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Just bought my MUTEK pass. So in actuality, I'm getting back from Primavera Sound (Pulp!!!) and diving straight back into five days of techno and bass music, with a one-day buffer. Ahahahaha orz. I should note that Primavera lineups go til 6AM, none of this NAmerican "curfew" nonsense. After which I imagine one is meant to go watch the sunrise from the beach or something.

...THE BEACH. Have not seen one since '08! Sitges looks nice. Or go to Sant Sadurní d'Anoia for a winery tour? There are only so many hours when half the week is taken up by a music festival, and museums are closed on Mondays. I do have to make it to the Fundació Joan Miró. Is the football even on? ...I suppose, as with Italy, this won't remain a mystery long once I actually get there.

If anyone has restaurant recommendations, now is the time. Nota bene I kind of doubt I'm getting a reservation at El Bulli. XD;

* input timesheet for this week and next
* set away email message
* print out Primavera ticket
* print out hotel confirmation
* check into flight and print boarding pass
* change money at bank (200 euros?)
* figure out train schedules for day trips (Google Map as necessary)
* pack electronics (camera - borrowing parent's - laptop, cords, EUROPLUGS)
* pack clothes (swimsuit, sarong(s), towel, sandals, capris, etc.**)
* haircut and body wave
* download Lonely Planet / Time Out app for iPod Touch
* call Visa so my card doesn't get stopped again = =

The idea of reading any fiction after the Dunnett splurge is like, oyyyyyyy. I started back in on The Origin of Species, which I had in the iBooks app.

** That "yacht vice raid" blazer I got for $20, the very cheerful orange and blue wrap from SWAP, the Pucci dress if I feel like attracting muggers... The trick is not to over-pack, I always end up acquiring stuff. The other day I bought one of those gauzy drawstring-collar shirts with blackwork embroidery at French Connection, because my fashion inspiration = whatever is in my head, basically (this got "interesting" when I was watching Classic Who). It's a revival of one of FCUK's best-selling designs from 1972. Perhaps drawstring-collar shirts with blackwork embroidery have never been completely out since 1550. XD;;
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Went to the terracotta warriors exhibit preview with [ profile] ukefied (after trying to organize a get-together for months - universal truth being that the moment two Internet people say "Hey, we've lived in the same city all these years, why don't we meet up for a coffee," roadblocks and unforeseen delays will rain down from the sky). It was pretty awesome! Also, I am now the Mayor of the MMFA on Foursquare after two check-ins.

* If these were mass-produced, were the original molds done by one person? The soldiers honestly give off the sense of a single creative mind (the horses might have been someone different; the entertainers certainly were). The Buonarrotti of the Qin. Why didn't the names come down to Sima Qian, I wonder?

* So while watching Little Big Soldier I was like, no way did anyone at that period run about armed with a miniature red-lacquered crossbow, not even a prince of the realm! That is so an anachronism! Er, well, I guess I was wrong.

* We are not too mature to snigger at anatomically correct funerary statues and bronze strap-on dildos. The original molds for those were high craftsmanship too, is all I'm saying.

* I demand a city-size mausoleum with a river of amorphia mercury in the D&D game (either G's or Bob's, not fussed).

The next day I dropped by Montreal Fashion Week for the Style & Conscience cocktail and somehow scored a ticket for the Denis Gagnon A/W2011 fashion show (thanks Aleece). Don't think I've ever attended a runway show before, and it was a good one: sort of a cyberpunk flapper vibe. Metropolis with fluo pink tights.
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As some of you know, in between dealing with the Chinese visa office I have also been dealing with a mystery insect infestation in the parental flat orz||| haaa it's not all been negative, I will hereby list all the positive/interesting/fun stuff I have done/bought/experienced on this trip.

HAIR. I got my hair permed, for the first time since the early 90s AFAIK, because curls are the in-thing again (much less drastic than the 80s/early 90s Azn 'fro) and I want to be achieve more interesting hairstyles without having to use the blow dryer or other instruments with which I'm entirely inept. XD;

ARRRT. sculpture gardens )

China and India )

** "Tournament of Shadows" sounds kinda like a second-season ep of Sherlock, I thought, peering at the giant map... and then I clued in that must've been the original context for Sherlock Holmes kicking it with the Dalai Lama, bawling, it wasn't spaghetti monster nonsense on Doyle's part.

