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I've unlocked the previously posted mixes but will be taking them down soon, so grab while you can. *g*

This one is [ profile] akatonbo's, wot she's been asking about for years. XD; And it wasn't that I was fobbing her off, it literally took years to make, like the Hotohori DJ Mix.

party in da hood tonite, gonna make you feel alrite, let's get crunk COS AMON'S BACK... uh, right.

01. Peter Bjorn & John - Let's Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)
02. m-flo - StarStruck~ The Return Of The LuvBytes (ft. Emi Hinouchi, AI and Rum)
03. Aggro1 - URAQT In The Ladies Room
04. Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin (Eli remix featuring Pase Rock)
05. HALCALI - Electric Body Sensei -electric body sensei mix-
06. Dr. Mario - Funky Pills (Remix)
07. Jay-R - My Other Car is a Beatle
08. Edu K - Hot Mama (Bonde Do Role Remix)
09. Basement Jaxx - Red Alert
10. Lee Jung Hyun - Summer Dance
11. move - cafe ROZA ~for Johnny&Mary~ (Dubby Bossa mix)
12. Amuro Namie - So Crazy
13. Diplo - Diplo Rhythm (Featuring Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Dandinhos)
14. Puffy - Asia No Junshin (Malcolm McLaren mix)
15. The Prodigy - Girls (Rex the Dog Remix)
16. Flying Steps - We Are Electric (Radio Mix)
17. Melon Kinenbi - Kawaii Kare
18. MAX - Shinin'on-Shinin'love

It always had a strong concept, I just wasn't sure if it was too far out, so it's a relief to find the recipient was on the same page after all. XD; Like, Afrika Bambaataa meets Morning Musume is what a tailgate street party in Lower Town amounts to, in my head. J-hiphop, electro-funk, some truly hilarious mashups. And let's not kid ourselves, the sum total of Emishi and Amon's ambitions as deejay and emcee? Getting girls to get down. XD

You will enjoy this if you like: baile funk, Hello Project, the flava/cheese continuum, babes who got back and aren't afraid to use it
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Yeah, the whole "ask me for an essay" bit was sort of irresponsible considering I probably won't have time to write essays. XD; Have expanded on some of the shorter ones in comments, though - and there's the following.

Snippety McCut )
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I won't be able to finish all the mix CDs, of course. ^^; I got 25 requests and will have 5-6 ready to go tonight - I won't be able to mail them until Tuesday, though, since I have to buy bubble mailers and make it to the post office. 10-12 should be manageable but after that it gets dicey since they still have to wend their way through the snail mail network. Will probably start on cards for the rest. Anyone else for cards? Post is here. Don't assume I have your address! ^^;

Also on the announcements front, [ profile] getbacksubrosa's guessing deadline is in three days. Don't forget to submit your guesses - only a few people have done so thus far. I'll post to the comm too but I figure this is the only way I'm reaching GB-fan flisters who don't have it friended (I know there's a few :O).

Wednesday: Montreal Contemporary Art Museum )

Wednesday night: GAMMA 256 )

Friday: McGill case competition )

Friday night: MBA winter party )
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At [ profile] getbacksubrosa. I'll be pimping to the main GB comm too so if I'm flooding anyone's flist I apologize. XD; Forgot about that drawback of posting stories to the main comm ahaha.

There are 12 fics, all on the short side, but mostly very good - major characters all covered, less crack pairings than I expected, but it is not all BanGin fluff either. Though there's quite a bit of that. XD More stories based on the later manga arcs than I expected, too. Miraculously I even wrote for it; which one ought to be fairly obvious. XD COMMENTS PLS ETC

Lots of stuff to post re: weekend, but I have to get out of this classroom. XD;
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1) Hahaha speaking of ethnographic techno, someone finally did it: they made a mnml version of the Ghost In The Shell theme. Vinyl bootleg, biyatches! I'm listening to a rip now and it's ace - kind of Cadenza-style.

2) The signup for [ profile] getbacksubrosa ends tomorrow! Have about a dozen people on the list right now, looking for more, so pass it on. ♥ Emails will go out Friday.

3) WWNPHD? I'm taking this as conclusive proof I'm not imagining the zeitgeist's recurring theme.

4) Yesterday I went to a talk given by the legendary Mr. Schulich, He Whose Name Is On The Science Library (didn't get to thank him for that before he left, as I'd dorkily wanted to do - though he'll never know why he's a legendary in-joke XD;). Bought a copy of his book for 15$. It's shiny - as in, the cover is gold foil - and basically a collection of salient but randomly ordered aphorisms. The talk was along the same lines.

