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The umm hockey fandom on LJ/DW doesn't use francophone sites much, I don't think? Also, I still can't get over that there's a "LJ/DW hockey fandom" in this sense. XD But in any case, if you're curious to see something I've been working on for much of 2011/2012**:

(It's been purposefully leaked to social media already, so no reason not to post it AFAIK. Launch is in two weeks.)

** and/or a ton of PK Subban-related blog speculation, I guess......

A tool

Feb. 12th, 2012 12:50 am
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Totally free online period tracker that will generate statistical predictions and then (if you set it up) send you an email or text reminder. It's lightweight and flexible enough for all sorts of uses, but at its most basic I see it coming in handy for people whose sense of passing time gets fuzzy after two weeks, despite having done this for fully TWENTY YEARS (hint: this would be me). Cut for girltalk )
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1) Am I the only one who thought of the fandom usage of "Canadian shack" as kind of like "Viennese coffee"? Like, its origins may have had something to do with Vienna, but everyone knows it's just a coffee with whipped cream on top. And no one expects that every coffee you get in Vienna will automatically come with whipped cream.

2) For the record:

2a) I am from Montreal, where every other middle-class family owns a cottage (in the woods, big enough to hold a family, usually has a deck and somewhere to put a rowboat). A cabin is more like a structure for forestry personnel to take shelter and keep supplies in. Both are conceivably empty and unheated in the winter, or only heated by having to make an actual fire in an actual stove - some people only go up in the summer, so it's not an issue. "Shack" makes me think of a dilapidated cabin, possibly with a tin roof; or "sugar shack", which is a quasi-verb referring to our maple-related food festival that takes place in March-April. Like Oktoberfest, but instead of beer, there's maple syrup on everything.

2b) Paul Gross is a Canadian dude, and Due South was a Canadian show that played constantly in Canada which Canadians fucking LOVED. It was not meant to bamboozle Americans. The jokes are cheesy in-jokes. If you are Canadian and did not know this, you are too young or have been living under a rock.

3) I do not know nearly enough about housing problems up north or aboriginal issues in general, though I know they are bad. Canada fails harder on this issue than pretty much anything else, with the possible exception of the Oil Sands. It would never have occurred to me to associate any of this with Canadian shack fanfics; that's a bit like saying you can't write a story about someone getting shipwrecked on an island and running out of food, because there are real famines happening somewhere in the world.

4) When fandom writes a Canadian shack story and it turns out to actually take place in Canada, I find it hilarious awesome and call all my friends on the telephone. (No not really.)
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All the ones I've seen are too long and require too much thinking about points that are not that relevant. XD; So I have made my own.










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1) The Writing: So I may have signed up for Nano, for the first time since 2003. AhahahahaHA. I will also be nominating for Yuletide as soon as those are up, despite the fact that the new system shows every sign of being crankier than the old system, and at this rate the story itself will need to be written in like three weeks. What the heck do I call Ono Natsume/basso's Italy-verse? It doesn't have a canonical anything on AO3. I don't think it has fic at all, anywhere.

2) The Hair: I have a new hairstyle, as a result of neglecting the old hairstyle until it got incredibly long and straggly, then going to a salon that botched the cut, then fleeing in dudgeon to another salon that fixed the cut for the sort of $$$ I would associate with deductibles for elective surgery. Which, in a way, this was. (Due to massive repeated childhood/adolescence home haircut trauma, I am more terrified by haircuts than by dental work. In fact, a bad haircut is the only thing that will give me a panic attack, whereas I've been known to doze off in the dentist chair if no one is actively causing me pain.)

The hair is now shoulder length and VERY CURLY, which causes it to be VERY VOLUMINOUS. Think Chara circa 1992. The stylists kept talking about J.Lo, which I think demonstrates that gays with refined taste in R&B have LONG memories, because J.Lo hasn't had curly hair since like the mid-90s.

3) The PSA: There is an arrrt gallery on Saint-Denis (under the Planete BD, next to a few funky furniture stores) that sells original penciled/inked comic/BD pages. It's pretty much all it sells, in fact, other than some toys and comic-style illustrations - flipbooks full of them, like poster art. A signed original colour insert by Dany runs in the $3000 range; a random inked page out of a random issue of Young Justice or Iron Man runs in the $200 range. Is that normal? Like... is this really what happens to the original art after the comics get printed, Marvel/DC/the Franco-Belgian publishers sell it off in bulk to the art gallery circuit? XD;

4) The Blog: Alas, I am using Tumblr more these days. But I would encourage you guys to remember that the main Tumblr is "minimoonstar", and the fan Tumblr is "genufa", and that the petronia Twitter is not active, sorry, I can only update one Twitter from my phone and I need that shiz for work.

