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1) Interviewed Olympic divers at the FINA Canada Cup Grand Prix, for the radio station. )

So yeah. Avengers movie: only the second-nicest collection of butts on view this weekend. XD

2) Speaking of the Avengers movie, after the chatter on [personal profile] sub_divided's reaction post I've decided to take the whole thing apart, matchup by matchup, and see how it ticks. XD So that'll be a separate post. I have to say, this is the first time I've gone to see a movie on opening weekend when it's already been playing the Philippines for a week - two weeks?

My non-spoilery take on it )

3) Next week: seeing three Sophocles plays at the TNM, in the controversial Mouawad adaptation, BECAUSE OF REASONS. Not a trilogy: it's The Trachiniae, Antigone, and Electra. I haven't been to the theatre in who knows how long. I was vaguely thinking that the movies had begun to compete in price, but no more student discounts alas.

4) May is the International Biennale of Digital Art in Montreal, which sort of merges into MUTEK but is split off from Elektra. Whatever. May is the Black-Clad Hipsters Not Dancing While They Stream Avant-Garde Techno Visualizations Over Their Personal Mobile Computing Devices Month. Instead of going to see the Avengers movie on Friday I went to the Contemporary Art Museum for an Alva Noto set, because I am a sad Carsten Nicolai stan who found out about this at the 11th hour and got ridiculously excited. I forgot that techno at the museum is played punishingly loud. This track was a complete monster.

5) EDIT1 -- oops, forgot that it was #musicdiaryproject week! It always sneaks up on me. Posts to come on Tumblr at some point. Awkwardly it is nearly 2PM and I have not listened to any music today at all.

6) EDIT2 -- Obviously, now I feel obliged to rewrite the second chapter of that story about Steve Rogers, which has been lingering at 85% completion for like two months. In a spot of counter-programming, I'm also trying to finish up and post the giftfic I sent to [ profile] canis_m - that is, she got it, it just wasn't the final draft. XD; at this rate [ profile] maeran and [ profile] bladderwrack ought to get their cards by September, I am so awesome you guys.
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Max Cooper Live - Reflections/Contortions [For Gottwood festival] by Max Cooper


1. Max Cooper - Solace (Traum)
2. Microtrauma - Contrast - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
3. Max Cooper - TBA
4. Max Cooper - TBA
5. Fairmont - They Live in the Moon - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
6. Dominik Eulberg - Sansula - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
7. Max Cooper - TBA
8. Andrew K - The Doppler Effect - Max Cooper Remix (Vice Versa)
9. Hot Chip - I Feel Better - Max Cooper Remix (Flash)
10. Ricardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Llena De Cosas - Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
11. Xircus - Rolf Harris - Ronan Portela Remix (Trapez)
12. Max Cooper - Heresy (Traum)
13. The Good Natured - Animal - Max Cooper Remix (Unreleased)
14. Kura - Crystal Clear - Max Cooper Remix (Bujakasja)

Plus, all the good things in life are free:

Another one here I haven't had a chance to listen to yet:

The first ten minutes of this is sweet ("Contrast"!) but I habitually skip ahead to "Sansula" (far superior to the original tbh). The 25-odd minutes between that and "Mi Pieza Llena De Cosas" are pretty much the summer techno mix I would have tried to make right now anyway... kind of, Border Community hauls its pasty English ass to the beach (Ryanair microtrance?). Watch the speedometer if you drive on the highway to this.

Meanwhile, uploaded some tracks for tonight's radio show here here (Marianne Faithfull, PJ Harvey, Youssou N'Dour...). And some Dominik Eulberg in the parent folder. I am pretty sure "Wenn Es Perlen Regnet" was the twinkly bit James Holden was playing at Piknic, which only goes to show as Eulberg himself did nothing of the sort. It was very BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM with decided peaks and breakdowns. And then he played (his own remix?) of "Emerge", and all the ancient ppl in the audience cracked the hell up eg. me, the guy working the official video camera, etc. And then I got to meet Eulberg totally by accident as wandered behind the tents looking for a friend just as dude came down and was collared by half a dozen enthusiastic fanboys in a row.

Listen in

Jan. 25th, 2011 09:35 pm
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To my radio show at 10:30PM EST! Streaming here:

(Facebook is a better bet for this sort of call to action, but don't wanna neglect you guys. XD)

Some Destroyer - the new album's rather likeable - some Charlotte Gainsbourg, some... Kanye West remixes, I guess...
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Yeah so I haven't updated these since I went to Shanghai, bawling. I kept the tracklistings though... well, since December. November's a bit of a loss.

