Friday Favorites, 10/20/17

Oct. 20th, 2017 08:07 am
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Welcome to Friday Favorites! I've decided to start a weekly series where I highlight a short story*—could be past or present—that I love.

I'm starting off with The Weight of Memories by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu. ~2,800 words, science fiction. While sometimes I give content warnings, I'm choosing not to on this one. (Okay, I'm giving one: I personally found the science to be implausible, but that doesn't bother me in stories so long as the narrative is internally consistent and doesn't bill itself as hard science.)

This is a story about a violent conflict between memories and experiences--the sames memories experienced very differently, with very different results. If we are the sums of our experiences, then is it possible to add up the same things and arrive at two different sums? Yes, says this story, depending on how the addition is done.

As a very visual reader I also loved how spare the story is, and how stark, with almost all the violent bursts of color coming from the memories being relived.

I was also very deeply touched by this story as a Chinese person. I don't talk about it a lot, but that is my heritage. A lot of awful events (check Wikipedia, I don't have it in me to discuss) went on over the last two generations, which my family, especially my parents, somehow survived. I grew up never asking about my family's past because the answer was invariably Yet Another Awful Story. And I feel sometimes—and my parents too—that China is changing so fast that one generation doesn't understand another, and this story touches on that connection/disconnect as well. I'm shivering as I type those words. Read the story to find out why.

You may look over the above and say "gosh, Kara, that's a really dark recommendation." Fair enough. A friend once summed up my authorial obsessions as "memory, death, tragic love." What is there to say other than ... may as well lean in. If you're on my wavelength, this may resonate painfully but wonderfully for days, as it did and still does for me.

* Okay so in reality I reserve the right to recommend whatever piece of writing I feel like, but for now at least, I want to focus on short stories!

If wishes were fishes...

Oct. 20th, 2017 12:00 am
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I am not a vidder but I love vids, and I often wish I could write the way people vid. A lot of ideas I come up with would work better as audiovisual and not text, I think.

If I were a vidder, I would totally vid snide queer Irish socialist Steve Rogers through the ages to Func Anseo/Uptown Funk in Irish. Just saying. And end it on a leather jacket renegade Nomad note. Belligerent Steve, whether he's tiny or the size of a prize pig, with all this anger and flushed cheeks as the decades roll by.

If I were a vidder, I'd also be keen on a tongue-in-cheek but also seriously sentimental fanvid of Black Widow and Winter Soldier through the ages set to something like Katyusha, because why not and I cannot believe it hasn't been done. "She came out onto the lofty river bank and started to sing about a grey steppe eagle whom she loved and whose letters she treasured", come on. There is so much 20th century trivia to be vidded, assuming Natalya has the widow infinity serum and she and Bucky witnessed all the stuff. (And while we are on the subject of humour and cliches, I cannot believe there is no much ado about punching action vid of Bucky's fight scenes and Winter Soldier quotidien set to Kalinka, either.)

Wednesday Reading Meme

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:10 pm
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Wednesday reads on a Thursday, here we go.

What I've just finished reading

Some of the sententiae of Publilius Syrus, which remind me a bit of Seneca. (Unsurprisingly, since Seneca was a fan of Publilius.) "How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself." "Look to be treated by others as you have treated others."

I love that Publilius was in the Mimes act, so if we try to envision it in a contemporary way, he was essentially a Syrian burlesque artist with freestyle poetry and talk ranging from satire to philosophy on the human condition. He pursued this career because his master was awed by how smart he was, and was like, have a splendid education! have a manumission! you are awesome! So as a freedman, he travelled all over Italy and Caesar eventually thought he was cool, too. Caesar was right; Publilius' surviving works show that he was pretty damn cool. It must have been like a mix of Lady Gaga and Noam Chomsky. "Bitter for a free man is the bondage of debt." *mike drop* *sparkles*

I also read Robert Louis Stevenson's essay On Falling in Love, which is delightful, as Stevenson's essays are. His writing is so smooth! And oh, his adorable ridicule, and wonder at anyone falling in love with a man, ever. The only men worthy of inspiring love, in his opinion, are Leonardo da Vinci and Goethe - but only when the latter was young! (This gave me a craving for a Captain Flint (of Black Sails) story about falling in love in just this style and from this perspective. Any recommendations of good Flint fanfic about mature emotions?)

What I'm reading right now

Still Cinderella in the South by Cripps. I am moving at a pace of roughly one story per week now.