5) Had another presentation skills workshop. I have to kvetch about this, because while IMO the course content is urgent and key, when it comes to watching classmates give Powerpoint presentations on completely random topics, there are few places and times worse than huddled in a corner of an echoingly empty classroom, with the AC permanently stuck at Sub-Polar, from 6PM to 9PM, on a Tuesday when you've had four hours of sleep. It got pretty gruesome toward the end: there were giggle attacks, and one girl presented on the Spinning Right Or Left Brain? Ballerina. I was so tired I seriously considered giving mine on the topic of JKR Sez Dumbledore Is Gay. Instead I talked about Green Life Montreal and went over the time limit by five minutes. The instructor said I shouldn't have made all the Dumbledore jokes at the beginning but at 8PM anything to get a few lulz from the audience amirite.

6) I wrote more on the Accounting midterm paper to argue why I should get marks back than I did to answer the questions themselves. SAD.

7) I didn't talk much about SSBB this round (no news is good news XD). Now that you're all read the issue, figure that a couple of weeks after the concert I finally scored a copy of Patrick Wolf's Lycanthropy on the wild internets, and sat down to play it through while editing the next submission in the queue. GUESS WHICH ONE.

8) More music to come!
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Okay, I finally made it--

[ profile] getbacksubrosa

--not very imaginative, but well. XD Signup post is here. I simplified the rules somewhat, since I never guess anyway, so it doesn't matter if I know who's sending what from which email account.

People who said you'd join - please do join! XD I'll post a notice at [ profile] getbackers tomorrow.
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Earlier than I'd expected - was given an estimated ship date near the end of September. It's red and black and very slight for its class, but I didn't name it Ed. XD Pictures and review that is actually informative, not going to bother myself ahaha.

Vista seems wretchedly slow, more so than on my sister's XPS, but I haven't finished setting up. Will probably have to disable a bunch of crap.


FMA progress: finished volume 14 last night, now it will have to wait until I can order the missing volume 15 (semester-start liquidity crunch). The idea of following the story at a rate of three tankoubon per year seems mildly insane - what if the X-Files had shown one new episode a month? More of the Conspiracy(tm) would fall out of the sieve that passes for my current brain than would enter it. But I've never been very good at serialization.

I horribly miss the JoJo fandom but there's not much I can do at this point other than make the occasional WTF-face over SBR and write vastly extrapolated fic. D: Should make a poll specifically for JoJo fic. Or just finish summarizing Stone Ocean, finally, since scanlations for that seem to be going nowhere. Hmm.

...Maybe I should fall back on Occam's Razor and call the GB challenge comm [ profile] getbacksubrosa?


OH AND ALSO I'm going to Bebel Gilberto + Forro in the Dark on Saturday. This could only be awesome!
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To [ profile] serendip and [ profile] chocojoshy. XD (And now I go watch Paprika at Cinéma du Parc.)


Some links:

Typing Test (last seen on [ profile] tarigwaemir): my top speed was 113.61 wpm / 448.89 cpm. I tried to slow down after that and type at my "normal" speed, and got 107.71 wpm / 465 cpm. Of course, not having to think about what one's typing helps. XD

Neil Gaiman's China post: self-explanatory. When he posted that photo of self with panda I was reminded of [ profile] moderntime's poll from a bit back (now revealed as visionary XD).


People, help me come up with a name for the GetBackers guess-the-author fic challenge! [ profile] incandescens suggested get_back_the_author but it's too long for LJ, alas.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 07:03 pm
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Not-quite final wordcount for SSBB August issue: 225,000
Not-quite final wordcount for SSBB special issue: 83,000

Or, well over 300,000 words. Erin and I were joking that October ought to be M-I-N-I-M-A-L Month but really: I was wracking my brains for a formal rather than thematic challenge and this could be it. Something like, for this issue only each person is allowed to contribute up to two stories of between 0 and 3,500 words each. (Although the sex scene requirement remains as-is. XD) One of the [ profile] blind_go rounds was along said lines.


Regardless of whether I post this stuff here or at carnet it must be getting boring. XD Uh... there's other stuff I want to talk about! For some reason I really want to organize that GetBackers fic-guessing challenge although this is utter insanity what with b-school and part-time jobs and SSBB and WIPs. OTOH I never actually guess in these challenges, so it would be very basic: you sign up, I email you a pseud, you send me your story with the pseud in the subject line, I post your story under the pseud. A victim collaborator will be found to compile and rank the guesses. No editing, no deadline extensions, no graphic design, no search-replacing smart quotes. Compared to SSBB it looks like a cakewalk. XD

Suggestions re: comm names and time frame?


