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1) A fic rec:

Title: The Mystery of the Runaway Bride, by roane
Fandom: Doctor Who (S6) + Sherlock (between S02E01 and S02E02)
Rating: Gen
Words: 12087 (complete in 7 chapters)

Sherlock and John solve Donna Noble! The sign of a good DW/Sherlock crossover is that by halfway through chapter 1, you are already clutching your face with horror at something Sherlock has done.

2) While waiting for TTSS to download I watched this other movie with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy in it, on the YTubes in its entirety, called Stuart: A Life Backward (a BBC thing I think). Tom Hardy was completely unrecognizable, and Benedict Cumberbatch was barely acting, in the sense that his protagonist could have been Benedict Cumberbatch for all the difference it would have made. It felt like Ono Natsume, and I still can't decide if it was aware of its own (potential? defused?) problematic-ness. I go on for a bit about this one, believe it or not. )

Anyhow these uhhh deontological meditations are extraneous to why I watched the movie, obviously. XD I am really very fond of Tom Hardy. It's the kitten story that made the rounds so long ago, I suspect. Never underestimate the impact of Tumblr. BBC!Tarr has the right psycho edge, as [personal profile] yumiyoshi pointed out, but Tom Hardy makes up for Le Carré's (lampshaded) lacuna, namely that Irina's decision to confide in Tarr makes no sense. Dude is evidently just as capable of playing total psychos so I think I am not committing an impact-for-intent fallacy, here.

3) Speaking of both deontological meditations and TTSS )

4) Top 3 confused reactions to TTSS-the-movie on Douban )

The Smiley-verse turns out not to be perfectly consistent - ages and responsibilities kind of slide around, I think Guillam stays forty-but-looks-way-younger for like 15 years. XD; Agatha Christie had the same problem with Poirot. I think everyone these days knows better than to start one's character off retired, because WHAT IF FRANCHISE?
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[Apparently untitled] by [ profile] wordstrings [Sherlock - Sherlock/John, Sherlock/violin, it's right on the page there]

I love the Paradox Suite like the next fangirl, but as an extreme interpretation - I'm more in the philosophical camp of "Sherlock is not a sociopath, just awkward, possibly improperly diagnosed in the past, and kind of a dick." (Also the camp of "Not neurotypical, but not conforming to any DSM-IV clinical diagnosis." (Also-also the camp of "Asexual doesn't mean not having sex. It doesn't necessarily mean having sex for cuddles, either.")) Unlike [personal profile] charmian, though, I've never fully lost my taste for sociopathic protagonists, so I have no problem reading these takes. XD;

Really I'm saving this link because the author hasn't reposted it anywhere. It can be read on its own, and there is very little sociopathy involved, bawling. Eventually, in my copious imaginary spare time, I'll draw up my top ten list of Violin Pieces Sherlock Performed In Fanfiction. ON 8TRACKS. (Probably to be topped by "Bad Romance". The explanation in that fic seemed perfectly sensible and Canon-conforming, not at all cracky.)
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A Dozen Different Hours
[ACD!Sherlock Holmes versus Lewis Carroll; Holmes/Watson; PG13 shading to R for drug use, crumbling boundaries of reality, non-explicit but genuinely creepy and pervasive intimations of child abuse shading to somewhat less-creepy criminal shota... okay, just call it an R]

[ profile] 221b_wonderland

In the event that you have always wanted your Holmesian h/c+UST to take place to a Kajiura Yuki soundtrack within the context of a steampunk goth-shoujo version of Alice in Wonderland, this is definitely the fic for you. Though it's still worth a read if the idea had not occurred for some reason. XD; In retrospect one wonders if the crossover's been done - it's sort of an ultimate throwdown between randomness and its opposite.

