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Subdee came up to Montreal for a few days! Sunday evening through Wednesday morning. We went to see The Avengers again on Monday night. XD;

Was woken up at 5AM on Tuesday morning by extremely loud thunder and lightning. Got up, checked the windows, went back to bed and dreamt fuzzily of Thor getting angry and bashing things. It looked over by the time I got up properly, but then there was the mother of all summer thunderstorms between 5pm and 6pm - through 5th floor sheet-glass windows it resembled the inside of a waterfall turned 90 degrees sideways, light refracting so that the air was blue. Environment Canada issued a tornado(!) warning. There were extensive flash floods in southwest and downtown Montreal, because our infrastructure is designed to handle snowmelt, not this tropical storm shit. XD; (The store under my apartment had basement flooding, but my place was OK.)

The alarm system in the Bell Campus got knocked out and started screeching, fire trucks were called, the elevators stopped working so one had to take the fire escape down. There was an inch of water between the stairs and the door on the ground floor. To cap it off that damnable red-winged blackbird headbutted me again as I was running from the door to the bus shelter. For the third time!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Oh well. MUTEK starts today (there was interesting conference talk stuff earlier on that I didn't get a chance to go to).
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1) So that was quite the snowstorm, even for Montreal! Thank goodness for telework. Let's all of us in affected areas take a moment to experience my favorite (no irony) thing about winter, namely the dazzling white ski-slope light that reflects off the city on a blue-skied day after a snowstorm. Pure brightness without heat. There's nothing quite like it.

2) I feel like I should mention somewhere and at some point that I finally read Nana vol.21. XD;; Avoidant, moi, never. The state of Yazawa Ai's health is worrying - I mean, it's been two years - but there's something blackly funny/appropriate about the fact that the story screeched to a stop here. Life imitating art... I'd calculated according to the clues given previous to *heavily telegraphed spoiler* that the flash-forwards were taking place in mid to late 2008, and this volume puts it forward by a year or two. And she must've planned that!

3) Games, LJ? Seriously?


Have been amused at this with Charmian over on DW. Check that crossover point!
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I mean "this is not usually the time of year, except for some reason May 2010 has deigned to grace us with both SNOW and THIRTY DEGREE CELSIUS HEAT WAVE." I actually broke down and had to turn the AC on; normally I hold out for as long as I can while exercising my God-given right to pad around the house in sarongs and oversize kurtis. In May. In Canada. (And while grocery shopping in Cote-des-Neiges, where I was certainly not the only one.)


* Wednesday (tonight): too busy. orz Gym, barbecue, possibly gaming.

* Thursday: pick up tickets at Monument-National (Saint-Laurent below Saint-Catherine). Get smashed at beer fest (6PM), check out The Caretaker / Nurse With Wound at A/Visions ($25, 8PM).

* Friday: Nocturne 3 w/ Ikonika and Shed? Will depend on how poor(ly) I'm feeling and who else is going ($35, SAT/Club Soda... what is this "going outside to get to the other venue" bs)

* Saturday: Piknic all day ($10 - apparently they've relented and allow you to bring booze if it comes with a picnic lunch), followed by Señor Coconut, followed by checking out the Extra-Muros nonnsense. I have been ranting about this all weekend but what genius came up with the idea of getting Señor Coconut to play a Montreal government-sponsored summer-festival free outdoors concert. "Hmm who can we ask who has experimental techno nerdboi cred but whose set isn't oonceoonceoonceoonce for four hours straight."

* Sunday: Piknic again, weather willing. Maybe Nocturne 5? Actually I'm probably more up for N5 (Moritz von Oswald Trio!) than N3, but it will be easier to find a group for N3 and I'll be too tired for both. asdfe'lr;;; why won't Luomo play as Luomo.

* Monday: prepare retrospective... and translate it into Chinese for hour-long show. >_>
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It's killing the daffodils as I speak! :/ At least the peonies are protected by an overhang - the shoots are like eight inches tall.

