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Pop & Policy was the industry conference and workshop component of the Pop Montreal festival, hosted by McGill's Schulich School of Music. My sister dragged me to the Friday afternoon panels as her law professor had suggested they attend. This cost 15$, worthwhile as I acquired three CDs (one festival sampler, two handed out by one of the panelists making good on his music-should-be-free ideology), plus coffee, snacks, and drinks/appetizers at the ensuing cocktail. XD Also the talks were interesting. The first pitted DJs and academics against industry lawpersons in a discussion of copyright and sampling, and the second was about legal challenges/ramifications to the DMCA and alternative models of online music distribution (other than "sue the pants off downloaders"). There were some fair bigshots, like Terry Fisher. This was followed by a round table with Patti Smith being interviewed by a journalist.

The hilarious thing about the copyright/sampling panel was that it was, in its essence, the exact same argument that comes up re: the legal viability of fanfiction. Just substitute hiphop/DJ culture for fanwork culture, keeping constant the catalytic influence of the anonymous internets, the "old-fashioned" artists who actually care about maintaining control over the integrity of their work, and the intellectual-property lawyers. Putting representatives of the several groups on the same panel was like [ profile] metafandom essayists versus - say - Robin Hobb's agent; it was that testy. The former group ranted rather idealistically about corporations but it's a red herring really; once the labels are out of the picture (and they will be soon) one runs up against other artists, as often as not those who - like Prince or Patti Smith herself - fought their own labels to retain artistic control. Having acquired said control they're unlikely ever to grok the necessity of relinquishing it to the next poxy-faced sixteen-year-old comer who wants to take a two-second snippet of their recording and Do Stuff to it. I've said somewhere that if I published a novel I'd consider it a failure on at least one front if people didn't write fic for it that completely twisted my artistic directive to suit their own ends, but then I came up through the fanwork culture too. XD;

Anyway. Less with the meta, more with the gig review.

The tenets of Flickr popularity: delicious food, hipster girls, and Patrick Wolf smeared in glitter )

Seriously, it normally takes me two weeks to get 15 hits on a Flickr entry. XD; I tend to feel a bit useless about posting gig pics, because it's not like I have great equipment, and a cursory search will usually turn up dozens of better shots. But so far mine are the only ones up of the Montreal show. What happened to the other ten people schlepping cameras in the front row? Who knows.


Sep. 26th, 2007 01:37 pm
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Have a canned post. XD

So it turns out I uploaded these photos for a reason XD )

I made a note of it when T and I finished watching the second season of Honey and Clover, but I can't find the entry or comment and now I don't even remember when that was. ^^; Early August, probably. If you wrote up thoughts on the series after having watched it uhh a year or two ago, drop me a link - I like reading old reviews.

Cut for excessive length. )

There's the music. It's not so much that the soundtrack is perfect for the series, so much as Umino Chika clearly wrote her story around the songs themselves, to give the emotions evoked by them somewhere to call home. I think this because I do it all the time. XD Sometimes a song is oneself, or someone one knows; failing that it could be associated with a character or a work of fiction. But as often as not one has to imagine the video treatment. I've always thought SPITZ was music that best expressed the sensation of biking on country roads through green fields and small towns; it's uncanny. XD

More props to Umino - IMO Hachimitsu and Clover are SPITZ's and Suga Shikao's best albums respectively (or were when the manga began serialization). They're both focussed, early efforts with snappy rhythms and relatively airy production, less with the compressed pop gloss and orchestral balladry. Not that I have a problem with balladry. XD
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I should, uh, probably pay for Flickr before my Italy pictures start dropping from the photostream. People seem to like those - I've even had a request for one to be published in a Spanish magazine, as part of a feature on Turin cafes. (In general Flickr stats confirm what one would suspect, namely that given the choice, people would rather look at pictures of pretty girls and food than anything else. XD In History of Western Painting 101 these are known as "mythological scenes" and "still lifes".)

