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I don't really like writing the tennis in Prince of Tennis. Sportswriting is first of all ludicrously far out of my comfort/knowledge zone, complicated by the fact that it's... not actually real sports.

Assuming I get to the end of this, there's Tezuka and Fuji. Cripes, it's like they're my Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.
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...Does anyone still have the end to this old Tenipuri fic saved. orz

I HAVE LOST THREE COMPUTERS SINCE THE TIME I ASKED IN 2011 so there is, again, no backup copy. This time I'm @#$% finishing it and uploading it to AO3. I suppose I have improved as a writer, not so much because the current stuff reads any better (it does, marginally) but because the dashed thing no longer holds any terrors. I don't know what was so difficult about it anymore, other than the fact that it's about Oshitari and Atobe negotiating an aspect of their lives that at the time I started the fic I hadn't finished negotiating myself (had barely started, really).
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...Does anyone still have the end to this old Tenipuri fic saved. orz

I HAVE LOST THREE COMPUTERS SINCE THE TIME I ASKED IN 2011 so there is, again, no backup copy. This time I'm @#$% finishing it and uploading it to AO3. I suppose I have improved as a writer, not so much because the current stuff reads any better (it does, marginally) but because the dashed thing no longer holds any terrors. I don't know what was so difficult about it anymore, other than the fact that it's about Oshitari and Atobe negotiating an aspect of their lives that at the time I started the fic I hadn't finished negotiating myself (had barely started, really).

And redux

Jun. 11th, 2013 07:38 pm
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Bumped into a dude who looks exactly like Sebastian Stan in the elevator to a doctor's appointment (yes, Subdee, it was a medical clinic in a high-rise building). Sorry for not holding the door for you even though you were on crutches, dude. I would like to claim paranoia but in all honesty I was surprised.

You expect a little bit of this with every story, it's how the world seems to work, but this one is particularly... something.
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Pascal's Sphere

TRIPPING BALLS!!11! I feel bad that Andy Warhol never got to see Twitter, and that Borges never got to see a Mandelbox. Well, he wouldn't have been able to see it anyway, c r y i n g

Via [personal profile] dira, the first lines of my last 21 10 stories in reverse chronological order. This takes me up to the last time I did this meme, I think. )

Not sure there's much to conclude, other than that I like to jump straight into things -- I'll always tell you who in the first two sentences, almost always where, and most likely what. A lot of these just state what the entire story is about. PS: You know, I didn't realize that This Means War mentions two wars -- the impersonal and the personal. I totally thought I named this fic after that terrible Tom Hardy/Chris Pine movie meant to do that, I swear.
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Blank slate for this week -- not going to bother to do questions -- I didn't read at all, I was trying to get something written for Clarion/Clarion West. Which I failed at, for the record. XD;; Like, very-last-minute, if-I-only-had-two-more-hours failed, which isn't very clever. On the other hand, the ending isn't quite there, so if I'd managed to submit it I wouldn't have expected to make the cut. I mean, surely they'll be able to meet their quota easily with short stories that have proper endings? XD;

Cut for frowny writing natter bit )


I did watch The Life of Pi, though! Parts of it were annoying, weirdly paced, or throw up ideas that are then poorly executed, but I suspect I'm taking issue with the book (which I haven't read) rather than with the film. The film totally deserves its Oscar for best achievement in large CG felines.

More to the point, this weekend I'll have birthday parties, and next weekend I'm headed to Cuba with my sister, where my only concern will be which book to read on the beach.
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It took way, way too long to wrestle this story down to the point that it's enjoyable to write, and I am way, way too close to the deadline.
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Bass Frequencies (XMFC, m/m, AU)
Crocus (Swordspoint, m/m, post-series)
The Motion of Bodies in Public Spaces (Captain America, gen?, WIP)
Super Detka (Captain America, m/m, ridiculous)
...and Yuletide story which I'll edit for after reveals tomorrow. Shadow and Light (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, implied m/m, implied everything)

I'm also working on two other short stories, but neither will be done before 11:59 tonight. XD

One Week One Band, January: Charlotte Gainsbourg
One Week One Band, December: The Libertines 101 song reviews for The Singles Jukebox, plus or minus one. (There doesn't seem to be a way to filter to the reviewer, but I have them all saved in a file.)