The thing about writers who aim for the, like, Portrait de Petite Cossette aesthetic is that they usually don't get past the set decoration. You know? But Wonderland has New Weird bone structure here. It seeps like ink into the crevices of Conan Doyle's London, and Holmes isn't the only one who goes slipstream (in canon Alice herself is a rationalist - one forgets it - alternately swimming with and against the undertow). In tenor and quality the result falls in a region bracketed by The Eight and The Shadow of the Wind (the library scene!). The plot gets away from the author toward the end, as far as I can tell**, but the fact that it holds together as an waking-hour investigation at all is something...... no right it is actually AN CASE not just Holmes' better living through chemistry ahaha. And she piles it right on: RPF, fourth-wall breakage, extensive passages of Childe Harold on which hinges Plot, j-rock bishounen. (Did I mention the library scene?) There are illustrations. I actually found this story via said illustrations, randomly surfing Devart, and have no idea why it doesn't seem to be better known. My best guess is timing, since it's ACD!verse and was published directly before ppl hared off after Sherlock.

** I have alternate theories for what happened but they're spoilery for the fic, of course.
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1) I ain't dead!

2) Notes on those last two Doctor Who eps to come! Too late for fandom-at-large purposes I know; see subject line etc. Um... painters are good! I like painters. My top three picks for historical cameos on Doctor Who are William Blake (it would explain a lot), Charles Darwin (Doctor: "Don't say Silurian don't say Silurian... that was out loud wasn't it"), and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (epic fanfiction). Also they need to pony up and actually show Ole Lennie da Vinci, not just talk about him. Who are yours?

3) U.S., Japanese Publishers Unite Against Manga Scan Sites. I complained to [ profile] rusalkaz regarding my unattainable dream of a simultaneous digital edition of major manga phonebooks via iPad app (global translation with the push of a button... but really, even in J-only or E-only this would be a buy-hardware-nao killer app for me, in fact the only killer ebook app as far as I'm concerned), and she directed me here. Sigh, why does no one enjoy making money. So much would be different if Steve Jobs were a Narutard.

4) I may be getting media accreditation for Nuits d'Afrique? This is exciting. I know enough about African music not to feel fraudulent, but not enough that I wouldn't gladly take pointers - who are the artists I should pay close attention to and/or attempt to score an interview with?

5a) Kink Bingo (see subject line, again):

Donna Haraway, "A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century"

LOL Oshii. I like how Togusa is like, I have a heterosexual nuclear family unit, lady. My stay-at-home Japanese wife calls me "anata". Would you like to speak to my transhuman colleague over there.

5b) Hey, while we're at it, why not: Nebraska, by [ profile] samdonne [Iron Man, R - author considers this to be original fiction "on aesthetic and socio-psychological grounds" and I'm inclined to agree]

It turns out the first Iron Man movie inspired some great thinking-fic, which is perhaps unsurprising as its catnip trails all lead in the direction of meta (I noticed this in Wal-Mart: it is not a bad trick on Marvel's part, to enforce branding within the fictional sphere so that the merchandise outside of it extends rather than breaks immersion). Grosso modo the best stuff deconstructs Pepper Potts, or makes use of the Vanity Fair reporter, or both - [ profile] samdonne also wrote the hyperreal The Kids Aren't All Right, regarding which what surprises me most is that there was no official, "viral marketing" attempt at same. XD; Too much politics, perhaps.

Anyway. "Nebraska" is an unpackable suitcase about reproduction (genetic, memetic) and AI and transhumanism and... you guys know me. There is a version of Tony Stark out there in the multiverse who would inevitably stumble on the Kusanagi Motoko of "Man-Machine Interface" (in particular, rather than she of the anime adaptations or original comic), which would be hilarious on so, so many different levels.
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I received: The Play, the Withnail and I post-movie story I requested partly for sororial unit. I know, right? IMO this was the most difficult of the possible matches, so it was a real pleasure to find that someone had braved the finicky request to come up with a story that was sweet, funny, and very true to the canon voice. Thank you so much, Mystery Santa! ♥

There is a game that ppl play, right, where you guess which story I wrote in Yuletide? Some of you know the list of fandoms I offered, so given that it should be ridiculously easy. XD
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Proxemics by [personal profile] penguinparity
McCoy/Kirk. Otherwise known as "The 5 times Bones and Kirk accidentally got married and the one time they did it on purpose." Because more people should de-anon, perma-archive, and give their fics proper titles, for the MLIS in all of us. XD;

Captain Awesome and His Amazing Enterprise by [ profile] vaingirlfic
Spock/Uhura. Band AU is a sanity test for sentai dynamics, sort of TV tropes style. Also you just know Spock was winning Vulcan classical music competitions as a kid, unless - wait, I can feel it - he wuz robbed by the judges cos of conveying excess emotion in his playing.