What I plan to read next

Probably some extracts from The Nibelungenlied, to get in the mood for something epic (for writing purposes). Murder! Revenge! There are so many characters and so many murders in this 12th century epic I can hardly remember who is avenging what. No matter; I can just pick whatever passage, then.

Weekly Ballet Post, 10/19/17

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:34 am
sputnikhearts: female ballet student at the barre (tendu)
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I've been doing some workouts in addition to barre practice at home, and I would like to think that's why I did better at things like attitude and passé this week. I did not try any center work at home (logistics are difficult) which is probably why I totally sucked at center this week. At least I am consistent.

Goals for this upcoming week of home practice:

- 2x back workouts
- 2x core workouts
- 3 home barres (any level)

- 1x spotting practice coupled with chainé turn practice, sigh but I want to start getting better at turns

- Every day:
    - 4x passé passing front/back on flat, 4x on demipointe
    - 8x passé HOLD on each leg (4x on flat, 4x on demipointe)
    - 24x elevé on each leg
    - Stretches (all splits, the two hip stretches)


Oct. 18th, 2017 07:31 pm
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It seems like it's been ages that I've posted anything substantial and non-FMK here (which I knew was a risk; I have enough social media XP (extroversion points) to keep up with approx. 1 DW post a week, that is well-established). So here is a 5 things to break the monotony:

1. Pokemon Go will not let me install the latest update (It gives an error message that says "we hates your phone, precious" [paraphrase] and then won't install.) So instead I have been playing Magikarp Jump, which the app store always tries to tell me pokego players will enjoy. So far:

This is my fish. There are many like it, but this one is mine. )

2. Also I finally won the last boss level in Alphabear, so until I got my fish game, I was totally at loose ends for mindless phone games, and started looking for ports of the ones I played as a kid. HOW IS AN ANDROID PORT OF GODDAMP CATERPILLAR 11 megabytes? I coded that from scratch on my TI83 when I was a kid! In, like, about 100 lines of code! WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?

(I also coded a text adventure with a gender-ambiguous protagonist on that calculator, actually...)

3. I finished cleaning my bathroom yesterday! It only took me about two weeks! It is so nice to go in there and have it be clean! clean ALL the things )

4. So last November I kind of went into power-save mode for awhile, quit using Habitica and also quit a bunch of the things I had been doing on a regular basis (tag wrangling, practicing piano, working on Spanish and Icelandic, writing on a regular basis, using Tumblr...) But my sister got me back onto using Habitica again, and now that all the cat-related tasks are gone (and I trimmed some other stuff) it's a much more reasonable list of dailies.

I had forgotten how very motivating it is to get to tick the thingy. Now I am debating whether to use my Orb of Rebirth and start over or not (And whether to try to get together an active party with more than just me and my sister and a bunch of inactive accounts.)

And I'm trying to get back to doing some of the other things I stopped, too. I gave Tag Wrangling an un-hiatus notice, so I'm committed to trying to be less fail at that, and I pulled out a piano book for the first time in months (I found a copy of the very first one I learned out of, The Joy Of First-Year Piano, to warm me back up) Og ég er að læra íslensku aftur. Þótt jurtabókin er erfitt. Það er of mikið um illt kaffi í bókinni. Y yo hablé español a una clienta hoy! Un poco español, pero un poco es más que nada.

The only thing I gave up that I haven't missed at all is Tumblr. *shrug emoji* (even that's not true, I have a secret backup tumblr to which are added a couple people who post mostly personal stuff and also a bunch of nature and solarpunk and library special collections photos, and no politics or fandom, and it's still fine.)

5. One of the things on my habitica dailies is to post an AO3 comment once a day. Another one is to do something with politics once a week. I got my wires crossed in there somewhere and realized that if I don't feel up to actually engaging with politics I can just send one of my (excellent) congresspeople an email that literally just says, "Hi staffer who reads these, you are fighting the good fight, keep holding the line, thank you", just like when I want to leave an AO3 comment but don't know what to say, and it STILL COUNTS.

Also, people are trying to get public outcry going toward Congress passing the nonpartisan bill Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017. (S. 200 - Senate, HR 669 - House.) which would make it so the US President could not launch a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war. TBH I can't think of ANY reason why that should ever have been possible, but ESPECIALLY now. So write your congresspeople or spread the word to #PULL THE FOOTBALL

/me crosses off "do politics" for this week

FMK #27: Judge A Book By Its Title

Oct. 17th, 2017 07:40 pm
melannen: Commander Valentine of Alpha Squad Seven, a red-haired female Nick Fury in space, smoking contemplatively (Default)
[personal profile] melannen
Last week's winners were not what I expected! But F goes to The Red Tent and K goes to The Magicians (which is WAY more hated than I had realized! For good reason apparently.)

