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Kylie Minogue @ Bell Centre, April 28, 2011

The bad: the muddy sound at the Bell Centre, urrrgh I am probably not supposed to talk crap about it now that I work for the company but it's like a sandbag levee between the act on stage and the audience. It's an unfair context for Kylie, whose pop is rather finely calibrated on the whole. Speaking of which, I wasn't sure about the industrial rock(?!) version of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"; seemed like it missed the je ne sais quoi of the thing.

The good: well, everything else was good. Other than the latest album being one of her strongest (at least most consistent), the Aphrodite/Ishtar schtick is a good look on Kylie. XD She is well-cast in the role, yanno? And I could fend off cognitive surplus by considering the semiotics of the costume changes, which zoomed forward in time in discrete bursts, through pannier skirts and ostrich fans to daisy dukes and beyond.

The awesome: there was a golden winged horse, and a chariot and stuff. Kylie sang an acapella version of "Your Disco Needs You". And "Looking for an Angel" segued into - of all things - a cover of "There Must be an Angel (Playing With my Heart)", so I sang along loudly with the dude in a neck brace sitting next to me, who obviously also dug the Eurhythmics hardcore.

By the by, multiple someones in Kylie's camp must've seen the original video, because it was exactly what I was thinking toward the beginning of her show - "This has a vibe of court entertainment circa Louis XIV."


Hang on, there is video of Kylie too:

By "and beyond" I meant of course "Barbarella". Fashion magazine interns must fight over Kylie photoshopping duty.

The Kills @ L'Olympia, April 30, 2011

The Kills are sort of like The Black Keys - simple concept, flawless execution. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hart's presence, as rock stars, doesn't feel accidental, nor is it simply practiced motion - it had to have started with talent, backed by the mythical 10,000 hours required to turn it into unthinking flowing mastery. They are very, very good at this one thing. We started off in comfortable balcony seats with a good view (went down halfway because the dance imperative became irresistable), so I can vouch that they projected all the way to the back of the room. I think ppl focus on Alison more because she's the main vox and it's still rare to see a female rocker arrogate this... I mean, female rock stars are usually sexy. But a certain type of male rock star can move into this vulnerable, bi-attractive space, where you're almost not allowed to be unless you're a male rock star (or comparable), and that's where Alison Mosshart situates. A comparison with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is instructive; Karen O is a charismatic frontwoman, who presents as flamboyant and feminine but not conventionally sexy, and she's not in that space. But I always get the sense from Alison that this is something women can do as well as men, it's just that women mostly don't. (To be fair, male rockers who can pull this off are rare as well.)

Band fashion watch: I sometimes wonder if Alison Mosshart has just the one leopard-print long-sleeved blouse, or if she owns a buttzillion interchangeable ones. The stage background was based off that shirt! Ditto Jamie Hart's polka dot scarf. XD; (I've also come to realise that, although Jamie Hart started off in the public eye craggy and 50-year-old-looking, he's stayed the exact same craggy and 50-year-old-looking since the early 00s.)

Afterward I went over to Chris Hum's practice studio to listen to the Dharovar Project EP over good monitor speakers. I've got to upload this for you guys, it's been progressively blowing my mind.
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Trying to figure out how Dunnett's Prince of Condé** is related to Golon's Prince of Condé; grandfather, I think? The Wikipedia genealogy, good grief. XD;

And thus, this is stuck in my head. It's always the Nana Mouskouri version; at the time I was just bowled over that it was a song I knew, I think.

I don't think a lot of NAmericans have read the Angélique books? On my flist, anyway. You'd need access to a library that carries the old translations, the quality of which I can't vouch for in any case. (I've heard there were edits.) They're de rigueur for Francophones, though probably everyone just watches the movies. (Which I've never seen, because UBER-KITSCH I can't even imagine.) Whatever impact Dunnett might have had on people who read her as a teenager, I suspect, that was Serge and Anne Golon in my world. Except the protagonist is a woman, and a woman with bucketloads of agency at that, sexual and otherwise.*** In retrospective memory, the dudes are totally ridic. XD I don't go in for ranked lists, but the relative hotness of Angélique's paramours would make for lively debate (it'd have to be a group activity; my opinion is no better than the next reader's). These books do all the work you'd expect of bodice rippers and then some. But they're not fluff; the history is spot on, the first book contains Chekhov's Guns for the next five, and... well. Don't get attached to any of the characters, that's all I can say. My ninth-grade trauma, let me show you it. XD;

