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1) Yuletide assignments are out! Mine should be eminently doable, as the recipient seems to have the same tastes as I do, she just has them in mostly different fandoms. XD; Like, I would fill more than one of her requests, out of sheer interest, but I won't have time to consume the canons other than the one we matched on.

I love the fact that someone posted their Yuletide fic to the collection already. Carpe the fuck out of your diem.

2) So did I mention that the other day my sister and I went dancing onstage during the encore of Rufus Wainwright (and family and friends)'s pre-Halloween concert at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, within arm's length of Anna McGarrigle and Lucy Wainwright and Teddy Thompson and JORN and Rufus Wainwright in a toga and gold foil laurels as the god Apollo. Did I mention that? Because that totally happened.

(Do you know, they made Jorn sing? He's one of those bassos who can produce exactly three notes, very carefully. I guess they only realized post-facto that there's a Montreal by-law as says you can't marry into the McGarrigle-Cohen-whatevers unless you sing.)

3) What with Mystery Music Writing Project due in November, and Yuletide due in December, and a major pitch that just dropped into my lap at work that mostly needs to be out the door by the time I fly to London on the 30th (...did I mention I was going to the UK for a week?), on top of my ongoing work projects THAT I AM BEHIND ON and the two Avengers WIPs that I have a horrible suspicion AO3 ppl think are on a bimonthly serialization schedule, I should probably suck it up and get off the Internet for the rest of the month. Pretend I'm doing NaNo. Except if I'm not on the Internet, how do I crawl about bothering my friends to beta for me. XD;
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Midway through Beirut's set at Osheaga on Sunday. You know how when inspiration strikes really hard your brain goes into this weird whiteout mode and you later realize you have no idea what the other person's been saying to you for the last five minutes? I lost a good 10 minutes of that set, which annoys me because it's not like I get to see Beirut play every other week. It's not the sort of idea I'd normally ever write out, either, but now I feel like I have to, just to have something to show for my distraction. XD;

Anyway. It turns out that Beirut has a new album out (on MP3 - it leaked early, so the digital version went out early while the physical formats ship for an August 30 release date). Because I am a nonpareil of deduction I figured this out when they started playing songs I didn't know. I've just gone and pre-ordered the LP for a chance at the special ed., since I have a ridiculous textbook-case mania for clear vinyl. Beirut makes good vinyl-listening albums so the risk isn't great: I nearly always put The Flying Club Cup on from beginning to end. I've gradually come to realize that that album is a bona fide decade top 20. It's weird because no individual song on it is as good as "Elephant Gun" or "Postcards to Italy" or "Gulag Orkestar" (except arguably "Cliquot"), but it's perfectly sequenced and does what it does so well. I remember when it first came out, someone wrote a review which identified the perfect use case: the evening after moving into a new place, unpacking boxes while unwinding with a glass of wine. Packing a suitcase before next morning's flight, too, it works for that. As long as I continue to travel for pleasure, this album will never fully leave the rotation.

My ranking of Beirut releases, based on how often I listen to them:

The Flying Club Cup
Realpeople Holland (particularly "Venice", because I can't get over that it actually sounds like Venice)
Lon Gisland EP
The Gulag Orkestar (a good album, but I only ever replay three songs on it)
March of the Zapotec (I barely listen to this one at all)

So clearly I approve that Zach Condon chose to return to indiepop roots on The Rip Tide, instead of making a vuvuzuela-gamelan fusion record or something which was the only other career route this could have taken. It can't ever be disgustingly twee, anyway, what with the brass instrumentation and dude's vocal style, although "East Harlem" makes a concerted effort. I don't know how much I'll end up listening to it yet, but I imagine as much as Lon Gisland EP surely.

IMO this is the best of the new songs (dodgy Soundcloud upload, listen before it's gone):

The Rip Tide - Beirut by DJmich
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Kylie Minogue @ Bell Centre, April 28, 2011

The bad: the muddy sound at the Bell Centre, urrrgh I am probably not supposed to talk crap about it now that I work for the company but it's like a sandbag levee between the act on stage and the audience. It's an unfair context for Kylie, whose pop is rather finely calibrated on the whole. Speaking of which, I wasn't sure about the industrial rock(?!) version of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"; seemed like it missed the je ne sais quoi of the thing.

