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20/20 by [personal profile] petronia
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Oshitari Yuushi, Atobe Keigo, Mukahi Gakuto, the rest of the Hyoutei 3rd year regulars plus Kabaji
Warnings: none
Rating: G
Wordcount: 4837 (~1K longer than the previous version with some edits, mostly around the fact that for some reason I did not like Oxford commas nine years ago. That ~1K took me three weeks. This story.)

Acknowledgements are in the notes.

A very Atobe Christmas to you, and you, and you (albeit slightly late); you are all in my thoughts. XD
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...Does anyone still have the end to this old Tenipuri fic saved. orz

I HAVE LOST THREE COMPUTERS SINCE THE TIME I ASKED IN 2011 so there is, again, no backup copy. This time I'm @#$% finishing it and uploading it to AO3. I suppose I have improved as a writer, not so much because the current stuff reads any better (it does, marginally) but because the dashed thing no longer holds any terrors. I don't know what was so difficult about it anymore, other than the fact that it's about Oshitari and Atobe negotiating an aspect of their lives that at the time I started the fic I hadn't finished negotiating myself (had barely started, really).
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Does anyone have a copy of my damned Hyoutei fic? The Oshitari-centric one. I spent half an hour digging up a paper draft and it's still missing bits toward the end, I'm sure of it.
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Earlier ones here and here.

bing list )

** My sister is kind of a muso. XD; But she's right in the sense that writers are the only creative creatures who enjoy analyzing their art as much as engaging in it (or more); musicians, painters, potters and what have you just want to just get on with the doing.
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mik list )

bladderwrack list )
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1) [ profile] sanadamannequin (via [ profile] youkofujima)

2) Gackpoid (via [ profile] nemissa). Fifteen minutes ago I had been blissfully unaware of such a thing as "vocaloids", let alone the fact that Miura Kentarou wastes too much of his life on niconico. Has William Gibson ever been wrong? Ever? BTW [ profile] dipping_sauce suggests we all pitch in to get Stephen Hawking one of these.

3) Did you know L'Histoire de Melody Nelson had music videos? NEITHER DID I. )

My thoughts:
  1. Jane Birkin CANNOT DANCE, however I dig the white flares.
  2. If there were a French vocaloid hack, we could program it to sing "Lemon Incest". LOLOL going to hell kthxbye orz
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Peer-pressured into reading Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't - and I've gotta say, this book brings some real insights to the table regarding the success of the Seishun Gakuen junior high tennis team. (Suspect one could write a pretty good mgmt how-to book using only examples from Prince of Tennis. SHOUNEN JUMP: JAPAN INC.'S SECRET WEAPON???? ...Actually we knew that, didn't we.)

Sent out a bunch of holiday mail today. Most of you are going to get cards - in a lot of cases because it takes me geological eons to produce a mixtape or an FST, so I figured I'd send something while it was still seasonal. XD; Also I got ambitious and started doing this origami thing uhh well in any case you'll know when you see it. CDs went out to: [ profile] beeblebabe, [ profile] akatonbo, [ profile] calintz, [ profile] canis_m, and [ profile] bladderwrack. There'll be another batch Monday or Tuesday.

The way it works is, there's no tracklisting in the package. XD So you get it, listen to it first without knowing what the songs are going to be, then let me know and I'll post the tracklisting here - along with the mp3s for mass consumption.

In other news (and to take a page from [ profile] marej's book), the Internet as a whole is fired for not informing me that there's a Pantha Du Prince remix of Depeche Mode.
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Yeah, the whole "ask me for an essay" bit was sort of irresponsible considering I probably won't have time to write essays. XD; Have expanded on some of the shorter ones in comments, though - and there's the following.

Snippety McCut )
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Through Bonds of Words and Bonds of Action, by [ profile] reversedhymnal [GetBackers, Kazuki/Toshiki/Juubei]

Thinking about it the whole Toshiki thing was a rotten trick on the part of A&A. At least when Amon was introduced, everyone who'd fixated on the cuteness of Shido/Madoka was happy they had someone to slash with Emishi. With Toshiki it was like, you do realize anyone who is liable to give a shit about Fuuga ships Kazuki/Juubei already, right? (Exaggeration: I know all of three people who like Toshiki! And they are pretty vocal about it. But OTPers just hated the whole setup from beginning to end.)

