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Skipped a week because there really isn't all that much reading/watching going on. I'm either working, running condo-related errands, or at MUTEK. I carry a few comics in my bag so I have something to do during intermissions and subway rides, but that's it. (And even then I mostly play Candy Crush or Blendoku. XD;)

Books bought:

* I-Ching: nice big bound edition, $5.
* Fodor's Guide to Greece: vacation planning.
* C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems (Daniel Mendelsohn): if you want your Cavafy with 300 whopping pages of historical notes on dudes like Julian the Apostate, this is the edition for you. The translation strikes me as felicitous, though my sense is that modern English is one of the better languages for re-rendering Greek poetry anyway. Of course, we're still within the same constellation (i.e. Carson, Yourcenar, Borges... E.M. Forster appears in the margins. I should get back to A Great Unrecorded History; sort of wandered away from it a third of the way through, way back when, but it's good to read the occasional biography about someone who was truly nice and liked).


cut for mild spoilers )


Watched a few more eps of JoJo. Am up to 15 now, I think?

I downloaded a couple of eps of Hannibal because the Tumblr flotsam itself was giving me weird dreams, and anyway it's been renewed so I figured I may as well just watch it. XD; Haven't had time, of course. If/when I do I'll write it up with Matthew Herbert's One Pig performance at MUTEK (in short: a sound collage composed/abstracted from a pig's life/death. At times quite disturbing. One of the live miked inputs was a chef cooking a complex pork-based dish onstage. I am not sure what it was exactly, but it smelled delicious. XD;;).

The more I thought about Star Trek Into Darkness, the more it seemed like one of those "Yes, but it would be a grillion times better if you did X instead" movies. Luckily, [ profile] ladysisyphus wrote it up in exhaustive detail so I don't have to. (Great minds think alike?)

Mostly, they should get someone other than JJ to direct, though that is probably inevitable now anyway. Given that they're going to make these, they should've made this one two years ago.
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102.3FM Radio Centre-Ville Chinese-language music show: name TBD (Tu 10:30-11:30PM)

Episode 7: March 9 - poetry set to music, in memoriam
right click to download
listen streaming here

Tracklisting )

In order (funny how the adaptation always changes the title):

W.B. Yeats, "The Song of Wandering Aengus"
苏轼, 《水调歌头》(the late, the great Teresa Teng, the only 20th-century singer to cover both Su Dongpo and the Fugees - although I wouldn't be surprised if Nana Mouskouri has done something similar)
Fernando Pessoa, "Do vale à montanha"
Constantine P. Cavafy, "The God Abandons Antony"

Would have had to plunk down $$$ for Leo Ferré, so... didn't. XD; I could do a whole episode on Ferré (-Aragon, -Rimbaud, -Apollinaire), though.

Then Doris had a pre-recorded bit for the anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, and Simon had a piece about a Chinese indie rocker who died abroad iirc. So he played some fuzzy scream-y guitar stuff, and I played some slow strings-filled ballads! Opposite Week evidently. While Simon was on I went through the massive stash of 80s Cantopop vinyl in the Chinese radio team's cabinet and found the first Paradox album, though I haven't had time to listen to it yet.
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Adam Green, Le Studio (Just For Laughs Museum), June 6. Cut for length. )

Adam Green - Baby's Gonna Die Tonight: I've been trying to figure out why I know this song so well before ever consciously hearing it. Was it used in a movie? Did someone put it in a FST? Was it on the actual radio? Adam Green does creepy psycho surprisingly well; something to do with the way one can't tell if he means what he's singing or if he's just happily stoned.

Adam Green - Friends of Mine: whereas this is merely ridiculously catchy (violins!). It's fun to sing and makes complete sense if you think of it as being Godard. XD My first choice if I had to make a FST for Pierrot Le Fou.

