Mostly comprised of classics I said I'd upload for the comm but never got around to. ^^; This one I really like for myself, and is probably the best context in which to listen to Beirut (Zach Condon knows his chanson real well, his audience's exposure is debatable).

You will enjoy this if you like: Provençal summers, Edith Piaf, Emmanuelle but with less 70s-style pr0n, gratuitously artsy Ouran fic
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The two mix CDs I hadn't uploaded from the Christmas lot - Bingside and Cathyside. Sorry for the delay, loves. ^^;

Winter Party
the one that was supposed to be entirely comprised of I-vi-IV-V songs until common sense won out

01. The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song
02. Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk Remix)
03. Timbaland feat. M.I.A. - Come Around
04. Digital Desi - Addictive (Bhangra Mix)
05. Fantasia Barrino feat. Missy Elliott - Selfish
06. Britney Spears - Freakshow
07. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous Girl
08. Asobi Seksu - Thursday (The Twelves Remix)
09. Hugh Grant - Pop! Goes My Heart
10. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X Remix)
11. Madonna vs. Kelis - Holiday Milkshake (Aaron Elvis Loves Nita Mix)
12. OMD - Enola Gay (Long Version)
13. Annie - Heartbeat
14. Saint Etienne - He's On The Phone (Radio Edit)
15. Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For (Jacques Lu Cont Thin White Duke Mix)
16. Daft Punk - One More Time
17. Tommy february6 - I'm In The Mood For Dancing
18. Bob Sinclar feat. Steve Edwards - World, Hold On (Children Of The Sky) (Radio Edit)

Total - 1:17:11

In retrospect I should've gone with it. XD It would have sounded "samey" after a while, though (akin to the Raveonettes pitfall), and I didn't have enough songs - compiling this made me realize I was hopelessly behind in some areas of popmusik. Or maybe it needed another month or three in the works. If I were remodelling it right this moment it would have... I dunno. Kelly Rowland (that bhangra loop just won't die)? XD MOAR PIPETTES. The songs that are there are all awesome IMO though.

You will enjoy this if you like: those magic changes, bhangra immortality, fake 80s, real 80s, spun-sugar headrush dancepop

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