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1) So that was quite the snowstorm, even for Montreal! Thank goodness for telework. Let's all of us in affected areas take a moment to experience my favorite (no irony) thing about winter, namely the dazzling white ski-slope light that reflects off the city on a blue-skied day after a snowstorm. Pure brightness without heat. There's nothing quite like it.

2) I feel like I should mention somewhere and at some point that I finally read Nana vol.21. XD;; Avoidant, moi, never. The state of Yazawa Ai's health is worrying - I mean, it's been two years - but there's something blackly funny/appropriate about the fact that the story screeched to a stop here. Life imitating art... I'd calculated according to the clues given previous to *heavily telegraphed spoiler* that the flash-forwards were taking place in mid to late 2008, and this volume puts it forward by a year or two. And she must've planned that!

3) Games, LJ? Seriously?


Have been amused at this with Charmian over on DW. Check that crossover point!


Dec. 7th, 2009 04:17 pm
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Snowflakes on my profile page! (...Snowflake cookies?) Thanks so much everyone. ^_^ I'll have to figure out how to send them.
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1) [ profile] hemlocke, forgot to mention I got your postcard too! Thanks~ ^^

2) For the new year, bit the bullet and changed the journal layout to one of the new "minimalism" ones. Font size ought to be easier on the eyes. It's good to have access finally to standard layout options that look like they were designed less than five years ago.

3) To my own surprise, I'm actually using my douban for its intended purpose (tracking books, movies, and music consumed), as opposed to merely lurking in the Sexy Britpop Ojisan MST Photo Archive... I think it's basically an unauthorized Goodreads code fork, but well. Friend me if you have one? XD Currently trying to get East Asian IMEs up and running on this laptop, which I've been putting off for a year.

4) La Mala Educación: for instance, I logged this in douban but forgot to include it in my last post. It's... sort of the If On A Winter's Night A Traveler of GLBT filmmaking, isn't it? XD; One thinks one has a handle on what the story is about, then it turns out to be the first chapter of something else. When the credits rolled sororial unit and I looked at each other like, okay, so did not see the last 30 minutes of that coming.

We think Enrique is hotter than Angel, though that might be the role talking. Would make the most objectionable Libsdom AU fic ever (and Subdee and I have come up with some fairly objectionable ones).

5) A Bit of a Blur: the memoirs of Alex James, bassist of Blur and 3D shoujo manga character. I promised to review this for someone and planned to do it in conjunction with the Durrell tetralogy, but that won't be for a while, so. XD; Cut because this entry is getting longish. )

Blur feat. Françoise Hardy - To The End (La Comédie): I finally have FTP again! ...You guys thought I stopped uploading due to the newfangled Twitter software didn't you. Anyway, Alex James' book is best when he discusses topics relevant to my interests, such as New Order's Reading '98 set, or being invited over to Françoise Hardy's flat and offered cheese.** I'd actually been trying to track this down since Cathy's holiday mix last year. When I first watched the PMV I was like, "Ouran High School Host Club do Last Year at Marienbad, lulz," then I realized this was in fact an awesome fic idea. Now I'm kind of obsessed with it. XD; Think I'll go score Robbe-Grillet's script from Gallimard for reference, I've seen it there.

** Basically the pinnacle of dude's existence; also Graham Coxon's. Françoise Hardy, of course, immediately decided non-fan Damon Albarn was her favoritest Blur.

Okay, guys

Feb. 12th, 2008 05:48 pm
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The thing with that last thing, near as I can figure it, is that it compiles only the first 10,000 comments starting with the first post, not the most recent. So the past three years or so are a wash. ^^; I guess it wasn't particularly helpful in any way.


As a completely unrelated (but similarly unhelpful) observation: WTF WAS IT INT'L SET FIRE TO LANDMARKS WEEK.
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Okay, I finally made it--

[ profile] getbacksubrosa

--not very imaginative, but well. XD Signup post is here. I simplified the rules somewhat, since I never guess anyway, so it doesn't matter if I know who's sending what from which email account.

People who said you'd join - please do join! XD I'll post a notice at [ profile] getbackers tomorrow.

Epic videos

Oct. 4th, 2007 12:03 am
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I'm supposed to be studying for my stats midterm, but you know. XD

Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me": linked on this thread of [ profile] worldserpent's, wherein I gripe pathetically that it was not the [ profile] albion_fic/[ profile] slacken_ties generation that got "mainstream" media slash fandom interested in bandslash. XD; Though then I went home** and thought about it some more, and now figure it might have something to do with... wholesomeness? Maybe? Approachability? That's the constant factor, from the original popslash to JE to the MCR-gen bandslash (I don't really draw a line between the Western and Asian variants when I think about them, though they don't seem to intersect on my flist). Libs fandom was always going to be better in theory than in practice, because in practice the Pete'n'Carl saga appealed to uhh segments of the fangirl population unlikely to write with rigour. And indie-ists have a quality of intimidation, like they're two steps ahead of your lit-theory-based self-justifications. Alex Kapranos most certainly is. XD;

(With respect to Patrick Wolf I figured it out mere days after that comment, in accordance with the subreality principle Charmian always invokes. It came to me without warning--

--Neil Gaiman. DESHOU.