Adam Green - Bungee: there was this incident during the encore, right, when everyone was shouting requests and Adam Green was like okay I'll do "Carolina", and this one dude (who looked about eighteen) was like no no nonoNONOFUCKNO! Sing "Bungee"! That's an awesome song! So then Adam's like, I'll sing it solo, and the guy's like NO! WITH THE FULL BAND! IF YOU STILL REMEMBER HOW TO PLAY IT! WHICH YOU SHOULD! EVEN I CAN PLAY IT AND I SUCK! IT'S SIMPLE!

Upon which Adam got him onstage to play it - and he promptly effed it up, so Adam went >_> and showed him how. Then sang it to crazy fanboy's guitar accompaniment + rest of band. And it was awesome! Happi endo♥(!?) ...Actually there is a postscript, namely that when sororial unit and I were walking down the Main afterward whom should we cross but selfsame fanboy and friend, lugging a case of 24 back to the venue where all the hipster girls were smoking out front. So idk, maybe lower Saint-Laurent saw a party that night. I'm going to stop making fun now because they'll find me off the Libertines LJ forums or something.

Personally I bought the poetry book, following my principle of buying whichever merchandise item is oddest as long as it's not obviously overpriced. It's surprisingly good! ...I don't know why I always expect people's poetry to be bad. XD; More sensible than expecting them to be good? Though the contents aren't so much poems as pillow-book musings in ADD one-liner stylee. Would make good prompts for [ profile] 31_days.

The most important story ever forgotten

To my parents - I inherited every piece of your cowardice

My bird against your nest

And so on.
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The Sweetest Little Song, Leonard Cohen )

(Accompanied in the book by an MS Paint doodle of a naked girl in the bath, stay true Len never change)
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Dolores, Algernon Swinburne )

TBH I wanted to come up with some shorter Swinburne piece and save you the ministrations of Our Lady of Pain but this is a lie, there's no such thing as "shorter Swinburne piece". The impression one gets with the man is that once he had the rhyme scheme between his teeth he saw absolutely no reason to stop, barring a brick wall in his path. It is SO EPIC THOUGH. By the hunger of change and emotion / By the thirst of unbearable things / By despair, the twin-born of devotion / By the pleasure that winces and stings / The delight that consumes the desire / The desire that outruns the delight / By the cruelty deaf as a fire / And blind as the night. I totally ripped this off to write Vagrant Story fic (among other endeavours), probably a good thing I never finished it. XD;


Apr. 12th, 2008 02:29 am
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Let's pretend this is Friday's post. XD;

From Jubilate Agno, Christopher Smart )

Was reminded of this in the Ezra Pound discussion thread. Possibly should have posted a lesser-known bit, but the online one is all hypertextual and Jeoffry is everyone's sentimental favorite amirite. XD

Really want to write poetry now. But that muscle's barely been taxed for, like, a decade.
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What happened to my Edna St. Vincent Millay???

I've been trying to get my poems together, they're all over the place. In the process I discovered one of my favorite anthologies as a child was actually from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, illustrated with photographs of the permanent collection; the funny thing is I spent two whole afternoons there and could swear to seeing 0.5% of this stuff... Also this is making me remember how much I used to hate love songs and love poetry. XD; The "gross out" stage persisted for a long time, well into adolescence in fact - it wasn't that I wasn't personally interested in boys, but any poetic mention of romantic love seemed like the worst sort of emotional diarrhoea.** I liked poems about nature, and sort of imagistic stuff. Robert Frost, Wordsworth's daffodils and Li Bai's... pine trees or whatever. And wordplay. I used to cherry-pick the Romantics for non-love-related poems, that took some doing.

I'm not sure what fixed my stuntedness. XD;; At one point the pendulum swung way far in the other direction and turned into all fin-de-siècle Decadents, all the time. I do get the sense that my taste in poetry is fairly narrow. I seek particular effects and always have, though I appreciate other people's selections - that is, I'm really picky and unwilling to wade. XD;

** Ironically, the last time I can remember having this reaction was listening to "Can't Stand Me Now", sometime in '04. I just remember thinking CHRIST THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING. Lulz. I continue to grow as a person, or something.
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Canto II, Ezra Pound )

AND IT ENDS. I guess my thing for Pound amounts to the fact that when I read him I get this overwhelming sense of "Wow, I guess that totally made sense in your head, dude." Which is also how I write if/when I'm not careful and think I can get away with it, so, yanno. Kindred spirit. XD;; There have been people paid to sit there and analyze and tease out aaaaall the references; I have white papers downloaded from JSTOR, and shiz.