Nothing Lay Between by [ profile] jantra and [ profile] dancing_mercury
Kirk/Spock, Pike/Spock, prolly other pairings? The AU in which Spock actually is a courtesan. And a science officer. And a tour guide. And a massage therapist. If you need to look at the tag on that shit you can't afford it, know what I'm sayin'. (WIP)

Case Study: The Pon Farr Project by Jungle Kitty
Kirk/Spock. And you know what, there's been stuff only marginally less out there published in the Harvard Business Review.

Good Man by [ profile] brighteyed_jill
George/Jim. Yeah, imma cry in a corner now, but OTOH this isn't remotely as fucked up as the Winona/Jim one I read (you will note that I have not been reccing any "Jim was horribly abused as a child" stories, even though I read tons of them and they are not all bad by any means). In fact it's kind of sweet. In a fucked up sort of way.

Trust What You Can't Explain by [ profile] curiouslyfic
Kirk/Sulu. Sulu is stuck with a baby, but it's not mpreg and not a plot device; bad things happened to the planet, Sulu is a dude and in over his head, and the baby has alien physiology. Great ensemble characterization, but (I suspect) slept on due to being lost in the cavernous depths of the kink meme. Pass it on!

James T. Kirk Does Not Believe in the No-Lesbian Scenario by Please Reveal Your Genius Anon
Kirk/It Would Be Spoilers. The one in which Kirk turns into a girl and... ahfugeddaboutit I'll be at the bar.

TwitterEnterprise by [ profile] misfit_fandoms
Gen, self-explanatory. Remember to read it from bottom to top, and where do I get that skin for Twitter? (I haven't found the Enterprise's Facebook newsfeed, although there's been FB fic. You'd think, etc.)

100 Watchers Picture Book Webcomic by [ profile] trek_crack
Jim seeks his tribble.
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As Morning Shows the Day by [ profile] jade_dragoness (WIP)
K/S pre-slash. On the really-really off-chance someone hasn't encountered it yet, probably the best of all the "aliens chibified them" stories the kink meme grew (why??). Though IMO actual Kirk, Spock and McCoy watching The Princess Bride would be a bit more, je ne sais quoi, MST3K?

The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed by [personal profile] lazulisong
K/S pre-slash. It took me an unreasonably long time to realize the cat's name was "Tribble". XD

Similar Activities by [ profile] mithrigil and [ profile] puella_nerdii
A Wrong Turn at Albuquerque
The Watch Cycle 1 | 2 (WIP)
Kirk/Spock/Uhura. Mith and Puel are the only ones thus far who went about extrapolating how shiz would go down if T'Pring survived (but not gonna lie: the #1 reason I'm reccing this is the Old Spock Beams Aboard scene, which is A++ WOULD LOL AGAIN).

(Though this is a take on the episode proper, w/ soup. BTW I'm sure I'm not the 5,409th person to point this out, but the canon ending made no sense.)

It's the Grammar of Skin 1 | 2 by [ profile] vaingirlfic (WIP)
Kirk/Spock/Uhura, not the direct-to-Hell one (that would be this).

K/S/U is interesting because the dominant fanon dynamic is, basically, poly; I think because one assumes Spock and Uhura would canonically have that communication style anyway. Now poly stories that intend as such (as opposed to ~*O HAI OT3 SPARKLY*~) often slip into a sort of didacticism reminiscent of zine-era slash (there is a joke here somewhere re slippery slopes) that I've always found a tad off-putting, but I don't get that sense with the K/S/U fics I've read.

