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I admit, I stopped reading the comm: which is how I only learnt a few days ago that the frumious Cumberbatch is meant to be Smaug in The Hobbit. Either the reading w/ Martin Freeman went off a storm to absolutely no one's surprise, or Peter Jackson has reached the "acutely hilarious stunt casting" stage of proceedings. I keep trying to picture this, and it keeps throwing me into Temeraire-verse. Finally, a sensible reason for Mycroft to meet John in a hangar!

This one is for the Dunnett fans: you know who is supposedly descended from the Lords of Buccleuch? Nick Carraway out of The Great Gatsby. I have no theories. Then again, so was Sir Walter Scott... for that matter, the Lords of Buccleuch are no-jokes going strong TO THIS ACTUAL DAY. Not only is Buccleuch a Duchy, it's a real estate holding company.
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(1/3 way through Queen's Play)

I have been at the Googles, without much success, because I'm convinced someone else must have at some point created an RP character sheet (any system) for Lymond. As in, someone who is experienced at such things, who is not me. I've gone through D&D character creation twice, and by the second time I'd forgotten everything I'd learnt from the first. Also, I don't mean like seriously, because no one would let you roll a character like that. I mean for the lulz. IDK DUDES MAYBE HE IS ~ACTUALLY~ A BARD

In other news--

Doctor Who S6: wait, so we've all decided we don't like S5 now? XD; Though I enjoyed this a lot more than the early S5 eps, in some immediate yet unpinnable way. I think (despite Moffat's best efforts to make it all about Plot) the characters have developed ongoing relational complexity/glue with each other, and that gives the actors ground to build on. I'm more relaxed when I feel like I'm watching people.

I'm much more intimidated by Eleven going off than Ten going off. With Ten you're afraid he'll crack, with attendant consequences for the universe. With Eleven I am convinced he will break me if I piss him off enough, straight up no lie. I'm also incapable of seeing him as "young".

You know who you are and to what this refers: the word you want is probably "mannula". Mannula maga. The original is farked, which is absolutely not surprising, even traditional. It ought to be "puella maga" in the singular, "puellae magae" in the plural.
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Someone on the kink meme wanted Moriarty and Moran to "Opportunities," and once I stopped laughing... sometimes it's just very hard to stop my brain from going the whole nine yards.

Basically, right, it's Mamma Mia except with Pet Shop Boys songs, and horrible perversion of Conan Doyle in lieu of original plot. High concept, low execution, as Jerry Bruckheimer might have it. I've drawn up a table, and thus far Mycroft is making out like a bandit with "Integral" and "Love Comes Quickly" (, there is a plan). Irene Adler has been assigned "Rent". There's definitely a whiff of the political here.
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There're like 1300 comments on this thing

It's been a week!
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LOLOL what is this genius

I have never seen such a collection of hipster eyebrow moue choices in an avatar maker. Or one that actually features my clothes from two years ago.
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Via [ profile] xparrot:, seriously?

I really have no clever commentary to add to this. No, wait: I'm surprised it wasn't Merlin first. But I suppose I've neglected to trawl YTube for clips of the Japanese dub of Supernatural.
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For those of you who do not follow HIGH FASHION:

I'd like to get hold of the movie John Galliano seems to have watched in lieu of what played in theatres: Sherlock Holmes Wrestling South China Sea Pirates In A Tub Of Jello. OTOH there were, like, ten dudes looking classy in actual normal suits there, and only a couple of them were wearing their underwear on the outside.

...Okay, non-facetiously, that was a pretty good Galliano outing, goddamn.


DOCTOR'S COMPANIONS (to be updated):

Jo: would've hated her ten years ago, now I'm like lol
Sarah Jane: awesome
Brigadier: so has the Doctor clocked
Romana: ♥
Adric: omg y so annoyin
Nyssa: would've liked her better ten years ago, she seems prim and 15
Tegan: inexplicable burning love
Turlough: insufficient data
Grace: sorry can't get over the BAD MEDICINE

Three is like the older European dude who takes you to expensive restaurants and obviously does not think of you as a daughter but would never actually make a move or anything; Five is like the science day camp counsellor you had when you were 9 that all the tweenies crushed on. =_=
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And it is hilarious because

We are actually in this anime series you guys.


