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Plugging away at the Borges interviews. The interviewer dude is très French.

EDIT -- back to the Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish thing. (A boring Saturday morning spent in queue at the walk-in clinic.) Of the three main "paths," I'm most enjoying the exophilosophy series -- unsurprisingly as it falls in line with the Carson, etc. The same names crop up, except instead of the topic being love, or God, or time, it's aliens. (Man, after all that Borges I was dying to know what Berkeley thought about aliens!!!) The story path starts slow but eventually goes off in an interesting direction. The porn path... is not for the easily triggered. XD; Personally, I'd've preferred less conflation of "exophilia" with exploitation, but the link is wrapped up in a logical argument. Can't fault the writer for imaginativeness, anyway.

All the Captain Marvel I had lying around (up to #11), one of Erin's volumes of Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. (so... lots of Monica Rambeau), the first Avengers Assemble hardcover.

I'm not a hate-reader, but I gotta say, when I see ppl complaining that they don't like Filipe Andrade's or Emma Rios's art I'm like, YOU ARE WRONG IN A COMMENT SECTION! ON THE INTERNETS!

I've been getting an attack of sore throat/randomly spiking fever, sometimes exacerbated by other bodily dysfunctions (lower back pain, inflamed gums...), every month or two. The least-bad thing this could be is a recurrent sinus infection, in which case it's a pretty special one since my nose doesn't get stuffed up, and also I thought the antibiotics for the root canal infection that gave me stomachache (the drugs, not the infection) had taken care of the sinus issue, but that shiz keeps coming back like Ultron. The latest new symptom is tinnitus. :D :D :D So no, it was not a good winter, and this is starting to bum me out. In the meantime, I was afflicted with the inability to brain and so watched an evening's worth of JoJo. Think I'm on episode 11 now? 12? JOSEPH. Why are you flawless.

EDIT -- went and saw The Great Gatsby with the family, for Mother's Day. Spoilery for moviemaking, not for plot. But you know the plot. )
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Came home from Igloofest in the small hours of Saturday, emptied out the pockets of my coat, dropped a twoonie coin on the floor, lunged to grab it before it rolled under the oven, and somehow slipped and totally destroyed my left little toe. Cut for gory details. )

Long story short: doc taped it up in 15 seconds and dismissed me without an x-ray, as "it's probably broken but treatment is six weeks of taping regardless." I'm meant to stay off it, of course. I'm not cancelling Chicago as there's hardly any point - everything's prepaid and non-refundable XD; - but it'll be less of a walking holiday than I envisioned, aha. As for the rest of my schedule I'll take it as it comes. It's stopped hurting (much) and I can limp around without too much difficulty, and if it were July I would have zero compunction about taking the train to Ottawa, interviewing Bell higher-ups, etc. in my raging eccentric fashion statement yellow Crocs; but it is not July, and once it freezes and starts snowing again my outdoors mobility is done unless I can get my damned foot back into my damned boot. Still, if I have to pick three weeks out of the year to work from home and do nothing else but read John Le Carre novels, the wasteland between the end of Igloofest and my birthday is the easiest writeoff.
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And of course it was promptly squatted by a link farm, annoying old story. Not that I've been using it much - checked the email probably twice a year - so nobody panic. Unless of course you're from the Mirage of Blaze community, in which case that site should have been on Kekkai to begin with. I'll reupload it there, unless I find I don't have a copy (unlikely), but I'm sure someone's backed it up elsewhere.

It was probably time anyway. =_= Wipe clean the vaporous search engine trail, start anew with a domain name not tied to this LJ, like [real name].com. I haven't exhaustively isolated LJ/DW from the rest of my social media - this username is tied to my last.FM and 8tracks and Flickr and Youtube/Google, some of which in turn are tied to my Tumblr, and most stuff points back to my Tumblr nowadays, including Facebook and Twitter - and if you Google my real name [ profile] corneredangel's link still comes up before the radio station's (which, Mikhail, if you have a moment, you can at least get rid of my full name on that XD;). But I should get something set up before SXSW so that I actually look like I have a presentable personal site with my CV and portfolio - even if I'm not looking, it's one of those ironed-shirt hygiene factors.