** d'Enghien, etc. I mentally shorthand the Bourbons/de Guises and whatnot to "the F4", thus increasing my enjoyment of Queen's Play by 7%

*** In my mind the series was first published in the 70s and not the 50s, WTF. They are resolutely heterosexual, though; I can't mentally dredge up a hint of queerness. If it was going to be anyone it would have been poor Philippe du Plessis-Bellière, who loved his king as well or better than his wife, whom I feel guilty about feeling sorry for (because he's a total dickwad), even though you're supposed to feel sorry for him. Thus my irregular Nana Mouskouri hauntings that continue to this day. My ninth-grade ~feelings~
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LOL so first Metric writes an Annie song then Arcade Fire writes a Knife song? Maybe this is the new Can-con (except I listen to Radio 2 while commuting and know better).

Granted I'm under the effect of a massive blueberry çaipirinha (recipe to come) but even so! I almost regret investigating this, if I'd gotten it thrown at me during their Osheaga set with no advance preparation it would have blown the top of my head off.
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1) I ain't dead!

2) Notes on those last two Doctor Who eps to come! Too late for fandom-at-large purposes I know; see subject line etc. Um... painters are good! I like painters. My top three picks for historical cameos on Doctor Who are William Blake (it would explain a lot), Charles Darwin (Doctor: "Don't say Silurian don't say Silurian... that was out loud wasn't it"), and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (epic fanfiction). Also they need to pony up and actually show Ole Lennie da Vinci, not just talk about him. Who are yours?

3) U.S., Japanese Publishers Unite Against Manga Scan Sites. I complained to [ profile] rusalkaz regarding my unattainable dream of a simultaneous digital edition of major manga phonebooks via iPad app (global translation with the push of a button... but really, even in J-only or E-only this would be a buy-hardware-nao killer app for me, in fact the only killer ebook app as far as I'm concerned), and she directed me here. Sigh, why does no one enjoy making money. So much would be different if Steve Jobs were a Narutard.

4) I may be getting media accreditation for Nuits d'Afrique? This is exciting. I know enough about African music not to feel fraudulent, but not enough that I wouldn't gladly take pointers - who are the artists I should pay close attention to and/or attempt to score an interview with?

5a) Kink Bingo (see subject line, again):

Donna Haraway, "A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century"

LOL Oshii. I like how Togusa is like, I have a heterosexual nuclear family unit, lady. My stay-at-home Japanese wife calls me "anata". Would you like to speak to my transhuman colleague over there.

5b) Hey, while we're at it, why not: Nebraska, by [ profile] samdonne [Iron Man, R - author considers this to be original fiction "on aesthetic and socio-psychological grounds" and I'm inclined to agree]

It turns out the first Iron Man movie inspired some great thinking-fic, which is perhaps unsurprising as its catnip trails all lead in the direction of meta (I noticed this in Wal-Mart: it is not a bad trick on Marvel's part, to enforce branding within the fictional sphere so that the merchandise outside of it extends rather than breaks immersion). Grosso modo the best stuff deconstructs Pepper Potts, or makes use of the Vanity Fair reporter, or both - [ profile] samdonne also wrote the hyperreal The Kids Aren't All Right, regarding which what surprises me most is that there was no official, "viral marketing" attempt at same. XD; Too much politics, perhaps.

Anyway. "Nebraska" is an unpackable suitcase about reproduction (genetic, memetic) and AI and transhumanism and... you guys know me. There is a version of Tony Stark out there in the multiverse who would inevitably stumble on the Kusanagi Motoko of "Man-Machine Interface" (in particular, rather than she of the anime adaptations or original comic), which would be hilarious on so, so many different levels.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 17: May 18 - trees and flowers, catwalk music
right click to download
listen streaming here

In which I am wobbly on the pronunciation of Roisin Murphy's name )

I'm not a huge fan tbh (can't hear much of a tune in a lot of her stuff) but this track is just badass. Badass! The backing track is strung together from vaguely recognizable samples and since it came out in January it's been remixed like 1,485 times.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 15: May 4 - Faye Wong, Sarah McLachlan, Tsuji Ayano, The Pancakes, mento (traditional Jamaican pop)
right click to download
listen streaming here

Basically I was listening to a Pancakes album Ced sent me and realized the first song was a cover of Jamaica Farewell )

Me and Obama's mom, man. I must've played the Calypso LP a gazillion times in elementary school. This was my favorite song on it. While researching this episode I learnt that "calypso" is the wrong name for this music, which somehow fails to surprise me.