SHOPPING. prices have risen, Japanese and Korean designs are easily available in Montreal boutiques these days, and IMO it's fair to say the looks are less regionally distinctive... but it's also me. I realized recently that I'd accumulated a load of fussy outfits, and was in a mood for nothing but the perfect white cardigan and a new silhouette/hemline not yet adopted by fast fashion on masse. XD; Uniqlo outerwear )

The aptronymous Qipu Street )

Probably what I like best is my lime green poufy jacket XD the collection of attention-seeking outerwear only grows. It's depressing when one sees 9 out of 10 ppl wearing navy/grey/black all winter in the metro, yanno?

TBC: books, food, some music...
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The xx: what one would expect I guess! There were the usual ushers and such but it was relaxed, sit-down kids well-behaved with plastic beer cups in the concert hall, talk never loud enough to interfere with the music. I'd have said it's a generational thing, that everyone is used to all venues being mixed-purpose and mixed-audience, but I'm told by out-of-towners it's a Montreal thing, too... The most jarring aspect of the gig was actually hearing all this intentional mega-reverb in a space designed to eliminate the effect. But the light show was v. good and the xx nicely served by a cool, dark, spacious, and well-designed environment to suit their cool, dark, spacious, and well-designed music, so score one for the Pop Montreal peeps there.

The crowd really seemed to love the band (it's their third time playing here, successively larger venues). Musically it was pretty much like the album, nothing left-field, except the two vocalists have become much more self-assured and learnt to convey sexiness without sounding desperately depressed XD which bodes well for a sophomore effort. That and I think they plan on using their Mercury $$ to build a studio. Was too tired for the after party but was told that there was a lot of awesome old-school garage and two-step, and all of four ppl on the dancefloor.

Didn't arrive in time for Zola Jesus but Warpaint was all right - dark with multiple moments of sonic loveliness, needed punchier song structure. You can get fairly far with a band of three attractive young women and a dude guitarist.

Mount Kimbie: bumped into Sach from Passion of the Weiss (the only music blogger I know from the weird non-Internet place) and mutual friends, then (apparently, according to him) everyone he knew ever; some crossover space of local dubstep DJs and hip-hop heads and techno types and indie film studies dudes having been activated or delineated by the band... granted the same could probably be said of Four Tet. It was one of those gigs where one didn't know how the live act would come off but would be OK with holding up the wall with arms crossed, if it came to that - though it didn't. They were unfortunately insistent on playing their songs qua discrete songs, that is to say not as tracks and not as instrumental jams (even when the one slung on a guitar for "texture"), at the end of each of which they stopped and said "thank you", so the music was guaranteed to cut off just as one was getting one's groove on. XD; But a very successful night out, otherwise.

Puces Pop: was it always this expensive? I suppose so. /weepz Got a flower necklace made of felt, a cardigan brooch, a black skirt and gray t-shirt (late autumn is the best time of year for minimal post-post-modern Cayce Pollard-ian utilitarianism). I also have new glasses I'm rather pleased with: they're black lacquer-ish Chinoiserie lotus cutouts on the outside and translucent deep red lucite on the inside. From a distance they look bog-normal but with these two slashes of lipstick red, like tail lights on a black car.
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So I may have gone all out at Century 21. XD; 1x 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt, 1x Emilio Pucci silk jersey dress. The cashier was like, I see you enjoy the colour orange! Yes, yes that I do.

I also stuck the fic up on AO3 where it's been getting, for reals, 100 pageviews a day. LOL large fandoms. I can't even join the Sherlock comm on Douban because it hit 2000 members after less than a month. >_> (Am incubating a post on the topic of "how Asian people from Asia do not really understand 'British' 'food'".)
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The Runaways: [ profile] sub_divided has a proper review of it here, which I'm linking because I agree and am lazy XD (also my comments are in the thread). Will add that I thought Sandy West was played winningly in the movie - she had a presence, if not a backstory, and a couple of sexy/hilarious scenes with Joan. Lita Ford basically existed in the script to throw strops. XD;; Cut for mild spoilers, hilarity, analysis. )

Naomi Novik, Victory of Eagles: damn, Laurence angsts. XD; I mean he was always one for noble suffering but this book was like the full Basch fon Ronsenburg. I read it quickly and my memories of the last half are iffy (falling asleep - due to tiredness, not because the book was boring). Brought it to Philly intending a re-read but obviously that didn't happen.