Meme questions )
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In chronological order of deadline/disaster potential:

Trip to London: done (and awesome!)
One Week One Band: DONE (apart from straggling posts on my own Tumblr which I'm writing as I can; compilation post to come)
Christmas gift shopping: done (see - trip to London)
Client #1 presentations A, B: done
Put winter tires on car: done
Renew health card/driver's license: done
Pay rent: TODAY
Laundry and cleaning: all done by tonight! This should hold til next weekend when the major writing rush'll be over
Christmas decoration: finish on ad hoc basis this weekend (buy outdoor lights???)
Holiday party #1: December 15
Going to see The Hobbit, which needs scheduling since it's a three-hour time block: December 16

Client #2 writeup: December 17, finish this weekend for Monday review
The Singles Jukebox Amnesty Week #2: ongoing December 16-18 (try to get a head start this weekend)
OWOB theme week: December 17 (H. poss. amenable to accepting last-minute entry ~Dec 23rd), DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE THIS
Client #1 presentation C: ~December 19
Yuletide story: December 20, 8PM, NOT STARTED -- this is the horrendous stickler obv; I'll have to decide before Sunday if I'm going to default for lack of time, which I really really do not want to do
Christmas cards: NOT STARTED... ... ...hopefully everyone will be OK with getting their cards AFTER the 25th
Christmas gift wrapping: December 24, NOT STARTED
CHRISTMAS: December 24-25
Holiday party #2: December 27
Holiday party #3: December 29

I've written 12-15K this month easily, and I need to pull another ~10K or so out of my hat between now and the 20th. I should not be online, like, AT ALL right now. XD
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1) Yuletide assignments are out! Mine should be eminently doable, as the recipient seems to have the same tastes as I do, she just has them in mostly different fandoms. XD; Like, I would fill more than one of her requests, out of sheer interest, but I won't have time to consume the canons other than the one we matched on.

I love the fact that someone posted their Yuletide fic to the collection already. Carpe the fuck out of your diem.

2) So did I mention that the other day my sister and I went dancing onstage during the encore of Rufus Wainwright (and family and friends)'s pre-Halloween concert at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, within arm's length of Anna McGarrigle and Lucy Wainwright and Teddy Thompson and JORN and Rufus Wainwright in a toga and gold foil laurels as the god Apollo. Did I mention that? Because that totally happened.

(Do you know, they made Jorn sing? He's one of those bassos who can produce exactly three notes, very carefully. I guess they only realized post-facto that there's a Montreal by-law as says you can't marry into the McGarrigle-Cohen-whatevers unless you sing.)

3) What with Mystery Music Writing Project due in November, and Yuletide due in December, and a major pitch that just dropped into my lap at work that mostly needs to be out the door by the time I fly to London on the 30th (...did I mention I was going to the UK for a week?), on top of my ongoing work projects THAT I AM BEHIND ON and the two Avengers WIPs that I have a horrible suspicion AO3 ppl think are on a bimonthly serialization schedule, I should probably suck it up and get off the Internet for the rest of the month. Pretend I'm doing NaNo. Except if I'm not on the Internet, how do I crawl about bothering my friends to beta for me. XD;
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1) Steve Rogers is not allowed Lana Del Rey music videos. Anything but Lana Del Rey music videos.

2) As soon as I opened the MORE PLOT gate Tony Stark took over everything, which is to be expected but creates a morass of POV issues.

EDIT -- wait did I actually forget to post the finished chapter to LJ/DW? Ahaha. *copypastes from Tumblr*

Title: The Motion of Bodies In Public Spaces (chapter 2)

Author: Petronia

Rating: G (I knoooww, why read it until/unless I declare a pairing, but at the moment it seems beside the point? This is one of those slow builds like Senza Fine, though, so I think I can promise eventual emotional payoffs. If anyone is particularly invested in seeing me write Steve/anybody makeouts pls reply by separate post)

Characters: I've listed everyone I know will be in the fic in the AO3 tags, even if they're not in this chapter.

Warnings: none apart from the same Steve Rogers feels currently infesting Tumblr as a result of leaked deleted scenes and such. He and John Watson can stoically refuse to speak to their therapists together.

Next Chapter:
 I thought it was just Aliens, but the more I think about it the more I realize all James Cameron movies are potential minefields insofar as Steve is concerned. EVEN TITANIC.
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Or, yanno, top one or two, if that's all you remember.

