Dec. 21st, 2005 01:44 pm
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That is all. :D

[ profile] 31_days January themes now updated with the missing mp3s, and some lyrics. Still need translations for the Japanese songs - I'm hoping to find lyrics online for the Spitz and Chrono Cross tracks, but the Kana song will have to be transcribed.

[ profile] worldserpent posts on desire and self-realisation in (primarily shoujo) pairing preferences, here and here. We had a long discussion but I told her I wasn't going to write the meta myself due to lack of time, so. XD

Passing by Lush this evening for more Christmas shopping. It feels like I'm making plans to go buy drugs or something. =_=
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Mmm, not finished either. ^^;

I can offer nothing
This nothing's everlasting
I could be Shiva lying
Beneath ferocious darkness
My heart's devoured
Cover me with flowers

Let me see the face
Of all enduring grace
Let me take a crack at
All that matters
And in the weightless hours
Cover me with flowers

--David Sylvian, "Cover Me With Flowers"

He woke to the void. )

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Rather, "body or astral body?" Let us all close our eyes and pretend this is a fanfic.

indices i-viii )

notes )

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I have the 12th written - it will be posted shortly - and if all goes well I'll write the 11th tomorrow and post it out of order. ^^; However after that I'm giving up on trying to make [ profile] 31_days for the rest of the month. (Exceptions are the 19th and the 29th which I've already mostly written.) I do plan on writing all the themes in due course, because I'll probably never find so fine and appropriate a list again *tips hat in [ profile] pornkings's direction*, but it's been a bit ludicrous for a few days already with me posting thirds of fics and first drafts at 11:59PM only to have to edit extensively the next day after everyone's read the thing already. I have expansive ideas for the 16th and the 28th-31st stretch I want to do justice, and the rest I'll save for when not half-arsed inspiration strikes (knowing myself my brainpan is due to boil over with HOMG STOOPID RED WHALES GAGS, not sure why the other shoe hasn't dropped yet).

Thinking about it this run of fic happened under perfect conditions. It's been a whole year since I started reading Mirage of Blaze and stockpiling my reactions without expending them through fic; my best writing happens in August-October after a long hot summer's recharged my batteries (I run on solar); and the paradigm of the series itself makes for an effortless brainmeld. I have a feeling that I will eventually be a bit creeped out at how self-revealing I've been in these pieces. XD;

Oh, and let's not forget SSBB. That goes on the front burner as of this weekend. Unless [ profile] tongari has decided to massively change her cover art or something I have my story planned out in my head, all that remains is to write it. Easily said, haha!
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Late by a whole day, but people who care will see it here. ^^; I could stand to expand this, in fact, the POV's fascinating. I have to keep reminding myself that no matter how good Kotarou is with loanwords, he doesn't know terms like 'instrumentalism' or 'constructive pragmatism'. XD

I wonder if Inui Sadaharu has ninja ancestors?

Haruie comes to Kotarou several days later, defeat in her eyes. )

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Can someone tell me where I got this from? It's so annoying to plagiarise and not even remember from whom.

Naoe sleeps. )

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Bohren & der Club of Gore – Kleinerfinger

Huh. Does it count if it's readable but unfinished?

Chiaki arrives by car at dusk. )

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Even if they're short. I have all my [ profile] 31_days fic in the same document and the current wordcount is 5300. Best not to think about it overly at this point, the last thing I need is to convince myself that the feat is impossible. Although I kind of feel bad for people who don't have me friended for fic (or at least not Mirage fic), because a writing streak makes me boring by any other standard. No blogging about my life, no discussions in the comment threads, etc.

Anyway, fixed the last fic. (Of course everyone reads and comments on the one I wrote while drunk. ^^; Though Tania liked that one too - she says she prefers the funny ones.) I also added background music. That's the nice thing about the Intarweb, you can make a multimedia presentation of it.

Vanessa Paradis - Joe Le Taxi: if you're not Francophone you know Vanessa Paradis as the mother of Johnny Depp's children. This was her first hit; it's an odd little novelty song about a Parisian taxi driver who "knows all the little bars and dark corners", and cruises around blasting "rumba, classic rock and cheap mambo". On a cha-cha-cha beat. I think it was written by her uncle or something? XD She must've been around sixteen when this was recorded, and sounds twelve.

Hide - What's Up, Mr. Jones? Now I like X-Japan's string-soaked metal ballads as much as the next CLAMP fangirl, but you have to admit: Hide's solo work is qualitatively better. I'd been hopping to this one for years before it occurred to me to look up the lyrics. Then I realised it was about David Bowie. Best headbanger by an embittered Japanese Ziggy Stardust ex-fan evar! (Unless of course it's actually about Yoshiki, which would be even more awesome.)

