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[ profile] pere_chan, [ profile] maeran, thanks for the lovely cards!! They are now up on my pinboard, because I could sort that much. XD
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In chronological order of deadline/disaster potential:

Trip to London: done (and awesome!)
One Week One Band: DONE (apart from straggling posts on my own Tumblr which I'm writing as I can; compilation post to come)
Christmas gift shopping: done (see - trip to London)
Client #1 presentations A, B: done
Put winter tires on car: done
Renew health card/driver's license: done
Pay rent: TODAY
Laundry and cleaning: all done by tonight! This should hold til next weekend when the major writing rush'll be over
Christmas decoration: finish on ad hoc basis this weekend (buy outdoor lights???)
Holiday party #1: December 15
Going to see The Hobbit, which needs scheduling since it's a three-hour time block: December 16

Client #2 writeup: December 17, finish this weekend for Monday review
The Singles Jukebox Amnesty Week #2: ongoing December 16-18 (try to get a head start this weekend)
OWOB theme week: December 17 (H. poss. amenable to accepting last-minute entry ~Dec 23rd), DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE THIS
Client #1 presentation C: ~December 19
Yuletide story: December 20, 8PM, NOT STARTED -- this is the horrendous stickler obv; I'll have to decide before Sunday if I'm going to default for lack of time, which I really really do not want to do
Christmas cards: NOT STARTED... ... ...hopefully everyone will be OK with getting their cards AFTER the 25th
Christmas gift wrapping: December 24, NOT STARTED
CHRISTMAS: December 24-25
Holiday party #2: December 27
Holiday party #3: December 29

I've written 12-15K this month easily, and I need to pull another ~10K or so out of my hat between now and the 20th. I should not be online, like, AT ALL right now. XD
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Thank you, [ profile] maeran, [ profile] takadainmate and [ profile] cienna, [ profile] arboretum, [ profile] bladderwrack, and [ profile] ayalesca! ♥ I have been plugging away at drabbles; I suspect at some point I will need a beta reader. XD;
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1) For Yuletide, I received Another Man's Son, which is a what-if story about how Dio met Giorno (it is awesome and chilling and involves Arrrt). YES, LADIES AND GERMS, I HAVE CAUSED MORE JOJO FIC TO EXIST. I really did, because I nominated the fandom. And the writer had some small part in it, naturally. XDD You should all go read and comment, because it is v. good indeed.

2) Feel free to guess my Yuletide story! For, uh, credit? XD A prize yet to be determined? (This applies to anyone who was not at my IRL housewarming party and remarked on my whiteboard scribbles.) I will make the game super-duper-easy: I've talked about the fandom, the post's not fallen off my DW page yet, and the story itself is an Obvious Sabina Story(tm). It was completely written and edited in 36 hours - that also covered two decent nights of sleep, a four-hour work meeting, and several loads of laundry. Yeah, I have no idea.

3) PENGUINSPOILERS ARE NUCLEAR, I am three eps behind and downloading as we speak. Will comment after I'm done, no doubt, unless of course I just flail and repost fanart on Tumblr as I've been doing all along.

Ikuhara could piss me off at the finale (and it won't be beating Utena, anyhow), but I have to say I enjoyed the process of watching an anime week-by-week, actually looking forward to the next episode, and not getting bored halfway and stopping. I think the last time that happened was Monster, literally. Since then, if I've managed to watch an anime TV series entire, it's because I marathoned it (or large stretches of it).

4) A white Christmas! I had grown resigned to us having stolen London's December, so this is extra gratifying (despite having to drive in terrible conditions today).

Cut for random updates on the state of Sabina in December )


Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:37 pm
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UPLOADED. Er, still needs editing. XD; But uploaded, and - for a certain definition - complete. New personal record for number of words written in one 24-hour period!! (Unless the last half of Proof by Contradiction broke that, but I suspect not.) I think I will take myself off to Laika in celebration.

The reveal of this one will be interesting, because by a certain point (a week ago?) I knew I could do it, and didn't actually panic at all. One of those all-too-rare lightning-in-a-bottle experiences.

...And now for Christmas card treats. XD The batch sans prompts has been sent out already, though I'd be lucky if anyone gets one before Advent.

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You know the drill, folks:

1) Comment here (DW or LJ) with your address, and I will send you a holiday card* (comments are screened). Do not assume that I'm together enough to have your address at hand even if I have been sending you mail for years upon years. XD; This offer is open to anyone on flist or droll or Tumblr follow.