The good: well, everything else was good. Other than the latest album being one of her strongest (at least most consistent), the Aphrodite/Ishtar schtick is a good look on Kylie. XD She is well-cast in the role, yanno? And I could fend off cognitive surplus by considering the semiotics of the costume changes, which zoomed forward in time in discrete bursts, through pannier skirts and ostrich fans to daisy dukes and beyond.

The awesome: there was a golden winged horse, and a chariot and stuff. Kylie sang an acapella version of "Your Disco Needs You". And "Looking for an Angel" segued into - of all things - a cover of "There Must be an Angel (Playing With my Heart)", so I sang along loudly with the dude in a neck brace sitting next to me, who obviously also dug the Eurhythmics hardcore.

By the by, multiple someones in Kylie's camp must've seen the original video, because it was exactly what I was thinking toward the beginning of her show - "This has a vibe of court entertainment circa Louis XIV."


Hang on, there is video of Kylie too:

By "and beyond" I meant of course "Barbarella". Fashion magazine interns must fight over Kylie photoshopping duty.

The Kills @ L'Olympia, April 30, 2011

The Kills are sort of like The Black Keys - simple concept, flawless execution. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hart's presence, as rock stars, doesn't feel accidental, nor is it simply practiced motion - it had to have started with talent, backed by the mythical 10,000 hours required to turn it into unthinking flowing mastery. They are very, very good at this one thing. We started off in comfortable balcony seats with a good view (went down halfway because the dance imperative became irresistable), so I can vouch that they projected all the way to the back of the room. I think ppl focus on Alison more because she's the main vox and it's still rare to see a female rocker arrogate this... I mean, female rock stars are usually sexy. But a certain type of male rock star can move into this vulnerable, bi-attractive space, where you're almost not allowed to be unless you're a male rock star (or comparable), and that's where Alison Mosshart situates. A comparison with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is instructive; Karen O is a charismatic frontwoman, who presents as flamboyant and feminine but not conventionally sexy, and she's not in that space. But I always get the sense from Alison that this is something women can do as well as men, it's just that women mostly don't. (To be fair, male rockers who can pull this off are rare as well.)

Band fashion watch: I sometimes wonder if Alison Mosshart has just the one leopard-print long-sleeved blouse, or if she owns a buttzillion interchangeable ones. The stage background was based off that shirt! Ditto Jamie Hart's polka dot scarf. XD; (I've also come to realise that, although Jamie Hart started off in the public eye craggy and 50-year-old-looking, he's stayed the exact same craggy and 50-year-old-looking since the early 00s.)

Afterward I went over to Chris Hum's practice studio to listen to the Dharovar Project EP over good monitor speakers. I've got to upload this for you guys, it's been progressively blowing my mind.
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Yeah so I haven't updated these since I went to Shanghai, bawling. I kept the tracklistings though... well, since December. November's a bit of a loss.

January 4, 2011 [direct link]
Lisa Nilsson, Gorillaz, Terror Danjah, Rox, I Blame Coco, Utada Hikaru, Saint Etienne )

I still prefer the Matsuda Seiko version of "Who's That Boy" - English enunciation aside, she owns the sentiment of the song while the heartfelt belter is more Lisa Nilsson's thing - but hey, I found the original version! Did you guys even know there was an original version!

BROADCAST REGULATION CANADIAN CONTENT PROTIPS: any and all covers of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" count as CanCon. Similarly, if Damon Albarn makes a track on his iPad in a Montreal or Vancouver hotel room after a gig, this also counts as CanCon.


