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All these are Tumblr links, but Tumblr is eating link lists, bless it.

I will update this post gradually with the backlog, particularly stuff I wrote in S2. These are almost all posts where I am the OP, but in many cases I linked to reblogs, since most of my meta is in the form of reblog conversations.

Miscellaneous Greatest Hits

Hannibal characters and perfume headcanons:

Imagining and fantasizing (thread goes lots of places):

It’s God that instigates everything:

The show spends a lot of time on Satan’s viewpoint, but the one it asks the viewer to adopt is God’s:

Moral worlds, miasma, and Hannibal:

* The more Bryan Fuller ships a pairing, the more he teases it:


Individual characters

* Alana's S1 to S2 progression:

* On S3 Alana:

On Chiyoh:

* Does Chiyoh resent Will?

On Bedelia:

The Occam’s Razor reading is that Bedelia has feelings for Hannibal, and vice versa:

Is Hannibal emulating Bedelia, and why does Bedelia like Hannibal?

Why does Hannibal want to kill/eat Alana and Bedelia?

Gillian Anderson on Hannibal and Bedelia:

* Is Bedelia's character arc poorly constructed?

Will’s issues with touch:

* Will's safe house in the distance: 

* Will's reluctant agency:

* Will's and Hannibal's neurodivergence:

* Will's looks, as assessed by Dolarhyde and others:



The game of which Siouxsie sings (negative cyclical patterns in Will and Hannibal’s relationship):

Why Will? Why not?

What does it mean to say Hannibal’s wish is to have Will?

The secret to Will manipulating Hannibal:

* Will is high maintenance and Hannibal likes it that way:

* Murder husbands' Tom Ford aesthetic:

* Could Hannibal have "won" Mizumono?

Could Hannibal have convinced Will to love murder by any other means?

Hannibal’s submission:

Does Will enjoy being Hannibal’s kitty toy?

* Hannibal-Alana-Will's non-Sedgwick love triangle:

* Hannibal thought he could get away with sniffing Will:

* The moment Will falls in love with Hannibal:
* Hannigram only "counts" if the other characters and the audience notice:


Hannibal as shoujo anime

Hannibal is a 90s dark shoujo:

Hannibal as CLAMP:

The difference between Hannibal/Will and Seishirou/Subaru (bonus jossed Bedelia theory!):

Hannibal as Ouran (haha):



Season 2

* Why did Hannibal stop Jack from retiring?

Why did Alana choose Hannibal romantically over Will?:

Fridging and Harris-verse themes:

Pappademas and queerbaiting:

S2 deleted scenes:

The deleted jailhouse scene and Hannibal’s thespian methodology (1, 2):

* Will's empowerment and lack of fear:

TV vs book narrative arcs vis the characters’ sexuality, with bonus pre-cancellation predictions:

Hannibal’s intent for Margot Verger:

Manhunter, and post-S2 speculation on the potential themes and symbolism of the Red Dragon arc:

Hannibal and Bedelia’s early relationship - post-S2 non-speculation:

* Did Will know Hannibal knew in Mizumono?


Season 3

Episode tags:


Antipasto initial thoughts

Hannibal is bored and dissatisfied:

Bedelia ran instead of helping:

Hannibal is the Last Murderous Unicorn:

Abel Gideon flashbacks



Primavera initial rewatch thoughts (the obliteration of Dimmond, sewing in TV Hannibal):

S3 as metaphysical meditation on the nature of (fan)fiction:

Continued here (Will’s imago of Abigail):



Secondo initial rewatch thoughts (stag pregnancy timeline, initial guess at Chiyoh timeline):

Eating Mischa, eating Will:



Aperitivo initial thoughts:

Alana and the anger stage: 



Pazzi of the Pazzis, or Hannibal and Pazzi are cousins:

Chiyoh tells Will to kiss Hannibal then push him off a ledge:



Rewatch thoughts:

Bedelia’s plan:

(See also KIY’s notes on Bedelia’s meds:

Will isn’t Krendler (parts 1, 2, 3)

That Mishima bullshit:

* Where did Will's suit come from?



* Why didn't Hannibal seem afraid?

Lawful neutral Chiyoh:




Initial thoughts:

Did Will keep the truth from Molly, and to what extent?

Why Hannibal’s trial wasn’t shown, and the in-world media impact of his capture:

Liebestod and the Chapel (1, 2):



* Initial thoughts (Alana's fear, Hannibal's sense of time):

* Tattle-crime readers ship it:

* If Hannibal saves Will:

* """Airholes""":

* Reba takes risks, the cars serial killers drive:


Initial thoughts (Manhunter’s phone phreaking scene, why did Bedelia kill?):

* The vagaries of CG and budget: 

* Will doesn't have his head in the game:


Bedelia is driving Will to “crush” Hannibal:




* The bullet was meant for Hannibal all along:


S4 Speculation

* Since the series is all about Will's choice, he may choose something else:

* Bedelia's leg, and fandom's writing of women:
Continued and


Food and Drink

Harris’s food animal childhood trauma(™) anecdotes:

Hannibal and wine:

If Hannibal made demi-glace:

* Alice B. Toklas' Murder in the Kitchen

Will Graham’s booze shelf:

* Hannibal's coffee maker: 



Art and Aesthetics

Hopper and contemporary death tableaux:

Death in Venice:

How good is Hannibal’s art? (parts 1, 2, 3)

Will Graham’s bookshelf:

Brideshead and Will’s clothes:

What Hannibal does with culturally-approved art:

Chiyoh’s Ohara Koson:

* Borges' nine essays on Dante as they relate to Hannibal:

* Beasts of the Southern Wild and Patrick Bernatchez's Lost in Time:


Musical Accompaniment

Pet Shop Boys cover of “Mein Teil”:

The Weight of the World and Its Heaven:



Harris, Mann, et al

My overall position on the Hannibal characters:

Would revamping Clarice as a trans woman help undo Buffalo Bill?

* Is Harris a benevolent sexist?

* The accidental comedy of Manhunter's climax, and its callback to Abigail Hobbs:


Bryan Fuller, actors, and team

The curious blur that is Hugh Dancy:

* Don Mancini, ascended fanboy squared:


Red Dragon Con notes

* RDC2 - questions I asked at Q&A:

* RDC3 hot take #1 - the choice of S4 storyline:

* RDC3 hot take #2 - Hugh saying Hannigram's love is Platonic:

* RDC3 Q&A questions - Saturday/Hugh:

* Bryan Fuller being wonderful in person:

* Hugh describing Will's love for Hannibal:

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