Dr. Louise Bennett (folklorist, poet, musician, radio personality, activist and all-round national treasure of Jamaica) passed away in Toronto a few years back. In case you wonder why she kept cracking Canadian jokes through the live recording. XD; I don't actually know what this song is called! It rocks, though... Am I going to end up ordering shiz from Honest Jon's.

In other news Tsuji Ayano videos have RETURNED TO YTUBE HURRAH:

It's MAGICAL GIRL MONTH whereby we turn mean bikers from the path of violence via the powers of twee and song~~~ ^_^v ^_^v ^_^v

Where is this "all-ukelele Studio Ghibli tribute album" may I ask. Did it hit #1 on the Oricon.
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It's killing the daffodils as I speak! :/ At least the peonies are protected by an overhang - the shoots are like eight inches tall.

2) I don't mean like I found this randomly on Youtube, I mean it was playing on Virgin Radio at rush hour yesterday afternoon.

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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 9: March 23 - girl pop duos, Jean Ferrat
right click to download
listen streaming here

In which I fail to explain why I like tATu's Smiths cover so much )

The Paradox track (the first on their first album) is a cover of Muriel Dacq's italo disco (? she's Belgian) number, "Tropique" - I got hold of the 12" rip via Googling the songwriting credits listed on the Paradox vinyl, had a brain fart and ended up playing the English version instead of the French. But it's basically the same song.

This was my first adventure in vinyl ripping. XD;; The software at the radio station can't do better than 128kbps, though; the original is a lot punchier and you can hear how the girls are recorded wobblier than the pristine backing track. It's... a really good record, actually.

Tomorrow was going to be all-female bands, as an extension of this theme, but like the Libertines reformed or whatever so I gotta be topical. Given which:

LOL this is like the only movie I was looking forward to this spring? I discovered the awesomeness of this band a few years back (although I have no idea if I ever mentioned it here), so just FTR I'm not there to see Kristen Stewart make out with Dakota Fanning. OK maybe a little. Like 10%

(...They are srsly kind of unheard of. I tried to get ppl to come see this movie with me and they were like "who what" and I was like "we are standing in Foufounes in the middle of a crowd AIR GUITARING TO I LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL at this actual exact moment".)
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 6: March 2 - William Butler Yeats and Blixa Bargeld (...yeah idek)
right click to download
listen streaming here

Tracklisting )

No technical glitches at all! Apart from my sudden realization that I had no idea how to pronounce Einstürzenden Neubauten. This was an exercise in taking a Chinese indie band [ profile] smurfmatic had sent me and finding the shortest-path Montreal connection (they were produced by Bargeld, EN had collaborated with La La La Human Steps). I guess if I'm doing anything w/ this show it's taking these two predefined poles (Chinese music, Montreal culture) and tying them into a wider context. I don't much like it when Cpop/Jpop/Kpop is made out to be this sort of segregated thing, yanno? Tore Johansson is as much Tsuji Ayano to me as the Cardigans. ...Not that anything Blixa Bargeld's screamed on touched could be generously described as Cpop.

Though, if I'd paid more attention to what Simon was doing I'd've brought in Patrick Wolf's "The Hazelwood". YEATS DEATHMATCH. Maybe an episode of poetry set to music? Teresa Teng, "Cavaleiro monge", Ferré/Aragon goddamn.

The Velvet Underground "cover" (David Lang orchestrated the "Requiem for a Dream" theme for the Kronos Quartet) comes from this:

(watch it omgggg)
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Being that I'm two weeks behind and all. XD;

102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 5: February 23 - East Asian disco '87-'07, Olympics redux
right click to download
listen streaming here

Tracklisting )

The Terre Thaemlitz edit comes direct from the man's RA podcast, which I was listening to in the normal order of things, thinking "what is this amazing disco edit with the strings," then Faye Wong piped up and I nearly had a syncope. Meanwhile the Deng Jie Yi song is a cover of Modern Talking.