The Viewfinder x Koi Suru crossover short: as kindly provided by [ profile] two_if_by_sea. I've always liked the Koi Suru series best - it's touchingly well-adjusted, if that makes sense. The crossover divides the consciousness as in this worldview Takaba is a sort of cheerful, competent, worldly, ever-so-slightly mysterious sempai/oniisan. Who is too pretty for his own good, even still.

Doctor Who S5E02: my comment to naanima, expanded upon. )

The Five Doctors: I can't let this one go by without commenting on this outfit, which would have given Chloe Sevigny pause )
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For those of you who do not follow HIGH FASHION:

I'd like to get hold of the movie John Galliano seems to have watched in lieu of what played in theatres: Sherlock Holmes Wrestling South China Sea Pirates In A Tub Of Jello. OTOH there were, like, ten dudes looking classy in actual normal suits there, and only a couple of them were wearing their underwear on the outside.

...Okay, non-facetiously, that was a pretty good Galliano outing, goddamn.


DOCTOR'S COMPANIONS (to be updated):

Jo: would've hated her ten years ago, now I'm like lol
Sarah Jane: awesome
Brigadier: so has the Doctor clocked
Romana: ♥
Adric: omg y so annoyin
Nyssa: would've liked her better ten years ago, she seems prim and 15
Tegan: inexplicable burning love
Turlough: insufficient data
Grace: sorry can't get over the BAD MEDICINE

Three is like the older European dude who takes you to expensive restaurants and obviously does not think of you as a daughter but would never actually make a move or anything; Five is like the science day camp counsellor you had when you were 9 that all the tweenies crushed on. =_=
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The City of Death: oshi brb writing 1,000,000 essays on Baudelarian flânerie/dandyism/the Chanel-Beauvoir garçonne WITH FOOTNOTES


Nov. 17th, 2009 12:16 am
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1) DAMON ALBARN NEVER GOES AWAY WATCH: word on the street is that Alan Moore is writing the libretto to the next... whatever thing... Gorillaz is doing (this is a genuine surprise as my money was firmly on Neil Gaiman). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY let's start a pool on how long until someone gets punched in the face

2) HEDI SLIMANE NOT DESIGNING CLOTHES WATCH: is responsible for the cover shoot of The Fame Monster, lmfao I think this may be the actual exact moment Gaga transcends and Hedi jumps the shark(?) like a baton passed in relay. However I'm all like this at the final product because that. Is. Not. Helvetica. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY the distinctive aftertaste of Lady Gaga's characteristic brand of halfassery argh/sigh
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(I don't know where to put this stuff. XD; It feels like it's more Tumblr-purview than LJ or DW but Tumblr gets RSS'd into Facebook status/notes and I uhh don't want everyone I know in real life judging me on my shopping and Polyvore experiments, even though THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY SEE WHAT I WEAR. What is this thing you call logic.)

Anyway: I acquired 2x floral print cotton rompers today at $10 each, neatly combining two hot trends, namely floral print (esp. roses) and rompers. XD; "A for Audrey" which is a nonexistent brand on the Internet, even though it is US-made, so I came up with an approximation on Polyvore:

Except with spaghetti straps, without the stomach panel, and grey/red roses + black/pink roses respectively. I've been a fan of rompers since July, when I unearthed formerly-mother's 80s vintage examplar and realized they combined the advantages of shift dresses with those of high-waisted shorts (Katy Perry style) without the drawbacks of either. Probably no item of clothing is better at hiding love handles by inherent construction. XD; Then I realized they were considered v. Gossip Girl "in" or smth? It's probably just the logical next step now that big shoulders have been rehabilitated (and that took a real generation, not a fashion "generation"). The floral print thing is supposedly a throwback to early-90s "grunge girl" styles but idk how accurate that characterization is, I don't remember anything like that - and I remember the advent of Courtney-inspired white frilly baby doll dresses, so.