5) The Movies: Hara-Kiri, Drive, Take Shelter. I also basically wrote out my post on Melancholia but it was eaten by Via Rail's wifi. Short version: I will punch Lars Von Trier in the face, though the contents of the film are excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who was able to play through the first Kingdom Hearts without barfing, and does not find portrayals of depression too triggery. Also, Tomboy. Don't let me forget that one.

6) The Upcoming Content: I may be doing a bit of volunteering for OTW. IDK, I was contacted and it occurred to me that while I don't have the patience or the bandwidth or the skill set to make the sort of contribution I see from others (and is also why I never volunteer for online fandom projects, in general), I could... do the stuff I do at my day job? Basically. So we'll see how that discussion pans out.

What I really did put myself in the queue for is One Week One Band, upcoming, in January. Basically I am waffling between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mylène Farmer, but I have two months to decide. (Jane Birkin would be in the running, but writing about Jane basically implies writing about ALL THE GAINSBOURGS. Which may or may not be a good thing, in terms of scoping the project. I want this to be lightweight; I have a horrible feeling I could barf out a 33 1/3 on eg. the Libertines if I weren't careful. XD;)
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I Flunked My Social Media Background Check. Will You?

PSA via Gizmodo. The devil is in the details! For one, most of my incriminating links have fallen off the 7-year statute of limitations cliff; for two, no one even knows Livejournal exists anymore, and my Facebook is so squeaky clean I leave it public just to be hilarious. It also pays to do obfuscatory footprint-widening stuff like storyboarding an indie video game, winning a business case competition, or writing the occasional gig report for a popular music blog. The downside is that you can theoretically fail on text pr0n, so one has to run a regular hygenic search for ppl who're daft enough to rec NC17 fics under the author's real name, then leave their LJs googleable.
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And of course it was promptly squatted by a link farm, annoying old story. Not that I've been using it much - checked the email probably twice a year - so nobody panic. Unless of course you're from the Mirage of Blaze community, in which case that site should have been on Kekkai to begin with. I'll reupload it there, unless I find I don't have a copy (unlikely), but I'm sure someone's backed it up elsewhere.

It was probably time anyway. =_= Wipe clean the vaporous search engine trail, start anew with a domain name not tied to this LJ, like [real name].com. I haven't exhaustively isolated LJ/DW from the rest of my social media - this username is tied to my last.FM and 8tracks and Flickr and Youtube/Google, some of which in turn are tied to my Tumblr, and most stuff points back to my Tumblr nowadays, including Facebook and Twitter - and if you Google my real name [ profile] corneredangel's link still comes up before the radio station's (which, Mikhail, if you have a moment, you can at least get rid of my full name on that XD;). But I should get something set up before SXSW so that I actually look like I have a presentable personal site with my CV and portfolio - even if I'm not looking, it's one of those ironed-shirt hygiene factors.

1) Get bonus
2) Buy Macbook Air and Creative Suite
3) Design new site w/ 5 pages of static text and large social media call-to-action buttons
4) ???
5) Profit

I'd like too but I don't have the monopoly on that one - it's someone else on Twitter and someone else again on Flickr, Youtube, etc. and when you Google you get the Villalobos track which is as it should be. And I'm not so sure what I'd put on it if Fandom stuff doesn't go under that handle!
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I never understood the appeal of ill-thought-out 140-character rants, but today I came extremely close to tweeting something along the general lines of FUCK THE CLOUD. FUCK THE CLOUD IN ITS ASS.

I mean, forget my bookmarks. I can export my bookmarks. But I use that shit to SURF FIC, DUDE.
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It's not bad! I wish there were a flist link from the mobile journal view though, or am I just being dumb? LOL getting with the 21st century.