2) I don't mean like I found this randomly on Youtube, I mean it was playing on Virgin Radio at rush hour yesterday afternoon.

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Black Lagoon 20-23: we didn't have time to watch the last episode, but I'm going to write about it now because I have no idea when we'll actually get to the finale (various RL scheduling issues). Um... yeah, this continues not to pull any punches. There're series that are all "we have crossed the line into darkness and can never have a normal life" in a basically cliched way, and series that are about ye olde existentialist crisis, but not all that many that critique the existentialist crisis as basically a despicable bourgeois luxury. XD Or I can't think of any.

The language thing they're trying to do here would be a lot cooler if the VAs could uhh remotely pull it off, but the actual script is kind of awesome. "Hey Jumbo, I brought you your prom date!" (Also T was like, "Balalaika's wearing the same school uniform I had in the third grade!")

Mononoke 1-5: since this is 13 eps I thought it was going to be more episodic, but instead it's story arcs like Black Lagoon so I watched nearly half the series before I realized. XD (Tune in next week for And Then Sabina Got Four Hours Of Sleep, part 755,210 in our continuing series!) It could stand to be as long as Black Lagoon too, but probably no one has money for 26 episodes of this kind of art budget. XD Or I should think of it as a continuation of Ayakashi, maybe; I watched a couple of eps of that ages ago but it didn't have the same feel to it insofar as I remember. Mononoke is seriously sort of scary, for one, at least at 4AM in a dark room, and also I just get freaked out by "women's work" horror, like the zashiki warashi arc, A Tale of Two Sisters (GOD THE TRAUMA, it's not even so much that it's scary as the plot of this movie is the worst nightmare I don't have the imagination to dream come to life), and so on.

Scott Pilgrim vol. 1-2: speaking of video games and indie Toronto... but yeah, everything everyone says about this comic is spot on! It really is like real life only with extra awesome! From the Catholic high school uniforms to the bobo vegan cook-a-thons to the SUDDENLY SNOW, did I mention SUDDENLY SNOW, Montreal was like DIDN'T YOU GET THE MEMO ABOUT WINTER this week. Has anyone volunteered this series for Yuletide? Or like, whatever it is people do for Yuletide?

Also watched Match Point a few days ago, randomly. I have this theory that all good-looking leading men sort of actors have a specific type of asshole they're born to play, and this is probably Jonathan Rhys-Meyers'.

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Just had Accounting final; it wasn't nearly as bad as the midterm. Huge group project was also completed and I assume turned in (5-word executive summary: don't loan money to Hertz XD;). I did a quick calculation and an A- ought to be attainable, an A would be lucky but not beyond the realm of mathematical possibility. This is good because I require equanimity to finish writing my Economics term paper tonight, the Economics final tomorrow evening, and the Statistics final Friday evening. orz Which I haven't begun to study for - thankfully it's open-book.

There's another 6-page team paper to be turned in on Monday but we are choosing not to think about it until the weekend. I was pro-active and sent out a reminder email at least. Probably this will be construed as me offering to coordinate but whatevs, it's not far from the truth.

To make up for this forced-march productivity I have arranged to attend an UBER-SKETCH psy-trance loft rave Friday night, ahahaha (or more precisely Saturday morning). So lame/awesome, you guys.

Montreal refuses to snow; it's such a lovely albeit rainy night I think I'll head out to a 24-hour cafe or something.
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1) Global warming is an unpredictable enemy; every season it's something different. This winter's theme was "oh hey let's switch December and April and see if anyone notices". D: South of here it's all been rain, but we got rain and snow - three huge blizzards in as many weeks that turned to slush as soon as they hit the ground. It's a hard commute when Mother Nature up-ends her granité over your city, especially when your boots have sprung leaks.

Anyway, that's over with. HOPEFULLY.