Forro in the Dark. Sorry for the quality, btw - wasn't using my own camera, forgot to check the image resolution. D: )

Bebel Gilberto )

In other news, I feel a lot better now that I've let the [ profile] blind_go deadline lapse. XD;; It was a strategic misstep to sign up for this round, I think - I love to read AUs and crossovers but I'm not very good at writing them. Should repost the poll now that the options have changed.
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x30 best. All else being equal, photographs containing hipster girls will garner more views on Flickr than those that do not. )

More pics on Flickr if anyone's interested - I saw 150% more bands than portrayed in the cut above, so. Photos containing friends and acquaintances will appear on Facebook (it makes sense in my head, okay XD).
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I have three issues of Italian JoJo, that I bought second-hand from the comics/anime convention within the Turin book fair ( I attended a con while I was there, WHAT OF IT). Nowadays I think Italy does tankoubon like everyone else but back when JoJo was being serialized - and according to the inside cover the Italian edition started in 1994 - it came out in "issues", where one issue is 6-8 chapters or thereabouts. So the end of part 5 (volume 63) was issue #94. By sheer coincidence the publication date corresponded exactly with the manga's internal timeframe: August 2001. XD Then they detoured for purposes of Araki completism, so Baoh was #95-#97, Gorgeous Irene was #98, Magical B.T. was #99, then #100 was the start of Stone Ocean. Part 4 and previous are flipped left to right, part 5 and onward are right to left. They're basically thinner tankoubon so I find it outrageous that manga serialized this way was collected into "proper" tanks afterward, but 'tis well known TRUFAX that otaku nerds will pay for anything.

It wasn't until last week that I realized this sort of farks up the way I described Pink Dark Boy in my fic? Uh. This level of authenticity is not required amirite.

Looks like this: )

Where the bottom three shelves are entirely JoJo. The issues I have are #52 (last bit of Josuke + Jotaro vs. rat, Reimi's introduction), #84 (all of Clash/Talking Heads - I got it for the map of Venice ahaha), and #94 (Gold Experience Requiem, Rolling Stone side story, the character profiles). I should probably make some scans or something but for the moment I'm too lazy. XD; Part 5 comes off like... reading Banana Fish in English. Where you sit and think, "Funny this was originally in Japanese when it's all about the US of A," and it's kind of hard to imagine except not.

I also bought volume 5 of Ouran High School Host Club, solely because I wanted to learn to say "reverse harem" in Italian.
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Some examples. )

I took about 2,400 photos (not an exaggeration) and obviously they cannot all be put on Flickr, so... I uploaded the ones that involved food. XD The record is pretty spotty actually since I was eating inconsistently - everything between hotel breakfast and dinner was likely to consist of gelato, pastries and sandwiches consumed on the run, and I didn't always remember to take a picture. In fact I was constantly going hungry in the middle of the day because I was on the train or in the museum or dashing across town and didn't/couldn't grab a bite to eat. Eventually I started buying baked goods on tempting display and stashing them in my purse with the idea that I would be glad of them later - perhaps the next day - and I always was. Particularly when I walked all of Rome's central archaeological ruins and bussed down the Appian Way fueled by half a dozen brutti ma buoni biscuits I acquired while making my way to the Vatican the previous day (they're like a cross between amaretti and energy bars XD).

There are some more from Turin on Facebook, and the rest will go up in LJ Scrapbook with my other travel photos I guess.

P.S.: postcard thread if you haven't! But it's filling up nicely. XD
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Booka Shade I

Booka Shade II

Sold-out show, crowd of latecomers trying to score tickets in front of the venue, cloverleaf-pattern bracelets (haha no really, Happy Irish Booze Day), several hundred ravers packed like sardines onto the dancefloor, giant screen, two washroom stalls per gender. Social highlights include running into GHB Girl again - and watching her wrangle her way into the "DJs and their girlfriends" backstage area - and a couple having actual public sex in a cordoned-off corner. GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL.

Booka played a 70-minute live set from 2AM; suspect it was meant to be longer but there were technical glitches. Laptop in the middle, one Booka manned the mixers behind a glowing blue screen, the other played a synth drum pad kit (!!) and emceed between songs (!!!). BASICALLY THEY WERE ROCK STARS. The crowd was screaming, jumping up and down, singing along at the top of their lungs (note: the songs have no actual lyrics), reaching out to touch the DJ, putting their hands together and praying to the DJ, the works. Then again, most live techno acts can't drop tracks like the following:

Booka Shade - In White Rooms
Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl
Booka Shade - Darko

In a row. Which pretty much says it all.