January 11, 2011 [direct link]
Cold Fairyland, jj, Owen Pallett, David Bowie, Akufen, Isolée, Ikonika )

I was at Igloofest Friday and Saturday night in -30C weather, dancing until my legs dropped off in order to beat hypothermia. It was awesome! Missed Terror Danjah night due to work, but Egyptrixx and Weatherall** turned out impressive sets and ginger monster Hatchmatik completely blew up the igloo tent. One imagines dude must have LOLed for like an hour when he dug up a track that transitions seamlessly into "One More Time" without giving the game away. UNTIL THE SYNTHS HIT

Going back next week for Detroit night and Ikonika. Please disregard anything I said about Ikonika in the podcast, apparently I'm incapable of not sounding like an idiot.


January 18, 2011 [direct link]
jj, Broadcast, The Ian Fays, Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith, Kylie Minogue, Gorillaz, Saint Etienne, Korallreven, Hamasaki Ayumi )

Geebus I have played that dumbass song about Ecstasy thirty buttzillion times. This album has a giant marijuana leaf on the cover, so classy.

** One of the unsung pleasures of Igloofest is clocking DJs in winter gear. XD As Sam put it no one is really going to buy a parka for a single gig, so chances are you're getting real-life dorkiness and/or stylishness and/or Scandinavian daily-lifeness or what have you. Weatherall showed up in this impressive fur collar number, having remarked in interview beforehand that the upside of winter was being able to dress appropriately i.e. in tweed. "Heat is the enemy of style!" /LOL SCOTS
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The xx: what one would expect I guess! There were the usual ushers and such but it was relaxed, sit-down kids well-behaved with plastic beer cups in the concert hall, talk never loud enough to interfere with the music. I'd have said it's a generational thing, that everyone is used to all venues being mixed-purpose and mixed-audience, but I'm told by out-of-towners it's a Montreal thing, too... The most jarring aspect of the gig was actually hearing all this intentional mega-reverb in a space designed to eliminate the effect. But the light show was v. good and the xx nicely served by a cool, dark, spacious, and well-designed environment to suit their cool, dark, spacious, and well-designed music, so score one for the Pop Montreal peeps there.

The crowd really seemed to love the band (it's their third time playing here, successively larger venues). Musically it was pretty much like the album, nothing left-field, except the two vocalists have become much more self-assured and learnt to convey sexiness without sounding desperately depressed XD which bodes well for a sophomore effort. That and I think they plan on using their Mercury $$ to build a studio. Was too tired for the after party but was told that there was a lot of awesome old-school garage and two-step, and all of four ppl on the dancefloor.

Didn't arrive in time for Zola Jesus but Warpaint was all right - dark with multiple moments of sonic loveliness, needed punchier song structure. You can get fairly far with a band of three attractive young women and a dude guitarist.

Mount Kimbie: bumped into Sach from Passion of the Weiss (the only music blogger I know from the weird non-Internet place) and mutual friends, then (apparently, according to him) everyone he knew ever; some crossover space of local dubstep DJs and hip-hop heads and techno types and indie film studies dudes having been activated or delineated by the band... granted the same could probably be said of Four Tet. It was one of those gigs where one didn't know how the live act would come off but would be OK with holding up the wall with arms crossed, if it came to that - though it didn't. They were unfortunately insistent on playing their songs qua discrete songs, that is to say not as tracks and not as instrumental jams (even when the one slung on a guitar for "texture"), at the end of each of which they stopped and said "thank you", so the music was guaranteed to cut off just as one was getting one's groove on. XD; But a very successful night out, otherwise.

Puces Pop: was it always this expensive? I suppose so. /weepz Got a flower necklace made of felt, a cardigan brooch, a black skirt and gray t-shirt (late autumn is the best time of year for minimal post-post-modern Cayce Pollard-ian utilitarianism). I also have new glasses I'm rather pleased with: they're black lacquer-ish Chinoiserie lotus cutouts on the outside and translucent deep red lucite on the inside. From a distance they look bog-normal but with these two slashes of lipstick red, like tail lights on a black car.
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Here are the playlists for my past couple of radio shows (including Simon's parts even!):