2) If you append a drabble prompt for the card, for a fandom/characters we've had a conversation about in the past year, I will do my best to make it an actual DRABBLE (i.e. 100 words).**

3) You don't have to reciprocate by any means, but if you're also doing an online card exchange, or would like to send something(♥), give me the link to your signup post and I'll give you my new address (the old one still works, though, so it's not a big deal).

* They are rather expensive, but I'm very tempted by the Three Penguins card design from Indigo/Chapters. Because HA.

** Fanmixes are probably not going to happen, but I can state in advance that I'm currently trying to get my Lymond Chronicles mix finalized and on 8tracks in time for Christmas, since I pondered offering it for Yuletide and ultimately decided not to. After staring into my own naked soul in the mirror and all that. XD;
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Is this episode actually called A Christmas Carol: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE POISSON )

TRON Legacy: picture the Dude from The Big Lebowski wandering through the music video of Can't Get You Out Of My Head while dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, in IMAX 3D )

** People my age who were in the US public school system in the 80s: there was this book catalogue. What was that? It came something like biannually, and listed all the Newberys and Victorian classics. Beverly Cleary. George MacDonald. You ticked off the books that looked interesting, your parents wrote a cheque (I assume; I never saw this part), and the books just appeared after that. I don't even remember if they came to the school or the apartment. No memory of a limit on the number of books, or reading level. If I ever heard the words reading level while in elementary school it was spoken by adults above my head.
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1) Yuletide: uploaded and dusted! The AO3 software allows for edits between now and the 25th, methinks, so I'll probably give it one last go-over after a few days' distance, and add end notes. Not expecting a huge free-floating readership for this one (the Black Lagoon story was more a case of existing fanbase without much fic), but am looking forward to linking it here, as I kept telling ppl it would be the best thing I wrote all year. XD; Which it might be, but as far as fiction goes the choice is between this and the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover, so yeah.

It won't be hard to guess... that's an understatement. It'll be hilariously obvious as per the usual.

2) Holiday postcards: all sent! Drabbles will have to wait, though, as the time situation is desperate (WHAT ELSE IS NEW except, well, I was expecting Work to die down like most sensible offices and it has not, quite the opposite) and I would rather ppl actually got cards sometime in December. Have started receiving them too: [personal profile] bladderwrack, yours came yesterday~

3) Christmas mixtape: here you go bbs

With thanks to [personal profile] acchikocchi who saved me from having to dig through old external hard drives. "15 tracks including Saint Etienne rarities, indie covers of Darlene Love, romantic J-pop about snow, and a Santa hat pastede on Julian Casablancas' moppy head."
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Hoping to keep it up. XD; Once I get home I should:
  • Vacuum the staircases
  • Write my holiday postcards (signup still open here! I just want to get the first batch out)
  • Write my marketing and fund development proposals for the radio station
  • Prepare my radio show a day in advance? Could it be?!?
  • Make my origfic writing group entry, which is late again by a weekend
  • Oh yeah and maybe draft a bit of Yuletide or something
...Have dinner?

I have had some Christmas mail already. That includes the Saint Etienne Christmas album which I bought on a clickthrough whim but is so totally worth it. Didn't ask for the Christmas card, though, it seemed a little weird. Though not much more than doing an open flist card exchange, when you get down to it... maybe if there had been an option to reciprocate. XD;

The new Sistol album is really good. Less frills than the latter-day Luomo stuff (and I never totally got onboard with the Vladislav Delay moniker, so). I am excitedly iTuning the remixes although the three releases are under three separate artist names, LOL Sasu good job breaking the database. ...Oh yeah and I bought myself an iPod Touch during Black Friday online sales, so I am listening to music again XD. Not that I completely stopped, because I had this USB drag-and-drop $30 Philips doohickey (still probably best option for the gym), but it was a mucho bare-bones experience.

APPS WHAT I HAVE INSTALLED (other than what is already there)
  • Evernote
  • Foursquare
  • iBooks (you know what is really popular in iBooks? Out-of-copyright true crime tales)
  • The Economist (free version)
  • iJewels
  • 4000 Household Recipes (in Chinese, but very highly recommended)
Considering: Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper
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You should all know the drill by now: comments are screened, leave name and address to get a Christmas card from Maison Petronia. ♥ (In fact it's likely to be a postcard of a traditional Japanese or Chinese painting.) To take a chance on the slim likelihood of a drabble-onna-card, leave a prompt as well. XD However - sadly - there won't be any mix CDs this year, because my music collection has been semi-inaccessible for some time. I'll be buying a new computer soonish; that and a terabyte external drive should allow me to rationalize it. But that's a post-Yuletide project, and right now I don't even have an iPod.