*is sporked by [ profile] helvetius*)

I know someone who used to write fanfic about Blur. It's an odd way of framing things mentally: while reading Phonogram I thought, what if Livejournal had existed in Richey Edwards' time. In Ziggy Stardust's time? Everyone still fresh from the Monkees fandom and everything.

Back to the music - Cis is right, My Chemical Romance's cover of "Umbrella" is definitive, a proper release is urgent+key. That video is a wretched tease btw because the whole point is you are waiting for the guitars to DROP LIKE VICTORIA FALLS. I never believed in "Umbrella" as R&B anyhow. XD Even when I listen to the original I keep expecting massive guitars on the chorus, a la Kelly Clarkson, and I'm not in the habit of hoping songs will sound more like Kelly Clarkson. (Or the Cranberries, because isn't that the "ella, ella, eh, eh" bit when you get down to it?)

EDIT -- I should mention that the Fall Out Boy video contains vampires; not a spoiler I think. TEARS. TEARS IN MY EYES.

New Order - Crystal: famously fulfilled its own prophecy by inspiring The Killers to existence (who promptly turned around and rendered homage with "Somebody Told Me"). The joke only gets funnier as time goes by - I ARE SERIOUS VIDEO delivery and all. To put it into perspective, the "Crystal" single came out in mid-2001. No one'd heard of Franz Ferdinand or Interpol or The Rapture or even The Strokes. Hedi Slimane had just begun designing skinny suits for Dior. "Haircut indie" didn't exist as a concept, which apparently wasn't enough to stop New Order from parodying the future.

(Which sounds like New Order. XD Believably, what with Barney Sumner's ageless voice.)

New Order - Krafty: one of my impossible writing goals is to recreate with prose the effect of the camerawork in this PMV (which IMO is one of the most beautiful extant).

Lucky Star does Initial D: I think this just sold me on the series.

** Metaphorically, I was sitting at the kitchen table.
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(I was going to write about Daft Punk, but I figure I'll do that tomorrow when I'm rested.)

Very long, and free of useful or informative links. )

[1] Not a joke.

[2] Which I actually agree with, because that's how the world works. I mean, name three books you read as a preteen that would so, so not have been in any kind of all-ages lending library if their content was portrayed as-is in images, still or moving.

[3] Of course, before I'd shut down the zine, I'd move the zine (which is fully backed up). And I wouldn't move the zine on principle alone, because that shit takes effort. *g* All the existing LJ clones are subject to the same potential issues, besides.

[4] Because I believe this is stupid. I don't care if it's unwise not to; it's stupid. I have an entire chatlog of me ranting at Erin that I might ask her permission to post, but it essentially boils down to kids are better at self-censoring than adults are at censoring them, and BTW DOES NO ONE REMEMBER ACTUALLY BEING TWELVE.


Jul. 21st, 2007 12:39 pm
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Everyone is talking about HP7, I haven't read it, and yes people the stuff you don't really think is spoilery actually is spoilery, taking the wider meaning of spoiler as "information that causes one to read/watch with expectations instead of without expectations". So I'm getting off the internets. XD I don't have much time to be on the internets anyway!

You'll hear from me in the parallel universe of SSBB, though.
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Cut for description of minor injury. )

Two weeks ago I also skinned my knee lightly falling down on the sidewalk for no reason; très sixth grade chic. Though my major ailment right now is a nagging cough that started just before MUTEK i.e. by the standards of my respiratory system has just begun to malinger. Also, hay fever. It's going to be one of those Mysterious Allergy(tm) years.

ONWARD TO BRIGHTER TOPICS: Saint Laurent street fair started yesterday but it was sororial unit's CEGEP convocation and tonight is Ced's documentary shindig, so I won't be able to go until Saturday. Here's hoping for more 1$ CD singles and 5$ sundresses. XD

Speaking of Marianopolis convocation. )

We've started to toss around the idea of having a Marianopolis Ten-Year Bash (this would be 2009), though saints alone know not everyone is still speaking to each other ahaha. My ten-year mark in online fandom is... this September, come to think of it.[2] X-Files, VampChron, Wheel of Time. *dies* HEY GUYS LET'S THROW ME A PARTY?

Or maybe I should wait for the ten-year anniversary of By The North Sea which is the first fic I wrote that people actually remember ahaha. At least it's finished. Who else here remembers online anime/manga ficcing fandom circa 1998-1999? COMMENTS PLZ.