How FMK works, short version: I am trying to clear out my unreads. So there is a poll, in which you get to pick F, M, or K. F means I should spend a night of wild passion with the book ASAP, and then decide whether to keep it or not. M means I should continue to commit to a long-term relationship of sharing my bedroom with it. K means it should go away immediately. Anyone can vote, you don't have to actually know anything about the books.

I pick a winner on Friday night (although won't actually close the poll, people can still vote,) and report results/ post the new poll on the following Tuesday, and write a response to the F winner sometime in the next week.

Link to long version of explanation (on first poll)

This week's theme: I have no idea what this book is about, I'm pretty sure I only have it for the title.

Poll: Bail, Capote, Carey, Collins, Connors, Corliss, Ericson, Galloway, Gould, Morse, Shann, Shreve, Townsend, Wodehouse )

Book-a-day: Day Thirty

Oct. 17th, 2017 11:55 pm
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30. Would save if the house burned down

Eh, in reality *knock on wood* I'd grab a family heirloom book, one of the old ones from my great-grandmother's collection, but if we imagine a hypothetical scenario where it's just books I acquired and treasure personally purely for reading value? I guess Moomins again!

Book-a-day Masterlist:

1. A favourite from childhood: Comet in Moominland, Scandinavian (anti-)apocalypse zen for kids
2. Best bargain: The Little Book of Wonder Woman and much vintage Marston bondage
3. Blue cover: A Brief History of Life in the Middle Ages and why bad ale was an actual problem in 16th century England
4. Least favourite book by (favourite) author: The Plumed Serpent, or that one time D.H.Lawrence thought that neopaganism, fascism and group sex would make a trendy book in the 1920s
5. Doesn't belong to me: Perhaps the wind shall carry us to infinity - 1970s alternate history shapeshifting spy robot sci-fi from an actual Nobel Prize nominee
6. Give as a gift: art books
7. Forgot I owned it: The Cambridge Companion to Wordsworth
8. Have more than one copy: North and South, explaining industrialism and also that if you want a man to marry you, you should offer to invest in his company
9. Film/TV related: The Eagle of the Ninth and cross-cultural friendship, also, colonialism
10. Remind me of someone I love: Harry Potter & love for fandom
11. Secondhand bookshop gem: Can Jane Eyre be happy? where you also learn whether Daniel Deronda is circumcised and where Fanny Hill keeps her contraceptives
12. I pretend to have read it: see it says Frontier Wolf but this is a qualified statement...
13. Makes me laugh: The Red House Mystery of how every upper and middle class Englishman c.1920s is 1) actually bisexual, 2) a crappy amateur sleuth
14. An old favourite: The Widow from Valencia, a cloak and dagger story of a 17th century Spanish widow's secret identity seduction of a handsome dick
15. Fictional father: Moominpappa
16. Can't believe more people haven't read: if you ever wanted to read a mystery where Apollo is a paint store manager, Malpertuis is the book for you ♥
17. Future classic: The Song of Achilles will probably be remembered for putting NC-17 RPF proudly into the mainstream
18. Bought on recommendation: Moon over Soho and jazz vampires from Rivers of London
19. Can't stop talking about it: Wolf Blood with Romans, Celts, werewolves and polyamory ♥
20. Favourite cover: Wilhelm Tell rocking balloon trousers
21. Summer read: Hotel Babylon and the underbelly of the industry
22. (Possibly) Out of print: The Art of Worldly Wisdom and how to use your enemies like a shrewd Spanish Jesuit
23. (Improvised) Books I'd like to read: non-fiction about hymens and about hijras, and fiction about cross-cultural identity and Muslim Americans
24. Hooked me into reading: I just love books, okay
25. Never finished it: Mountain Cat Murders, with not enough murders or mountain cats
26. Should have sold more copies: Wolf Blood
27. Want to be one of the characters: The Golden Ass (it is donkey shape-shifting for character growth, but yes, technically it means I want to be an ass...?)
28. Bought at my fave independent bookshop: Is Heathcliff a Murderer? (also telling you why Dracula comes to England rather than neighbouring Germany, and other things)
29. Have re-read most often: Tarzan and the City of Gold with lost cities, games of thrones, hunger games, weirdness, and lions ♥
30. Would save should the occasion arise: heirlooms & Moomins

Bonus: I cannot believe I read this (Since [personal profile] osprey_archer agreed that this is clearly the entry missing from this meme!) - coming soon as a separate feature. What can I say, weird things galore.