Nov. 17th, 2009 12:16 am
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1) DAMON ALBARN NEVER GOES AWAY WATCH: word on the street is that Alan Moore is writing the libretto to the next... whatever thing... Gorillaz is doing (this is a genuine surprise as my money was firmly on Neil Gaiman). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY let's start a pool on how long until someone gets punched in the face

2) HEDI SLIMANE NOT DESIGNING CLOTHES WATCH: is responsible for the cover shoot of The Fame Monster, lmfao I think this may be the actual exact moment Gaga transcends and Hedi jumps the shark(?) like a baton passed in relay. However I'm all like this at the final product because that. Is. Not. Helvetica. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY the distinctive aftertaste of Lady Gaga's characteristic brand of halfassery argh/sigh
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Have begged off extensive Guy Fawkes celebrations (yes I know am in North America don't ask) in order to write.** I'm going to do Yuletide! This is less momentous than it seems as I suspect no one on my flist will care much about/for the stuff I am offering or requesting. Erm although I'm gonna offer for 24 Hour Party People for sheer ROFTLCOPTER value, just to see if I will actually be asked to write horrifying Tony Wilson/Rob Gretton slash.***

It's kind of nuts how many of these are for canons by people I know, though! You are all so talented, fuck, you are The Next Wave(tm). Next year someone should nom effing Captive Prince.

** And also because I'm just not physically up for it orz

*** What is more likely to happen is that I will be stumped by a request along the lines of "Joy Division ensemble crack comedy"++ (tho actually that would be doable as Sumner and Hook would hold down the lulz fort).

++ "[ profile] jantalaimon, IS THAT YOU?!?"
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1) [ profile] sanadamannequin (via [ profile] youkofujima)

2) Gackpoid (via [ profile] nemissa). Fifteen minutes ago I had been blissfully unaware of such a thing as "vocaloids", let alone the fact that Miura Kentarou wastes too much of his life on niconico. Has William Gibson ever been wrong? Ever? BTW [ profile] dipping_sauce suggests we all pitch in to get Stephen Hawking one of these.

3) Did you know L'Histoire de Melody Nelson had music videos? NEITHER DID I. )

My thoughts:
  1. Jane Birkin CANNOT DANCE, however I dig the white flares.
  2. If there were a French vocaloid hack, we could program it to sing "Lemon Incest". LOLOL going to hell kthxbye orz
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The other day I was watching the BBC footage of Jay-Z at Glastonbury when it occurred to me that the place would make a great setting for a zombie movie. Wouldn't it?? FANTASIA BLURB TREATMENT: a Wiccan ritual gone awry causes a disturbance in the ley lines running under the Eavis farm, but with all the excitement surrounding the music festival, the fatal imbalance goes unnoticed until a young girl collapses of alcohol poisoning - only to resurrect as the ravening indie undead! Soon the tents are overrun by an army of zombie hipsters, shambling dazedly through the mud in their rain boots [Ed.- how can you tell?!]. Of course, the only way to lay the forces of darkness to rest is to ROCK OUT, using the mystical guitar pick handed down by Joe Strummer on his death bed for this very foreseen purpose... a pick so powerful, the sonic wave it generates instantly causes ZOMBIE HEADS TO EXPLODE...

My impression being you wouldn't even need a CG budget, by the end of the festival everyone will look ghastly enough as is. And you can rope in celebrities for zombification purposes. Peeps like Lily Allen or Arctic Monkeys would probably jump at the chance. Also, whenever somebody in the media speculates about a Libertines reunion I always think, "Not until some calamity occurs - LIKE IF ZOMBIES INVADED ENGLAND," while picturing this perfectly serious fic scenario a la 28 Days Later. A drug addiction handicap would make a good twist/metaphor on the usual survival horror tactics as well, come to think of it (wasn't there the one Japanese console game), but I like the Wild Zero-esque take better. XD; Pitched it to G today and he said it's been done. It does seem as if someone should've come up with it before; I'm not even much of an aficionado of the genre.


Tonight was my first Fantasia screening of the festival; it was not a zombie horror movie. Rather it was a Takashi Miike flick called Sukiyaki Western Django (AFAICT the Bebop/Champloo nod is entirely intentional), which is basically a conflation of Heike Monogatari and A Fistful of Dollars. Think of it as being to Miike what Ada is to Nabokov, only instead of North America = Russia, Japan = Nevada. XD;; The director in shiny crowd-pleaser mode. My favorite part was when Kiyomori decided he was going to be Henry VI instead as [sentence completion left as an exercise for the reader]. And Quentin Tarentino's best line, which was quite the extended setup.