Prince of Tennis pulled this too. I'm thinking of InuKai, which one could argue was/is the real cool-kids pairing of the series - always the minority interest but the sexiest fic, bar none. Then 3,000,000 chapters into the manga, Konomi in his infinite wisdom provides one with Data Pair, which is so perfect one could weep, especially given that it contradicts what everyone-who-cares has been shipping hardcore forever.** GOOD JOB DUDE, THANKS A BUNCH, CARRY ON.

Anyway this has nothing to do with the fic (which is cute bondage pr0n), I've just been carrying this rant inside me for years and it decided spontaneously to break into the light of day. XD;

** Except one person I know, guess she's lucky.
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Sentou Yousei Yukikaze FST and The Etched City FST reuploaded to [ profile] fst (join comm to see posts). Upping a couple more before month's end - may even toss up that 20th Century Boys FST, eheh, though it's hard to count it finished when I haven't read all the manga yet. ^^;

100-word FFXII drabble gifted me in [ profile] drabble_trade (Chrissie, isn't the first one you too? o_O): here and here (inappropriate bunny cat ears warning). Signups for round two are under way. I think this time I'll offer for offbeat fandoms only and see what happens.

Other FFXII drabble request GETTO ♥ from [ profile] geekerypokery: here (end of game spoilers warning). Here as well as above I'm assuming that having read the one(s) I linked everyone will click through and read the others, which are even more brill. I haven't requested from other people because I owe too many drabbles and thus feel too guilty to do so. XD;

Drabbles I contributed to [ profile] drabble_trade:

for silvermuse89: PoT, Shuusuke and Yumiko )

for orangensaft: Love Mode, Reiji x Naoya )

Other drabble-related thing I made: [ profile] fanwork_tag, a sandbox for anyone who wants to play Truth or Drabble, Sketch or Drabble, etc. (it's a lot less bothersome to have the signup post on a low-volume LJ comm than a personal journal). I advise single-fandom games as multi-fandom has a way of getting out of hand ahahaha. Um. WILL SOMEONE ELSE PLS START A FFXII GAME I HAVE NO TIME orz|||

I'm going on RL social hiatus until my birthday (which, well, I'll at least let you know where that's happening XD;;). Not declaring LJ hiatus but don't be surprised if I drop off for a bit - or conversely, spam. I just really need to get a few things done, and I don't have time for that, compiling the next SSBB issue, and seeing people in the evening or on weekends. ...Besides I'm kind of seriously PUP right now. XD;;;;
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[ profile] yuushidiaries

Might as well - there ought to be more but I'm not sure how much I can sort out before I leave. Huzzah for backdating is all I can say.

So much reading I give you! XD
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Of varying age and degree of exposure. Some of this stuff I need to post here before I forget I wrote it. XD

Futures. Mizuiro imagines. 243 words. )

Spark. Ichigo pre-series. 403 words. )

Rubicon. Aizen and Urahara. Was writing this for K and will finish it if/when I can, orz. 100 words. )

Caught by the River. Ichigo/Rukia/Renji. When I started writing I assumed there would be a point to it besides getting Rukia wet pfftHAHAHA but there isn't, unless you count the title. And no, I don't know why I'm obsessed with fish. 740 words. )

A Friendship. Atobe and Kabaji. 177 words. )


I think Ichigo is like Shindou Hikaru for me - the characterisation that appears when I write is not entirely within my control. "My" Hikaru is more teasing, and "my" Ichigo more... introspective? distanced?... than I think they are in canon, and usually I'd nudge them as close to my idea of canon as possible, but it's like what wants to be, is.
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To distract me from the new chapters of Bleach and Viewfinder I just dled but can't read--

Name me a character or pairing and I will ramble on about him/her/it/them. (Although if it's someone/something I've never given any thought, I will probably just say "I've never given that any thought." XD) The other one I've seen going around is "Ask any of my characters a question and I will answer", which is also OK for today's purpose! ♥

EDIT -- meme closed. I've still got a couple left I shall answer shortly. XD
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Possibly I should have saved this as per tradition, for the week between Fuji Yuuta's and Fuji Shuusuke's birthdays (which will always be somewhat special to me I think, not least because my own birthday falls halfway through XD), but I have a spare half-hour now, and who knows about then.