More music (I'm making up for the relative scarcity of mp3 blogging in the past few weeks):

Booka Shade vs. Corona - White Night (Kornel Mix): "In White Rooms"... now with diva vocals for anthemic prog house effect! Some of you may like this better. XD (Also, rainbow-coloured Lego reenactment.)

Azzido da Bass feat. Johnny Blake - Lonely By Your Side (Booka Shade Dub Remix): I really like the original song, it's on my Nana II FST (which is nearly formalized, except I have to um, buy several CDs so I can rip specific tracks). This mix doesn't sound much like said original, and isn't ace for the same reasons, but is ace nonetheless.

I have more tracks but I think I'll leave them until later this week. *g*

In other news, I updated my website with everything I wrote since the beginning of 2007. Notify me if you get the kiriban. ♥
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I spent the past two evenings uploading photos I took of the contemporary art biennale at the Shanghai Art Museum. [ profile] moderntime, I wish I'd found out about it earlier so we could have gone together - I was there mid-morning on a Wednesday and the joint was filled with indie boys and girls. XD The people-watching was nearly as good as the art itself. I liked many of the pieces; the overall tone of the exhibit was playful, sometimes cutesy, with minor foci on traditional arts and crafts as well as futurism. Not much that was dark or troubling. Well, the theme was "Hyper Design", so.

Photos are on Flickr with accompanying notes:

Vertigo, by Wang Luyan

Time-Space Post Office by Ding Yi. Sort of brilliant. Ding Yi is pretty famous and definitely knows his audience. Cut for more photos. )

I should make the LJ version of this. XD Like, IP logging off, anonymous commenting on, write a letter to anyone you like, stranger or familiar, past present or future! COMMENT SPAM GO
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Something dumb I came up with over the weekend.

the GioGio vs Ladios Sopp comparison chart )

On Monday there was Rogers Cup tennis. )

Maria Kirilenko's butt-flounce. Apologies for crappy quality of all photos that follow. )

Friday I was ninety minutes' bus ride up north in L'Esterel for quote company fun day unquote. )

We had a potluck brunch before this and there was a mountain of leftover pastries so I and the Russian engineers etc. divided the spoils. Then I lugged it all over to Maclane's to meet Lorraine and Tania because she said she'd drive me home they wanted to borrow some anime. Lo, I offer a blanket apology for lack of enthusiasm and generally not being fun, I was nigh-catatonic at that point. ^^;

Other than that I've been writing. I do like the current setup because it means one whole fic gets posted at a time to the general public as opposed to dribblets of ill-revised drafts, but the downside is that if I'm very preoccupied with a WIP I don't blog at all.
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Haven't been blogging very much for the past week or so. I do have the excuse of working on SSBB but this must be remedied as I'm getting too used to it - everyone's had this experience, I think, if you don't blog for an extended period you can't remember what you wanted to say and what you do remember doesn't seem worth setting down at all. ^^;

Did want to note that I got all the texts, drabble requests and sundry. ♥ There are way more Viewfinder ones than I would've imagined likely; I'd suspect a conspiracy if they were all for the same pairing, which they're not. XD This may be one of those cases where it was unwise to let it be widely known that one is capable of a task in the first place.

Nevertheless I endeavour (I suppose this counts as my annual Tanabata drabble request?). Which brings me to:

You, the reader, get to ask me, the author, what happened after the written end of a story. It also gives you the chance to volunteer your opinion. (last seen at [ profile] incandescens but has made the rounds)

Excepting current WIPs: f'instance I'm obviously not going to say what happens after the first couple of chapters of Traffic, because I'm still writing it. XD

SSBB progress )

Went to the tam-tams Sunday before last. )

Last Sunday we went to the Jazz Fest, mostly to catch the Cat Empire set. Headed there again tonight for the Paul Simon tribute show, as long as it doesn't rain again. :P Had Monday off and lay around the house variously napping, eating, reading the JoJo novel, watching March of the Penguins and working on SSBB.