Jul. 19th, 2007 08:32 pm
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TRUFAX: the rise in the Canadian dollar has more than wiped out the increase in shipping costs from Amazon Japan removing the economy option. 10,000 YEN is now only 85.50 CAD! And the books still arrive in 48 hours. XD
  • Steel Ball Run 11-12
  • GetBackers 39 + The Last Piece: last of the series, sobsob - d'you think, if one ran a [ profile] blind_go/[ profile] subrosa_tennis-like challenge for GB, it would be a success? Then we could mutter darkly about BNFs in this fandom too!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist 16
  • Maiden Rose 2: though either I haven't read the last half of volume 1, or I just have no memory of it. >_> Actually I tend to think of this series as Mirage of Blaze without the idiocy. Or too much of the idiocy, anyway.
  • Crimson Spell 2
  • Finder no (howtheheckdoyoureadthis... Ryoshuu?) i.e. Viewfinder 4. I can't believe I waited so long to place an order that the HK arc came out in tankoubon. Probably the first time in my life procrastination has saved me money.
  • Amato Amaro: GOD FINALLY.

In other news, my sister read the HP7 leak but I couldn't really be arsed. All I have time for this week is SSBB submission vetting. This means I get the paper copy first, though. XD
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Through Bonds of Words and Bonds of Action, by [ profile] reversedhymnal [GetBackers, Kazuki/Toshiki/Juubei]

Thinking about it the whole Toshiki thing was a rotten trick on the part of A&A. At least when Amon was introduced, everyone who'd fixated on the cuteness of Shido/Madoka was happy they had someone to slash with Emishi. With Toshiki it was like, you do realize anyone who is liable to give a shit about Fuuga ships Kazuki/Juubei already, right? (Exaggeration: I know all of three people who like Toshiki! And they are pretty vocal about it. But OTPers just hated the whole setup from beginning to end.)

Prince of Tennis pulled this too. I'm thinking of InuKai, which one could argue was/is the real cool-kids pairing of the series - always the minority interest but the sexiest fic, bar none. Then 3,000,000 chapters into the manga, Konomi in his infinite wisdom provides one with Data Pair, which is so perfect one could weep, especially given that it contradicts what everyone-who-cares has been shipping hardcore forever.** GOOD JOB DUDE, THANKS A BUNCH, CARRY ON.

Anyway this has nothing to do with the fic (which is cute bondage pr0n), I've just been carrying this rant inside me for years and it decided spontaneously to break into the light of day. XD;

** Except one person I know, guess she's lucky.
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...a Mage Masher between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style.

Overheard in Ivalice, part I don't know what in a continuing series )

You guys, I can't believe the GetBackers manga is ending! I feel like we ought to do something. XD; It's the one fandom I haven't really wandered away from in the past four years, though the extent of my participation these days is reading each tankoubon as it comes out and flailing. I downloaded the latest chapter and... it's pretty flail-worthy, yeah.

I'm still reading through the SSBB submissions, but have some music in the meantime:

Emiliana Torrini - If You Go Away (Ne me quitte pas): the original French is possibly the saddest song in existence, and Emiliana Torrini takes a good stab at it. I remember my best friend in high school saying, "Anyone who can write lyrics like this is getting laid," which I agree with in principle - except no one would ever say things like this to another person if they had a chance. You just don't. You're only this desperate when it's already over.

Cat Power and Karen Elson - I Love You (Je t'aime... moi non plus): what it sez. This is a mini-theme. XD

José González - Crosses (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)
José González - Crosses (Superbass Mix)

Have been listening to José González which reminded me I never posted the "Crosses" half of the Crosses/Heartbeats 12". *g* I don't even perceive this sort of remix as being in a separate genre from the original anymore, just... longer. The Jori Hulkkonen is more percussive, the Superbass is lovely Balearic house. (Earlier today I thought, if there's such an appellation as 'piano house', why isn't there 'acoustic guitar house'? Then I realized that's what's meant by 'Balearic' 75% of the time, innit.)

I will have comments to make re: FMA. Eventually. XD
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FFXII tardery, technical not spoilerish )

FMA (now up to episode 38): the comments seem equally divided between "you ain't seen nothin' yet" and "stop watching now". XD I was pretty flummoxed is all, and not certain of understanding - the cast is numerous and the focus of action not always clear, let alone allegiances. There's a lot of running in circles (and yet somehow Ed and Al's inquiry advances?). Too the relentless emotional hammering is sometimes effective and sometimes chain-jerk. I do like Izumi a lot though. T and I intend to keep watching to the end, after which I'll probably read the manga, but really it's for the compulsive quality of the thing.

GetBackers: read the chapter summaries on [ profile] getbackers, which helpfully begin where the last tankoubon left off. *CRIES*!! But I guess spoilers )

Am uploading music, so stay tuned. ♥
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More rigmarole with DHL, but the books came. >_>

* xxxHolic reading guide, new edition
* Steel Ball Run 10
* Sweet Blue Flowers 2

The Araki versus Nekoi interview is exactly what you imagine and more. I am translating. There is also an Ayamine Rando fanart spread, just like he blogged there would be - I am amazed at his restraint in not making Yuuko over(t)ly boobtastic. XD; The Holic characters look entirely natural in GetBackers!artstyle, even though Ayamine complained it was haaaard.