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My life started to make a tiny bit more sense five minutes ago when I realized The Last Shadow Puppets are basically the UK indie version of Shuji to Akira. Aren't they??? Even with the part about the side formation weirdly coming out and selling loads months before the proper main group?

...Okay yeah back to SSBB. orz
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1) I read the latest TRC spoilers since I figured I'd never manage to catch up on the manga before the grace period expires anyway, and now I am DYING. CLAMP YOU SPAZZES WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOINGGGG XD XD XD

2) One peculiar side-effect of Libs fandom is that people (RL people, that is, or online people who may as well be RL) feel impelled to keep me in the loop re: happenings in Pete Doherty's life. Like if he's in jail, out of jail, on the front page of Youtube, frolicking through fields of bluebells, that sort of thing. It's... kind of heartwarming? I mean, I know, hence being in the fandom, but the thought, etc. XD

The manager of Babyshambles ought to write a best-practices handbook on Dealing With Batshit Fandom and send a copy to LJ's customer relations management team (that is, assuming LJ actually has a CRM team and not just LIES). It's rather inspiring to watch competence in action.

3) Sororial unit returneth tomorrow in good spirits, having fulfilled her mission of getting glomped** by Carl BarĂ¢t. Man, I remember when I used to go the extra mile for fandom, now I'm way too lazy.

4) This (linking [ profile] ladysisyphus's post for context).

5) I hope at least some of you people knew Tada Yumi does My Chemical Romance doujinshi.

** Somehow I managed to get this far before I figured out the right word for it
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Most hilarious case study to date. Please tell me there is a manga version of this, and I don't mean a stodgy seinen business manga but proper high-tension shounen crack. Honda Souichirou = 1x TOTAL PSYCHO WTFFF.

Honda x Fujisawa OTP

One more for the road. )
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Latter-day British indie is screwing me upside the head; I need to get back to the endless accelerating future / dilated present of techno where I can exist in comfort without having to think about Baudrillard all the time. Somewhere along the line I developed an over-sensitivity to this crap, like when YTubers upload concert vids in black and white to be artsy I start scanning the scene for signs it wasn't filmed in the 1960s and when I CANNOT FIND THEM, AT ALL I get twitchy. And then the view pulls back and there's this sea of CAMERAPHONES and my brain goes DINGDINGDING YOU HAVE ENTERED THE REALM OF THIRD-ORDER SIMULACRA. Hyperreality headache. You'd think anime fandom would provide some form of immunity.

At some point I have got to write up my fandom adventures of the past three weeks. Right now it's sororial unit taking the brunt of my flailing eloquence for the first time in years. XD; It's more like going down the rabbit hole than ever, if only because I normally ignore stuff like vids or fileshares or macros and stick to the fic (and some meta). But... actually WTF, all you peeps have either just come off JE or gone into bandslash anyway, you know what I mean. XD; Fantasy of information exclusivity etc. Plus WE CAN ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC, how awesome is that. I actually can't be bothered with anything other than YTube and the Hype Machine but my sister's blagged her way into download forums and closed fic comms and is (she says) currently torrenting Pete Doherty's harddrive off Mininova (just think; this dude is doing well with maintaining a semblance of rock star mystique in the 21st century). P.S. that buy-your-favorite-artist-a-pint remuneration model we were talking about earlier? That sort of falls down if your favorite artist is an alcoholic/cokehead/whatever. But probably Britney fans are taking a break from Britney at the mome being as it's the best one can do for her.

School-wise I keep getting B-pluses, which pisses me off despite the fact that I'm probably putting in B-plus efforts on a lot of my individual work. I guess I'll never fully lose the expectation that B-plus efforts ought to garner me As (a good argument for aca-streaming yr high-achiever kids early and hard).

P.S. Nana II mix!
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I had some emocrap content in this window, as a result of the serotonin crash I experienced from not actually having to run around doing 10,000,000 things every day, but I feel much better now so I'm glad I didn't post it last night. XD Though this may have something to do with the fact that I bought a bottle of this bright pink stuff called "rosso amaro" which is a sort of Italian herbal bitters, and have been drinking it halved with gin or sambuca all night. This is hardcore, dudes: when the regular flavours of booze begin to strike one as boring, or one is alone and need to pace oneself by making the drink as disgusting as possible. I still suspect this is part of the rationale behind absinthe.