It's relatively early in the season and I haven't seen any card posts go up, but if you have one, point me? Family will be off in various different countries this December, and T. is no longer in Montreal, so I'll be more reliant than usual on cards and alternative celebrations.
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[ profile] tarigwaemir, [ profile] motorbike, your cards arrived - and that is today. XD; Nat, I'm going to figure out a way to pin your flower cookies on my bag. T_T

Avatar: this I have to hand to James Cameron: he made a three-hour movie of which every single second is predictable - not to mention eyeroll-inducing** - but that doesn't feel three hours long. Not easy, folks. I went to IMAX 3D for the eyecandy, even though eyecandy rarely saves a movie for me, and was not disappointed. What it reminded me of was Final Fantasy XII, actually. XD; Monster design, area design, everything. Three hours in the Golmore Jungle with occasional excursions onto the Ozmone Plain and wherever the frick Brujerba floated off from, in IMAX 3D and more granular by two orders of magnitude. Zoe Saldana plays Fran in shades of blue.

Now that Weta has all this fantasy dragon soulbond CG experience, a Temeraire movie ought to be a stroll in the park... right? Ahaha.

** I can't get offended, I find, because the offensive aspects (and the rest) are so last century. Heck, even the wafer-thin digital gloss is entirely 1990s (upload yr consciousness to the collective ether homg!!1!). No doubt the Internet would disabuse me of this notion if I allowed it, but I feel like even ppl who turn their brains off like their cellphones would register the script as "clich├ęd" if not "problematic". Only when the cringe shifts from the moral realm into the taste realm can we all move on, remember, cos those who don't give a shit what's right do give a shit what's cool.


Jan. 5th, 2010 02:43 am
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Thien, Val - thanks for your cards!! They'd arrived before New Year's, actually, I've just been very remiss. ♥

I've been uploading fics to my AO3 account, starting with those that for one reason or another were never archived elsewhere and have otherwise disappeared down the tubes of my LJ. So check out the link, who knows. XD; It's taking me a lot longer than it should because I keep stopping to read stuff I'd totally forgotten about. Remember "Trapped In The Closet" with Rukia as R. Kelly? Neither did I!

(There's one more biggie to go - 20 Facts About Yumichika, out of Bleach, which I never posted properly at all. Not that it's complete... maybe I should change it to one of those Five Times He Did And One Time He Didn't structures.)

The tagging/organizational system works excellently, but the real killer app here is the uploader, which does a beautiful job of cleaning up copy-paste from Word and HTML. (It doesn't like to centre my apostrophe dividers, but nothing a bit of coding can't fix.)

Doing this makes me think that a real Decade's Top Music list from me would have to take into account the tracks I write from. Just going down the list of the fourteen pieces I've uploaded, for instance: asterisks indicate songs actually from the past decade )

Just a different view, I guess.
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Because a year-end list will not make the house smell like rum butter and orange blossom water, and therefore can wait until tomorrow. XD

Gotta finish cleaning and hie myself off to T's! Best wishes for 2010, loves; this is where the 21st century really kicks off.
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We watched the Doctor Who Christmas special... from two years ago, shut up we're getting there. XD;; [ profile] helvetius, your discs are the holiday gift that keeps on giving. Now that sororial unit is off we may make it through the fourth season by decade's end, and then I can actually READ SERIES DISCUSSIONS ON THE INTERNETS oh joy oh wonders, oh no wait there's more to download isn't there. orz

The s3 ending arc before that, which was kind of \o_O/. And then I had to imdb to figure out where I'd seen the dude before (sororial unit didn't know, normally with UK TV she's like "oh that one's been in Harry Potter, she played whatserface in season one of Rome, and I think I saw the other on Buzzcocks"). EDIT - re this thread, I'm still waiting for my onsen special dammit.

Holiday foodery roundup, because I know I will be looking for it next year: cake pan gingerbread thing )

bacon and mushroom stuffing )

I also bought, get this, stuff for making mince pies? XD;;; It's [ profile] incandescens talking about it every year, I've gone around the bend.

Lauren, Cindy, your card and postcard arrived (several days ago, I've been neglectful XD;). Thank you! ♥
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I have never done this before! I'm finding it quite exciting. If anything is not quite in the expected format that would be why. IMO I've erred on the side of precision in the requests and here, because it's better to have too precise than too vague a starting point, but you can throw all that out the window if you want. XD I would much rather know that you had fun writing whatever it is, you're a doll for getting me something to begin with.