In other news: I've mentioned this already to select people, but I'm being unleashed on going to Europe for two weeks, September 17 to October 2. I'll be in Antwerp, Amsterdam, London and... I don't know. Finally going this time instead of just making noises, plane ticket bought and everything. My Korean pianist aunt even claims she will leave me the car keys, though I don't know if I have the sheer chutzpah to go driving about in Europe on the "wrong" side of the road in a car not my own.
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I am so drunk! ...No, seriously, I've had three g&ts and most of a bottle of white wine. This is disjointed as all get out. Still it makes for a nice change from the Uesugi, who're bloody depressing and no way around it.

Pizzicato Five - Catchy (Voltage Unlimited Mix by Towa Tei)

Nobunaga probably hates Shibuya-kei. On top of it all he's a rockist pig, as befits a character you're supposed to love to hate. And the only de facto Juliana in Mirageverse was Isari-hime. But one has to try everything at least once, or how would one know else?

Nobunaga went through periods. )

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Irobe-san as Sasaki-sensei, circulatory disease expert, circa 1955. One of the most gratuitously depressing pieces I've ever written, I think, albeit appropriate in a way to the anniversary (Hiroshima isn't mentioned but this is under the influence of Fio's post-war narratives text which I read in an evening and very much liked - then again I claimed that one partly because I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to be writing this ^^;).

There is something to be said for working with a set of characters who are functionally immortal.

Her name was Noriko. )

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I apologize for reposting this, but it's so obviously part of the series in ideology that I feel obliged to archive it as such. ^^; For people who've not read this - from remarks dropped here and there in the series I've always had a mental image of the teenage Tachibana Yoshiaki as being... Nanjou Kouji, more or less, sans jpop involvement (though Kouji fell into his career also because he was looking for someone and thought media exposure would help, a topos I encountered last in Kon Satoshi's Millennium Actress - but I'll leave the AU possiblities for others XD). Also for pictoral reference, Naoe would have been eighteen in 1981.

She is not very old, by the tallying of years. )

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This piece is older. I'd thought of writing one in a POV taken from each of the Yashashuu's "adopted" families - Miya, Chiaki Natsumi (ha, that should've been 'Like Hamlet'), Naoe's baka-niisan what was it? Takahiro? Yoshihiro? The real estate guy who lends him the "company flat" maintained for "employees" who "need a place to stay over" in Tokyo for "business purposes" - but it'll throw the theme list out of balance. I'll probably still do the Miya one.

When he comes downstairs she's already in the vestibule, motorbike helmet tucked under her left arm, zipping up her boot while standing on the other leg. )

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And here's today's. The events referenced occur during the Chiaki-centric story in Shinku no hata wo hirugaese (i.e. er, Merry Christmas Mr. Naoe?). Intentionally short.

There was no thesis to be had from the passion that ruled him. )

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Ahaha, oh man, the weird angles commence. This has nothing to do with the discussion on [ profile] lcseifhoan's lj - frankly I suspect the analogous scene must occur somewhere in the prequels, if only because my gut feeling is that it needed writing. Pre-series, obviously.

I no longer remember how much of the history was exposited in the anime (leaving aside my own summaries and those of others). If this piece is confusing or if I've made random glaring anachronisms - people rode horses without stirrups in the Sengoku era, am I remembering right? - please to comment. ^^;

He found Kenshin in the courtyard, in the shadow of the stables: a white stocky form moving under the beasts' trustful gaze. )



Aug. 2nd, 2005 09:08 pm
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It seems to be a... a good publishing week(?). Congratulations, you guys. ^-^

I met [ profile] baby_pen last night. She's in Montreal for French immersion study. We walked around town and had Indian food and coffee and cake, and talked a lot - well, I talked a lot ^^; - mostly not about fandom, surprisingly. Although I did babble at length about how I find Kuwabara Mizuna's mindset "congenial", which in retrospect was probably not the best angle to take with someone who's actually going to read the books, but then I think the... second?... conversation I ever had with bp involved me recounting the plot of a massively angsty BL epic I made up that also ends rather badly. So really it's been settled that I'm evil, we can move on to bigger and brighter things. XD

I could explain at length what I mean by "congenial" but I have to run in five minutes to a meeting and hence to a colleague's birthday lunch. ^^; Basically, while I have my issues with the series - as oft aforementioned the mechanics of storytelling improve considerably throughout, while locally the text suffers from problems that ahh in fandom parlance may be summed up as "so not beta read" (actually the ideas presented also mature considerably; one is aware that book 1 is written by a 20-year-old but book 22 is written by a 27-year-old. Being halfway through the process myself as it were, whoo boy am I ever aware), I honestly can't think of any instances where I fundamentally disagree with where she's taking her story. If that makes sense. ^^; I'm thinking about the end of Guy Gavriel Kay's Sailing to Sarantium, my favorite of the Kay books I've read, where I put the thing down and said "That was very touching but not the way it should've ended."