Apart from which the imagery stuns one into submission. Void air taking pelt... There was one bit in the Twelve Kingdoms anime that reminded me of this, hilariously I couldn't help thinking that if Pound were to - but actually let's not go there. For sanity's sake. XD;
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A Thousand Kisses Deep, Leonard Cohen )

The "poem" version, not the "song" version. Actually this is the version posted on the Leonard Cohen Files; Songs of Longing was one of the two books I bought in NYC, but I don't have time to look for it and check that the final text is the same. I rather suspect it isn't. XD;

Probably in a few days I'll post one of the funnier ones, I suppose this is what people think of as "classical" Cohen.
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Poem, Frank O'Hara )

Just to be difficult I was going to start with a full canto's worth of Ezra Pound, the Fascist neo-Confucian-or-should-we-say-neo-Confused pretentious such-and-such for whom I have an inexplicable weakness (I went to visit his grave! It is a massive flowerbed with a tiny little plaque buried in the greenery, on the cemetary island off Venice), but changed my mind. XD; Tomorrow perhaps.

The above O'Hara piece is one of my favorite poems of all time, largely because I would be reminded of it literally every single morning for years, while hurrying past the metro station newstand on my way to work. Like certain haiku it seems to say nothing, but.
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I will have to take this and this down soonish, so grab them if you haven't yet!

I realized while paging back that I forgot to post visuals of Taylor Swift, so here's a video )

[ profile] canis_m asked about fic I'd be writing (or thinking of writing) if I had the leisure to do so. It's a good question. )

For instance, we all know I'm never going to write straight-up Pete/Carl fic, because that's not far out enough. XD I'd rather write about Hedi Slimane. Wouldn't Hedi Slimane make a great POV character? XDD Hopefully he's not taking a break for too long. Contemporary art gigs are all very well, but the celebrity manorexics of the world are going to run out of trousers.

(That reminds me: I haven't talked about the NYC museum exhibitions yet. Er, stick it on the list. XD;)

Something else I want to write: an SSBB story based on one of Ezra Pound's Cantos. This is related to the above, for reals, but it'll take another ten paragraphs to lay out why. Well... here. For starters. And the whole Greek mythology thing (thanks for that, I'll never be the same again XD). And:

Your mind and you are our Sargasso Sea,
London has swept about you this score years,
And bright ships left you this or that in fee,
Ideas, old gossip, oddments of all things.

There was another story I would've written for the current issue if I'd had the time, set in the same universe as the first SSBB piece I wrote, the fantasy one... and the cover stories I never completed. As [ profile] starlighter harangued, more PORN! I think at this point I would really enjoy having a whole year in which to do nothing but write, the tank is filled to overflowing.

Manga, books, job, and shopping will go in another entry. XD
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(By the way, if you still want these I'm taking them down soon!)

Gianmaria Testa - Città Lunga
Gianmaria Testa - La Traiettorie Delle Mongolfiere
Gianmaria Testa - Come Un'america
Gianmaria Testa - Cavalli Di Frisia

I promise I'm not trying to learn Italian via song lyrics. ...Okay, only sort of. Gianmaria Testa is a singer-songwriter I've been listening to a lot lately, ever since I discovered the Grande Bibliothèque has an excellent contemporary music collection you can borrow three CDs at a time. XD The most popular albums tends to be permanently out, of course, but I'm more interested in out-of-the-way stuff anyhow.

The first two tracks are from Mongolfières, the last two from Extra Muros (French "world music" releases, I think, not corresponding to the original tracklisting). Basically it's jazz, tango, etc. arrangements around a core of old Italian dude on acoustic guitar, Jazz Fest world music showcase indoors sit-down concert style - you know beforehand whether you dig this stuff or not. XD The lyrics have a sort of ambiguous loveliness, when they're intelligible: )

Today the subjunctive, tomorrow the world. XD Actually this particular text reminds me of a poem I liked when I was little (also Italian - I read it in translation); it's online, surprisingly.