January 4, 2011 [direct link]
Lisa Nilsson, Gorillaz, Terror Danjah, Rox, I Blame Coco, Utada Hikaru, Saint Etienne )

I still prefer the Matsuda Seiko version of "Who's That Boy" - English enunciation aside, she owns the sentiment of the song while the heartfelt belter is more Lisa Nilsson's thing - but hey, I found the original version! Did you guys even know there was an original version!

BROADCAST REGULATION CANADIAN CONTENT PROTIPS: any and all covers of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" count as CanCon. Similarly, if Damon Albarn makes a track on his iPad in a Montreal or Vancouver hotel room after a gig, this also counts as CanCon.


January 11, 2011 [direct link]
Cold Fairyland, jj, Owen Pallett, David Bowie, Akufen, Isolée, Ikonika )

I was at Igloofest Friday and Saturday night in -30C weather, dancing until my legs dropped off in order to beat hypothermia. It was awesome! Missed Terror Danjah night due to work, but Egyptrixx and Weatherall** turned out impressive sets and ginger monster Hatchmatik completely blew up the igloo tent. One imagines dude must have LOLed for like an hour when he dug up a track that transitions seamlessly into "One More Time" without giving the game away. UNTIL THE SYNTHS HIT

Going back next week for Detroit night and Ikonika. Please disregard anything I said about Ikonika in the podcast, apparently I'm incapable of not sounding like an idiot.


January 18, 2011 [direct link]
jj, Broadcast, The Ian Fays, Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith, Kylie Minogue, Gorillaz, Saint Etienne, Korallreven, Hamasaki Ayumi )

Geebus I have played that dumbass song about Ecstasy thirty buttzillion times. This album has a giant marijuana leaf on the cover, so classy.

** One of the unsung pleasures of Igloofest is clocking DJs in winter gear. XD As Sam put it no one is really going to buy a parka for a single gig, so chances are you're getting real-life dorkiness and/or stylishness and/or Scandinavian daily-lifeness or what have you. Weatherall showed up in this impressive fur collar number, having remarked in interview beforehand that the upside of winter was being able to dress appropriately i.e. in tweed. "Heat is the enemy of style!" /LOL SCOTS
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Hoping to keep it up. XD; Once I get home I should:
  • Vacuum the staircases
  • Write my holiday postcards (signup still open here! I just want to get the first batch out)
  • Write my marketing and fund development proposals for the radio station
  • Prepare my radio show a day in advance? Could it be?!?
  • Make my origfic writing group entry, which is late again by a weekend
  • Oh yeah and maybe draft a bit of Yuletide or something
...Have dinner?

I have had some Christmas mail already. That includes the Saint Etienne Christmas album which I bought on a clickthrough whim but is so totally worth it. Didn't ask for the Christmas card, though, it seemed a little weird. Though not much more than doing an open flist card exchange, when you get down to it... maybe if there had been an option to reciprocate. XD;

The new Sistol album is really good. Less frills than the latter-day Luomo stuff (and I never totally got onboard with the Vladislav Delay moniker, so). I am excitedly iTuning the remixes although the three releases are under three separate artist names, LOL Sasu good job breaking the database. ...Oh yeah and I bought myself an iPod Touch during Black Friday online sales, so I am listening to music again XD. Not that I completely stopped, because I had this USB drag-and-drop $30 Philips doohickey (still probably best option for the gym), but it was a mucho bare-bones experience.

APPS WHAT I HAVE INSTALLED (other than what is already there)
  • Evernote
  • Foursquare
  • iBooks (you know what is really popular in iBooks? Out-of-copyright true crime tales)
  • The Economist (free version)
  • iJewels
  • 4000 Household Recipes (in Chinese, but very highly recommended)
Considering: Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper
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Here are the playlists for my past couple of radio shows (including Simon's parts even!):

September 26: New York City
Stream | Download

The Beatles – Yesterday
Tori Amos – I Can’t See New York
Regina Spektor – Back of a Truck
Simply Red – Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan cover)
Simon and Garfunkel – The Boxer
Bebel Gilberto – Os Novos Yorkinos
The Moldy Peaches – NYC’s Like A Graveyard
Cibo Matto – Sci-Fi Wasabi
Martha Wainwright – New York, New York, New York
Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