September 26: New York City
Stream | Download

The Beatles – Yesterday
Tori Amos – I Can’t See New York
Regina Spektor – Back of a Truck
Simply Red – Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan cover)
Simon and Garfunkel – The Boxer
Bebel Gilberto – Os Novos Yorkinos
The Moldy Peaches – NYC’s Like A Graveyard
Cibo Matto – Sci-Fi Wasabi
Martha Wainwright – New York, New York, New York
Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

I am oddly proud of my half of this playlist! Was talking to G about how I am ultimately lucky I was never immersed in 90s pop culture, since that means I have Mid-Gen Y references in lieu of Gen X/Gen Y Cusp (which is what I am agewise). Basically, everyone else my age is OLD, reality check dudes, that shiz was 20 years ago. But also, everything from my (mid-late) 90s seems to get lost in the cultural retelling. No one I know listened to Pavement in the 90s. Who the fuck were Pavement rotfl. If any, cool indie bands (not that the word "indie" ever came up) were stuff like Cibo Matto. Ppl talk about how Saint Etienne mediated their imagined relationship with London; that was "Sci-Fi Wasabi" re: me and NYC. It perfectly encapsulated a lifestyle that I now think of as Gen Y hipster mainstream... knitting and bikes and St Marks Comics. The namechecked Moby of Teany rather than of Play.


September 19: Green roofs and Pop Montreal
Stream | Download

Bonjour Brumaire – Ste. Catherine [Montréal 滿地可]
Regina Spektor – Summer in the City [New York 紐約]
Dave Brubeck – Wonderful Copenhagen [Copenhagen 哥本哈根]
Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)
The xx – Shelter (Tiga Remix)
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins with Ben Gibbard, M. Ward, and Conor Oberst – Handle with Care (Travelling Wilburys cover)
Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Operation (Superpitcher Remix)

I am going to the xx's Pop Montreal show tonight, at... Salle Wilfred-Pelletier. As in Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright, and opera recitals. I don't know what they (the organizers**) think they're doing, but I'm sure I'll find out. Afterparty with Jamie xx DJ'ing if I'm so inclined. Tomorrow Saturday night I'm checking out Mount Kimbie, and will probably hit up a bunch of other stuff as well (Puces Pop? anyone reading this in?).

** I have met them - invited them in fact to be on a panel I organized for the McGill MBA Marketing Club, re: the programming and marketing of cultural festival events. The talk was generally great but the Pop Montreal ppl couldn't really get a word in edgewise and seemed bored and alienated. XD; I suspect they couldn't figure out how to formulate their DIY ethic within the conceptual framework (un)consciously imposed by the other participants (including the MUTEK dude, who was an aggressively intelligent digital native and MBA dropout).
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Done! Finally!

Florence and the Machine, Bebel Gilberto, Owen Pallett )

* I'm sort of serious. XD; Perhaps this needs to be a coordinated effort? Someone else has to request it, after all.

** In particular re: subjects I find truly relatable despite never having articulated them (eg. the ontological muddle of being the avatar of an RPG/adventure video game vs. moving said avatar around according to the player's will vs. treating the character as an entirely separate entity for purposes of eg. perving -- surely PhD theses have been written about this -- Heartland is a natural extension of the premise of "He Poos Clouds" merely with a different controller interface, one conveniently transportable to concert stages, i.e. the narrative is not something that has happened, it is happening during Pallett's performance in the same way that the story of Link is happening whenever you boot up Twilight Princess), although that's less because Pallett is more articulate than because I'm... not all that bothered? I mean, do you ever worry about the possibility of your "muses" having a crisis of faith when they realize their life stories are flimsy excuses for dodgy authorial gay sex fantasy? And breaking the fourth wall to murder you in revenge? EVERY DAY, HUH?

In other words Pitchfork never actually grokked why "Final Fantasy" was an appropriate name for the project, although that's okay because I choose to believe Squeenix did.


