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Dear Yuletide author:

I was a last-minute signup this year, so all the optional details are in this post rather than the sign-up itself. I like to have the maximum amount of information possible when I write to a prompt, so I'll do my best here, but if you want more room to maneuvre or if my suggestions stump you, feel free to chuck any/all of them over the side and do your own thing. I'm not a picky fic reader: any pairing, any rating, any genre, any kink, any premise. No squicks whatsoever. If you liked the canon and characters enough to offer it/them, as far as I'm concerned, we have enough in common.

If you'd like to poke around and get a sense of me in general, I'm [personal profile] petronia here, on LJ, and on AO3. Also minimoonstar (non-fandom, mostly music/movie stuff) and genufa (fandom, mostly Marvel and long Hannibal meta) on Tumblr.

Aeon Flux: I rewatched the series about a year ago (never having seen the whole thing back in the day), and was really taken by the rhizome of concepts -- so to speak -- represented by Trevor and Aeon respectively: his fascist autocratic techno-utopian shading into capital-R Romantic idealist shading into uptight class president and science club dweeb of the highest order, and her tender cynical trolling anarcho-terrorist meets 90s slacker existentialist refusnik who is nevertheless the cool burnout girl in the leather jacket who sits in the back of the class and scares all the squares. And the way the queer/kink cuts orthogonal to the whole dichotomy. Essentially they're both D-types who think the other guy won't give in, but really what they would have to do is let go of the rope simultaneously. ...Or you could write the high school AU, I guess. The beauty of the canon is that there's no canon.

Hawkeye (comic): I'd've liked to see more of Kate's adventures, and her friends, in LA; that arc didn't wrap quite as cleanly as I'd've liked. (If you're comfortable going the Gillen/McKelvie Young Avengers hipster route, there's a lot to draw from with regard to the Cali indie and pop scenes.) But back in Bed-Stuy with Clint and Barney and the gang is good too - I'm a Young Avengers fan from Heinberg/Cheung onward and read all the Secret Avengers series about Clint getting his mind wiped 50 times by SHIELD while the Hawkeye stuff was happening in his downtime, so, yanno, feel free to take it as broad or as narrow as you want.

Only Lovers Left Alive: someone finally made the vampire movie 17-year-old goth me wanted to see, and it was Jim Jarmusch. As stories about vampirism and immortality go it's wonderfully optimistic -- it holds out the possibility that people can care for and be interested in each other not only for a lifetime, but beyond the span of multiple human lifetimes -- that interpersonal relations have that much intrinsic value. And art, and books, and music -- and Kit Marlowe! -- and the fact that on a macro time scale Detroit will almost certainly be a thriving city again. In other news Adam is exactly the kind of loveable miserabilist asshole who could live in Detroit for who knows how many years and never think of going to a rave. This is another one where you can go wide, I guess: send Adam to hang with Jack White or tell the story of how, uh, Eve and he got to be friends with Kit Marlowe.

True Detective: write a story that tells me what you think of the show, please. Could be character study, could be future fic that picks up the conspiracy's loose plot ends, could be an exegesis of the King In Yellow symbolism which frankly the show only used for colour, could be Rust's life among the bikers as the smartest man in the room no matter how many drugs he did, could be correcting the egregious straight male gaze aspect of the thing, could be 5000 words of Rust spouting nihilism and Marty making faces at him in the car. (That was the best part of the series, if you ask me.)

Thanks again for all the fish, and be certain that whatever you write, I'm almost certain to enjoy it. *g*

Date: 2014-10-29 11:39 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] whatistigerbalm
I just want you to know that I enjoyed this letter even if I'm only familiar with half its fandoms. And I learned what a rhizome is!

Date: 2014-12-25 05:38 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] bookshop

*tugs on your sleeve* come share in my Yuletide gift!

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