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E.W. Hornung's Raffles stories: there is nothing I can do to keep my brain from showing these to me in shoujo manga format. Every single other story involving a gentleman thief I have ever read in my entire life has been in shoujo manga format (if not BL altogether). And the POV character is called Bunny, so half the time I suddenly come to and realize that I have been picturing him in tare-chibi form with bunny ears. Stop it, brain! But the part of it that does the movies has never been fully under my conscious control.

These are really well written! Studies in pacing and economy. They make me a little sad and unnerved, though, because they're stories about trying to finance untenable lifestyles - like post-crisis investment bankers or something.

Bleach vol.36-37: only 1.5-2 years late, bawling. There are more tankoubon out in French, even, I just bought these since they contained wee bishounen Byakuya and Gin meaty backstory. All is explained... okay, no, but some is explained. They also served to resurrect my burning love for Yumichika and the giant misguided internalized Don't Ask Don't Tell metaphor that's his relationship with his zanpakutou ;lkjwesdfkl screaming whenever this comes up in the storyline I just want to give him a hug, not to mention hate Kubo Tite for a while because it also invariably comes with a side order of fourth-grader transphobic jokes. The tragic clusterfuckery of it is that he worries about Kenpachi and Ikkaku finding out, because can you imagine either of those dudes seriously caring? For more than five seconds?

At least, in the flashback, you get a giant Guantanamo metaphor to go along with! Oh, Urahara, so very morally relativistic.
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* If you of the flist have a book in print and I haven't bought it... it's now because I forgot rather than because I'm broke. XD; Also, Jhegaala and Victory of Eagles. I'll get the Paarfi ones from the bookstore, they were there last I checked.

* The most recent volume of Steel Ball Run I own is #12 and #20 just came out. Also WTF is this and why is it on Gallimard, sad'lgj;gfdkgh Araki stans have a tough life of it. I finally got around to watching Gaga/Beyoncé's "Telephone" video while picturing Hirohiko crying manly sensitive tears through its 9 1/2 minutes. I could break it down painstakingly but if you care it'd be obvious, and if it's not obvious you won't care. So. XD;;

The damage )

Stuff to buy next round )

Stuff to get from the bookstore )

I think I will sell off some of my older books, no way is all this coming with me when I move. = =+
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Yeah, the whole "ask me for an essay" bit was sort of irresponsible considering I probably won't have time to write essays. XD; Have expanded on some of the shorter ones in comments, though - and there's the following.

Snippety McCut )
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Posting over here because it's done, more or less.

Aizen/Gin, pre-series, HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE SHOTA CONTENT ALERT srsly guys this is not a drill. Takes place near the end of "All The Way..." (between sections nine and ten, to be precise), and possibly raises more questions than it answers. ^^;

937 words. For some reason this isn't happening in a Japanese-styled room - it's out in Rukongai somewhere, I guess. )
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Of varying age and degree of exposure. Some of this stuff I need to post here before I forget I wrote it. XD

Futures. Mizuiro imagines. 243 words. )

Spark. Ichigo pre-series. 403 words. )

Rubicon. Aizen and Urahara. Was writing this for K and will finish it if/when I can, orz. 100 words. )

Caught by the River. Ichigo/Rukia/Renji. When I started writing I assumed there would be a point to it besides getting Rukia wet pfftHAHAHA but there isn't, unless you count the title. And no, I don't know why I'm obsessed with fish. 740 words. )

A Friendship. Atobe and Kabaji. 177 words. )


I think Ichigo is like Shindou Hikaru for me - the characterisation that appears when I write is not entirely within my control. "My" Hikaru is more teasing, and "my" Ichigo more... introspective? distanced?... than I think they are in canon, and usually I'd nudge them as close to my idea of canon as possible, but it's like what wants to be, is.
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...3-4 months after I started making it, and not really what I described previously. Basically I gave up, stripped out a bunch of tracks, added some of my mental fic BGM, et cetera. There are still character correspondences (roughly one song per character/pairing) but I'm not going to say, feel free to guess privilege your own reading. XD