And Years Went By by [ profile] keelywolfe
Wished Me Well (WIP? getting to be a theme)
...And K/S/Mc fics tend not to have that communication style to begin with. XD;

City Lights by [ profile] atomicskull
Kirk/McCoy, the-Enterprise-is-a-NYC-fashion-mag AU. IDEK ok, there are illustrations. XD;

You Know he Looks so Good Tonight by [ profile] curiouslyfic
Kirk/Sulu, Sulu/everyone, yes it's a sex pollen fic, the original request (what I linked to) is pure genius as proven by the fact that THE FILLS KEEP COMING. "Cupcake" is an underrated character tbh. Also completely lost my shit at Cannabis kumaris.*

Genesis by Eclectic Muse
Spock/Uhura. This is pretty much how I think it would've gone down.

Conditional Tense, Subjunctive Mood by [ profile] ineptshieldmaid
I have to say this, though: I dug Spock/Uhura in the movie, but by the same token the fic makes me uncomfortable. XD; OSHI TOO CLOSE TO REALITY BRING BACK THE SEX POLLEN

Penal as in Penalty by [ profile] subterrain
Janice Rand/Helen Noel, based on a TOS episode I haven't reached. I've developed a fondness for Janice "we're going to die horribly in ten minutes so I made coffee with a phaser" Rand though: like the animu OL neesan who seems like a sane normal until you realize she's probably as nuts as the rest of the cast, or why else would she be there. Also she looks EERILY LIKE CHLOE OUT OF 24. If Chloe out of 24 were in Mad Men. In space.

The reboot movie would actually have passed Bechdel if Kirk hadn't been under the bed, which pretty much says everything ever.

For Stars by [ profile] ayalesca (art by [ profile] arboretum!)
Kirk+McCoy gen. Not that I really need to rec this but. In order what I find amazing about this fic is 1) the characterization; reading the STvi novelization as a kid I was terrified by McCoy's reactions of NEGATIVITY MORASS** on Rura Penthe, this brings the flashback big-time, 2) the granularity of the planetary setting, which ficcers seem to ignore on their way to the sex pollen (to be fair atmospherics are not what the kink meme is for, and the original series is all foam rocks and silk plants), and 3) THE STARS.

Iowa Was No Place for Heroes by [ profile] blcwriter
Kirk, Uhura, that alien sitting between them at the bar, gen. It's hilarious to me that someone would have written this fic, because even the first time I watched the scene in question I was looking at that alien and thinking s/he had hir "you've gotta be kidding me" face on.

* I keep wondering if there's, like, a Harold and Kumar macro that says One of these stoners is in the Obama administration, the other one is piloting the starship Enterprise, what have you done with your life lately.

** Always sort of wondered if I'd be one of those people hugging a plank in the freezing water until sunrise, or if I'd give up. I don't think you can know until it happens. I'd bet on give up, except for aforementioned instinctive upset.

Wow, these writeups are getting longer, aren't they.
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And I am gonna try RILLY HARD to do the metadata, okay? XD; That is so not how I naturally roll. Dumped a bunch of these in Meg's comments weeks ago is more my style... Should've just started a new account. Slash before/after convention not followed as I cannot be arsed to re-read to remember how shiz went down, no pairing scooshes my god people those were never designed for characters with one-syllable names. (Although there is something cosmic about the fact that the scoosh of the first slash pairing ever is "spork".) My real OTP is Spock/Yamaha but I'm not sure I can find that story again.


For I Am Exposed by [ profile] keelywolfe
I've always theorized that fandoms takes on inherent characteristics of canons; in this sense Gene "budget SF cliche bingo" Roddenberry is responsible for a lot of FANFICTION's WTFery at large.