...Next I'll try to set up Twitter so I can tweet pictures I guess. XD;


Jan. 5th, 2010 02:43 am
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Thien, Val - thanks for your cards!! They'd arrived before New Year's, actually, I've just been very remiss. ♥

I've been uploading fics to my AO3 account, starting with those that for one reason or another were never archived elsewhere and have otherwise disappeared down the tubes of my LJ. So check out the link, who knows. XD; It's taking me a lot longer than it should because I keep stopping to read stuff I'd totally forgotten about. Remember "Trapped In The Closet" with Rukia as R. Kelly? Neither did I!

(There's one more biggie to go - 20 Facts About Yumichika, out of Bleach, which I never posted properly at all. Not that it's complete... maybe I should change it to one of those Five Times He Did And One Time He Didn't structures.)

The tagging/organizational system works excellently, but the real killer app here is the uploader, which does a beautiful job of cleaning up copy-paste from Word and HTML. (It doesn't like to centre my apostrophe dividers, but nothing a bit of coding can't fix.)

Doing this makes me think that a real Decade's Top Music list from me would have to take into account the tracks I write from. Just going down the list of the fourteen pieces I've uploaded, for instance: asterisks indicate songs actually from the past decade )

Just a different view, I guess.
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I'd post the Patrick Swayze one but I don't want people to find out that way. XD;;
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I've been telling people** not to worry about Twitter, that the hype is mostly just hype and won't be changing the face of the universe any time soon. Of course this is vast simplification but the fact is only a small percentage of people enjoy using Twitter to its "maximum potential", and they do not tend to be The Kids.

Speaking of losing The Kids, I think the rush over to Dreamwidth one sees is... a bit like boxing up the furniture and hiring movers while the drywall hasn't been put up, no? XD; I have an account and I'm playing with it, tweaking things for fun and experimentation, but that's it for the moment being. It's not so much that you have to be cynical as you have to be sensible. It's going to take a year, maybe two, before the service gets up to speed; no doubt the site owners will trigger wank somehow, which will cause people to be disillusioned and horrified that they have not in fact succeeded in creating a Golden Samarkand for media fen; and so on and so forth. In the long run, I think the DW team has a good (not 100%) chance of presenting a total service package that's objectively superior to LJ's, but a lot of that is LJ itself being dire. In the meantime I still have about 18 months before I break even on my permanent account (although I did that calculation before I learnt the concept of present value, so it's actually longer).

There is also flapping of hands re: how to get the message out that this is not a Fandom-specific project, to which I say nonsense. XD At this point, anything based on LJ's code base is a dinosaur, but that's okay because Fandom loves, wants to use the deprecated tech, so sticking with the deprecated tech is the only way to get Fandom to move its butt. If you're not in Fandom and don't LJ, you have better options. If you're not in Fandom but already on LJ, LJ probably hasn't done anything to offend you. It's called serving a niche, and a great strategy as long as you don't fall prey to the temptation of being everything to everyone.

As for Tumblr: it's really lovely, in a retro sort of way, and because it's a hipster nexus like Muxtape (RIP) it's very easy to find cool content. XD But it's clearly doomed, because the people running it don't understand that if your users are implementing hacks,*** you must give them the functionality they want regardless of whether it dovetails with your idea of what the site should be used for.

** In RL, not LJ. People are perfectly capable of making spamposts and linkposts without involving RSS, it's just easier to do it from the Twitter interface. Just like it's easier to post a Youtube video with one line of commentary in Tumblr.

*** Such as, oh, TEXT COMMENTING? Inorite, it's a challenge.
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Tumblr: or as I call it, "Pitas on Rails". Go check it out, I even installed a gadget that allows you to stream my mp3 posts sequentially, like online radio.

Dreamwidth: nothing there yet. Now taking 1) suggestions for what to put there, 2) names of other lucky closed beta users and/or Open IDs.
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That five years ago we were discussing the ramifications of BNFs taking on the attributes of creators! It's now amply clear that it's more creators who are becoming BNFs - not to mention that soon enough, everything will be funded a la Cassie Claire's laptop. DISCUSS, or I'll repost the 2-page business proposal I wrote last night.

(On a less theoretical note, I hope Graham Coxon joins in next time Babyshambles fandom does a blog comment pile-on: he's really fricking good at it, in and out sans tl;dr, one could always use the firepower)
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Now that I've been on Twitter for some months I'm starting to see my own patterns of usage; which leads to me trying to figure out how to set up / hook up the various services for maximum benefit.