Star Trek: Discovery

Oct. 17th, 2017 11:13 am
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Before we get into this post, please know: I am not a Trek fan and have never been a Trek fan. I like maybe 2 characters (MAYBE) and a select few episodes from like, ALL OF STAR TREK CANON and furthermore: I've not seen most of the Star Trek canon. I also have a lot of not-necessarily-positive feelings about Star Trek FANDOM that I've been known to vent about so.

Please please ask yourself whether, knowing that, you really want to read the rest of this entry (which will contain mostly snark). Also know: if this entry isn't for you, I still love you and would never judge you (or anyone) for a single second for liking the things you like.

General thoughts on Star Trek )

Star Trek: Discovery 1x05 - Choose Your Pain )
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More than 60 already, just tossing things at the end of the list and I'll put 'em in order later. Cameroonian hip-hop continues to kill it. I recommend "Déranger" by Mani Bella ft. Tenor at number 27 as an extreme of cackling and caterwauling and excellent carrying on. (In describing it as such am I misreading it ignorantly from overseas? Google Translate, whatever its facility with standard French, hasn't yet gotten a handle on the Cameroonian hip-hop variant. But "The go is tight, all because they come to disturb" certainly captures the spirit of what I'm hearing. Tight and loose at once.) Kazakh K-pop-derived boyband Ninety One are all elbows on "Su Asty" and it's pretty damn exciting. Miso is all arms and legs on "Pink Lady," as usual. And I finally gave in and placed her "Miso" higher than CLC's "Hobgoblin" in my top ten. (And it's her even-more-bargain-basement-than-usual dance cover of Sunmi's "Gashina" that made me realize that the latter belonged on this list.) Katy Perry surprised me by pulling me in. I tossed off four sentences about it for the Singles Jukebox. Writing it only took me three hours. Celine Dion is on her fourth and fifth singles from what may be her best album (warmest, anyway). The world has mostly stopped caring, but she hasn't.

Here's the ongoing YouTube playlist as of whenever you click on it (size grows and order changes). I hope you give it a spin.

Tracks from Cameroon in the current order: 4, 28, 29, 30, 31, 36, 37, 39, 40, 54, 55, 56, 57.

1. Lil Debbie "F That"
2. NCT 127 "Limitless"
3. MC G15 "Deu Onda"
4. Jovi "Ou Même"
5. Miso "KKPP"
6. CLC "Hobgoblin"

7. Juan LaFonta ft. Big Freedia "Bounce TV"
8. Scooter "Bora Bora Bora"
9. Omar Souleyman "Ya Bnayya"
10. Steps "Scared Of The Dark"
11. Pristin "Wee Woo"

12. Vince Staples "BagBak"
13. Cherry Coke "Like I Do"
14. K.A.R.D "Rumor"
15. Die Antwoord "Love Drug"
16. Alternative TV "Negative Primitive"
17. Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie "In My World"

18. K.A.R.D "Don't Recall"
19. Katy Perry "Swish Swish"
20. Ashmute "Scenery"
21. Twice "Knock Knock"
22. Molly "Я просто люблю тебя (Dance version)"
23. Serebro "Пройдет"

24. Hyolyn x Kisum "Fruity"
25. G-reyish "Johnny Gogo"
26. Nadia Rose "The Intro"
27. Yellow Claw ft. Juicy J & Lil Debbie "City On Lockdown"
28. Mani Bella ft. Tenor "Déranger"

29. Yungtime ft. Mihney "Uh uh, uh hum"
30. Reniss "Pilon"
31. Jovi "Devil No Di Sleep"
32. Miley Cyrus "Malibu"
33. Jessi, Microdot, Dumbfoundead, Lyricks "KBB"

34. Sunny Sweeney "Better Bad Idea"
35. IU "Jam Jam"
36. Maahlox le vibeur "Un Bon Plantain"
37. Koppo "Gromologie"
38. Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do"
39. Franko "On Sassoit Pas"

40. Olamide "Wo!!"
41. Sevyn Streeter ft. Ty Dolla Sign & Cam Wallace "Fallen"
42. BTS "Come Back Home"
43. Kenji Minogue "Oekomta Mekaniken"
44. Celine Dion "Je Nous Veux"