Eternity by [ profile] fluffysilver
Jim loses eight months of a very steep learning curve. Not massive angst fodder like most amnesia fic, although that's because it doesn't ride around in Spock's head. (WIP)

L/A/S by [personal profile] rageprufrock
This scenario reads as weirdly plausible. Watch this space 'cos I need to find the other fic in which Spock is a courtesan, which was more like something Chinese fandom would write. Chinese fandom thinks Spock is like ttly joousama. (WIP)

Intreat Me Not to Leave Thee by C.M. Decarnin
TOS, kinda nuts. This:reboot!fic::'87 Mustang GT:Ford Focus (Mazda Inside). IIRC I got the link off a thread re how humans probably wouldn't recognize a trashy Vulcan romance if they saw one. This is more like trashy Vulcan didactic historical arty BDSM porno-within-a-porno though? Also OH MY GOD DO YOU REMEMBER BACK WHEN PEOPLE USED TO BELIEVE IN HYPNOTIC REGRESSION AND THAT ALL THESE MIDWESTERN KIDS HAD REPRESSED MEMORIES OF BEING ABUSED IN SATANIC RITUALS REMEMBER THAT. (WIP... no f'reals read her author's note)

Of Sentinels and Anchors by [personal profile] corpus_invictus
Spock is raised human and it doesn't work.

The Sky Was Made for Us Tonight by [personal profile] waketosleep
Prison break from the colonial Vulcan overlords!


Positive Reinforcement by [ profile] the_summoning_d
My fave.

Bed Sharing, by Why Does This Even Need To Be Anon
My second fave. This pairing is ttly not budget SF cliche bingo at all (well, except for that one Mirrorverse story).

Brightness Burns by [personal profile] graceandfire
I.e. this one. Originally recced by [ profile] insaneneko, who was like "Dude, I know from evil semes, this is fluff."

Sing About Tragedy by [personal profile] dira
I'm still cut up about Vulcan too. D:


Listening To Hear Where You Are by [ profile] frostfire_17
Kirk/Spock/Uhura/TOS female uniform. BTW I started watching TOS and there were totally women wearing the same uniforms as the guys in the first ep, fuck a 60s chauvinist TV executive. However neu!Uhura's uniform is basically what I plan on wearing every day to work forever because I hate pantsuits ahaha. This is by the person who wrote that nice meet-cute in the last SSBB.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum by [personal profile] acaramelmacchiato
Spock/McCoy. Much like the Time Lords of Gallifrey Wittgenstein would have a lot to say about Star Trek shenanigans.

The Return of Ricky Rocket by [personal profile] takhallus
Kirk/Chekov, and then someone told me that people wrote tons of stories about Phoenix Wright having a porn star past too. IIRC the PW and ST kink memes are the two largest extant.

under your rolling thunder by [personal profile] vega_ofthe_lyre
McCoy/Chapel, stuck inna cave. You could make a whole rec list of nothing but stuck-inna-cave stories (the Spock Prime/Kirk mindmeld ones not least). I always imagine the foam rocks.


Reunion by [ profile] callieach
Spocktimus Prime (sorry that will never stop being funny) meets Pike. "Old Spock goes around the universe meeting people" is its own genre, actually.

Trouble in Paradise by [ profile] helenish
Kirk tries to get Spock laid... it's more one of those nothing-actually-happens stories though. Contains one of those great helenish sentences.

Untitled (the one in which George Kirk comes out the other side) by [ profile] vibishan
The one in which George Kirk comes out the other side.


I am lazy, so here is the Star Trek Reboot art meme (fills in comments).

Chibi Trek

USS Enterprise-chan. Dude, all those circular slash vs. yaoi debates we used to have on AMLA, and a decade later everything's a mush of Kirk/Spock moe-tan crack doujinshi. Is how my brain processes the genderswap stories on the kink meme anyway. idek anymore here have some tribbles


Star Trek: the musical theory
Thing is, no one stops to have a Wondrous Exploratory Moment in the reboot movie. There is plenty of that quartal shiz in WALL-E.
There are other Star Trek FML twitters, but this one is the only historical inevitability.