Of course the tracklisting has undergone plenty of changes over time. Still generally within the purview of relaxing, pretty BGM, though.

Flor de Yemanjá EP

01 - Ono Lisa - Flor de Yemanjá
//the sea and white flower

02 - Gal Costa - Aquele Frevo Axé
//reminders of carnaval lyrics )

03 - Sunahara Yoshinori - My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
//a penetrating perfume lyrics )

04 - Ono Lisa - I Wish You Love
//birthday present

05 - Ulrich Schnauss - ...Passing By
//the train glided past houses

06 - Richard Hawley - The Ocean
//so lead me down lyrics )
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Other than the fact that it's a Christmas fic, that is... Quentin Tarentino's films take place in shared universes but not the same shared universe; I don't remember the details of which is which, but in the Reservoir Dogs universe Kill Bill is a movie, I think? Anyway, all my PoT fics so far take place in the same universe/continuity, but I have bits of other things written that are doujinshi in said universe. And really, it's about time. XD
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Okay, you know that Prince of Tennis Subrosa challenge fic from this time last year? The Oshitari-centric Hyoutei Christmas thing? That I've been assiduously pretending doesn't exist?

I am so going to regret posting this tomorrow. >_>

20/20, Christmas 2005 Mix, 1/2 )

...Yeah, I'm walking into the Fiona Apple trap of Everyone Will Think The Demos Are Better.
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For [ profile] triniophoenicis. Sort of in-joke taken to a logically extreme conclusion (Genie lives in Ithaca). The truly charming image in my mind is Atobe boots-deep in Taughannock Falls but the story isn't about Atobe. XD

TezuFuji, 327 words )
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Written out of boredom at the idea of having to tell all my vacation stories as if they happened to me... yeah. >_> It seems quibbling to claim this isn't set in Tin's "Park Amsterdam" universe but I have a feeling a side-by-side comparison of the details of our respective characterisations (likes/dislikes, habits, etc.) would turn up direct contradictions. Also Tin doesn't go for the cheap effect, and well. XD

Tezuka and Fuji are amazingly peripateic, though, if you think about it. I've read fic in which one or both of them travel or live in Europe, Asia, both Americas... It feels as if there should be a reason, other than the whole German hospital and pro tennis bit of course.

1,021 words, just as I'd estimated. )

I'm not doing NaNo as such but I'll keep track of how many words I write in November, since I have so many projects on my plate. Will insert appropriate photographs tomorrow if I find the time. XD;;
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In time for the Seigaku-Hyoutei manga rematch, ahaha. 500 words trimmed from The Subrosa Fic We Don't Like To Talk About. As of the moment it exists in three versions: the one that was posted, a file called "demo mix" containing most of what was hurriedly hacked off from the posted version, and a file called "final mix" that is still in progress. My essential problem with this fic is that I don't know what its point is. I usually don't know what the point of a story is until I finish it, though, so it's a bit of a catch-22. I think I'm going to have to make an arbitrary decision re: what Oshitari really feels about Atobe, and stick to it. ^^; And write the tennis which I absolutely suck at.

Anyway. The original concept I had was that the fic would cover a fairly lengthy time period, but the final product turned into a sort of blow by blow narrative of the current Hyoutei third-years' first year, with Ohtori and Hiyoshi not even in the picture and a fair amount of what I mentally term Blaise Zabini-age. So I have no idea what to do with stuff like the following (which takes place in the "Private Beach" futurefic continuity, you know, in which Atobe is a pop star?), other than posting it for the errm edification of my flist yeah right.

He's studying for his end of term exams when the phone rings... )

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