Dominik Eulberg - Goldammer
Dominik Eulberg - Die Alpenstrandläufer Von Spiekeroog (Album Version)
Dominik Eulberg - Stelldichein Des Westerwälder Volgelchores

A CREATION MYTH: one day the King of All Cosmos made the Prince roll a katamari through the Library of Babel. Then he tossed it into the sky and it became the German language.

In case you're wondering, this is a "Goldammer" and this is an "Alpenstrandläufer" (Spiekeroog and Westerwälder are place names). I used to think Dominik Eulberg named his releases like this to be funny. Then I found out he was a national park ranger. Like, before he became a famous techno DJ. See RA review for more wacky track titles and proof I'm not making this up. orz Basically this album - Heimische Gefilde - is one snippet of Dominik Eulberg hiking through the woods and teaching you the bird and insect calls of the Rhine, followed by one techno track, rinse and repeat. After I listened to it twice I realized it was even more deadly serious than that: this album is programmatic. Like Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. The drums are the rocky beach, the sustained synth line is the wind, the trebly bits are the little sandpipers running along the edge of the water, that kind of programmatic. The third track up there is 9:30 long and built entirely out of birdsong samples. It's kind of the best thing ever. I mean the music is great if you like dark, clean, dancefloor-oriented minimal techno that you can do aerobic workouts to, but I just keep having Dominik Eulberg explain that yellow buntings say "wie wie wie hab ich Dich lieb" in German. And cracking up. XD
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metal dinosaurs
browsing fifty feet below
concrete trees shudder

They're demolishing the dilapidated old warehouses across the street. Every once in a while the cranes rumble, a pillar falls, the entire building shakes and the programmers and analysts revert back to four-year-olds and crane their necks out the window.


I had some free time last night so I finished reading JoJo part 5. Charmian is right: even if you know, logically, what's going to happen, that is still not the image on which you expect a shounen manga to end. XD;; Also you sort of want to write aftermath fic, as with part 3, because like part 3 the mangaka doesn't bother to tie up the obvious character-related ends before skipping to the next.

By the time I was done reading I was really tired, but at first I was too wound up to sleep and then I had baroque dreams of battles and Mista in manicured formal gardens (of course =_=). Dear Giorno that is a really neat power I could write an essay about, now please don't ever use it again you freak.

...I wish I could be more convinced that he won't at some point take it into his head to conquer the world. XD;;;;;


Sweets that make me happy:

* baked goods from the hole-in-the-wall bakery at the east gate of Chinatown, staffed by a schoolgirl - they sell a variety of Chinese pastries you can't get anywhere else, often involving savory spices and lard. Though my favorite is the coconut jelly pudding I should really make myself, it can't be that hard. XD

* lemon meringue pie from the downstairs café/sandwich counter in my building.

* dark chocolate ganache tart from Les Délices de l'Érable on Saint-Paul. Of course they drizzle the plate with maple syrup if you eat it in the café (preferably accompanied by a cappuccino sprinkled with maple sugar XD). Though 90% of the time when I go there during the summer I end up getting a gelato cone. I'm not systematic enough about gelato that I'd say Les Délices de l'Érable has the best or some of the best gelato in Montreal, but it is excellent and they sometimes introduce new flavours. :D I had strawberry/mint/basil last time, the combination of intense red berry flavour and slightly herbal aftertaste reminds me of nothing so much as Chinese haw pastilles.

* almond croissants from Première Moisson in Les Halles de la Gare (the underground mall at Bonaventure Station). This is the best almond croissant in Montreal IMO.

* marzipan animals from the café I forget the name of, in AMC Forum. They also have fifty varieties of cake available in slices. I am all about the strawberry shortcake recently, à la Nana.

* Strawberry shortcake from Rockaberrys. XD

There is more (ethnic bakeries mostly) but I'll have to takes notes to be precise. XD
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Cleaning out the mp3 folder at work and thus coming across stuff.