I am oddly proud of my half of this playlist! Was talking to G about how I am ultimately lucky I was never immersed in 90s pop culture, since that means I have Mid-Gen Y references in lieu of Gen X/Gen Y Cusp (which is what I am agewise). Basically, everyone else my age is OLD, reality check dudes, that shiz was 20 years ago. But also, everything from my (mid-late) 90s seems to get lost in the cultural retelling. No one I know listened to Pavement in the 90s. Who the fuck were Pavement rotfl. If any, cool indie bands (not that the word "indie" ever came up) were stuff like Cibo Matto. Ppl talk about how Saint Etienne mediated their imagined relationship with London; that was "Sci-Fi Wasabi" re: me and NYC. It perfectly encapsulated a lifestyle that I now think of as Gen Y hipster mainstream... knitting and bikes and St Marks Comics. The namechecked Moby of Teany rather than of Play.


September 19: Green roofs and Pop Montreal
Stream | Download

Bonjour Brumaire – Ste. Catherine [Montréal 滿地可]
Regina Spektor – Summer in the City [New York 紐約]
Dave Brubeck – Wonderful Copenhagen [Copenhagen 哥本哈根]
Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)
The xx – Shelter (Tiga Remix)
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins with Ben Gibbard, M. Ward, and Conor Oberst – Handle with Care (Travelling Wilburys cover)
Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Operation (Superpitcher Remix)

I am going to the xx's Pop Montreal show tonight, at... Salle Wilfred-Pelletier. As in Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright, and opera recitals. I don't know what they (the organizers**) think they're doing, but I'm sure I'll find out. Afterparty with Jamie xx DJ'ing if I'm so inclined. Tomorrow Saturday night I'm checking out Mount Kimbie, and will probably hit up a bunch of other stuff as well (Puces Pop? anyone reading this in?).

** I have met them - invited them in fact to be on a panel I organized for the McGill MBA Marketing Club, re: the programming and marketing of cultural festival events. The talk was generally great but the Pop Montreal ppl couldn't really get a word in edgewise and seemed bored and alienated. XD; I suspect they couldn't figure out how to formulate their DIY ethic within the conceptual framework (un)consciously imposed by the other participants (including the MUTEK dude, who was an aggressively intelligent digital native and MBA dropout).
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Voyages musicaux 音乐大同 (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 24: July 6 - Mamer, the Polaris shortlist
right click to download
listen streaming here

It's kind of sad how I actually genuinely care about the Polaris shortlist )

Episode 25: July 13 - Fantasia Film Festival, Festival International Nuits d'Afrique
right click to download
listen streaming here

Not linking the film review posts as you've seen all that already )

Episode 30: August 17 - genderplay, impromptu Osheaga recap LOL
right click to download
listen streaming here

Plagued with technical issues! The podcast was down for a month due to some ridiculous hosting service problem the radio station's been having. Then the computer stalled just as we went on air, which is why the first five minutes are just me blathering into the mic orz )

Oh, and I randomly threw that Alec-out-of-Swordspoint DJ mix from 2005 on 8tracks. More as an exercise to see if all the songs were searchable than anything. XD;


Jul. 4th, 2010 12:00 pm
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Voyages musicaux 音乐大同 (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 23: June 29 - Montreal Jazz Festival and other randomosities
right click to download
listen streaming here


Metric – Gimme Sympathy [3:55]
The Manhattan Transfer – Until I Met You [5:18]
Nils Petter Molvaer – Song of Sand II [6:12]
Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix) [4:42]
Cyndi Lauper – Crossroads [4:42]
M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson – O Superman [~4:00]
Elisapie Isaac – Turning My Back [4:30]
Elisapie Isaac – Out Of Desperation [3:25]
Spitz – Koisuru Bonjin (2010 Spitz Jamboree Live) [3:36]
Cyndi Lauper feat. Puffy AmiYumi – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Acoustic) [3:03]

I am not really a Metric fan; I like this track because it is essentially an Annie song sung by Emily Haines. Some jazz fest feature stuff (Cyndi Lauper sings the blues; apparently there was controversy regarding the Laurie Anderson/Lou Reed/John Zorn experimental triple bill, which basically boils down to "what did you think your $100 was going to get you, exactly"). Elisapie Isaac is the former singer of Taima, whose 2001 album I really liked. Her solo material is less electronica/Emilie Simon, more indie drums and echo-ey dreampop guitars. If you've ever thought Mazzy Star would be more awesome in Inuktitut, this album is for you! Meanwhile I picked the b-side to play off the new Spitz single because I have a weakness for Spitz when they play fast and show their punk roots.