Nevertheless, the above is my take on said "grunge girl" look, which is more like a necessity now that temperatures have dipped below zero. XD; ([ profile] analyse will know the "real" jacket in question because we were looking at it last autumn - I eventually ended up getting one of the last ones left in the store by spring, for $50.) It's what I plan to wear to Florence + The Machine, which calls for black leather and floral print if ever a gig did.

TODAY'S BONUS POINTS: how to make a Star Trek costume for Halloween for $12 without having to break out a sewing machine

As MBA I am command track obv orz
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More the adaptation of a non-existent Colette novel than the type of movie that, yanno, has the main character cut up a bedsheet and turn it into an amazing dress in a 30-second musical montage. There's some of that, but not in that way. Mostly you watch her looking at other people's clothes with gears ticking behind her eyes, and realize it'll come out the other end in ten years, twenty years, thirty, even though she didn't know it herself. It's all first act, is the thing: if Coco had been a man she'd've made herself in business like Boy Capel did, and if she'd been a different kind of woman she'd've gone down in fashion history as a trend-setting demi-mondaine muse or the like, but she couldn't have a sense of destiny - to want to be what she became - because it didn't exist. You get two minutes of the future Mademoiselle Chanel* toward the end, and it's like OK that was A to G, where's the other movie that takes us from H to Z.** For most of the running time she's half awkward, half cold-eyed street hustle, and proto-everything; farouche (this doesn't have a good English equivalent). She's not even well-dressed, more like snapshotted at the deliberately ugly refus global stage of the iconoclast who's just grossed out beyond belief at what everyone else is doing. To be fair if I were gazing on my rich boyfriends' perfect menswear every day I'd feel ripped off with the pink crepe de chine roses that were my lot as well.*** Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it works one experiences a sort of aesthetics dissonance (as opposed to values dissonance) verging on anachronism, where everyone else is dressed normally for a Belle Epoque historical biopic, and Coco Chanel is the only woman in France wearing Chanel.

It's also good to be reminded that Mademoiselle was down on frilly crap given the collections Lagerfeld's been sending down the runway recently. XD; Not that I don't dig the rock'n'roll lolita Marie Antoinette stylings - kinda classic KL boutade in response to the economic crisis - but they do skirt the edge of saccharine, and one suspects Chanel would've judged them horribly vulgar. She'd've liked the Cruise 09/10 collection, though, maybe? The whole thing is up here****, I didn't realize there were so many looks. It rather feels like he designed the regular collections for the Alexa Chungs and Lily Allens, but the Cruise collection is where the clothes for grownups are at.

* The scariest woman of the 20th century. Of course you would dress like she told you to; it'd be easier to disobey Queen Victoria. There's one long shot which is basically model-POV as they file past and her eyes flicker up and down, up and down...

** If they'd carried this characterization forward in time the Nazi thing would've been easily understandable if not sympathetic, because she was all about the survivorship hustle. Like, she clearly didn't have that kind of morals. XD;

*** I'm a fan, obviously. The thing about the Chanel suit or the original LBD (which is this sort of long-sleeved H-line thing in wool jersey that nowadays would probably be described as a "Donna Karan work dress" rather than a LBD) is that they're more comfortable than most of what people have come up with afterward while looking 1,000,000 times more put-together. In the course of this blog I've probably typed and deleted half a dozen screeds against the myth of jeans as "comfortable", because I'd be depressed to discover it was just me, but I really felt cheated by society when I realized they were more restrictive than skirts and dresses, not less.

**** The House of Chanel should podcast DJ mixes that are like electro electro electro *sampled Karl Lagerfeld quote* electro electro. Hilarant.


Sep. 25th, 2009 03:02 pm
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I bought, of all things, a Kira Plastinina jumper in Winners yesterday - liquidated US inventory working its way through the pipes. I'm probably going to return it as it's a bit too large and sheds, and I hate knits that do that, but it's actually quite nice otherwise: a green-and-black striped long-sleeve knit dress that's felted on the outside, so it looks more like a coat than a knit.

(Kira Plastinina, if you do not follow TEH ANNALS OF FAST FASHION, is sort of like the Russian oligarchic Forever 21. Speaking of which, the Forever 21 downtown finally opened, and I'm not impressed. XD Most of the clothes seem cheaper and flimsier than the local chains, let alone downmarket from effing H&M for cripes' sake, although to be fair they also seem to cost less on average.