I have a lot more to say (in short: music, writing, cheesecake) but will make another post for concision's sake.

[1] In the gym, with my butt parked in a Scholar Craft Samsonite 2200. I can't believe I've arrived at the point where I can identify plastic folding chair models on sight. It's kind of the lamest special ability ever.

[2] Thanks to the Marianopolis computer labs' free internet access. In two years the school gave me several very good friends to this day + fandom = pretty much my entire social life, which accounts for the disproportionate space it occupies in my personal mythos.
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Patrick Wolf - Tristan [youtube]

Mylène Farmer - Tristana [youtube]

Just for a change it's not Mylène Farmer with the "...I'm not too sure what happened there but it's not work safe" PMV.

Wrapping up the subject of Bahleetiongate )

A proper CD-length mix to come shortly - this year I'll actually post my summer mix before summer is half over. >_>


Mar. 29th, 2007 12:26 am
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Taken by fit of insanity, trawled icon journals for three hours and added sixteen new icons. 50 more slots to fill. Not this one, though; this one I made. XD

Now to update the ones on carnet. _o_
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Pretension. This will probably make people paranoid, knowing human nature, but please don't take it that way if at all possible. )

ON A RELATED TIP: if you've friended me recently (i.e. within the last several months), please say hi and tell me what you're here for! If you haven't yet and feel like it, anyway, it's not a demand. XD
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Sentou Yousei Yukikaze FST and The Etched City FST reuploaded to [ profile] fst (join comm to see posts). Upping a couple more before month's end - may even toss up that 20th Century Boys FST, eheh, though it's hard to count it finished when I haven't read all the manga yet. ^^;

100-word FFXII drabble gifted me in [ profile] drabble_trade (Chrissie, isn't the first one you too? o_O): here and here (inappropriate bunny cat ears warning). Signups for round two are under way. I think this time I'll offer for offbeat fandoms only and see what happens.

Other FFXII drabble request GETTO ♥ from [ profile] geekerypokery: here (end of game spoilers warning). Here as well as above I'm assuming that having read the one(s) I linked everyone will click through and read the others, which are even more brill. I haven't requested from other people because I owe too many drabbles and thus feel too guilty to do so. XD;

Drabbles I contributed to [ profile] drabble_trade:

for silvermuse89: PoT, Shuusuke and Yumiko )

for orangensaft: Love Mode, Reiji x Naoya )

Other drabble-related thing I made: [ profile] fanwork_tag, a sandbox for anyone who wants to play Truth or Drabble, Sketch or Drabble, etc. (it's a lot less bothersome to have the signup post on a low-volume LJ comm than a personal journal). I advise single-fandom games as multi-fandom has a way of getting out of hand ahahaha. Um. WILL SOMEONE ELSE PLS START A FFXII GAME I HAVE NO TIME orz|||

I'm going on RL social hiatus until my birthday (which, well, I'll at least let you know where that's happening XD;;). Not declaring LJ hiatus but don't be surprised if I drop off for a bit - or conversely, spam. I just really need to get a few things done, and I don't have time for that, compiling the next SSBB issue, and seeing people in the evening or on weekends. ...Besides I'm kind of seriously PUP right now. XD;;;;
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For the game on [ profile] hail2jojo. I'll be making a separate community once this is over, so anyone who cares to start a game can do so, with any fandom criteria they like, but all the games will be archived in one place and thus much easier to find. (Of course, if you make the post to start the tag game it's your job to mod it, but this is not hugely onerous. XD)

Kali's request and notes )

Rest Stop, part 5 AU, 789 words )
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Today is the LJ's fifth anniversary. ^^ I had a blog on Pitas, of course, and for at least a year after I made an LJ it was my main blog - I was using [ profile] petronia much like I use [ profile] carnetdevoyage now, only a good deal less frequently. Then fandom moved here en masse, so I started posting here too.

Don't bother to check, but my first post was about FFX songcalls. Frankly I'm only surprised it wasn't about That Fic With Auron And The Mountain (courtesy of sororial unit).

It's been a fun five years, guys! Here's to five more of the same! At least, I certainly hope so, or I won't make back the money I doled out on this here permanent account. XD


Aug. 29th, 2006 08:14 pm
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Many happy returns to the inestimable Miss Jae Young! Also, late (because I'm really lame about this sort of thing) happy birthday to [ profile] triniophoenicis and [ profile] youkofujima. Also-also, early (because no doubt I'd miss it otherwise) happy birthday to [ profile] pere_chan and [ profile] woodburner.

(Boy, a lot of you were born in September.)

Stuff that doesn't belong in the same entry, but I don't want to spam with a new one:

dental TMI )

anime and manga )

Time to leave for dental appointment again. =_=
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Yes, this is a gratuitous icon post. No, I can't believe I didn't think of it before either.


Thank you, please drive through.

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