2) I've been reading Trinity Blood again. Got all the way through ROM III: The Night Lords, started RAM III: Know Faith (the author's taste in music is seeping through =_=). I... have forgotten a lot of what happened in the series so far. XD Especially the RAM stories, as with regard to ROM I at least retained unfortunate memories of what annoyed me, like Abel wangsting and Esther being a Sue. This is ironic because I like RAM better. Yoshida over-narrates (it's a stylistic thing) and telegraphs plot twists so in the novels I constantly get the feeling I'm mentally outpacing the action on the page. The short stories are tauter, plus you get a different setting and Vatican secret agent (lolol) per, and awesome character designs + European travelogue are the motive for this series's existence. Basically I sit there and think, there must be gorgeous customized BJDs out there. But I wouldn't know where to look. XD

Very slight spoilers for ROM III, although nothing you wouldn't get from the anime, probably. The ironic thing is I stopped watching the anime at around episode 5 or 6, once I realized it was going to spoiler me by being completely out of order, so at this point everyone who's watched it knows more about what happens than I do. )

The eye colours still crack me up. A notch above LoGH, man. OH BTW DOES TRES COUNT AS REI CLONE MOE Y/Y.

[ profile] worldserpent also sent me the first three volumes of Ravages of Time, because I told her I'll read anything as long as I have a physical copy (this is true), so I will get on that soon. XD

3) (If I made an effort I could've segued into this better from Trinity Blood--) The night before I took the GMAT I dreamt of the Pope. )

4) Completely unrelatedly [1], about a month ago I saw Alec Campion Duke of Tremontaine in the metro. I know I'm not the only person who does this; visualize characters in minute detail and sooner or later you bump into them in the street. There is usually a hilarity value attached to these encounters because you see [random person you don't know] who looks exactly like [character] in your head, in whatever outfit [random person] got dressed in that day. So this was the older!Alec from Privilege, with the hair and everything, in very skinny pin-stripe dress trousers and very fashion-forward shoes (I can't remember exactly, only they were the sort of shoes you'd notice on a stranger), and a black gabardine wool overcoat, and these absolutely gorgeous metallic red earbud headphones. I mean, one tries so hard not to start laughing in public for no apparent reason. XD

Anyway I could goggle all I liked because he was working through a sheaf of math problems, no joke.

[1] Apart from just wanting to set it down for posterity.
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Full album uploads, as promised. Ambient, downtempo stuff; the sort of music that hangs in the air like incense, soothes jangled nerves and doesn't impede productivity. XD

Brian Eno - Ambient 4: On Land [1982]: basically I owe Brian Eno a drink for making this album. For a period of three months last year I abused it like a wired lab rat at the happy lever. I used it as a sedative on planes and in terminal lounges (the fact that airports do not AFAIK actually play Music for Airports is one of the mundane tragedies of modern existence). I lay in grassy fields and spaced out to it, with the volume dialed down so I could hear the birds and insects. I wrote my [ profile] blind_go fic to it (this probably explains a lot). Truthfully speaking the overall moodscape of the thing is more eerie than soothing - think Lea Monde before the Dark went completely kerblonkers - so maybe I find it a great sleep aid because I'm weird that way. Who knows. Can't hurt to try. XD (68.8MB)

Chara - Something Blue [2005]: self-produced indie-released fanclub-only EP. Arguably my favorite Chara album; I always play it all the way through. The style of the individual songs shifts from shoegaze to dreampop to introvert-folk, jazz and even funk (the only other artist I know of who inhabits this nebulous space is Feist), but the whole flows in entire coherency. It's like being caught in a gauzy, thirty-minute-long dream of dappled sunlight. (33.3MB)

Chihei Hatakeyama - Minima Moralia [2006]: more ambient. This is "happier" sounding than the Eno album, warm and abstract. Sort of like studying while your roommate plays flOw with the speakers on for hours on end. (69.4MB)

The Go Find - Stars On The Wall [2007]: yesterday it snowed a lot. For most of the day the weather couldn't decide whether it was snowy or rainy or (frequently) both, but by sundown it had settled fully into spring blizzard mode. It wasn't cold, but the flakes were - I'm not making this up - larger than my first thumb joint, cast distinct shadows descending and landed with the sound moths make when their wings smack against a flat surface. My boots were unsuitable and leaked so badly I may as well have been walking bare-socked. It was perfect weather for this album. I've had it on my mp3 player for a while but yesterday I realised I'd somehow managed to memorize all the songs.