Watched more FMA with Tania last night, now up to episode 23 or was it 24. The angst continues apace. ^^; Also umm kind of spoilered myself for FFXII because I came downstairs in the morning to find my sister watching a cutscene sequence and a certain character did something with his sunglasses and I couldn't make myself look away after that. XD;;;
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Amazon Japan package arrived tonight. The route it took is a saga unto itself I really don't have the gumption to get into. =_=

* GetBackers 37, with the postcards
* New Petshop of Horrors 3
* Ono Natsume, La Quinta Camera
* Hoshino Lily, Nurse ga oshigoto <-- of course U.S. Customs had to open the shipment that had this in. =_= It's too hardcore for me, which is saying something.
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Hamster!Ginji sleeping on snake!Ban fanart at the back of volume 34. XDDD (Ayamine: "O I know what that is, that was in the news! Gohan-chan, right ♥")

This I have to say, volume 34 >>>> the preceding several volumes taken together in terms of interest.

Questions answered, more questions asked, speculation runs rampant )

Yup, that's all for the volume. I don't know when Ginji will get to do something again. =_=
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I've just been... writing. ^^; It's turned into one of those periods. At the moment I'm not particularly good company either online or off, though I've been leaving comments; mostly I'm heavily engaged in talking to myself. XD There are also RL issues pulling at my attention.

I ordered some books quick-ship, since I was feeling unaccountably desperate for new reading and GetBackers 34 was already out (of course I have a pile of books I've yet to touch, in both English and Japanese, but the backlog never seems to count at these times). So I got, er, "Koi suru boukun" #1 since everyone and their aunt is reading it, and the first Yukikaze novel. XD I'm a chapter in and... it's actually really absorbing, in that military infodump jargon-a-minute SF sort of way. I'd better wrap up the fic first though or my head will explode from trying to reconcile my random extrapolations w/ the world-building.

Yukikaze is definitely a girl. XD Still the seme, but. XDDD

(I don't know if it's worth bookblogging this? There's not much overlap between the fans-of-Yukikaze-anime and readers-of-military-SF flist contigents, I think. I guess I'll pretend it's an English novel and hope no one sporks me out of frustration.)

Also, Sumomo Yumeka's "Dousaibou seibutsu". This from the CRAFT Comics imprint which I believe to be INDIE(tm) for the following reasons: 1) I have never so much as heard of any of these mangaka, 2) details of cover design and packaging - it looks rather more like a single-artist doujinshi collection than a commercial tankoubon, 3) the fact that they number their releases like an arty record label, which is of course the hook that grabs the suckers like yrs trly. "Dousaibou seibutsu" [CRAFT 015] is nuanced shoujo/light BL a bit like... you know the sort of Prince of Tennis fanfiction My Clique(tm) used to write? XD The art is quite pretty.

And of course the infamous GetBackers 34, which opens with spoiler mode on. )

Even when I think I have nothing to blog I can always come up with a ton of stuff. XD
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Head for the relevant questions on the fortuitous ramble meme if you want the GetBackers manga spoilers I've been garnering. XD (If you're spoiler averse assume every comment thread is nuclear, BTW, I haven't been bothering to grey out.)

What I didn't write because it wasn't relevant to anyone's request: the backstory with Eris has come out. I think it must be in volume 34. It's - eh, it's about as simple as your most reasonable simple hypothesis, really, what's interesting is the role of the Miroku. XD You might have FF8 crossover fanart urges. Unless that's just me. Reading Ayamine-sensei's Journey to Mangaka-dom on his blog was so inspiring that I've started drawing again (I haven't since Europe), though all I ever draw these days are Orihime and Rukia. XD I should learn the knack of the boys, I figure once I can draw Ichigo / Renji / Byakuya / Ishida the world is pretty much my oyster insofar as LOLZ go.

(I got the doujinshi package last night, [ profile] chirachira - good fandom things always come in threes. ♥ I think the major reason I'm so blasé about doujinshi is that I'm not willing to pay for anything that's not better than I could do for myself** - the fact that I would never actually spend the time/money/effort to make a doujinshi or even sketch one out doesn't come into the equation, for some reason. But the Honey Canon really is adorable.)

I still haven't done the Initial D requests, which are one request really, but I have to go to dinner. XD;;

** Good thing for me fanfiction is free. O SNAP I WENT THERE. (This applies to all walks of life, actually. If I ever learnt a proper music mixing software... I dunno.)

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