At jazz fest the other day I saw this Quebec band that came off as a jazzy jam band version of Cocorosie. Now I like Cocorosie** but this was fully as dire as it sounds.

** Although if I were to write an impassioned defense of them it would be much more nuanced on the sexism vs racefail front than what is out there.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Voyages musicaux 音乐大同 (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 22: June 22 - me interviewing [ profile] smurfmatic!
right click to download
listen streaming here

As for tracklisting, if Cedric feels like providing at some point he can do so in comments. XD It is mostly Beijing and HK indie pop, some chiptunes, some Pancakes - good stuff!

P.S. I did quite a lot of work on the Wordpress just now, did you see. XD
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There were two sucky episodes, plus one where I wasn't there. XD; This week's was good, though! We didn't even make any unforced technical errors! I need to actually spend time preparing for the show, no surprise.

102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 18: May 25 - Montreal dance music artists
right click to download
listen streaming here

I was so woefully underprepared I ended up playing 6-minute electro tracks in their entirety, which I rarely do )

Episode 19: June 1 - Simon flies solo and talks politics (6/4 memorial)... with bonus Black Box Recorder and Joanna Newsom
right click to download
listen streaming here

Episode 20: June 8 - the world of Yoko Kanno
right click to download
listen streaming here

Me flying solo. Selections mostly from Bebop, GitS:SAC and Wolf's Rain, which IMO form Kanno's best period - even now I'm wishing I could have played this, that, or the other track instead. Considering most of GitS must have been composed in '01 or so, it's fully as good as any IDM of the period. Still woefully underprepared though )

Episode 21: June 15 - Montreal summer festivals I: Francofolies and Fringe Fest; Faye Wong dance remixes
right click to download
listen streaming here

Finally a decent ep - these are all artists playing during the Francofolies this week )

Next week... we're putting Cedric on air. XDXD
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 17: May 18 - trees and flowers, catwalk music
right click to download
listen streaming here

In which I am wobbly on the pronunciation of Roisin Murphy's name )

I'm not a huge fan tbh (can't hear much of a tune in a lot of her stuff) but this track is just badass. Badass! The backing track is strung together from vaguely recognizable samples and since it came out in January it's been remixed like 1,485 times.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 16: May 11 - Mother's Day, Taiwanese pop
right click to download
listen streaming here

Tracklisting for my section )

Only a few songs, picked rather randomly; about half my time block was taken up with chatting to Doris's friend Megan about her experience in Canada (she's from Taipei and has been living in Toronto since last summer).

I want to do an ep on catwalk music, since I'll be plugging Take Off Your Clothes! Montreal this week or the next (the event is on the 29th and somehow T and I are emceeing XD;). Alternately, there is HOCKEY! NOW SRS BZNS FOR REALSIE REALS!!1! but I dunno what music would convey that. That hasn't been blasting from all radio stations for the past two weeks anyway. XD;;
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 15: May 4 - Faye Wong, Sarah McLachlan, Tsuji Ayano, The Pancakes, mento (traditional Jamaican pop)
right click to download
listen streaming here

Basically I was listening to a Pancakes album Ced sent me and realized the first song was a cover of Jamaica Farewell )

Me and Obama's mom, man. I must've played the Calypso LP a gazillion times in elementary school. This was my favorite song on it. While researching this episode I learnt that "calypso" is the wrong name for this music, which somehow fails to surprise me.

Dr. Louise Bennett (folklorist, poet, musician, radio personality, activist and all-round national treasure of Jamaica) passed away in Toronto a few years back. In case you wonder why she kept cracking Canadian jokes through the live recording. XD; I don't actually know what this song is called! It rocks, though... Am I going to end up ordering shiz from Honest Jon's.