Feb. 5th, 2010 01:31 am
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: Special of the Day (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 2: February 2 - Tribute to Lhasa De Sela and Kate McGarrigle
[I go first this time! starts 4 minutes in]
right click to download

tracklisting )

my Kate McGarrigle and Rufus Wainwright anecdote; not quite a translation )

That was a morbid episode, the theme was DEATH. Next week will be DAMON ALBARN'S CHINESE NEW YEAR. orz
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This turned out to mean free tickets to the Bell Centre to see Kings of Leon. Bawling, MY LIFE. More later cos I wanna leave the house but I was on not very much sleep and the experience kinda messed with my head. I may do a sort of contrast-and-compare with the Pet Shop Boys gig for great hilarity as I haven't made notes on that one either.
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Spent 70 pages wondering why "Rydra Wong" sounded familiar and only remembered after I got home from the library that it was a person on LJ and I'd simply always assumed it was her real name.

Saw C's Beatles cover band (yes the one that was blessed by Yoko Ono) play a gig, in a tiny pub I'd never noticed the existence of, just above Hurley's. The audience were maybe 80 people and packed the room out. It was a clear triumph - the band was much better than I'd expected, and by all accounts had improved immensely since they'd last played live. They wore sharp suits and gave terrible/hilarious fake Liverpudlian patter. XD; It was also a good way to hear the songs, which I'd been getting interested in during the run-up to [ profile] freakytigger's reissue reviews in teh 'Fork. Up until fairly recently I would have had trouble imagining what the Beatles really sounded like live - if I'd bothered trying, which I never did. One had this impression that they were... reedy, yanno? Tinny. My dad never rated the Beatles because they had such "thin, unexceptional voices." But they had punchy rhythm-section goings-on, you could dance to their early stuff. In a weird way I feel privileged that I get to hear some of these songs for the first time played in a pub and be like "Oh that's a nice tune, what is it" as if it were by some random minor indie rock band. Although I didn't say it out loud because I didn't want to let on. XD;;

Afterward G tried to convince them to add "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" to the setlist and I plumped for "I Saw Her Standing There", mindful of poll. "Twist and Shout" is a great first set ender but they could have moved it up easily if they'd wanted the crowd to get to their feet faster, the girls were gagging for it.
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Metropolis was packed out like I'd never seen, even the balcony was standing room only. Cut Copy was a bona fide rave-up, but one can dance to Cut Copy whereas Beirut's riddim inspires gentle hip-swinging at best. XD; Yet the atmosphere was comparable i.e. apeshit bananas. Or maybe I just got stuck with the girls shrieking "WE LOVE YOU ZACH ♥♥♥" after every song. I had had six glasses of wine at H's party beforehand, though (enough that I dozed off and didn't really catch the tail end of The Dodos' opening set), and there are worse ways to attend gigs than happy-drunk with a crowd that is super digging it.

The thing with Beirut that is simultaneously endearing and frustrating is that they technically overreach, which becomes glaringly apparent when presented in the context of a two-week international jazz festival that also encompasses Afripop, reggae, blues rock, dub electronica and whatnot. I listen to them in this framework anyway, meaning for instance that I have every track memorized but have no idea nor care what the words are to most of the songs. It works fine on record, but live I find I mentally expect them to go into a five-minute instrumental jam with brass solos after the second chorus, and instead they just stop. D: Like, at the 3:30 mark Zach Condon waves a hand, everyone cuts off dead in the middle of the note. The set was all of 75 minutes including the two encores, but they got through a lot of songs this way. Made me wish I were seeing them in five years' time. XD; They also didn't have any strings with them, which maybe had something to do with it. In any case the most interesting part for me was seeing if they would do the Holland songs live (they did), and if so, how (by playing the synth parts on accordion and keyboard - LOL undramatic I know).

Anyway this is wrongheaded because early Beirut subsists on ~*feeling*~. It's that particular strand of saudade that cuts across genres and for that matter disciplines - Proust is a kissing cousin - but is rare because by the time artists have the sk1ll0rz to get the inchoate melancholia of extreme youth across to an audience, they're too old to feel it (if indeed they ever felt it - I doubt all artists do). So there's a one-, maybe two-album window... Patrick Wolf had it with the first two, lost it with the third. Blur only had it with Modern Life Is Rubbish (not, interestingly, with Leisure). This is why I kind of think it's wrongheaded to make Burial's nostalgia all about the historical context, because it isn't really. If it weren't that he'd be nostalgic about something else, that's the kind of dude he is.

