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Per here.

(hits, kudos) [last year's position/last year's hits]

1) Super Detka [Captain America/Marvel Movieverse] (1818, 99) [n/a]
2) But Abberline Was Clearly An Idiot [DW/Sherlock] (1709, 24) [1/1480]
3) Bass Frequencies [X-Men: First Class] (1556, 74) [2/1273]
4) A Proof By Contradiction [Hikaru no Go] (1179, 43) [4/703]
5) The Motion Of Bodies In Public Spaces [Captain America/Marvel Movieverse] (757, 38) [8/303]
6) Traffic [Viewfinder] (698, 10) [6/340]
7) This Means War [Three Musketeers] (623, 17) [7/318]
8) Lyonnesse [William Gibson] (570, 12) [5/360]
9) Speak, Mirror [Black Lagoon] (552, 2) [4/510]
10) High Rise [Viewfinder] (535, 15) [9/270]

For easily evident reasons I'm registering the next few as well:

11) Senza Fine [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] (520, 36) [was not in the top 10 in the past two years]
12) Crocus [Swordspoint series] (415, 25) [n/a]
13) Shadow And Light [Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy] (410, 11) [n/a]
14) Celestial Flowers [Mirage of Blaze] (262, 5) [10/172]


1) So, yanno, joke stories in big fandoms. XD

2) The real action actually took place between last year's #9 and #10 stories. Two new small-fandom fics, and "Senza Fine" moved up a lot.

3) At this point I have enough data to make a spreadsheet, which will be more legible than these numbers are becoming. Though there are a few interesting aspects that the above says nothing about, such as the "performance" of a story in the day/week/month/six-month period immediately after posting, or the impact of AO3's functionality development. Mind you, I'm currently uploading a bunch of JoJo fics to AO3, which seem anecdotally not as known in that fandom as eg. Proof seems to be in HnG; there's no reason I couldn't start tracking them now. (Not that I'm conducting a real study: I wouldn't just use ten of my own fic if I were. XD But the exercise can generate hypotheses for testing.)

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