Penguins are such an odd and delightful shape. They're perfectly made to do everything that penguins do - and nothing else - and nothing else is made in such a way as to do what penguins do.
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Dave Gahan posing

setlist )

More in Flickr set, detailed comments to follow on demand and/or tomorrow. XD
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Originally uploaded by petronia.

(LJing from within Flickr - for some reason it doesn't let you blog several photos at once? :/)


As a bonus, here's a picture of tonight's lasagna. :P

Eggplant lasagna

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Time to hit up Toys R Us! Actually, this is a beautiful article that restores one's faith in mankind. XD

With that out of the way:

One of the more ghetto setlists I've begged off a band
Always Too Late | The Wedding | The Greatest Hit | Chewing Gum | Crush | Come Together | Heartbeat ||| Kiss Me | Me Plus One

Several songs I haven't heard, which is nice. Jae, I guess she's playing "Me Plus One" now after all. XD The next single is supposedly "Crush", which is actually the most indie rock-sounding - though it's hard to say as her backing band consisted of 1 x guitar/drums and 1 x twiddlyknobs, so arrangements were fairly different from on record. "Crush" had a storm of guitar fuzz, and because Annie's voice is on the wispy side I immediately felt like I was listening to shoegaze although it wasn't really.

"Always Too Late" / "The Wedding" <-- never occurred to me but these songs are quite ominous really
"Come Together" <-- total house-is-a-feeling vibe
"Heartbeat" <-- like what they did to it, lovely plangent pentatonic synth bell cascade
"Kiss Me" <-- I wish this were going to be released next!
"Me Plus One" <-- "This song is about a beautiful girl with long red hair who was in a band during the nineties" <-- ???

More of Ced's photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

If it looks like the stage was six inches high and we were standing three feet away, that's because it was and we were. It was like the sort of stage where skits are performed at elementary schoolkids' birthday parties. ^^; There were 100 people in the audience at best (did the rest of Montreal really turn out for the Arctic Monkeys instead? That sifts the sheep from the goats), but at least most of them acted like they wanted to be there. Amusingly Ced and I were standing between two groups of boys: 3 x somewhat amused Francophone hipsters who talked to each other a lot and danced indieishly, and 2 x possibly gay Latino(?) boys who obviously LOVED ANNIE ZOMG A+++ and got down like they just did not care. There were other oddities. It wasn't a date night, boys came in groups of boys and girls came in groups of girls and stayed in same-gender clumps, and for several hours no one lit up a cigarette.

The opening act only started at 10PM despite the ticket saying 9PM (we finished our paellas and crème brûlées hurriedly at the Spanish Club down the block), but both sets were so short we were out of there by a quarter past midnight. ^^; I thought some of their songs were sort of boring, in a "...Or I could be home listening to Bis right now" way, but there were an equal number that I quite liked. That is, I guess they reminded me a bit of Bis-but-more-twee (lots of melodica and cowbell and tambourine and handclaps and such), and the rest stands or falls according to the merit of the songs themselves. XD
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I haven't made the final wordcount yet, but I'm sure I've broken the limit. What I've learnt from this experience is that I blog a lot, since all I did was can the majority of my entries for two weeks. XD

First, a recounting of my birthday weekend! It was totally worth the exhaustion, even though I am errrm basically down with a cold now (low fever, called in sick so I don't have to face the -30C outside temperatures, sitting bundled up at home guzzling chrysanthemum tea and writing Very Big Post). ^^;

Birthday parties (contains photos) )

Wighnomy Brothers / Dan Bell / Akufen @ Nuit Electronik 2006, Saturday 25/02/06 )

Belle & Sebastian @ Metropolis, Sunday 26/02/06 (contains photos) )

On that note: Requested songs, unrequested songs, wanktastic and grossly sentimental musicblogging )

Please note mp3s will only be up for a week, as the entry is public.