In other news Tsuji Ayano videos have RETURNED TO YTUBE HURRAH:

It's MAGICAL GIRL MONTH whereby we turn mean bikers from the path of violence via the powers of twee and song~~~ ^_^v ^_^v ^_^v

Where is this "all-ukelele Studio Ghibli tribute album" may I ask. Did it hit #1 on the Oricon.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 14: April 27 - songs of innocence and experience; girl vox covers
right click to download
listen streaming here

80s classics or the Velvet Underground )

I should probably stop overestimating the fascinatingness of factoids like "the b-side of this Tommy february6 single was a cover of Strawberry Switchblade, the b-side of which original 7" was also a cover," though. XD;
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 13: April 20 - nature (Simon promises actual Icelandic pop next time), cherry blossom season (which is pretty much over anyway)
right click to download
listen streaming here

My unscripted digression into the gameplay mechanism of Katamari Damacy )

Most all Tsuji Ayano videos were purged from YTube a while back, curses! I'd post the Air one but it's triggery as all get out.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Yin Yue Da Tong (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 12: April 13 - music about waiting, girl bands part II
right click to download
listen streaming here

More guitars this time )

Lita Ford sang lead on "I'm A Million", apparently for the first time ever? I find the song weirdly compelling and sad. It's very classic rock.
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Because I'm flying to Philly very early Wednesday morning for a conference. As per its history of always my laptop has chosen to break down precisely when I need to use it outside of the house: first the external battery expired, then (after I replaced it via ebay vendor and an extended saga of Canada Post being unable to read a correctly printed address) the internal battery - or so runs the going theory, unless anyone can come up with a better reason why the clock would have slowed massively and EVENTUALLY STARTED RUNNING BACKWARD before Windows stopped booting altogether. I could be stuck in a Doctor Who ep, but I doubt it. If a frood inna bow tie shows up and sonicks it back to life I'll let you know.

Which is all to say, I don't have the tracklisting, because my laptop won't turn on. XD; I just played a bunch of Libertines tracks, though - and oh yeah, My Little Airport's cover of "What Katie Did". The internet hoops I had to jump through to get hold of that shiz.

102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 10: March 30 - Silk Road music, The Libertines
right click to download
listen streaming here
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 9: March 23 - girl pop duos, Jean Ferrat
right click to download
listen streaming here

In which I fail to explain why I like tATu's Smiths cover so much )

The Paradox track (the first on their first album) is a cover of Muriel Dacq's italo disco (? she's Belgian) number, "Tropique" - I got hold of the 12" rip via Googling the songwriting credits listed on the Paradox vinyl, had a brain fart and ended up playing the English version instead of the French. But it's basically the same song.

This was my first adventure in vinyl ripping. XD;; The software at the radio station can't do better than 128kbps, though; the original is a lot punchier and you can hear how the girls are recorded wobblier than the pristine backing track. It's... a really good record, actually.

Tomorrow was going to be all-female bands, as an extension of this theme, but like the Libertines reformed or whatever so I gotta be topical. Given which:

LOL this is like the only movie I was looking forward to this spring? I discovered the awesomeness of this band a few years back (although I have no idea if I ever mentioned it here), so just FTR I'm not there to see Kristen Stewart make out with Dakota Fanning. OK maybe a little. Like 10%

(...They are srsly kind of unheard of. I tried to get ppl to come see this movie with me and they were like "who what" and I was like "we are standing in Foufounes in the middle of a crowd AIR GUITARING TO I LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL at this actual exact moment".)
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 8: March 16 - I can too play Donnacha Costello for Saint Patrick's Day if I want
right click to download
listen streaming here

Tracklisting )

Since Simon was clearly going to go the Celtic/new-age/folk route (his part comes before mine, there was Clannad somewhere in there) I figured I'd go the artists-from-Ireland route. But none of the Big Five. *g*

Next week there will be a tribute to Jean Ferrat? Not gonna lie, idk a thing about Ferrat. Maybe I will play the Internationale in French and Chinese instead.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 7: March 9 - poetry set to music, in memoriam
right click to download
listen streaming here

Tracklisting )

In order (funny how the adaptation always changes the title):

W.B. Yeats, "The Song of Wandering Aengus"
苏轼, 《水调歌头》(the late, the great Teresa Teng, the only 20th-century singer to cover both Su Dongpo and the Fugees - although I wouldn't be surprised if Nana Mouskouri has done something similar)
Fernando Pessoa, "Do vale à montanha"
Constantine P. Cavafy, "The God Abandons Antony"

Would have had to plunk down $$$ for Leo Ferré, so... didn't. XD; I could do a whole episode on Ferré (-Aragon, -Rimbaud, -Apollinaire), though.

Then Doris had a pre-recorded bit for the anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, and Simon had a piece about a Chinese indie rocker who died abroad iirc. So he played some fuzzy scream-y guitar stuff, and I played some slow strings-filled ballads! Opposite Week evidently. While Simon was on I went through the massive stash of 80s Cantopop vinyl in the Chinese radio team's cabinet and found the first Paradox album, though I haven't had time to listen to it yet.

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