Not fishing for compliments (just because it's the best thing one's written doesn't mean it's awesome in the grand scale of things XD;), but I'm honestly curious.

I'm also curious to know if you have a distinction between "best" and "personal favourite," because that often happens with me.
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1) Interviewed Olympic divers at the FINA Canada Cup Grand Prix, for the radio station. )

So yeah. Avengers movie: only the second-nicest collection of butts on view this weekend. XD

2) Speaking of the Avengers movie, after the chatter on [personal profile] sub_divided's reaction post I've decided to take the whole thing apart, matchup by matchup, and see how it ticks. XD So that'll be a separate post. I have to say, this is the first time I've gone to see a movie on opening weekend when it's already been playing the Philippines for a week - two weeks?

My non-spoilery take on it )

3) Next week: seeing three Sophocles plays at the TNM, in the controversial Mouawad adaptation, BECAUSE OF REASONS. Not a trilogy: it's The Trachiniae, Antigone, and Electra. I haven't been to the theatre in who knows how long. I was vaguely thinking that the movies had begun to compete in price, but no more student discounts alas.

4) May is the International Biennale of Digital Art in Montreal, which sort of merges into MUTEK but is split off from Elektra. Whatever. May is the Black-Clad Hipsters Not Dancing While They Stream Avant-Garde Techno Visualizations Over Their Personal Mobile Computing Devices Month. Instead of going to see the Avengers movie on Friday I went to the Contemporary Art Museum for an Alva Noto set, because I am a sad Carsten Nicolai stan who found out about this at the 11th hour and got ridiculously excited. I forgot that techno at the museum is played punishingly loud. This track was a complete monster.

5) EDIT1 -- oops, forgot that it was #musicdiaryproject week! It always sneaks up on me. Posts to come on Tumblr at some point. Awkwardly it is nearly 2PM and I have not listened to any music today at all.

6) EDIT2 -- Obviously, now I feel obliged to rewrite the second chapter of that story about Steve Rogers, which has been lingering at 85% completion for like two months. In a spot of counter-programming, I'm also trying to finish up and post the giftfic I sent to [ profile] canis_m - that is, she got it, it just wasn't the final draft. XD; at this rate [ profile] maeran and [ profile] bladderwrack ought to get their cards by September, I am so awesome you guys.
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So all the Greek poetry* has tipped me over into Writing Something. I can't talk about it because I want it to be a surprise, but I guess this is one of those stories that have been in the works for ages and ages, so I am kind of excited that it is coalescing? Even though I have gotten everything wrong already, see subject line.

Anyway I never wrote it because it's essentially a songfic, in my head, but I can't find the song. On the Internet. So it exists only in my head. What is my life. But somehow I have finally managed to overcome this towering barrier to creativity.

* Per that Tumblr meme: Marguerite Yourcenar was also pissed off about the Library of Alexandria. She really wanted Aeschylus's Achilles/Patrocles trilogy, man, you would not believe. Apparently it was only in the Library in the first place because the Ptolemies borrowed the complete set of Aeschylus from Athens and paid a ridiculous fine rather than give it back.
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One Week One Band is done! Ha. HAHAHA. Look, my top rate for non-fiction is higher than my top rate for fiction but I still impressed myself by not flaming out horribly, okay. I'm not actually sure how many words I wrote in the past week - slightly under 10,000 would be my guess.

The Charlotte Gainsbourg Posts(tm), in order:
  1. Introduction
  2. [Photo] Charlotte Gainsbourg by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, 1994
  3. Charlotte Forever, "Lemon Incest," and lolita pop: part 1 | part 2 | part 3
  4. [Image] Henri "Le Douanier" Rousseau - The Dream (1910)
  5. [Quote] The Cement Garden (1993) - as sampled by Madonna’s 2001 single “What It Feels Like For A Girl”
  6. Etienne Daho with Charlotte Gainsbourg - "If" (2004)
  7. Air ft. Jarvis Cocker and Charlotte Gainsbourg - "The Duellist" (2007)
  8. [Chat] Excerpted questions from an interview with (2006)
  9. Who is Charlotte Gainsbourg, anyway?
  10. "5:55" (2006)
  11. English rockers and French girls
  12. 5:55 and "Everything I Cannot See" (2006)
  13. "Love etc." (1996)
  14. [Quote] Sean O’Hagan, “Charlotte Gainsbourg: ‘I had no idea how scared I was of dying’”, The Observer (2010)
  15. IRM pt.1: "Vanities" (2009)
  16. IRM pt.2: "Le chat du cafe des artistes" (2009) and Jean-Pierre Ferland
  17. "The Operation (Superpitcher Remix)" (2010)
  18. Stage Whisper and "Paradisco" (2011)
  19. "The Songs That We Sing" (live 2011) and conclusion