One day I will make a post about the music one hears while shopping for clothes.)
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Final tally - today's keywords are MAROON and PLAID )

Other recent-ish acquisitions )

For the record, everything listed in this post cost me a grand total of ~$150. Canadian.

...By the way, guys, did you all just... forget to tell me there was a Mugen no Juunin anime... carry on then!

Hot pink

Jul. 17th, 2009 01:58 pm
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Did a semi-poll on DW and everyone voted either fashion post or STxi fic recs. So this is the former, which I'm doing in 15 minutes before leaving the house, because I'll have another batch of Fantasia flicks to write up by tonight and will never get around to it otherwise. XD;

Photos x 3 + blurbs )

Last year this time I got a haircut that ended up looking like Alison Mosshart out of the Kills, this year I got approximately the same haircut but it keeps flipping outward like it's trying to pay tribute to Farrah Fawcett. IDEK.
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DJ sets by main dude out of Hercules and Love Affair and secondary dude out of LCD Soundsystem. Loving the revivalist disco off and on since '06 but have never actually danced to a set of it live, for whatever reason. Sounded sweet, could've been all vintage finds or all new productions for all I knew. Lots and lots of polyrhythmic bongos. Very mixed-age crowd (low tic price brought in the kiddies), styles ranged from bobo street chic to Haute Scissor Sister. Swarming with club photographers. I've never been snapped before but last night was like five times in a row. J probably a factor here as photogs would rather get two Asian hipster girls for the price of one IMO.

People kept ending up onstage and couldn't figure out how, so finally I just jumped it. XD Hung around for 5min taking photos of the DJ (and not stealing champagne) before everyone was gently and graciously ushered off by a band manager-type person with a strong physical resemblance to Andie MacDowell. It turned out the smoking area was right next to the stairs up from backstage, so we all went backstage instead ahaha. Had a diet Coke and mentally fashionblogged until Andie graciously herded us all out again.

Outfit: short stretch beach dress in pink/cream peony pattern, 25-year-old grey-green lace hose, cream stack-heel t-straps. Last minute and more "Miami" than I usually go for but it got a number of kudos.
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This... kind of explains the existence of XD

In other news, I've been spending a lot of time on The Imagist. Dude who writes it is the casting director for Rad Hourani whom I ♥ - was very near to pawing the '08 collection in Holt Renfrew when I was touring the store with my Corporate Strategy group last year. XD Lots of industry gossip which I'm more or less interested in, although some of it is left-field illuminating: apparently a lot of capital is quietly flowing into the agency business (presumably as it is making money where not much is these days?).

In other-other news, I see Owen Pallett's doing string arrangements for... Pet Shop Boys. o_o
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Benjamin Diamond - Inner Cycle Parts 1 & 2: this was the runway music for Dior Homme FW 2001-02 - the first Hedi Slimane collection, the one at which Yves Saint Laurent caused wank by showing up (given that he skipped the uhh Yves Saint Laurent ready-to-wear show, lulz). There's an article online where an indie band that scored a later DH show described getting a three-page email from Slimane asking them to make the music "melancholic" and "nonchalant" and oh yeah, about 17 minutes long. This may come as a surprise, but "Inner Cycle" sounds amazingly like the hypothetical result of that same email going out to the members of Stardust. XD; It is even approximately 17 minutes long.** (Though I don't know if the entire piece as-is was used in the show; part 2 is essentially a different track built on top of the same bassline. Or alternately, the same track "leaving baseline", in the chemical positivity sense. I SPEAK OF STRING EFFECTS.)

Benjamin Diamond released this as a limited edition 12" on his own label, in 2001 (titled Solitaire, same as the fashion show). And there it would have rested if Michael Mayer hadn't picked the track as the A-side of the first release from his Immer label, the mission statement of which was "to provide Michael Mayer with new copies of out-of-print records he is in danger of wearing out, and also to stop people from asking what the tracks were all the time." With the upshot that now you can download it from the Kompakt MP3 online shop, and I have just saved you one Euro. XD Somehow it makes sense that by throwing Hedi Slimane and French house in a blender, one makes a more-Kompaktian-than-Kompakt smoothie. Tim Finney's "neuromanticism" amirite. (39.5MB, download at own risk)

Hercules and Love Affair feat. Antony Hegarty - Blind: and this I first heard in Chanel AW 2008-09. It took me a while to follow up on it. XD I had a chance to see Hercules and Love Affair at Piknic this year (can't remember if it was live or a DJ set) but had stuff to do earlier on and sort of flaked out.