Wanted to play this but unearthing the download proved too tortuous. Maybe next time, with some L'Trimm XD though in comparison Paradox were poised and literary schoolgirls singing about existential ennui. The one who wrote the lyrics became a novelist, or did I imagine that tidbit.

Meanwhile Shimada Nami is now a RADIO DJ AND MUSIC CRITIC (specialty: jazz and soul).

Nigella had a recipe for this using two cake molds and a Barbie, and yet I did not believe.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Special of the Day (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 1: January 26 - Faye Wong, Cocteau Twins, Elisabeth Fraser
[nb this is the full show i.e. 30min Simon in Cantonese and 30min me in Mandarin]
right click to download

tracklisting )

Episode 0: January 19 - My Little Airport, Elefant Records, Igloofest
part 1
part 2

tracklisting )

Obviously this shiz is still TERRIBLE (as in, you can hear timesheets rustling and double-clicking in Winamp; as in, I will work to bring my ghetto-tastic Shanghai accent in line with received pronunciation once I have gotten over hemming and hawing for 25% of my airtime orz), but just as obviously if I had to live up to my own any standards whatsoever I'd never get anything done on the Internet. ...Also yes it's in Chinese but I'm not providing any insights into the music you won't get from Wikipedia, so. XD;

If you've never heard "Serpentskirt" with Faye Wong, rectify that immediately.

Realization I don't know what to do with: I'm bad at Twitter, obviously so, but just as obviously my best music writing of 2009 was done on 150 characters at a time.
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I am uncertain what to think
I mean it's not like it looks anything like the AE86
also it is basically a Subaru inside

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wussy indie )

Cohen covers )

Skream remixes )

Will try to do this more often, so the music posts aren't so long!
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I did attend, on the Sunday, and met [ profile] nojojojo after her panel on - why am I not surprised by this - Michael Jackson. )

Nora, this is the Wire article I mentioned (by [ profile] dubdobdee, who is currently writing furiously on both a follow-up piece and Michael Jackson). It's from '92 and I suspect OCR software was involved in getting it online, although it's perfectly readable. XD;

I also got some books signed! As in, resigned myself to lugging around Dream Hunters and my Privilege of the Sword trade paperback all day on the basis of how annoying it would be on the 1% chance I randomly crossed paths with Neil Gaiman emptyhanded, then... randomly crossed Neil Gaiman in a corridor five minutes after getting past registration ahahaha. orz It was sort of a rockstar-ly walk-and-sign. I got to talk a bit more with Ellen Kushner, though, after one of her panels. She asked me if I'd ever worked in radio. I should probably take a serious look at that one of these days.

Nora's book (which looks to be amazing) is going to be out in February. ...And there is other stuff I should talk about but I have to run to give [ profile] dipping_sauce her Battlestar Galactica pin. XD; Hey guyz post yr fave SFF-related music videos in the comments!

The '09 Hugo Awards are really awesome-looking. T_T
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So before I forget entirely, obvious spoilers )


5) The fic for the reboot is also a reboot of the fic, so to speak. It was nagging at me, and then I realized: seme/uke. Which is just like class stratification (boy is this entry sociological), in that 1) Americans don't like to cede the concept recognition, 2) but that doesn't mean they don't have it, 3) it's arguably better not to talk about it too much, 4) but to talk about it usefully, you have to run the numbers. Do you know, I've never seen anyone do this kind of simple analysis on slashfic, by pairing or by fandom. XD; I will say that when I hit a KxS story the other day I noticed it, because I'd previously read ~25 that were SxK. Bias is always possible, but I'm going down the undifferentiated public tag stream, so there is some crowdsourced consensus there. This would not be nearly as funny if it were any pairing other than, well, K/S.

6) "Teardrops On My Phaser":

The only people who get this kind of joke made about them in 2009 are Barack Obama and Taylor Swift.
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Things I accomplished yesterday: turned in business plan writeup - thanks everyone for plugging the survey! I'm going to leave it open for another couple of weeks.

Things I have accomplished today: bought sinus meds, watched Eurovision clips, edited an SSBB story.

Things that still need accomplishing: scan a 12K doujin (mustn't forget this), blog, some paid work I guess??

On the last day of the symposium they had the President of Estonia and the President of Serbia in for a panel discussion. The President of Estonia is oddly, flawlessly American - a lot of these guys were educated abroad obv but dude has the accent and vibe of a US-born academic (I think he used to work for Radio Free Europe). Not to mention reference set: "If you don't want to use Microsoft's bundled software, you can download Firefox - or use a Mac, like me! - but when it comes to natural gas distribution networks, THERE IS NO MOZILLA."