Back to gig - best moment: literal LOL during the first encore when blond dude raised his trumpet and the distinctive fanfare of "Se Telefonando" rang out over the crowd. What are the chances.** Explains why Zach Condon spent the previous five minutes going ":D?" at each of his band in turn (all of whom responded with massive sweatdrop-face but were CLEARLY OVERRULED). In figure skating parlance, one of those jumps you land in practice but not, perhaps, in competition. Also no one else in the crowd knew the song anyway, fff whatevs indie kidz.

** Okay fine, pretty high considering that they'd already covered "La Javanaise" at this point. A+ lulz Condon, take a page from La Wainwright and let's have us some Piaf next round.

Late meme

Jul. 4th, 2009 03:44 am
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The Rules:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. (If you want a letter, just say so.)
2. List (and upload/link) 5 (or more if you want) songs that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] keelieinblack gave me an N, two weeks ago.

Ciara )

DJ Rolando and The Aztec Mystic )

Laura Marling )

Martha Wainwright )

Too tired, next batch tomorrow. XD;
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No photos - didn't remember to bring a camera - so I have to make a note of it, or I'll forget when I went. XD;

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix)
Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk Remix)

Fred Falke is on some kind of 2005-esque remix roll all of a sudden? I re-discovered the "Knife" remix just now, it is +Clipse and +Ying Yang Twins or rather Girl Talk correctly identified Ed Droste as an appropriate voice for "dude diva hooks" (remember the conversation about Kusano Masamune).

My thoughts on Grizzly Bear, let me show you them )

Other notes on evening: band reiterated the bit about Le National being one of their favorite venues, as well it ought to be as it's a jewel. It has a springy wooden floor, for instance, tilted so everyone can see the stage no matter where they're standing. Incidental music playlist was GREAT, A+ would hire members of this band to DJ a party again. Audience was young, cute and fluffyheaded Scott Pilgrim &co. types, enthusiastic but too indie to be pushy. The vinyl sold out because everyone at the merch stand (manned by Chris Taylor) asked for vinyl, including me. I know I make fun of other music fans' illogic but shit, I have totally bought into this one. XD; It's not even for the sonic qualities. Emotionally these days music itself = free and CD = a doohickey you can buy at Wal-Mart for 0.25$/unit with the inherent value of disposable chopsticks, so you have to go to vinyl to feel like you've achieved the kind of ownership you have over a book made out of paper and cardboard stock. Plus there is nostalgia value for people my age, like collecting Hasbro toys. I don't know what vinyl feels like for the fluffyheads, though - probably like when I pick up my dad's twin-lens reflex Yashica from the 60's, something out of a steampunk fantasy film set, barely reconcilable with everyday existence.

Toward the end Ed Droste was like, "Are you guys going to hang around outside and start a street party as is the Montreal way? We might join you if you do! :D" which of course resulted in the entire audience hanging around outside the venue afterward, LOL. That part of Saint-Catherine is a pedestrian street in summer. If I were with friends I would have stayed but I didn't want to sit there and wait by myself, so I have no idea if the band actually did show up.
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With downloads, as promised a while back. Plus new stuff. ...Do any of you guys actually read my Tumblr, besides the two or three of you who post there? ^^; Having multiple blogs pretty much just means that they take turns experiencing benign neglect, but I wish I had a better sense of who sees what first.