Thoughts )

Given all of which, I've come up with a theoretical setup (I haven't done any of this, apart from the first step):

1) de-link blip from Twitter and LJ altogether
2) keep the petronia Twitter for personal/fandom stuff (de-link it from LJ?? would essentially be occasional "one-liner posts", since @replies were never in my stream anyway)
3) set up a second account for school notes and use that as the "career" Twitter, reactivate [ profile] minimalicious and compile the Tweets there
4) set up a third account for SSBB alerts, recs, and whatnot

Which probably means 5) install a Firefox plugin of some kind so I can stay simultaneously logged in to everything. =_=
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1) [ profile] hemlocke, forgot to mention I got your postcard too! Thanks~ ^^

2) For the new year, bit the bullet and changed the journal layout to one of the new "minimalism" ones. Font size ought to be easier on the eyes. It's good to have access finally to standard layout options that look like they were designed less than five years ago.

3) To my own surprise, I'm actually using my douban for its intended purpose (tracking books, movies, and music consumed), as opposed to merely lurking in the Sexy Britpop Ojisan MST Photo Archive... I think it's basically an unauthorized Goodreads code fork, but well. Friend me if you have one? XD Currently trying to get East Asian IMEs up and running on this laptop, which I've been putting off for a year.

4) La Mala Educación: for instance, I logged this in douban but forgot to include it in my last post. It's... sort of the If On A Winter's Night A Traveler of GLBT filmmaking, isn't it? XD; One thinks one has a handle on what the story is about, then it turns out to be the first chapter of something else. When the credits rolled sororial unit and I looked at each other like, okay, so did not see the last 30 minutes of that coming.

We think Enrique is hotter than Angel, though that might be the role talking. Would make the most objectionable Libsdom AU fic ever (and Subdee and I have come up with some fairly objectionable ones).

5) A Bit of a Blur: the memoirs of Alex James, bassist of Blur and 3D shoujo manga character. I promised to review this for someone and planned to do it in conjunction with the Durrell tetralogy, but that won't be for a while, so. XD; Cut because this entry is getting longish. )

Blur feat. Françoise Hardy - To The End (La Comédie): I finally have FTP again! ...You guys thought I stopped uploading due to the newfangled Twitter software didn't you. Anyway, Alex James' book is best when he discusses topics relevant to my interests, such as New Order's Reading '98 set, or being invited over to Françoise Hardy's flat and offered cheese.** I'd actually been trying to track this down since Cathy's holiday mix last year. When I first watched the PMV I was like, "Ouran High School Host Club do Last Year at Marienbad, lulz," then I realized this was in fact an awesome fic idea. Now I'm kind of obsessed with it. XD; Think I'll go score Robbe-Grillet's script from Gallimard for reference, I've seen it there.

** Basically the pinnacle of dude's existence; also Graham Coxon's. Françoise Hardy, of course, immediately decided non-fan Damon Albarn was her favoritest Blur.
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Petronia Radio has been off the air for a week. The feed from to Twitter works fine, the LoudTwitter feed doesn't - and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. ^_^; I'm guessing a casualty of the LJ server move. Anyway I'm still alive, here if you have blip, and here if you have Twitter. BTW when you guys friend me could you drop me a note one way or the other, the fashion is not to pick the same username as LJ and I often have absolutely no idea who you are. XD; There's a lot of spambots too, and stuff. OTOH if your username is the same on as it is on Twitter @[user] replies are replicated through the feed, which is neat.

As I say I don't really like the idea of turning my LJ into a feed, it's ridiculously self-indulgent but at least it's proof of life. I leave comments too; it's just posting I don't have the gumption for, because I put too much effort into it under normal circumstances.


Sep. 14th, 2008 11:50 pm
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It's not so much that I'm going to be using this information for evil or anything, but... those of you who use the same email address as you've used on Facebook (and LinkedIn!) to do stuff like submit stories to SSBB? I can see your real name, location, and picture pretty easily.

I'm just saying. XD
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It's not as nice as Muxtape, though: no colours, doesn't display the tracklisting in advance, and the ban on artist repeats is built-in. XD; So a different philosophy of mixtape design, perhaps. No idea if it's more or less likely to appease the RIAA.

Tomorrow I'll... write an entry about Arctic Monkeys. Or something.

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