1) Get bonus
2) Buy Macbook Air and Creative Suite
3) Design new site w/ 5 pages of static text and large social media call-to-action buttons
4) ???
5) Profit

I'd like too but I don't have the monopoly on that one - it's someone else on Twitter and someone else again on Flickr, Youtube, etc. and when you Google you get the Villalobos track which is as it should be. And I'm not so sure what I'd put on it if Fandom stuff doesn't go under that handle!
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I never understood the appeal of ill-thought-out 140-character rants, but today I came extremely close to tweeting something along the general lines of FUCK THE CLOUD. FUCK THE CLOUD IN ITS ASS.

I mean, forget my bookmarks. I can export my bookmarks. But I use that shit to SURF FIC, DUDE.


Sep. 19th, 2010 01:46 pm
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Have had a low temperature since Friday afternoon, with no other cold (or anything) symptoms. And it's the second time this has happened in as many months. :P Easily kept at bay with ibuprofen, except for forgetting to take one before going to bed, and then not being able to wake up enough (despite discomfort) to go downstairs to take pill, albeit dreaming repeatedly that one is doing so. orz Actually, because my brain thinks it's hilarious I was waking up to Baker Street in the dream, so I was two levels down in the Inception sense - no wonder I couldn't move.

Then I got up and made fried zucchini blossoms. :P I'm very sure I didn't dream that.
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Because I'm flying to Philly very early Wednesday morning for a conference. As per its history of always my laptop has chosen to break down precisely when I need to use it outside of the house: first the external battery expired, then (after I replaced it via ebay vendor and an extended saga of Canada Post being unable to read a correctly printed address) the internal battery - or so runs the going theory, unless anyone can come up with a better reason why the clock would have slowed massively and EVENTUALLY STARTED RUNNING BACKWARD before Windows stopped booting altogether. I could be stuck in a Doctor Who ep, but I doubt it. If a frood inna bow tie shows up and sonicks it back to life I'll let you know.

Which is all to say, I don't have the tracklisting, because my laptop won't turn on. XD; I just played a bunch of Libertines tracks, though - and oh yeah, My Little Airport's cover of "What Katie Did". The internet hoops I had to jump through to get hold of that shiz.

102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 10: March 30 - Silk Road music, The Libertines
right click to download
listen streaming here
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It is a good thing Yuletide is more than half done as today a printout of selfsame Yuletide damaged me severely when I reached into my purse just as I left the house and its corner drove into my nailbed argh, what does it look like to passing drivers when a girl is hopping up and down with her middle finger stuck in a snowbank. For such a minor injury it is DEBILITATING as my typing is at 1/3-speed and I cannot wash my hair or play with T's cat or cook until the tip of this finger can take pressure again. And I have a whole list of things I want to cook this December, from sushi to Hainan chicken rice to Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon.

Real life, don't force me to make a "bizarre injuries 2009" tag.
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Fifth day of Dreadful Cold and have been visited by Aunt Flo i.e. in summary am leaking and dissolving into component bits, but at least not being able to do anything except sit in front of the computer is helping my wordcount. (And my farm. The difference between fantasy and reality is that in the fantasy I spent coins to acquire piles of maple leaves for my yard, which also contains a pony.) I remember starting and writing nearly half of Senza Fine while I was down with the Stomach Monster in Shanghai; illness is one time when what is happening inside one's head is emphatically more interesting than what is happening outside of it. Even if I'm bitter that I've been felled during the one week the weather's been nice.

Of course something always falls by the wayside, and I think it's been the tunes lately. So having done my duty by posting something to carnet, here is some girly disco. XD;

Coeur de pirate - Comme des enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix): not a little local critical backlash against the (again quite local) success of the Coeur de Pirate album panning it as simpering juvenilia, but the Le Matos dudes' brainstorm here - essentially, recasting Beatrice Martin as the Québecoise Sally Shapiro - is a stroke of genius. CFCF must be kicking himself for not getting there first.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than the Stars (Saint Etienne Remix): if it didn't say so in the track name I'm not sure I would've realized Saint Etienne had anything to do with it... and I'm not sure why I wouldn't have. ^^; The original is dreamily classicist indiepop caught somewhere between BeruSeba and Asobi Seksu, and this is reminiscent of that Tom Middleton remix of "Halcyon". very "dj ran" twinkly arpeggios etc

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Stuart Price Mix): at first I thought Stuart Price changed up the chord structure here but he really didn't. It's sped up and more straightforwardly poppy, in that it's lost some of the jitteriness of the original, which really only becomes eerieness in the video. Which is nearly as good as "Bad Romance", but suffers in comparison from making a too-obvious point heavyhandedly, and also from not setting polar bear pelts on fire. I like the song better, though.