In fact - I noticed this when I was making the FST (which is really a form of ficcing) but most clearly now that I'm writing proper fic - I tend to anticipate the course of the canon when I extrapolate. XD;; One of the pieces I wrote a few days ago for [ profile] 31_days was a list of - well, not so much philosophical koans in the sense that they're readily answerable; signposts to certain trains of thought concerning the implication of Mirageverse I find important let's say - and while reading book 22 yesterday I had a sudden revelation: Kuwabara means to go ahead and deal with all of these points in canon. I am not used to that at all. XD I'm used to "overthinking".

Of course then the mental image of Reijirou... but more on that later in the day.

beep beep

Aug. 1st, 2005 08:30 pm
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Fic is being posted to [ profile] 31_days in droves. Head over, folks! I'm glad I was able to make the first day at least. XD No, seriously, I want to write all the themes if possible but I've also got the SSBB story not to mention the magazine itself (Hwei sent a prelim cover which is lovely; I've been arranging text over the image, and I fear it shall not escape classiness. Oh well, we'll live). I think I'll have a decent run the first week, though.

Pizzicato Five - Twiggy vs James Bond: By request, since it's always good to catch references first and then discard them at leisure. XD A Shibuya-kei anthem.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Richard X Extended Mix): Because you can never have too many electrodance remixes of "Enjoy the Silence".

UNKLE - Lonely Soul: Now that I have 1GB to play with, I've been dumping music on my player that I wouldn't normally listen to outdoors otherwise - UNKLE, DJ Shadow, that sort of thing. This came on as I was plowing through one of Takaya's angst sessions + philosophical clashes with Reijirou in the metro this morning. It's sort of... gloomy orchestral soultronica?

P.S. I changed my lj layout because I realised it made fic a chore to read. ^^;
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(As aforementioned, all these will be Mirage of Blaze, and accessible through this tag:

I wrote this tonight, and somewhere along the line I had a fruity drink and four shots of iced Stoli. So, ah, it'll need fixing when I wake up.

Four centuries ago it was easier. )



Jul. 31st, 2005 11:22 pm
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Are we supposed to post [ profile] 31_days fic to the comm and link them from our personal ljs, or vice-versa?
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I have been writing for [ profile] 31_days. As aforementioned it is all going to be Mirage of Blaze, although length, mood and style vary greatly. I keep writing truncated drabbles because I don't have time to really think things over. Going coucou and hitting the point where metaphorically linking the Retsumyousei and Yuzuru by way of Koubou Daishi (seeing that Yuzuru is, well, Maitreya basically) seems like the most hilarious idea ever. Although I am 75% sure at this point that it'll be done in canon. Kuwabara babbles in the afterword to 21 no less that there's higanbana/manjushage all over the place in Shikoku and she thinks of it as "her" flower since it blooms around her birthday, and anyhow it's red like all the other red things she likes. Blood... wine... roses... rubies... Takaya's left eye... つまり。I can only laugh. I've also been attempting to purchase an mp3 player but that's turning into a whole 'nother drama.

...In other news, have some music.

Nujabes + Fat Jon - Aruarian Dance
kazami - YOU

From various Samurai Champloo OSTs. Warm and dreamy.

UA - Summer Melancholic: theme of this post as well as the title of the song. Actually it sounds like it could come from a Samurai Champloo soundtrack as well, with the sleepy, wandering dub bassline.

Taima - Remaining For You: Taima is a Quebec duo that does mellow acoustic folk in French, English and Inuktitut. To me it sounds like fleeting northern summer, the ice breaking apart and the land misting over with green. I'm debating going to see them at the Spectrum on August 2nd.

[ profile] pornkings tagged me with a meme: Ask me my top five of anything.

Tin asked me my top five items of clothing and the top five concerts I attended )

P.S. I am tagging the people who commented on my meme who haven't done it yet. So:

[ profile] fable
[ profile] sesame_seed
[ profile] one_if_by_land
[ profile] beeblebabe
...aaaand [ profile] worldserpent because I feel like singling her out. XD

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