The only way that would have been funnier to me was if he had said, "When it comes to natural gas distribution networks, there is no Dreamwidth." Cos you'd be stuck with the Russians ahaha see what I did there.



I'm probably forgetting something. Is Estonia a computer nerd in Hetalia?)

wait was that political commentary


Female student: hi, I am [name] from the Ukraine, and my question--
Russian industrialist on panel: v^_^;;;v
Female student:
Female student: we can take this outside.

In other news I have great love for Patricia Kaas but that was far from her best, and far below the standard set by Sébastien Tellier and AKCHUL CLASSIC Natasha St-Pier (who is Canadian XD).
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Halfway through Season 2. The fun thing about this show is that it is clearly designed by a fan, one with opinions similar to mine re: what canons ought to accomplish for fans.* I've never watched the old series, though, so it's like reconstructing a phone conversation from the half you overhear. The Doctor Who Confidential making-ofs provide helpful historical context**, all the while referring to the target audience as "eight year olds". You'd think at this late date I'd be unsurprised at what denizens of the British Isles consider suitable fare for eight year olds. Then again, I would've hated this series when I was eight. XD;; As a child I had low tolerance for monster makeup, robots, spine-tingling suspense, or excessive jauntiness in leading men.

Anyway. I have a couple of questions: 1) I suppose we'll end up watching Torchwood too, so prefer to do it in order. How to get hold of that? 2) Those dance remixes I remember linking at one point, what happened to those. XD;;

EDIT -- Billie Piper's UK #1s! a (like Robyn the first time around, or S.E.S.) | b (Max Martin-tastic)

* For instance, if they gave me a hallowed media property to play with, I would totally Slayers Next the season finale too.

** Apparently dude from Withnail and I also played Doctor Who, which was kind of hilarious as it was apparent within a 10-second clip that the Mega Uke Vibes remained intact throughout.
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1) [ profile] hemlocke, forgot to mention I got your postcard too! Thanks~ ^^

2) For the new year, bit the bullet and changed the journal layout to one of the new "minimalism" ones. Font size ought to be easier on the eyes. It's good to have access finally to standard layout options that look like they were designed less than five years ago.

3) To my own surprise, I'm actually using my douban for its intended purpose (tracking books, movies, and music consumed), as opposed to merely lurking in the Sexy Britpop Ojisan MST Photo Archive... I think it's basically an unauthorized Goodreads code fork, but well. Friend me if you have one? XD Currently trying to get East Asian IMEs up and running on this laptop, which I've been putting off for a year.

4) La Mala Educación: for instance, I logged this in douban but forgot to include it in my last post. It's... sort of the If On A Winter's Night A Traveler of GLBT filmmaking, isn't it? XD; One thinks one has a handle on what the story is about, then it turns out to be the first chapter of something else. When the credits rolled sororial unit and I looked at each other like, okay, so did not see the last 30 minutes of that coming.

We think Enrique is hotter than Angel, though that might be the role talking. Would make the most objectionable Libsdom AU fic ever (and Subdee and I have come up with some fairly objectionable ones).

5) A Bit of a Blur: the memoirs of Alex James, bassist of Blur and 3D shoujo manga character. I promised to review this for someone and planned to do it in conjunction with the Durrell tetralogy, but that won't be for a while, so. XD; Cut because this entry is getting longish. )

Blur feat. Françoise Hardy - To The End (La Comédie): I finally have FTP again! ...You guys thought I stopped uploading due to the newfangled Twitter software didn't you. Anyway, Alex James' book is best when he discusses topics relevant to my interests, such as New Order's Reading '98 set, or being invited over to Françoise Hardy's flat and offered cheese.** I'd actually been trying to track this down since Cathy's holiday mix last year. When I first watched the PMV I was like, "Ouran High School Host Club do Last Year at Marienbad, lulz," then I realized this was in fact an awesome fic idea. Now I'm kind of obsessed with it. XD; Think I'll go score Robbe-Grillet's script from Gallimard for reference, I've seen it there.

** Basically the pinnacle of dude's existence; also Graham Coxon's. Françoise Hardy, of course, immediately decided non-fan Damon Albarn was her favoritest Blur.

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