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If you'd caught me any time last week (and probably this one) you would have gotten a rant on the state of the North American economy and/or the Chinese tainted milk scandal which I find as upsetting as anyone could who's not directly affected - for cripes' sake there's a global recall on White Rabbit candies, that's like the Chinese equivalent of Kraft dinner being tainted, it's just not right. I'd been seriously considering moving back to Shanghai to work for a while, but then the idea comes that it's nuts to leave Canada for a place where smog is normality and infant formula isn't fit to drink. That never used to be a consideration, but as I get older it sort of... is. :/

Anyway, the point was more that I don't want to talk about stuff like that on the internet. XD Instead I'll talk about LUCKY☆ STAR, which T. and I are currently watching. This series is like hanyaaaaan~~~ XD Relaxing, I guess, because of the note-perfect evocation of coasting through high school, even though I wasn't even an anime fan back then (and online gaming barely existed). BAD STUDY HABITS R 4 LIFE. Kagamin is my ideal, in practice it's a combination of Tsukasa and Konata to this day - sleep patterns especially. Meanwhile T. is procrastinating hardcore on her Ph.D. thesis, she says the table of contents alone is 18 pages and counting. We had a serious discussion re: how by some measures we're becoming less responsible, since before we used to panic and/or feel guilty about not getting stuff done or cutting daily-life corners and now it's just like, whatevs! Ecksdee ecksdee.

In other news, [ profile] ladysisyphus wrote me some farfuture!Vaan and Penelo as part of a request meme, and there is some mindbogglingly awesome fanart happening at [ profile] bangbangwhimper. (My stuff if anyone wants to try. XD By the evidence people want to do f/f pictures though, don't they.) I'm also thinking of standardizing SSBB's logo, but that's a design job in and of itself.
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If you had a friend who:
  • is male
  • is straight
  • is unfazed by teh ghei (totally non-homophobic; has many gay friends; TB/X-1999 fan)
  • has never read any fanfiction
  • but is online/fandom-literate enough to know, for instance, what a "ship" is
  • just finished Deathly Hallows
  • would like some HP fanfic recs, with no caveats except quality of writing
...What would you recommend? ^^;

Links to quality single- or multi-author archives as welcome as (or even preferable to) links to specific stories. Was baffled as not only do I not read HP fic anymore other than what occasionally crops up on my flist, I've been out of the fandom for so long that if you asked me to point out an archive of decent, fairly-current HP fic of any denomination/pairing, I wouldn't know where to look.

My guess is that dude would prefer the long, plot-filled type of fic rather than - say - Malfoycest bondage PWPs, but he's not easily fazed. XD; Maybe a kind of fandom-wide survey, with a couple of representative/seminal works from each pairing/era/movement. Eg. some post-book-5 war epic, some Marauders-era S/R, some Pumpkin Pie, some Fanon Draco's Leather Pants: A History, some Percy/Oliver intellislash, and so on. Although this might be over-ambitious (albeit commendable) as a project, so really, recs pls. XD
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Two Worlds, by Eildon Rhymer [Dark Is Rising series, PG13 thus far]

[ profile] marici suggests this in [ profile] sesame_seed's comments as an antidote to the apparent travesty that is the movie trailer (which I haven't watched; I think I'll go ahead and spare myself the pain, if no one minds XD).

When I was of tender years, I had a Thing for Bran Davies. I was reading (or more likely re-reading) the series at precisely the age at which one first starts to notice boys etc., and I have a theory that whatever you see/watch/read in those pre-teen years you fixate on, like a baby duck. Pretty much every quirk or kink I have is traceable to something I read or watched at age 10-11. The above story is Will/Bran, so it's kind of like discovering that the guy you had a crush on in the sixth grade and his bff from back then are, like, totally doing it. Or what I imagine it'd feel like, anyway; very little chance I'll find out for real. XD

In any case they're not totally doing it. It's good old-fashioned UST- and dew-drenched shounen-ai set in Oxford, which is probably the best mode to adopt if one is going to do something like write Susan Cooper romance fic (even if I don't believe, when you get down to it, that Will Stanton of all people would mope so much**). The story is complete and being posted in daily installments. The author claims an eventual R rating but I'll believe it when I see it.