Thomas Fersen - Bijou: a favorite Fersen track. Today it reminds me a little of that "light" Tezuka Osamu manga I read a bit of and was plotting to buy ("light" in the context of Tezuka manga sometimes means "inspired by J.K. Huysmans"). Um, apologies for not translating, I might do it... eventually? XD;

Bijou )

Giovanni Mirabassi - Je chante pour passer le temps: KuboTite's theme for Byakuya (listen closely, I think the guy is singing along as he plays like Glenn Gould. o_O;). I had it in the "French" folder because it's actually an instrumental cover of a Léo Ferré song that is a Communist revolutionary French wartime résistance poem by Louis Aragon.

Je chante pour passer le temps )

Honestly speaking it's easier to relate that sexy bit out of Carmina Burana to Byakuya than it is to relate this, being as how post-war Louis Aragon is as à bas les aristos as you can get. XD XD OTOH post-war Louis Aragon can be so DIS IZ ROMANCE BIYATCHES ("que serais-je sans toi qu'un coeur au bois dormant") that if one was in need of a pullquote for Byakuya/Hisana etc., even though there is a 90% chance KT never thought that far.

Note that any other mangaka would rate a 99.5% chance.

F'rinstance (I really do just want to stash this one) )


Re: the ficwriter paranoia meme. As Sai said it reveals more about the meme-taker than the ficcers - in fact that was why I wrote down those remarks in the first place, trying to sort out my own response to things - but what is revealing to the ficcer are the guesses in the comments. XD Does my prose really give off that impression of precision and distance? (I shouldn't be surprised. Someone once said my stories were like icebergs sailing past in the distance - much more imposing under the surface than above, among other considerations. If they've breached any hulls I haven't heard. XD;;

Nevertheless I constantly feel as if I should be - want to be - more flail-y and fangirly and shameless, especially in fanfic, and my personal aesthetic is constraining even to me.)

...I'm trying not to spam LJ with too many extraneous posts, at least until I finish this fic. =_=

P.S. not-technically-here Bleach 212 )
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mid-January thaw:
roof leaks for first time in years
mom blames bad feng shui

There was also a 90-minute metro stoppage. Maybe I jinxed myself by saying the week was looking up. XD;;

Nevertheless: in what some might consider an act of public service, [ profile] sesame_seed sent me all(?) of Diana Wynne Jones. (And my sister thoughtfully piled them in the order listed on the Amazon form, so I read Chrissie's cards sequentially - 'twas highly amusing XD - although I am not sure whether this corresponds to the order in which I should read the books.) This is a great time for it as there was no Bleach anime last weekend and no Bleach manga til the 23rd, and the twitch is beginning to compromise my performance.

Charmed Life. Er, I thought I should log my impressions as I read... )


Narnia movie )

Hmm, I want to see Dawn Treader. XD
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Am going to clinic tomorrow morning. Maybe a doctor will be kind enough to prescribe me something to help with this problem of not being able to sleep (three days now! quite lightheaded) due to my own respiratory system attempting to drown me when I lie on my back. Coughing hurts too, because I pulled a muscle along my ribs while hacking away. =_= Same old same old.

Otherwise it was a beautiful, sunny spring day, so I refused on principle to trudge home after work even if I'm sick. Had a dish of linguini in proscuitto and cream sauce on Saint Denis instead, after puttering for a while in the used bookstores. Bought a collection of Li Qingzhao's poems translated into French, and a monograph on the Egyptian Book of the Dead (the papyrus of Ani) that I was looking at in the museum the other week. The Book gives the dead knowledge for their journey, but itself is composed of words that are signs, an excess of fraught meaning. When the "snake" hieroglyph is written it's mutilated for safety: headless, body cleaven, or pierced with blades. Birds are declawed, wasps deprived of stingers.

Elle se lève de la balançoire )

Going by his photos, Ced spent two weeks eating mostly convenience-store onigiri. >_> Meanwhile I find I have no one to go bistro-hopping with.

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