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 I've been posting these over at Tumblr since that's where people actually are, but Tumblr is zero good at archiving and I'm not entrusting this much text to Google.

Hannibal and wine (nerd exegesis 1)

Coherency of the TV narrative arc vs the books w/r/t the treatment of women (a follow-up to the whole fridging controversy)

Hannibal characters and perfume (nerd exegesis 2. Ever since I was at the Osmothèque in Versailles I've given this way too much thought. There was also a follow-up discussion whereby someone said Hannibal identified Bella's perfume as JAR Bolt of Lightning, which sets the bar way high. I have yet to rewatch the episode in question and uhh didn't understand Mads Mikkelsen's accent the first time, so. XD;;)

Pappademas' writeup in Grantland, queerbaiting (TL;DR version: the show totally is, but what is it going to do, make them get together 4 real? That would mean EVIL WINS :P)

Coherency of the TV narrative arc vs the books w/r/t the characters' sexuality (major spoilers for S1-S2 and all the books to date)

aaaaand A FANMIX: The Weight of the World and its Heaven (8tracks)

...Good thing I decided to do this since I'd already forgotten I wrote some of these posts. :P

I said this show reminded me of Tokyo Babylon halfway through S1, so when S1 ended I was like "yes ok sacrificial young woman tickybox" and thought that was that. Of course, S2 just charged ahead and did X:1999. In conclusion [personal profile] canis_m noped right out like "no way am I doing the 'animal-loving nice boy falls in love with total raving psycho' trope again" and she was prescient to do so. XD;;;
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