It's still half gacked off the flist, that hasn't changed either. XD

Bleach: Karakura Summer Mixtape

01. Shaznay Lewis - Never Felt Like This (Phones Volt Version)
02. Sugarcult - I Melt With You
03. Belle & Sebastian - Asleep on a Sunbeam
04. Suga Shikao - Natsukage
05. Olive - I'm not in Love (Lenny B Radio Mix)
06. Guitar - Sunday Afternoon at Tamagawa River
07. Juanes - Un Dia Normal
08. Shuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo
09. Depapepe - Summer Parade
10. (The Real) Tuesday Weld - The Birds and the Bees
11. Aerospace - Summer Days Are Forever
12. Stars - The Woods
13. Saint Etienne - Stars Above Us
14. Innocence Mission - Moon River
15. My Little Lover - White Kite

Total - 58:45

BONUS - the original acoustic version of The Most Joycore Song Ever, because [ profile] canis_m says there should always be an acoustic version: Shaznay Lewis - Never Felt Like This
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Head for the relevant questions on the fortuitous ramble meme if you want the GetBackers manga spoilers I've been garnering. XD (If you're spoiler averse assume every comment thread is nuclear, BTW, I haven't been bothering to grey out.)

What I didn't write because it wasn't relevant to anyone's request: the backstory with Eris has come out. I think it must be in volume 34. It's - eh, it's about as simple as your most reasonable simple hypothesis, really, what's interesting is the role of the Miroku. XD You might have FF8 crossover fanart urges. Unless that's just me. Reading Ayamine-sensei's Journey to Mangaka-dom on his blog was so inspiring that I've started drawing again (I haven't since Europe), though all I ever draw these days are Orihime and Rukia. XD I should learn the knack of the boys, I figure once I can draw Ichigo / Renji / Byakuya / Ishida the world is pretty much my oyster insofar as LOLZ go.

(I got the doujinshi package last night, [ profile] chirachira - good fandom things always come in threes. ♥ I think the major reason I'm so blasé about doujinshi is that I'm not willing to pay for anything that's not better than I could do for myself** - the fact that I would never actually spend the time/money/effort to make a doujinshi or even sketch one out doesn't come into the equation, for some reason. But the Honey Canon really is adorable.)

I still haven't done the Initial D requests, which are one request really, but I have to go to dinner. XD;;

** Good thing for me fanfiction is free. O SNAP I WENT THERE. (This applies to all walks of life, actually. If I ever learnt a proper music mixing software... I dunno.)
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To distract me from the new chapters of Bleach and Viewfinder I just dled but can't read--

Name me a character or pairing and I will ramble on about him/her/it/them. (Although if it's someone/something I've never given any thought, I will probably just say "I've never given that any thought." XD) The other one I've seen going around is "Ask any of my characters a question and I will answer", which is also OK for today's purpose! ♥

EDIT -- meme closed. I've still got a couple left I shall answer shortly. XD
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......Ishida-kun? Is that you?

Amazon shipment came in day before last: Bleach fanbooks (SOULS and VIBES), GetBackers 33, that Minami Yuu Haruka** bobbins. It really is completely brainless functional happy pr0n, BTW. I like how her ukes never say no when they mean yes, they're more like "You want to sleep with me? ...Score! Why not." It's refreshing.

("Functional" is a word that people use a lot on the ILM dance threads, and I think it's a quality that should be given more consideration in general. Like, for a dance track what matters most is not really whether it's too cheesy or melodic enough or innovative at that given point in time, or even if it captures the attention when you're sitting in front of the computer listening to it through headphones - what matters is when you play it in public, whether people will want to dance to it. That's what it's constructed for. So in a certain sense, only that public matters.

Functionality is also an important factor w/r/t fanfiction - "The writing's not actually very good, but it will hit your buttons if you happen to like that pairing" - and BeBoy stories. SSBB stories too. XD I wish people would give it the credit it deserves.)