I'm now watching all the Lady Gaga videos redone in Sims 2, they are bananas.


I have a suspicion that [ profile] ontd_startrek will end up forming its own guild or whatever equivalent in the online game and it will end up like that one Cory Doctorow short story, only with more celebrity dogwalking.
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All I'm saying is that the universe needs to realize that although I am quite willing to make a stab at coordinating projects involving sizeable numbers of people when necessary and appropriate, it is by no means something I am naturally good at; my natural state is being late for things due to inexplicable procrastination and misplacedly hopeful scheduling.** And no this is not (just) about SSBB, this is pretty much all fronts right now. XD;; There's a fine line between "stretching for the sake of personal growth" and "knowing when to leave well enough alone", the problem is when the world won't allow you not to cross it.

Laptop update: 86 pages of people with the same issue, LOL! It would be nice if Dell could inform their tech support so they can actually do their jobs, as no one we talked to had a clue and all of them can't be commission-hungry Oscar-calibre actors. My sister fried her video card as well, only hers isn't under warranty anymore - and mine is still running too hot. Think I'll go back to taking notes on paper during class.

Wish I were writing but need to work on aforementioned organizational issues instead. Struggling not to delete this entry now that I've written it as is only a litany of complaints innit. XD;

** The REAL real truth: the reason I like Peter Doherty (besides the music) is because he sucks even worse than I do in this respect, to a degree that is bizarrely inspirational. Kind of like how gay men are into Judy Garland. And no, it's not fundamentally due to the drugs; I can recognize the actions of a kindred spirit, more's the pity.


Apr. 4th, 2008 05:12 pm
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Another week gone before I know it. Just talk to me or something!!!
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School steamletting, one paragraph. )

Oh well. Maemuki! In any case seeing something like this puts the effed-up-ness in perspective: there goes the other shoe with a vengeance. >_>

Stuff I have watched recently--

Eastern Promises: caught this one with Erin, Friday before last. T also saw it during the week and said the Russian was credible as long as it stayed under three words per line of dialogue. Which it didn't, but it sounded okay to me, and I hear enough Russian on a weekly basis that I wasn't sure it would. XD Would watch again in order to finally learn what some of those expressions mean from the subtitles.

Though what threw me was hearing the word "vor" all the time, in a context of... well, drunkenness, violence, and toxic masculine pride. Come to think of it.

Actually I would watch it again because it's a great mob thriller, arguably my greatest weakness as film genres go. For Cronenberg (mind that caveat XD;) it's low on characteristic icky aftertaste, if not on gore - can be framed as a Christmas story of sorts in fact. The portrayal of London being entirely and regressively Dickensian despite the gloss of 21st-century demographics. There's a couple of glaring plot holes but that's par for the course.

(If T were here she would say: BUT WHAT ABOUT VIGGO'S ASS?!? Noted, for the record. And the ghei too, because of course there is.)

Black Lagoon 1-10: the Third Law of Fanboy Moé Conservation states that a good thing is made better with the addition of a French maid, but that an awesome thing is made awesomer with the addition of a French maid. Such as, for instance, Desperado. Or Terminator. Surely we can all observe that Terminator would have been awesomer if it had involved a French maid, particularly in a combatant role?

As the mission statement of the series itself contains pirates, we will not bestir ourselves to comment on the presence of the latter. XD But seriously, I'm charmed by Revy's psychopathic ways. Anime will let girls wield guns any day of the week, but it shies from showing them actively enjoying it: too hard to walk the sympathy tightrope, presumably.
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Today I tripped on a step while taking a walk during my lunch hour and sprained my right ankle. It's not very severe but definitely a sprain, the area around the ligament swelled up and everything. I've been icing it on and off and keeping it elevated as best as I can at work but mostly feel exasperation at the idea of having to keep my weight off that foot for the next several days - is it not better yet? I have places to walk! - I have to make sure it heals properly if I want to go dancing any time soon, though. >_>

Maybe this'll encourage me to catch up on my writing, who knows (as usual I'm falling behind schedule).
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Feel free to guess what state I found the computer in when I arrived this morning!