"Blind" is probably my favorite H&LA track. What I like about them isn't the disco cowbell and horns and diva warbling - though whoever had the brainstorm of casting Antony of the Johnsons in the latter role is a bona-fide GENIUS - but the Luomoesque time-dilation property some of their songs possess. Like listening to music stoned, except one isn't, and the track really is seven minutes long even if only three minutes ought to have passed. (9.1MB)

Gui Boratto - Haute Couture: pulsates and clatters away in the post-Oxia microtrance moment. His recent remix of Adam Freeland is more or less in the same vein, but better. (5.5MB)


Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus has just shown me the underlying melodic (thematic?) similarity between "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Teenage Kicks". Thanks, Miley... I think. :P

** That is, the Immer release is 17 minutes long, which I imagine took some squeezing on the 12". The original single was one 12-minute track called "Inner Cycle Parts 1 & 2" and one 5.5-minute track called "Lonesome Boy". /pedantic
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1) White flares! (c/o Uncle Karl, I only link the best)

These days when I fixate on some particular style or item the stores generally provide, but I only wear the clothes - knock-offs at that. I can't imagine having to come up with the ideas six months in advance, but that's why I'm not Karl Lagerfeld. Also, I guess I am clueless because I never knew there were such things as "resort collections". XD; I was even wondering about that in Brazil, like wouldn't fashion victims who lived year-round in Rio be doomed because not only is the weather always 20C-plus, the seasons are reversed?? No one on the trip could answer this question satisfactorily, but the marketplace will out.

In any case I couldn't find a pair of white flares I liked. All the ones I tried fit badly (white pants != forgiving) or had some detailing that looked terrible. I've given up as even if I found the perfect pair tomorrow I'd have all of two weeks to wear them in, and the weather's been wretchedly rainy this year. I got a pair of blue-on-white capris at the clothing exchange a month back, they'll have to do.

2) Today I saw a purse I liked in the department store. This one, but not pink - the one that caught my eye was a medium green with beige and red accents, colours that one would associate with a wooden toy locomotive. I'm incredibly picky when it comes to purses: 99.5% of what I see inspires me not only with indifference but with active dislike, which is probably a good thing from a pocketbook perspective. XD; But I can imagine this bag being my friend (this is LITERALLY what it feels like, as if one had met another human being). Unfortunately it's $300 and from a previous season, so I'll never see its like again.

3) As [ profile] emblem asked, this is the shift dress I bought at French Connection, only mine is green.
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I have an excuse - I was writing. Let's not all get too excited. XD;;

Went to the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the MMFA last Wednesday evening. Will probably return with sketchbook; the first time was for the walkthrough, which took only ninety minutes even with copious gawking. Saint Laurent died just days after the exhibition opened (the guestbook is to be sent to Pierre Bergé afterward, no idea what to write) so the experience was weirdly, unexpectedly emotional. Most of the pieces were shown in the 2002 valedictory runway retrospective of the couture house, a video of which was looped on a suspended projection screen; tbh I can imagine those physically present bawling their eyes out. ^^; What the survey brought home was how much YSL was women's clothing for the past forty years - one doesn't have to be a fashionista to ID the style of each frock or pantsuit down to the half-decade, in fact a group of middle-aged ladies was occupied in doing precisely that, to much hilarity. Inevitably the outfits I really like are all from the 60s. Catherine Deneuve's black dress from Belle de jour was in there. URGE TO COMMIT MUSEUM ROBBERY RISING

The Vanity Fair Proust questionnaire should be a meme, shouldn't it? (Isn't it already?) I'd like all my flisters to answer. XD;

Today: ensconced for hours in the Mont-Royal Caffe Art Java with an iced latte and a pint each of Quebec strawberries and New Jersey blueberries. Found all of Chesterton's Father Brown stories in hardcover at a used bookstore, $15.

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