45. Celine Dion "Les Yeux Au Ciel"
46. Egor Creed & Molly "Если ты меня не любишь"
47. Ninety One "Su Asty"
48. Tchami "Adieu"
49. Tei Shi "How Far"
50. Miso "Pink Lady"

51. Titica ft. Osmane Yakuza "Docado"
52. Omar Souleyman "Chobi"
53. Black Dial "Сөйле"
54. Tenor "Kaba Ngondo"
55. Reniss "Manamuh"
56. Tenor "Bahatland"

57. Tata "Ndaleh"
58. Sunmi "Gashina"
59. Lady Leshurr "Unleshed 2"
60. Grimes ft. Janelle Monae "Venus Fly"
61. Olga Buzova "Мало половин"
62. The Can't Tells "Faulting"

Pirates! Corsaires! Buccaneers!

Oct. 16th, 2017 11:45 pm
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[personal profile] chantefable
One day I am finally going to write a Generation Kill Age of Sail / Pirates & Corsaires historical AU, and not a small one like the Liberty and Power I wrote for [personal profile] pjvilar.

And when I do, the following things are going to be in it:

1. Gráinne Ní Mháille of Ireland (Elizabethan era), revered lord of land and sea and pirate queen celebrated in the Padraigh Pearse lyrics version of Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile.

2. Lalla Aicha bint Ali ibn Rashid al-Alami (Reconquista era), female Muslim cleric, merchant, pirate queen, prefect of Tétouan and queen of Morocco. Known as Sayyida al Hurra, she controlled all of Western Mediterranean while the Barbarossa brothers controlled the eastern. (Here is an interesting article, The Origins of Amazigh Women’s Power in North Africa.)

3. Jacquotte Delahaye of Saint-Domingue (Golden Age of Piracy), French-Haitian female buccaneer who allegedly faked her own death! and lived as man for years! and led a pirate community of hundreds! and took over an island in the Caribbean and proclaimed it a freebooter republic! Actual Black Sails plot = her life.

4. Ingela Olofsdotter Gathenhielm of Sweden (Great Northern War era), privateer, entrepreneur and shipping queen, running a premium plundering business in the Baltic Sea with her childhood sweetheart (with the blessing of King Charles XII of Sweden, they were legit privateers during the war, i.e. had a legally sanctioned pirate empire).

5. Robert Surcouf of Saint-Malo, Brittany (Napoleonic era), a successful French privateer who famously had the following exchange with a captured British officer:

Officer: "You French fight for money. We English fight for honour."
Surcouf: "Sir, each of us fights for what he lacks the most..."

I don't know how, but I've been burning to use these anecdotes in a story. You are welcome to grab them, the more the merrier!

another post that is not about media

Oct. 15th, 2017 02:43 pm
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[personal profile] marina
I've been struggling a lot this week. Yesterday I went back to work after nearly a month away, due to holidays and travel, and that's definitely landed on me like a very heavy truck. But in general, settling back into my life after the madness that the last 6 months have been is... a little difficult and disorienting. I've had a lot of see-saw feelings of "everything is great!" and "everything is awful!" and I'm kind of constantly exhausted and my tolerance for deadline-related stress is close to zero, and well.

more details )
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Quote of the day courtesy of Toni Morrison

Fest season is in full swing, and I have several things cooking at once, which is both splendid and terrifying. What about you? Any looming creative deadlines?

With the whole exchange/fest bonanza thing in mind, I have reformatted the Sutcliff Monthly Challenge at [community profile] sutcliff_space. You can now go here and browse 8 quotes to set your creative juices running for Sutcliff fanworks - or non-Sutcliff, you know, the more the merrier, happy if this helps. I'll make a masterpost of historical music and of artworks as well, but later. I was just too lazy to code it prettily right now. :)

Also, I forgot that neat code to see the notes on the bookmarks other people have made for your work. I was sure I had it saved, but I cannot find it. Perhaps you remember, f-list?

Also, I realise I haven't posted recs in a while, as opposed to the previous steady stream. Should anyone care for a particular kind of rec post, drop me a line, I'll see what I can come up with.

(no subject)

Oct. 13th, 2017 09:28 pm
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[personal profile] marina
I've been more or less offline for about 3 weeks. A lot of things have happened. I spent 2 of those weeks traipsing through Ukraine, visiting two big cities, one small town and one tiny, itty bitty place where I stayed for 3 days and where I got to put a stone on the grave of my great-great-grandfather.