*pulls at hair* I suppose the silver lining here is that I'm becoming a competent Windows administrator. And when it turns out I have to reformat the hard drive again it'll give me a couple of hours in which to write fic.

(I said I'd continue to post everything I write here but I haven't kept up with it, so expect some drabbles and... stuff.)
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I really am completely wiped. XD;; Seriously, I've stayed up til 5AM three nights running now, so I'm experiencing the mind-warping effects of JoJo itself through a filter of mind-warping sleep deprivation. Probably will not read any more for a few days as I've really got to finish this B*B story, plus I have to do my taxes this weekend. (OTOH, procrastination...)

I've also mysteriously caught a cold. There were no warning symptoms and it consists entirely of a runny nose, to the extent that I'd suspect hay fever if there were any greenery at all (there isn't - and it snowed yesterday ^^;). Not that I have a history of hay fever, but I do have a history of mysterious one-off allergy rashes, and mild congestive reactions against dust and dander. Also-also, managed to pull something in my right knee. >_>

Regarding the art of JoJo and... stuff. )

[1] Unless they're technician types who judge based on the level of inking/toning/framing skill etc. The background detail in JoJo was always nice if nothing else. XD What did Araki draw before he conceived his pet monster?

[2] The squirrel OTOH destroyed a few brain cells. It was 4AM, what can I say.

[3] Or really, anyone over the age of 15 who does not live under a rock.
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Which is absolutely just as well. This week has been wretched and not even fic is working, because (as Charmian pointed out) all I seem to read are stories about Byakuya and asking Byakuya to cheer one up is its own punchline. I tend not to dwell on or enumerate negative occurrences on LJ because words reify experience for me - which also explains why I sometimes take on an obviously literary tone when I feel some RL event deserves setting down, not because I'm consciously attempting to live a narrative but because what I write on LJ is the "final version" as opposed to the jumble in my head that passes for a short-term memory half of which will be swept out with the trash during my next good night of sleep**, and I need to employ what writing skills I have in the interest of exactitude - but said habit this week leaves me nothing to ramble on about but arcane fannish indulgences and minute taxonomies thereof. So... that's what it will be.

1) Two anecdotes involving Adrian Brody: anything can be a koan. )

2) No one in the Chinese fandom writes Ikkaku/Yumichika either.

3) Renji's magical hairtie and the ljArchive word count analyzer )

5) Top ten ways you know you're reading a Sabina!fic: I feel the premise of this meme is wrong, because I am not a reader of my own fic (or at least, a very special and non-representative one) and thus should not be answering this question. Tell me, folks, if you feel like doing so - how do you know you're reading a fic written by me? ^^; (Someone on an SSBB guess-the-author thread said something along the lines of, "Cafés are a very Sabina-like setting.")

** My imagination subscribes perhaps to J.M. Barrie's idea that mothers sort through their children's thoughts at night, folding and organizing as if it were so many piles of laundry. My mother being my mother, almost certainly tosses two-thirds of what she finds in the rubbish on account of it being clutter and no use to anyone, which would explain a lot.

Ah, sigh

Jan. 13th, 2006 08:58 pm
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I have been really bad with answering comments this past week or so. =_= Apologies. I wish I could claim it was because I was writing but in reality I've been stuck on one scene for the entire week. The Chinese expression is 钻牛角尖 - "climbing inside the bull's horn-tip". It best describes the mental trap that occurs when an obsessive-compulsive approach to problem-solving meets a failure of lateral thinking: for instance when one becomes determined to solve some casual math puzzle to the point of neglecting real productive work for hours, or when one adopts a brute-force method to complete a task and fails to realise there is an easier, more efficient way, because one is too fixated on toughing it out. More generally, it's losing sight of the forest for the trees. You are funneled into a point, and are left with nothing to do but bump your skull against said point until you wear a hole in it - or it wears a hole in you.