Pet Shop Boys )

Gorillaz )

The Tears )

Fever Ray )

Patrick Wolf )

k-os )

Peter Doherty and Dot Allison )

Saint Etienne )

Grizzly Bear gig tonight! Ed Droste just tweeted saying Le National is one of his favorite venues, bless (it's where I went to see Bebel Gilberto last time round).
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DJ sets by main dude out of Hercules and Love Affair and secondary dude out of LCD Soundsystem. Loving the revivalist disco off and on since '06 but have never actually danced to a set of it live, for whatever reason. Sounded sweet, could've been all vintage finds or all new productions for all I knew. Lots and lots of polyrhythmic bongos. Very mixed-age crowd (low tic price brought in the kiddies), styles ranged from bobo street chic to Haute Scissor Sister. Swarming with club photographers. I've never been snapped before but last night was like five times in a row. J probably a factor here as photogs would rather get two Asian hipster girls for the price of one IMO.

People kept ending up onstage and couldn't figure out how, so finally I just jumped it. XD Hung around for 5min taking photos of the DJ (and not stealing champagne) before everyone was gently and graciously ushered off by a band manager-type person with a strong physical resemblance to Andie MacDowell. It turned out the smoking area was right next to the stairs up from backstage, so we all went backstage instead ahaha. Had a diet Coke and mentally fashionblogged until Andie graciously herded us all out again.

Outfit: short stretch beach dress in pink/cream peony pattern, 25-year-old grey-green lace hose, cream stack-heel t-straps. Last minute and more "Miami" than I usually go for but it got a number of kudos.
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Cut Copy
Originally uploaded by hinagiku.

Not my photo, nor one of the Montreal gig actually. I just wanted to give a sense of the light show, as being representative of the prevalent mood i.e. RAINBOW POSITIVITY.

This was a last-minute sort of deal, on the strength of singles from 2004** and an impression that they were the two least objectionable acts in the blogger-electro scene. XD; Totally won over, though: the most fun I've had at a show for ages. A. left with her friend after the Presets due to stomach upset, so I decided to make my way up front, and the mosh pit was completely mental - everyone squeezed together like drunken sardines and raring to dance, like splitting the difference between Booka Shade and Pixies. You know when the song playing is clearly everyone's FAVORITE SONG EVER? In fact the entire room was one big mosh pit. At the second-to-last song I managed to get a boost up from the tall guy standing next to me and surfed halfway back to the toilets. XD; After that I came back onto the balcony for "Hearts on Fire" and the crowd was doing that thing where everyone bounces up and down at once and looks like a swimming pool on the boil.

Actually, I would be comfortable calling Cut Copy "new rave", considering that they bear the same resemblance to the KLF as Arctic Monkeys do to... you see what I'm getting at, anyway. XD; Possibly the whole idea was a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's just kind of hilarious because I spent a decent chunk of this year listening to remixes of the Stone Roses by 808 State etc. etc., and everyone else was listening to this. OH WELL NEVER TOO LATE TO REJOIN THE 21ST CENTURY. And as PFork points out, they're impossible to dislike because they're so damned happy. It's like dudes made a list of every cheesy joy-inducing dance music noise and shoehorned them all into three minutes and a half, Snap diva sample plus New Order bass plus Eurotrance kickdrum plus Daft Punk filter plus handbag house synth plus plus plus more smiley yellow faces than Wal-Mart. Lead dude would sort of raise both hands with an air of beatific sincerity and be like, all right Montreal you know what to do, ONE TWO THREE FOUR

I did make the strategic decision to drink several beers before they came on. XD But bought the album and it still sounds just as good. BTW I seem to have crossed the Asian female threshhold to looking younger than one's chronological age rather than older, the teenaged indie kids I was sitting next to asked if I got carded for my drink. XD;

** Presets did not play "Girl and the Sea" however! I suppose it wouldn't have fit with the gaymo glam thing they're going with now. :/

P.S. Okay, now you're just dicking with us.

Last nite

Sep. 20th, 2008 01:52 pm
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From everyone and their mum:

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable.)
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September 20, Club Soda: Cut Copy / The Presets
October 3, Masonic Temple (Pop Montreal): Johnny Flynn / Laura Marling

The Piknic Electronik apple orchard event has been cancelled due to a contretemps with liquor laws. :/ Erin says we should organize our own, though, sans techno BGM.