In general Morr Music is the label to turn to if the Postal Service is too perky for you and Keane isn't wussy enough. Nicer than the Junior Boys, I find: I'm only impelled to listen to Junior Boys if I have a hangover and feel as miserable as the weather, whereas The Go Find, Lali Puna etc. are rather cozy if you're inside. *g* (64.5MB)
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It's so guys have plenty of fresh snow to pee four-leaf clovers in.

Meanwhile: BOOKA SHADE TONIGHT. I do have tickets - had to trawl Tranceaddicts to figure out where and when they were going on sale. >_>

Speaking of which, MUTEK 2007 lineup. Mayer + Wighnomy + Boratto + Aguayo +++ *flails*. Here's hoping Villalobos and the Minimalicious Krew play the Piknic again (and that the weather is good).

I also may have found out about Daft Punk's August show just in time to score tics in the red (with [ profile] smurfmatic). Did I mention I hate the Bell Centre.

EDIT -- Randomly, I found a video from last year's MUTEK that shows the pink stuff Hawtinbos were guzzling. Hot pink, not cranberry mixers. It stayed in my mind as the perfect stylistic touch, somehow. XD;
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Saturday )

Tuesday )

Wednesday )

Thursday (today) )

[1] It occurs to me belatedly that Rockaberry's does not exist outside of Montreal. Okay: picture half a bowling ball sitting in a pie dish. Now picture that this bowling ball is made ENTIRELY OUT OF CHOCOLATE FUDGE, with a layer of brownie underneath. Now picture one quarter of this object (viz. 1/8 of a bowling ball) sitting on a plate. That is a slice of Rockaberry's pie. Insert other ingredients and flavours as desired.

[2] Sort of WKW-by-numbers but that's as good as you're going to get 95% of the time. XD Soderbergh's was quite funny, like a witty short story with a Jungian punch. Only got to see the end of Antonioni's though.

[3] Upon which I realised that Conan Doyle - bless'im - had no idea what it is that cocaine actually does.
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Taking a break
Originally uploaded by petronia.

July is in full swing, aka the month of the year where it becomes plainly impossible for my diarying to keep up with my schedule, so expect low LJ activity for the next 2-3 weeks. XD

More photos behind cut, all of crappy cell phone quality. Proper camera has been commandeered. ^^;

Floralies garden exhibition )

Niyaz @ Jazz Fest, July 5 )

Paul Simon tribute concert @ Jazz Fest, July 4 )

Fantasia films thus far: Seven Swords, Tokyo Zombie )

Tonight: two more Fantasia movies, then The Juan Maclean / MSTRKRFT concert starting midnight.


I wimped out on John Tejada @ SAT last night because I can't go 48 hours and fool myself that I'm enjoying it anymore. Getting old. ^^;

EDIT -- Please note will be taking this down on Monday to make way for something else.

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mid-January thaw:
roof leaks for first time in years
mom blames bad feng shui

There was also a 90-minute metro stoppage. Maybe I jinxed myself by saying the week was looking up. XD;;

Nevertheless: in what some might consider an act of public service, [ profile] sesame_seed sent me all(?) of Diana Wynne Jones. (And my sister thoughtfully piled them in the order listed on the Amazon form, so I read Chrissie's cards sequentially - 'twas highly amusing XD - although I am not sure whether this corresponds to the order in which I should read the books.) This is a great time for it as there was no Bleach anime last weekend and no Bleach manga til the 23rd, and the twitch is beginning to compromise my performance.