** I say this but then the question naturally becomes, how would you characterize him? I have a very vague memory that Chrissie actually asked me to write Dark Is Rising fic at one point, and I was like, uhhhhh in what sense.
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Through Bonds of Words and Bonds of Action, by [ profile] reversedhymnal [GetBackers, Kazuki/Toshiki/Juubei]

Thinking about it the whole Toshiki thing was a rotten trick on the part of A&A. At least when Amon was introduced, everyone who'd fixated on the cuteness of Shido/Madoka was happy they had someone to slash with Emishi. With Toshiki it was like, you do realize anyone who is liable to give a shit about Fuuga ships Kazuki/Juubei already, right? (Exaggeration: I know all of three people who like Toshiki! And they are pretty vocal about it. But OTPers just hated the whole setup from beginning to end.)

Prince of Tennis pulled this too. I'm thinking of InuKai, which one could argue was/is the real cool-kids pairing of the series - always the minority interest but the sexiest fic, bar none. Then 3,000,000 chapters into the manga, Konomi in his infinite wisdom provides one with Data Pair, which is so perfect one could weep, especially given that it contradicts what everyone-who-cares has been shipping hardcore forever.** GOOD JOB DUDE, THANKS A BUNCH, CARRY ON.

Anyway this has nothing to do with the fic (which is cute bondage pr0n), I've just been carrying this rant inside me for years and it decided spontaneously to break into the light of day. XD;

** Except one person I know, guess she's lucky.
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The latest round of [ profile] drabble_trade is up! Ouran fic for me:

Kyouya/Tamaki + Haruhi
Nekozawa (ahaha)

I am having difficulty formulating a guess, though. XD;

Overheard in an Aerodrome in the Imperial City of Archades, by [ profile] canis_m [FFXII/Swordspoint]
Privilege-timeline, insofar as that stretches; an AU of sorts (but then who knows what strange lands one might encounter in the course of one's travels XD). Also a giftfic for me. ♥

Berlin, by [ profile] atdelphi [Harry Potter/Petshop of Horrors]
Recced by [ profile] issen4 (who is on fire these days). Also a dashedly clever crossover. The key to the genre, I think, is identifying a hinge where two or more series are in exact if accidental agreement and writing from there, rather than simply having characters from series A meet characters from series B. Here the conceptual hinge is Fawkes. *g*

Not very on the ball for the upcoming Potterdämmerung (to steal from [ profile] keelieinblack) - no firm plans yet for acquiring the book or going to see the movie, somewhat to sororial unit's frustration. But I'll have to do both ASAP, like everyone else, or miss the LJ spoiler boat.
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1) [ profile] saturnoolaa has brought back the Annual Muffin Puffin Tournament, "in which 32 fictional characters fight the ultimate battle for the title of 'Muffin Puffin', with the assistance of some lj polls". The round of 32 is already on its last day, but the matchups are thrilling, and the best is yet to come. XD

2) Signups for the next issue of [ profile] imaginarybeasts is here - the theme is Heatwave. [ profile] lacewood mentioned she'd like more participants, so. I would definitely be writing for it if it weren't for the fact that I can't even write for and edit [ profile] bb_shousetsu simultaneously without clearing my schedule a month in advance. ([ profile] lacewood, if you ever do do a cross-dressing edition, I reckon I could send part of the SSBB contributor pool your way. XD;;;)

3) I forgot to link the Wighnomy Brothers mp3s I uploaded yesterday, so those are now here. Mentioned mostly because the tracks are remixes of FSoL, Depeche, and Underworld respectively, and someone or other has to be collecting those. XD

Last evening T and I started watching Honey and Clover. As with FMA I'd've been better off getting into it back when everyone else was into it, probably, but it seems like a good series for the summertime. (I don't seem to be writing fic for the anime I watch anymore? I say this but then remember that in early days I watched way more anime than I do now, most of which I never had any desire to write fic for. Probably just a question of percentage.)

Oh, and I'm going to assume that by this point either you've received your postcard(s) but are unable to post the text to the thread for various reasons (are on vacation yourself, say), or it's gone awry somehow - if you requested one I did send it, so. I'll start to complete the record? Though it won't be for a few days yet. XD
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It took a while to draw this up; it's a much better list than the other one (where a truly meaningful variation on my part would be, list the ten fics you wrote that failed most egregiously and why - this is not self-deprecation, if you think about it XD). I aimed for ten but got to #7 and realized I couldn't rank #8 to #25, so these are the ones I'm convinced of.