Bleach fanbooks are chapter-for-chapter summaries of the series, mostly. Confirmation of some character insights but nothing you won't have picked up from a close reading in the first place. XD There is random crack here and there but you have to look for it, and the good bits have been posted on [ profile] soul_society already. Manga fanbook contains a full list of chapter titles with translations into Japanese and explanations of the references/puns-that-only-make-sense-in-KT's-head (Shinigami!Ichigo turns into "Deathberry", "Lady Lennon & Frankenstein" along the lines of "the girl who wishes for peace and the created monster"), giving the impression overall of a pretentious and workaholic 70s progressive rock band's discography. Character design references are in the anime fanbook. Interviews are fun but not insightful to the point that they must be translated right now.

GB33 I am still reading. Ayamine's drawing style is getting increasingly distorted and difficult to parse. =_= I've been saying I would make a GetBackers catch-up post since I read volume 32 but it still hasn't happened. Cut for spoilers. )

BTW I have figured out what Rukia's Perfect Schoolgirl Mode reminds me of - she talks like she is reading the script of a Maria-sama ga miteiru episode. (I KNOW I KNOW there is a "little sister" joke to be made there but it's just not coming together.)

** I always read this wrong! It makes it even more confusing because I think there is also a Minami Yuu person out there in mangaland.
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you know how sometimes when you do stuff the characters in your head follow along and do the same stuff, no matter how retarded the result is? )

Digitalism - Digitalism In Cairo: alternately, "The Cure - Fire In Cairo (Digitalism White Label Remix)". Two months later I am still gacking tracks off the ILM YSI thread and going, "Oh, so that's what they played on New Year's Eve!" I distinctly remember trying to figure out what language the lyrics were in (answer: Fatbobian with the consonants edited out _O_).

Audio Bullys - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down): and this too. They only played a snippet of the vocal, but suddenly, Nancy Sinatra! like that makes one perk up one's ears and pay attention.

Underworld - Oh: uploaded in order to form a basis of comparison to another track I've been repeat-playing over the past week:

Booka Shade - In White Rooms

Leaked from upcoming album, painstakingly downloaded from OhMyGoshParty alongside about a thousand other people before Get Physical apparently contacted the dude and coughed meaningfully. XD Needless to say I don't think it's an intentional reference, it may not even be an impressionistic homage to 90s techno (although Booka Shade do seem to craft certain songs as impressionistic homages to times/places/music, "Mandarine Girl" being one - I like that story enough to pull a genderswitch and write it for B*B or something XD). But the updating of the sonic palette, the overall... it's two in the morning and I don't really know where I'm going with this.

Booka Shade - Darko: in any case, the 5-6 tracks I have off this album are all so awesome I'm about resigned to the rest being 1:10 snippets of instrumental filler. It's not impossible for an album to be this consistently good all through, but neither is finding 20$ on the street. :/
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But er, have some Bleach fancrack.


A) Lady Sovereign - Public Warning
B) Hot Hot Heat - Bandages

2) Various fanbook scans including pirate captain Zaraki, playboy bunny Matsumoto, a very Quincy Christmas and... I think this is Byakuya attempting to be funny (scroll down for best results, image-heavy, OMGWTFLOL-heavy)

What with the Colour Bleaches I think KT should add "mocking Byakuya" to his LJ interests.
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Hirako = haircut & skinny tie indie

Hiyori = Lady Sov

Thank you KT and good day.


Feb. 18th, 2006 01:19 pm
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Some babble about career paths and stuff re the VIBES fanbook manga scans )

I have career paths on the brain. =__= Why oh why are my books not coming? Sometime next week no doubt.
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No wait I've got it now it's Rukia who is trapped in the closet, Rukia DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE

okay okay

Trapped In The Closet BLEACHSIDE, Chapter I-XII(?), take TWO (now with more ghei), to be posted to FFN with each chapter ending on a cliffhanger R&R PLS )

...Okay is it just me or does that make more sense than it should. *leaves fandom preemptively*
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1) Maybe on some deep subconscious level, you just read RenRuki stories because it looks like Kurama x Hiei from a distance?