I came back sick as a dog, of course. (Got sick on the day-before-last of the trip, got REALLY sick on the very last day - the flight home was an actual hell dimension.) 3 days after I landed I was scheduled to give a brand new lecture at a con. 11 days after I landed I was scheduled to submit the thesis I've been working on for 2 years. (This last one is still in progress.)

So, it's been super hectic and busy (I look forward to November when I will have NO MORE URGENT COMMITMENTS and only... 5 straight months at work... with no vacation days... x_x)

But! I've been watching a lot of things, between small towns with no nightlife and being sick and bedridden.

So, some very brief thoughts.

* Person of Interest - I finally finished the last season! It was mostly blah with occasional bouts of "oh right, I remember why this show was so unique, in its own way". I'm still here for the special-ops-doctor-who-isn't-capable-of-feelings and tech-genius-who-spent-years-playing-by-her-own-rules femmeslash ship. Here for it LIKE BURNING.

* Straight Outta Compton - finally watched this! It wasn't the best movie, and the fact that they completely glossed over the IRL violence against women is... yeah. But it was cool to see a "documentary" about the period of hip-hop history that directly preceeded my introduction to hip-hop. Like Snoop showed up, and Tupac, and I was like - OH RIGHT! Dr Dre made both of them happen! And it was fun for like... getting a fuller context for the music I remember loving in middle school.

* The Good Place - I enjoyed this a lot (am enjoying this a lot?) but if I hadn't been spoiled for the twist at the end of S1 I... would have probably hated this show/been blah about it for a good long while. IDK how they're going to sustain the level of commentary they had in S1 - I don't really care that much about the characters? - but I will say I'm on the Eleanor/Tahani train for now.

* Keanu - another movie I've had on my to-watch list for a long while. I watched it in fits and starts while traveling - it was very cute and occasionally funny, and I did enjoy the commentary and the cute kitten. I could very easily see how it sort of "led" to Jordan Peel's Get Out, since I felt like in Keanu they were sort of figuring out how far they could take it in a mainstream comedy, and Get Out was like the progression of that.

* Top of the Lake - watched S2 in a single evening in Ukraine. It was less good than S1, while doing essentially the same thing. I can't speak to the racism and whether it was worse than in S1 (like, it seemed to me that it was? But I don't know enough about Australia) but the rape culture stuff was... more of the same, except done less well. Also, all of the parenting choices on that show were like 100% culture shock to me, which is a reaction I apparently often have with Australian shows lol.

* Outlander = I'm watching S3 and OMG. This show's perfect blend of "fanfic tropes come to life" and "boring content I'm fast-forwarding through" is baaaaaaack. I'm obsessed with it and simultaneously uninterested in like 50% of what happens on screen.

* Star Trek: Discovery - I've only watched 3 episodes so far (there are 4 out) but... sweet lord. Look, I was never a Star Trek fan, so I didn't expect much from this show, but it definitely has that Stargate feel of "if only someone with half a brain was writing this I'd really love it? As it is, I'll see you on AO3". Like the characters are SO GREAT, Michael Burnham is literally ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE, but the writing is just so mediocre and blah. Perfect fanfic fandom I guess? I honestly ship everyone on that show with everyone. I shipped Michael with her first captain, I ship her with Jason Isaacs. I ship the science dude with his "warmongering" captain. Give me any pairing.

(Also, I wish this show didn't take Trek into a war direction? As if I didn't have enough to nitpick and be annoyed by, we're in straight up stargate territory now where they're all essentially soldiers? UGH.)

* Atlanta - OH MY GOD. I've watched 8 episodes of S1, and THIS FUCKING SHOW. THIS AMAZING FUCKING SHOW EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH. IT'S SO FUCKING BRILLIANT AND GREAT AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I know everyone's been on this train for like a year, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I've missed TV that was this sharp, this clever, this stylish, this full of humor and also things to say. God a show with THINGS TO SAY that's light as a feather and heavy like an ocean at the same time. With a show this good, even when it fails it does it in interesting ways. There's no real way of describing this, it's just... you need to watch it.

(In a way, I've realized Atlanta is the universe making it up to me for Master of None. Same concept of a 20 minute comedy show made by an alum of a popular mainstream comedy show, touching on deeply personal topics and personal stories, dealing with success in the entertainment industry. Same experimentation with format, visual style, characters. But Master of None was so deeply Not My Thing, while Atlanta is just... EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. God that show is STUNNING.)

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