How [ profile] obakesan worded it: Post a list of your five favorite fics other writers have written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. Eight here, very roughly in chronological order. )

As you can see I'm not very good at talking about other people's writing; I end up talking about me. This is the major reason I don't rec often. ^^;

In other news, I made a Xanga, because... I have Asian peeps to keep track of? Even if the Great Firewall of China is currently blocking it as well as LJ. Anyhow, if you have one, you know what to do.
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I'm posting the music video from that Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant romcom. Because nothing says hyperreality quite like FAKE EIGHTIES.

Latest round of [ profile] drabble_trade went up yesterday. There doesn't seem to be much guessing this time, so I will link and wait for people to confess. :D

Written for me:

Basch and Penelo
Fai and Sakura
FMA!Supernatural, by [ profile] arboretum (to go with [ profile] ladysisyphus's Fatal Frame!Supernatural and VS!Supernatural. IT'S LIKE A LITTLE BLACK DRESS.)

What I wrote (for [ profile] lazulisong, reposted):

Vincent/Reeve, vaguely DoC-era, 100 words. Has the potential to be way longer except I had only 20 minutes left before deadline. XD; )

Larsa is sneaky like a ninja, 1451 words. Um... yeah. )

...It's not so much a short story as it is a chunk of game novelisation told from Larsa's POV, and as such goes on and on and on and WHY IS IT NOT STOPPING. I blame Lois McMaster Bujold.
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Sentou Yousei Yukikaze FST and The Etched City FST reuploaded to [ profile] fst (join comm to see posts). Upping a couple more before month's end - may even toss up that 20th Century Boys FST, eheh, though it's hard to count it finished when I haven't read all the manga yet. ^^;

100-word FFXII drabble gifted me in [ profile] drabble_trade (Chrissie, isn't the first one you too? o_O): here and here (inappropriate bunny cat ears warning). Signups for round two are under way. I think this time I'll offer for offbeat fandoms only and see what happens.

Other FFXII drabble request GETTO ♥ from [ profile] geekerypokery: here (end of game spoilers warning). Here as well as above I'm assuming that having read the one(s) I linked everyone will click through and read the others, which are even more brill. I haven't requested from other people because I owe too many drabbles and thus feel too guilty to do so. XD;

Drabbles I contributed to [ profile] drabble_trade:

for silvermuse89: PoT, Shuusuke and Yumiko )

for orangensaft: Love Mode, Reiji x Naoya )

Other drabble-related thing I made: [ profile] fanwork_tag, a sandbox for anyone who wants to play Truth or Drabble, Sketch or Drabble, etc. (it's a lot less bothersome to have the signup post on a low-volume LJ comm than a personal journal). I advise single-fandom games as multi-fandom has a way of getting out of hand ahahaha. Um. WILL SOMEONE ELSE PLS START A FFXII GAME I HAVE NO TIME orz|||

I'm going on RL social hiatus until my birthday (which, well, I'll at least let you know where that's happening XD;;). Not declaring LJ hiatus but don't be surprised if I drop off for a bit - or conversely, spam. I just really need to get a few things done, and I don't have time for that, compiling the next SSBB issue, and seeing people in the evening or on weekends. ...Besides I'm kind of seriously PUP right now. XD;;;;
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Promoting [ profile] drabble_trade, [ profile] sesame_seed's anonymous 100-word drabble exchange:

Just post your request for a drabble in the week-long sign-up periods between iterations of the exchange. You'll then receive the name of a community member and a copy of their request. Then all you have to do is produce a 100-word drabble within the following two-week period and post it anonymously as a comment to the accompanying drabbles post.

The first signup post is here - please do join. :D

Meanwhile, those of you who are JoJo fans should come play Sketch or Drabble with us on [ profile] hail2jojo (like Truth or Drabble, only with fanart - no one ever picks truth anyway XD). I'd like to get at least ten people or so before starting the game!

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