EDIT -- dying, glad to see Rex The Dog has the same taste in ridiculous avantgardist fashion as I do.
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Ladytron, Metropolis, July 2


I like this photo best because it shows off Reuben Wu's bosozoku quiff in all its profiled glory. That's what, winner of Most Fashionable Indie Haircut for the eighth year running? A-ma-zing. BTW I have just learned from Wiki that Reuben Wu was an industrial design consultant before he started the band. And Mira Aroyo was a molecular geneticist.

The opening act was Datarock - we didn't arrive in time to catch most of their set, unfortunately, though I know [ profile] elfiepike likes them? They were very energetic, and there was the matter of a Dirty Dancing cover. XD During the encore of Ladytron's set they appeared in one of the boxes, from which they rained streamers and penis balloons on the audience. I would not previously have associated the, uh, concept of "penis balloons" with Ladytron at any remove, but they've loosened up a lot since the Light & Magic tour. When I saw them in 2003 they basically stood in place behind their Korgs the entire time, glacially beautiful and not a smile cracked, like 28th-century spaceship pilots at their console decks. This time Helen and Mira moved around on stage, smiled, waved, interacted with the audience (one is forcibly reminded they're from Liverpool, not Beta Centauri), pogoed, discussed getting tattoos because they thought Montreal was awesome, and in general gave the impression of not being robots. This time, the audience danced.

The contrarian streak still showed in the setlist order, with "Playgirl", "Seventeen", etc. tossed in halfway through where most bands would've saved them for the end - they could be that confident in the consistency of their material. Most of Velocifero was played, and a smattering of album tracks from 604 for the old-skool fans; not much from albums two and three besides the obvious singles. 'Course nowadays "Destroy Everything You Touch" is the big hit. XD I gather they can't do "Versus" live, alas - it was played over the soundsystem as the house lights came on.
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...Yeah, this is for personal satisfaction really. Although there are mp3s. XD;

Bran Van 3000, Place-des-Arts (outdoors), July 1

Shared specificity with real peers in time and space, which I don't often get in music fandom. Also one of the all-time party bands. ♥ BV3 is of the lineage of great Montreal indie collectives and arrived on the turning point of the city going from not having a scene to - briefly - having the coolest scene worldwide (which is to say they made more money than Me Mom and Morgentaler, and considerably less than the Arcade Fire). Maybe they were the turning point, in some sense: the zeitgeist embodiment who showed up in the aftermath of the second referendum and were like hey dudes let's forget about it, go to the tams and chill out, man, just... chill. It tickles me immensely that they've become a going concern once again, though that means I have to get off my butt and buy the actual new album.

Bran Van 3000 - Rainshine: I wasn't seriously into music until mp3s took off, but looking back there's nothing much about my teenaged taste I'd disavow.** This is perhaps the best song on Glee, insofar as it doesn't cross genre lines but obliterates them three times over in as many minutes - the moment Sara Johnston's voice comes back in still gives me shivers. Magical mystical.

Bran Van 3000 - Afrodiziak: what I can't remember is if I enjoyed smooth R&B grooves that namechecked Marshall McLuhan, or if I had, in fact, no idea what dude was rapping about... Probably the latter.

Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in L.A.: and this, of course. I wrote my first piece of quote music criticism unquote on "Drinking in L.A.", for a CEGEP English assignment (and it was intended as music criticism, not a mere review ahaha... yeah, it's a problem orz). Found the 12" in a used record store the other week, while heading down Mont-Royal to meet [ profile] ayabai and her friends at the tams, and promptly purchased it. Remixes by a cluster of Ninja Tunes and Turbo artists before they became (relatively) famous - including Tiga - on translucent turquoise vinyl. I didn't even know this song had remixes.

Not sure what it says that when I watch the video I can't tell it was made a decade ago.

There were more people for this than for the Leonard Cohen tribute concert, or maybe it just felt that way because I was stuck further back and spent my time working toward the front until I got right against the barrier. It was a party up there, anyway. XD They did play quite a few songs off their latest full length (good, but unfamiliar), and not enough off their second.

** If you can't see the brilliance of the first Savage Garden album then the more fool you.

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