Charmed Life. Er, I thought I should log my impressions as I read... )


Narnia movie )

Hmm, I want to see Dawn Treader. XD
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GOOD: having an excuse for coming in late (although the only reason I was later than usual is because I was making my Hideously Green Hijiki Salad for potluck - next time I'm putting in a green mango btw, it's spicy enough to warrant it)

BAD: falling face first into a snowdrift making unintentional snow angel because there is so much snow piled up on the steps I missed the steps

GOOD: wool pants that don't wet

BAD: snow up to knees

GOOD: sense of general comraderie that befalls the city

BAD: je plains mon pauvre papa who had a doctor's appointment and left the house and then the receptionist called to cancel as doctor could not make it out of his own driveway

GOOD: potluck and office party tonight i.e. open bar all night baby

BAD: having to wade through more snow in order to get there


Nov. 24th, 2005 08:52 pm
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What do you call those monster servant things the kirin have in 12K? Names in Taiki's case? ...This show would be so much easier if I could remember the actual kanji for anything.

It's snowing again, a proper white storm. Should've known listening to Spitz would bring it down: my sense memory of "Robinson" and "Masayume" both being on the bus on my way to buy a December birthday cake at a French patisserie, and the snow floating down and filling every cubic centimetre of air. Impossible to describe how three dimensional a flurry is, to someone who's never seen one.

Ficlets-onna-card written yesterday: just one and a half, but the one is Possibly The Best Thing I Have Ever Written (tm). So far they are all about snow or having to drag oneself out of bed in the morning or both, can't think why... I've been writing continuously for a while and I'm enjoying it, very much. Giving is also fun. I can't wait until some of the recipients get these. I'm a perfect bundle of joy at the moment but that may be related to the fact that I bought a 4$ baggie of blue raspberry licorice, sour peach, pink grapefruit and cola bottle gummies yesterday, and now I'm eating it. All of it. MMM SUGAR.

Tagged by [ profile] sparklingai for the seven current songs meme again. Endeavouring to upload schtuff I haven't yet personally but expect no surprises. *g*

Lady Sovereign - Hoodie (Basement Jaxx Remix): What does the S.O.V. have against polka dots, she says, defensively clutching her Kompakt Total skirt to self. But the song gets stuck in my head, because I have a tiny radio buried somewhere inside my brain that plays jingles as a form of commentary on Life At The Moment - am looking to buy a hoodie and this is a pickier process than it seems. Also because ILM-person who said it sounds like 1985 Prince trying to do grime through a time machine is amazingly correct.

Röyksopp - Poor Leno (Röyksopp's Istanbul Forever Take): one of the best dance tunes of the decade IMO. Just the way the melody rises and rises, gah. This remix is what I actually mean when I use "Poor Leno" as a reference - I played the album version and could barely recognize having heard it. XD

Richard X - You Better Let Me Love You Tonight (feat. Tiga): ATTN SUPER DRACO, LOL LOL LOL x INFINITY *wipes tears*. Um, this is from [ profile] jantalaimon's Richard "it stands for Xmas glockenspiel" X matsuri. I commented in her LJ that it's all in the imperious way he says "Drums," like he just snapped his fingers at the DJ or something - and the second verse entirely and gleefully constructed out of 80s electropop quotations.

I'd actually been desultorily listening to some of the tracks off Tiga's new album and thinking I should go hear him DJ one of these nights...... and then I remembered that this equals "finally going to I Love Neon". Except not New Year's Eve technically as NYE I LOVE NEON = DIGITALISM. I will drag Tania and I will make sure she likes it. Cedric, you are in too aren't you!?

Tommy february6 - Lonely in Gorgeous: opening theme to the Paradise Kiss anime. Thank you for playing, please come again!