2) I reread Bleach vol.3 over the weekend. )

3) P.S. Byakuya has gone back to wearing his macaroni for sures. Sorry!

4) Speaking of Byakuya, I went back and looked at my old drabble request meme. )

5) Your lips are like a crimson thread
Howl's Moving Castle fic, by [ profile] obakesan. It is a very nice feeling to finish reading a book and log online to find someone on the flist has written a fic for it, almost luxurious. XD Usually when a prose work is called "poetic" what is meant is a stylistic - syntactic? - quality, but there is such a thing as poetic conceit as well, and this piece employs it.

Out of the Diana Wynne Jones books so far I like this one best; it is also the most unabashedly shoujoist. XD It feels as if it's intended for a slightly older audience, but perhaps that is just because the protagonist is not a child. (DWJ's trick of getting one to see the "real world" from the wrong end of the fantasy telescope is something else. I had to work hard to flip it in my head and picture meeting Howl as an over-educated under-employed charming do-no-gooder in a Welsh pub.)

6) Watched Syriana in ahem Oscar review copy rip. The Village Voice review is pretty close to what I think. There is a film twice as depressing as Brokeback Mountain, and three times as dry (I suspect if one doesn't have a basic working knowledge of the financial sector/oil industry/Middle East politics, say from regularly reading the Business and International News sections of the newspaper, one would simply fail to follow - my sister didn't, and she's not what you'd call a dumb moviegoer). But as my mother said, the good thing about America is that Americans are willing and able to make unflattering movies about themselves. Well. She didn't say "good", she said "odd". But I think it's good. XD;

I really wanted to see this mostly because I learnt tricks from selfsame scriptwriter in Traffic. XD Syriana is even better at cramming information into the seams - infodump voiceover! - and forcing the viewer to employ intelligence in dot-connecting, but there's too much tangle and not enough skein, and (I realised in my own writing) too many strategies of abbreviation can make for dry results. Boy can they make for dry results.

7) Still waiting on the [ profile] ljarchive fix. >_>
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Bought Bleach fanbooks, GetBackers 33, and some Minami Yuu bobbins for sole reason being the characters look exactly like Tezuka and Fuji. =_=


Bleach colour page garble )

P.S. [ profile] marej I GOT YOUR POSTCARD. Dunno if you will see this entry but I must write it down before I forget for the umpteenth time. XD;;
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Quick work, entry unlocked, p1mp as required, must run~

To be edited )
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This fandom is trying to kill me, but two can play at that game. (意味不明)

Yoruichi deflowers Ichigo for great justice, by [ profile] cinnamongrr1. I link this not so much by way of active endorsement as because I feel all of you reading should be on the same footing as me.

Rukia has Grimmjow's failed abortion baby (part 2), by [ profile] bravecows. See note above, except you have probably already read it (?).

Renji is not entirely man enough for all that Kuchiki, by [ profile] loescribo. See note, etc. Byakuya's poetry is particularly memorable.

Sooner or later someone was going to end up in an SS uniform (also Urahara runs a gay bar), by moonishfox. It's Byakuya's birthday today, and the Chinese fandom is not letting me forget this factoid.

[ profile] sesame_seed: byakuya WOULD work for the nazis
[ profile] petronia: He would =_=
[ profile] petronia: You can't imagine him on the Allied side

(Actually I have been stalking this girl's blog, because she writes entertaining WJ chapter thoughts.)

Kira's curse of NO FUN, Pt.1, by [ profile] no_utopia. Recently I have realised Kira Izuru should not be in PWPs. He has a way of making them seem depressingly futile in the larger scheme of things.

Kira's curse of NO FUN, Pt.2, by [ profile] saturnoolaa. (Case in point.)

Would you want your thorax to be sewn up by a drunken Byakuya? by [ profile] dijeron. This one is dissimilar in effect from the previous items, since there is no pr0n nor even the suggestion thereof. ...But.

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