* * *

If I had to do it again I'd start in on 5:55 sooner, without attempting to stick to a chronology. Like, the flow would've been a lot better if it were the Madonna quote and Interview blurb, then "5:55," then the Evene interview, then "The Duellist," then the massive essay, then "If". But it's not too bad considering I was posting in real time and couldn't go back and reorder or rewrite. XD; I covered everything I'd wanted to say, anyway, in an order whereby each post mostly built on the last's ideas, which was my best case scenario when I started.

In other news, Christmas card shortfics are starting to trickle back:

The Motion of Bodies in Public Spaces by [ profile] Petronia for [ profile] arboretum
Fandom: Captain America/The Avengers (nebulous post-movie continuity)
Characters: Steve Rogers + the usual
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Rating: Gen for now
Wordcount: 854 words and counting

It's really just the beginning of the fic proper (the second part is about 75% written), but I wanted to post it because it was Christmassy. XD; IDEK where this came from? It's not really an "Avengers movie" story, I think, more a "fixated on the underlying SF premise" story. Though I totally expected anyone else to write the Steve Rogers + "I'll Be Home For Christmas" idea, and was really puzzled when it didn't happen.

Oh, large fandoms. This trifle had 100 hits in less than 24 hours. That's a lot for me, though small potatoes compared to the traffic One Week One Band was getting.
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In case you guys were wondering what I was freaking out about. XD; I'll be writing there for the rest of the week.
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I am just going to have to make peace with the fact that I am writing a story about Captain America and interpretive dance, and that is all there is to it. (It's not crack.)

Next up: Magneto and his hilarious dubstep theme music. All this Tumblr talk about Skrillex is coming back to roost, I suspect.
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Sitting down to write and finding the story turning 180 degrees into something completely different: THE WORST. I know not everyone feels that way, but the way my process works is, just because I know the story is about this and that doesn't mean I actually know what to say or what will happen. So on the rare occasions where the plot just weirdly MORPHS the part of my brain that produces words becomes a car spinning its wheels in a snowbank, and I just have to. Work out the goddamned localized problem. For some reason I was falling asleep inappropriately, too - in a cafe at 4PM, on my THIRD of the day not counting decaf (a lot for me), not having slept much less than average, and yet I was literally faceplanting into my cup. And trying to write longhand, in this hypnogogic state. In fact I suppose that is why the story turned into something I would never have considered while awake; I literally wrote "WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS GOING" in the margin and turned the page and started working on something else.

So now what to do with this, rolling. It'll take me six months to knock it into sense, and it's meant to be a holiday drabble.
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The JoJo fic I received is by Umbralpilot on AO3, who may or may not be [ profile] umbralpilot on LJ? I think? XD Either way, thank you so much again!

The one I wrote:

This Means War by [ profile] Petronia for [ profile] hauntologie
Fandom: The Three Musketeers (2011)
Characters: the usual gang, plus Lord De Winter (mortal husk thereof) and some srs bzns discussion of Date Masamune (who remains offscreen)
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Rating: Teen And Up, but if Spielberg!Tintin's comedy alcoholism and gun-handling was okay for General audiences then this probably is too
Wordcount: 4584 words

I very deliberately did not re-read the novel before writing this. XD; What I did do was drink some delicious Three Musketeers weizenbock and make a perspective drawing on my IKEA whiteboard of ground-to-air missile defenses around the fortifications of La Rochelle, which was a big hit at my Christmas party.

The giftee would have liked something sexier, methinks, but I found I couldn't quite do it with this fandom; all I had were decades of accumulated Feelings(tm) about Milady. XD; [ profile] hauntologie is That Person Who Wrote The GunPr0n in XM:FC, though, and I loved the fic in question, so there is a little bit of that.
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All the ones I've seen are too long and require too much thinking about points that are not that relevant. XD; So I have made my own.











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