(Yes I realise that is only four, the other three I don't have on this computer, bah.)
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Someone just gave me a few pistachios from Iran, and they're delicious. Should've taken more. ;_;

Last thought on that Anna Freud thing (sorry for not answering comments but I was honestly more interested in hearing what other people had to say ^^;): [ profile] marici mentioned Phantom of the Opera as a story in that mold/mode (not foregrounding the m/m aspect). It occurs to me that if I had to name the archetypal(?) myth(?), it would be the framing tale of the Arabian Nights - Scheherazade. Repetitious nature of the infinitely delayed danger and so forth. In most versions Scheherazade went to the King of her own free will.


If someone could put up an episode or two of Rome for me so I can download them tomorrow? :3 Although at the moment every time someone mentions Octavian or whomever I think of that damnable Ingres in Brussels, and then I start laughing - am I going to have to worry about spoilering Roman history? - it represents a fraught psychological moment between Livia, Augustus and Octavia. The expression on Livia's face is chill-inducing (Neo-Classicism suits her). However there's the other half of one's brain clamouring "But why is he naked at a poetry reading?"

(The museum tours always oscillate between serious and not-so-much. The portraits of sensitive looking young noblemen in the National Gallery: "Emo. Emo. SO VERY EMO. ...Goth.")


It's raining mastiffs and Saint Bernards. My skirt is soaked and my socks are soaked, which caused my shoes to somehow dye the soles of my feet black. =_=+ I hope this doesn't destroy the autumn colours, they were coming along so well (warm clear days and cool nights). It's going to be cold from here on out.

P.S. Where is the ILM thread on the new Depeche Mode album??? Or do we not do that?
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It's thundering and pouring buckets outside. Should've gone to Jazz Fest last night. ^^; Also, I'm tremenjously hungry and only really need to be here for another thirty minutes, but have no umbrella and thus am stuck.

Having finished RAM2 [1], I'm reading Exaudi Nos. It starts with Naoe visiting Irobe-san in the palliative care ward (his current body is dying of cancer I think), which turns into one of their impromptu shrink sessions because Naoe never ceases to fail at life. I'm more relieved than surprised to learn that Irobe was an actual doctor in this lifetime, albeit a circulatory disease specialist and not a psychologist. And Haruie is in high school! Sailor fuku Ayako! Argh so cute.

Naoe and Haruie are both having bad dreams about Kagetora being twelve and bruised and crying because his mum went away. ;_;

I also finally read the last few chapters of Sex Pistols last night. Was happy to get a prequel story about the dads, because I'd always wanted one, and when they were introduced I was like, "Hey, they're my dad's art school friends!" And they are. They are my dad's art school friends. What I want to know now is How Makio Did It, and if there was money on the line. Suspect Kotobuki will never say, though, so I might have to fic it.

[1] One extremely random note: I'm disturbed by the fact that Marie gets a Hugue dolly. =_= My handsome priest playmate indeed; in ten years she will meet the real thing and the pseudo-incest will really hit the fan. As it is she only needs an excuse to molest Tres, because little girls all love to do that in this series.
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At least it's Saint Jean-Baptiste weekend, so I can go in tomorrow to fix Gord's computer (for value of "fix" equal to "reinstalling Windows") instead of having it hang over my head like Damocles' sword until Saturday. =_= Not enthused. Despite common misconception, computers do not "just" screw up by themselves, someone must have done something to it, but at this point it's probably not even possible to figure out what caused the original problem.

That will teach me to take two weeks off because I wanted to try working five days out of seven instead of six.

Sunday )

Monday )

Tuesday )

Wednesday )

Thursday )
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Editorials warning against the noxious effects of heat and smog appear in newspapers just as the storm breaks overnight, and the temperature dips to a rainy 17C by morning, like a miniature of autumn following summer. The rain lasts all day, skirt-soaking gusts in the morning and prickling mist in the evening. It's cruelly pleasant - for some extraordinary reason my mother didn't rush to turn on the air conditioning as soon as room temperature broke 25C the way she usually does, and after four straight days of 30-plus weather even I was beginning to wilt a little. Yesterday was so humid I sweated my way into dehydration just walking around in the Old Port, and the idea of hot street food was intolerable. Today however I got a banana-custard-chocolate crepe at Ichipan. Ichipan is fabulous, especially the fake plastic crepes lining its display window in the manner of fake plastic sushi platters. Funny how Montreal is such a crepe-oriented city but it takes a Japanese chain to perfect the take-out option. Even beaver tails they just dump on a napkin for you and hope for the best, icing sugar and all... In a disheartening move, my beloved Maple Delights sandwich-cafe-and-gelateria reopened on Saint Paul just across the street from Ichipan, so now I'll be forced to choose every time where I want to spend my summer afternoon tea money. Either that or I'll be getting chicken curry crepe and crossing the street for a gelato cone, or something.