And now the fic for the Mile Long Pole challenge. It's sort of awful, I'll probably be spending the rest of the night editing it. XD; Have some Orbital to go along with first. )

Yukikaze fic, 1,500 words, roughest of drafts to be honest )

Friday evening (that is the 17th, since I'm writing this on the 22nd XD) I read The Lives of Christopher Chant.

Desultory notes on the book and DWJ's common tropes (cut for spoilers). )

Much as I think Lush's forte is in the bath ballistic and bubble bar lines, I don't take baths often enough (the only time I can really take a bubble bath without bothering anyone by running the water upstairs is on weekends, and I often go out on weekend nights). So this is yet another shampoo bar review, as well as short notes on regular soaps. :P

Seanick )
Angel's Delight )
Milky Bar )
Gratuitous Violets )

When [ profile] serendip was in town she brought her BPAL imps, most of which she said she was meh about, and gave a number of them to me. ^^; Erin also took a few. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write more reviews, Jae. XD

Cathode )
Undertow )
The Lady of Shalott )
Kuang Shi )
Silk Road )
Moon Rose )
Lilith )
Skuld )

And finally, the first two chapters of Traffic. In which absolutely nothing much happens, I'm warning you, so don't get your hopes up. :/

Part I: Fei Long )
Part II: Winston )
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Multimedia from Sunday afternoon - I have to make a separate post for Saturday and Monday. It's been busy. ♥

Cut for picspam. )

One Self - Bluebird
The Herbaliser with Jean Grae - The Generals Take London
Diplo - Diplo Rhythm (feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Dandinhos)
TTC - Dans le club

Some tracks from said 2CD sampler (Ninja Tune/Big Dada, summer 2005), fairly representative of the sort of thing that was being played. Did I mention they were selling off vinyl? *g* Now have Amon Tobin's Out From Out Where and DJ Vadim's USSR: Art of Listening for 5$ each. Would've bought more except I only had 20$ on me and it would've been impossible to lug around anyhow.
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Got home on the last metro train. ^^; Wide range of ages in the crowd, lots of flag-carrying North Africans, plus oddities like this little old Indian lady with a glass of wine in the mosh pit and - well - me. XD Chinese-Canadians represent eheh. I got the impression that a lot of the audience either didn't attend rock concerts often or didn't care how they worked; more likely the former than the latter, or else more people would've clapped for the encore instead of milling about confusedly and going "Is that it? He's not going to sing Aisha?" XD;;; The mood was adoring but sort of volatile. I was right up against stage right with this large group of university-age Algerians, and in approximate chronological order there were: flag-waving, yelling at the opening-set DJ for playing something abstractly d'n'b until he put on "Ya Rayah" instead, official camera crews wading around and blocking everyone's view, a fight centre front in which security intervened, this one guy kept macking on a girl next to me until he grabbed her hand and left two-thirds of the way through, more flag-waving, tossing flags onstage, Khaled tossing his towel offstage to the guy next to me (he strutted as you can well imagine), lighter-waving, getting up on people's shoulders and flag-waving, umbrella-waving and getting told off by security for it, taking photos of each other using the stage as a backdrop (including a blurry one of me XD), getting up onto the stage to take photos and getting kicked off by security, storming the stage to give Khaled hugs during the encore (eight or nine people in a row - security so v. not amused XD;), girl next to me accidentally knocking down speakers, girl crying, other people around me including towel boy and umbrella girl screaming at Khaled to get his attention so he would come shake crying girl's hand which he graciously did, yelling and throwing water bottles at security after the concert's end for refusing to give back the flags that had been thrown onstage. A real change from the stoners at the Herbaliser gig. XD

large images behind cut )

Wonder of wonders, I also used the movie-recording function on my camera: 30-second clip (7.8MB). No way of getting the flag-waving down in stills. XD
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Much love albeit tragically short set somewhat marred by assholes in audience (redeemed by adorable genki fankids met post-concert although was witness to said genki kids' enthused dancing all through). New songs better live. Shirley awesome. Shirley's accent love. Scotland in general wins at life.

Photos uncommonly excellent. Will upload at length once I find my USB data key.

reeeeally large pictures )

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