(Actually, the real problem is that the end result is too sweet. XD;; Gin is sweet, and sambuca is sweet, so.)

1) Re: the CD mixes - [ profile] akatonbo, could you let me know how many tracks there are on the CD and what the times are? XD;; I don't want to upload something that doesn't correspond to what I burned for you. [ profile] sesame_seed, finish listening! *wheedles*

2, 3 - real life stuff. )


4) Sweeney Todd: one of those times where I'd heard of the thing itself but had basically no idea what the story was. I suppose I expected what it is one expects out of a Tim Burton movie that contains Johnny Depp. I was highly amused, and unfortunately went into it hungry (I say unfortunately because nothing puts me off the sight of food when I'm hungry XD;;). Minor cut for minor discussion. )

5) Capote: possibly the first movie I've ever seen that said something about writing that I felt was relevant, and that I could relate to, even if it was disturbing. I mean, there're plenty of movies where the characters are writers, but they're usually about shagging and not about what the job entails, amirite. Granted it's a terrible, uphill topic for film to take on in the first place (and not that much better a topic for books). I am also gobsmacked that Harper Lee was a character in this. TRUMAN CAPOTE AND HARPER LEE, CHILDHOOD FRIENDS AND INTREPID REPORTERS. It's like a superhero comic.

6) I didn't mean to post Pete Doherty videos three times in a row, wtf, but this is too effed up not to link:

Stalking Pete Doherty part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Sororial unit was too creeped out to watch it, so of course I did. XD Basically it's a Kon Satoshi movie. Perfect Blue, British indie version - though given that it's a documentary, it feels like it's being told from the wrong narrative standpoint. Kon Satoshi would've been like INEXPLICABLE TIME LAPSES and HALLUCINATION SMEARING INTO REALITY (unlike many of his characters, Pete Doherty comes with a perfectly good excuse). Also, Kon Satoshi would've made it about Amy Winehouse.

7) And now for the one thing you never knew was missing from your life: Morrissey on Jonathan Ross part 1 | part 2
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Why come up with original content when one can meme? XDD

Comment here and ask me ANYTHING about any fandom I'm involved in/have been involved in. Controversial or innocent, silly or serious, ask and you'll get my honest opinion on the subject [to the best of my knowledge/ability].

General fandom questions are also allowed, but nothing about actual people IN fandom, please.
Well, you can ask, but I might ask you to take it to chat or something. XD


Give me two characters from different fandoms you know I'm familiar with, and I'll give you a dialogue happening between the two of them. Without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worlds clashed, or how they could even meet each other. Just a silly crossover conversation with no backstory, for fun.

In other news, guess when my Finance mid-term (25% of final grade) is? Award yourself a cookie if your answer was, on the day of the SSBB submission deadline. With an Organizational Behaviour case study (30%) to hand in the day before, and an Operations Management assignment (10%) the day after. It looks like the majority of stories will come in just under the wire, and there probably aren't enough beta readers to go around. DOOMY FEELINGS. XD
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Peer-pressured into reading Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't - and I've gotta say, this book brings some real insights to the table regarding the success of the Seishun Gakuen junior high tennis team. (Suspect one could write a pretty good mgmt how-to book using only examples from Prince of Tennis. SHOUNEN JUMP: JAPAN INC.'S SECRET WEAPON???? ...Actually we knew that, didn't we.)

Sent out a bunch of holiday mail today. Most of you are going to get cards - in a lot of cases because it takes me geological eons to produce a mixtape or an FST, so I figured I'd send something while it was still seasonal. XD; Also I got ambitious and started doing this origami thing uhh well in any case you'll know when you see it. CDs went out to: [ profile] beeblebabe, [ profile] akatonbo, [ profile] calintz, [ profile] canis_m, and [ profile] bladderwrack. There'll be another batch Monday or Tuesday.

The way it works is, there's no tracklisting in the package. XD So you get it, listen to it first without knowing what the songs are going to be, then let me know and I'll post the tracklisting here - along with the mp3s for mass consumption.

In other news (and to take a page from [ profile] marej's book), the Internet as a whole is fired for not informing me that there's a Pantha Du Prince remix of Depeche Mode.

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