Work has also been picking up. But at least it's interesting work. ^^;

Black Opal - the proper review )

I realised I forgot to tag people for the seven songs meme. So - [ profile] vonbrigthi, [ profile] orochinemo, [ profile] serendip (if you haven't been tagged yet and are not actively trying to avoid it XD), [ profile] pere_chan, [ profile] fantabulous, [ profile] one_if_by_land, [ profile] insaneneko.
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mid-January thaw:
roof leaks for first time in years
mom blames bad feng shui

There was also a 90-minute metro stoppage. Maybe I jinxed myself by saying the week was looking up. XD;;

Nevertheless: in what some might consider an act of public service, [ profile] sesame_seed sent me all(?) of Diana Wynne Jones. (And my sister thoughtfully piled them in the order listed on the Amazon form, so I read Chrissie's cards sequentially - 'twas highly amusing XD - although I am not sure whether this corresponds to the order in which I should read the books.) This is a great time for it as there was no Bleach anime last weekend and no Bleach manga til the 23rd, and the twitch is beginning to compromise my performance.

Charmed Life. Er, I thought I should log my impressions as I read... )


Narnia movie )

Hmm, I want to see Dawn Treader. XD
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My dad is finally out of the basement.


Guess whose computer is now refusing to boot?


Anyway, am now running chkdsk /r. It's at 60%. If recovery doesn't work we resort to the merciless yet efficient services of Mr. Reinstall Windows. For a while I thought I was going to lose my music collection (in which case... I'm not even going to talk about it) until ahaha I remembered it was on a separate drive. However if I wipe C:\ I lose a crapload of graphics and music videos and an indeterminate number of BL scanlations. Worthwhile WIPs should be mirrored at work, but there go any chances of recreating my old Pitas layouts for Livejournal.

Well, at least I won't lose my copy of Advent Children. x_X; With great irony I actually buckled down virtuously on Sunday afternoon to burn some backups (several CDs worth of music for Cedric as well as FFVII:AC, but uhh I think of Cedric's music collection in part as a distributed backup copy of mine. And vice-versa certainly).
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(Is it just me or are bits of this track in the Kompakt Kittens? ^^;;;)

I feel tremenjusly out of it. Staggered home (and I do mean literally staggered, with intervals of vomiting into subway trashcans) and slept brokenly from 8PM to 9AM. Now I'm bodily all right - I think - but everything seems a bit unreal, and I'm not sure if it's the lack of caffeine or the lack of food or the too much sleep or what. Like that spacey feeling one gets when feverish, only I'm not. Joints are itchy with lack of exercise, but muscles are sore from the spasmodic shivering last night (it was a loooong subway ride, and the saddest thing about it is the last time something analogous occurred is not even out of recent memory. But no substances of dubious legality involved this time i.e. step up, perhaps).

...[ profile] fable and I have an on-off discussion re the recording of one's passage through space-time versus not doing so - linear past-present-future paradigm of existence versus pointillist in-the-moment paradigm of existence so to speak - ex. people who feel the urge to blog and/or photograph everything they do/see versus people who don't, and in fact may feel an aversion toward doing so. I said that if I could I'd record every moment of my existence, but this isn't true: I only want to record the fun and/or interesting bits, all the rest cannot slide into unmemoried obscurity fast enough for me. XD So fandom talk is fun, and horrible gastros are not fun but at least non-boring. For me the sufferer thereof anyway.

I said I'd make an entry about Nobunaga being a rock star in Mirage-verse... )
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I feel exceedingly awful. =_= On top of the lingering rhinitis I developed a gastrointestinal upset - I hate gastros, because they prevent me from eating, which is the axis around which my world revolves. The weird thing is that my sister had the exact same thing yesterday. The day before she was at a wine-and-cheese after her piano teacher's recital. As of course she could not drink the wine she ate tons of cheese, and was sick thereafter. Brilliantly not learning from example, last night I went out with Erin and had a giant portion of aubergine parmigiana, which (I'd never seen the dish before) turned out to be essentially vegetarian lasagna. And now I'm sick. So either our frail Asian stomachs had the same reaction to too much cheese, or whatever my sister had was catching. Or it was catching, but only organisms weakened by cheese are at risk.

Yuki - JOY )

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