You can probably get a pretty good sense of who I am and what I like by nosing about on my LJ and following the tags. XD; Or, more specific links if you prefer to cut to the chase )

My requests, the expanded version )

Thank you so much and I guarantee that I will be by to gush embarrassingly over your personal LJ no matter what happens. XD
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Today's not!Advent thingy. Requested by [ profile] woodburner back in, I believe, 2007; better two years late than never. XD;; I originally had some Japanese paper with which I meant to make origami packaging for the CD, so here is a digital version of sorts.

Mononoke: The Fan Soundtrack

Fuka Vincente - Tempura Soul
David Bowie - Beauty and the Beast
Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (Familjen Remix)
Laika - Black Cat Bone
DJ Krush with Shinichi Kinoshita - Beyond Raging Waves
Gorillaz - Ghost Train
Nick Cave - O Children
Florence + The Machine - Blinding
Hajime Chitose - Kono machi

Total Time: 40 minutes

Keepin' it short: one track per story arc, roughly, plus the Medicine Seller, plus Kayo, plus intro - but in listening rather than chronological order. (Who knows what the chronological order of the arcs is anyway?) It is all about funky shamisen cutz~♥ I'm pretty sure the one was off [ profile] moebius_rex and the other from [ profile] jantalaimon, even after all this time.
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Aka That One Viewfinder Fic. First bit in a twelve days' thing or whatever XD; (the actual Twelve Days of Christmas are after Christmas, but that never seems right to me psychologically). I've been posting this to [ profile] yamane_ayano, backdated in order not to bother the flist overly (some ppl have seen the first chapters several times over the years), but this is the compilation post. Thanks again to [ profile] sub_divided and [ profile] marej, who did the most to make this happen.

Chapters: Parts I-II | Parts III-IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII

Author's Notes )


Dec. 7th, 2009 04:17 pm
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Snowflakes on my profile page! (...Snowflake cookies?) Thanks so much everyone. ^_^ I'll have to figure out how to send them.
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Have begged off extensive Guy Fawkes celebrations (yes I know am in North America don't ask) in order to write.** I'm going to do Yuletide! This is less momentous than it seems as I suspect no one on my flist will care much about/for the stuff I am offering or requesting. Erm although I'm gonna offer for 24 Hour Party People for sheer ROFTLCOPTER value, just to see if I will actually be asked to write horrifying Tony Wilson/Rob Gretton slash.***

It's kind of nuts how many of these are for canons by people I know, though! You are all so talented, fuck, you are The Next Wave(tm). Next year someone should nom effing Captive Prince.

** And also because I'm just not physically up for it orz

*** What is more likely to happen is that I will be stumped by a request along the lines of "Joy Division ensemble crack comedy"++ (tho actually that would be doable as Sumner and Hook would hold down the lulz fort).

++ "[ profile] jantalaimon, IS THAT YOU?!?"
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1) Cards: Nat, Hana, Cindy - thank you! They all arrived after Christmas as Canada Post outdid itself this year. XD Before the 25th we had three altogether, by the 1st we had two dozen.

2) SSBB: issue 17 is up, but you know that already. There's not a duff story in the lot as far as I'm concerned (and it may well be the first time I'm saying this). Next up: the design brief, which is rapidly turning into a shotgun marriage of aesthetic manifesto and aggrieved outpouring. XD; Clarity! Clarity and concision!

3) Resolutions: I never do them, but this year I have one: to write at least 100 words a day for myself - not for school, and not for work. I really mean fiction, but I may have to include LJ and SSBB as well, to make the count. I'm behind already. XD; Insofar as anything's postable it will go up on carnet.

4) Consumerism: spent a bunch of money over the holidays, mostly on food and entertainment. Realized however that I have no excuse to buy clothes downtown anymore, as my neighbourhood has gradually turned into discounter/factory outlet central ever since the Wal-Mart opened... Picked up a pair of knee-high boots for $30, and some gorgeous little tweed jackets for $15-$25 each. The problem is I keep making halfhearted efforts to dress like a grown-up businessperson but end up looking like an indieboi (largely because I treat "business" "shoes" for "women" as the joke they are).

5) Karaoke: went out with J. from school and a Japanese friend of his now residing in TO. Knew J. was a karaoke enthusiast but there's a distance between that and "could audition for American Idol without staining the family honour". I have never been to karaoke with someone who could harmonize off-the-cuff. Tried to sing "Coffee & TV". How hard could it possibly be? Answer: REALLY FREAKING HARD. My best vocal impression is still Karen Carpenter.

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