Other news: clearly I should not be allowed into Archambault with actual money in my pocket, as managed to drop 75$ on that Stereolab boxset and the Pet Shop Boys Back to Mine. (Granted, that comes out to a respectable 15$ per CD.) Now I have four whole Stereolab albums, which should be enough for anyone given that it's pleasantly summery mood music to be kept on loop in the background. As for the Back to Mine. )

(To be specific, in fact... I'm pretty sure I've talked about that ficverse in which Oshitari Yuushi and Takahashi Ryousuke intern at the Tokyo teaching hospital, right. LChris's mix is very much akin to my unfinished Oshitari DJ mix that I never got around to posting, and that is decidedly a "futureficpod" - the sort of stuff Oshitari plays in his car while cruising around town, incidentally setting Ryousuke's teeth subliminally on edge because it is exactly Keisuke's music slowed down by half HAR HAR HAR. Meanwhile Ryousuke would be comforted by TNeil's mix. I'm not sure what it all means, other than that the lights in my mental skyscraper are idiosyncratically wired.)
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The air in Côte-Saint-Luc smells like lilacs. Lilacs, apple blossom, those pink and white flowering hedges, fresh greenery basking under the sun... The Hasidic girls wear the long, softly flounced bohemian skirts in style this summer, in bright prints, with colourful flat sandals. In groups they resemble flowers with dark centres.

June on [ profile] fst is World Music (i.e. English Disallowed) Month. It'll be the Lea Monde FST then, I suppose - no English songs on that one, nor any Japanese ones for that matter. And it's the right time of year for it. ...It would be nice, I think, to take a month off from fandom entirely and finish that one story; even if no one's going to read it. ^^; I'm also debating polishing up this one mix I threw together as a lark recently so I can post it to anything-goes month on Monday.
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Traditionally on Victoria Day I go to the Botanical Garden, rain or shine, with friends or family. Monday it was rainy and hideously cold - 10 degrees Celsius, more March than May - but I went with Tania and Lorraine anyway, bundled up in coats and hats and umbrellas. The apple blossoms were delayed this year, so we took the latest hanami pictures ever. I'll post them tonight if I have the energy. ^^v

Afterward we went to Tania's place, aired our wet socks, drank hot mint tea with lemon, ate fried potatoes and watched Mirage of Blaze TV, which Lorraine hadn't seen. The experience was oddly sobering (for me, I mean), and only partially alleviated by the worst HK subbing in the history of bootlegged anime. From my current perspective I can only bow down to Naoe and Nagahide's inhuman patience at the beginning of the series, not to mention I kept reading angst into lines that weren't even supposed to be read into. Thus when I got home I ended up translating a large chunk of Mirage book 15 chapter 5, namely the big Naoe/Takaya scene (there's on average one per book) that between Chiaki's chalk-throwing and Kagetora's kidnapping by bird people I managed to elide entirely, because I suck like that. It's awesomely romance-novel-tastic and cheered me up immensely.

Then I tried to read 16 the next morning in the metro and Kousaka harshed my buzz, like, totally, thanks to which I was in a temper and didn't want to read anymore for the rest of the day. Restarted again this morning and was SO CONFUSED DAMMIT. )

Notes pre-translation. )

Translation. I'll edit this post once I finish, which may be tonight if I don't slag off and read Okane ga nai again or something. )

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