Mar. 17th, 2014

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OK -- let's try this!


Since the last time I posted I did end up reading Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal, and speed-tachiyomi-ed Hannibal Rising in Chapters with one eyebrow lifted. Hannibal reminded me a lot of The Honourable Schoolboy, actually )

I liked Hannibal better than tHS. It has an Anne Rice-ish "fuck the mortals" open ending, whereas in tHS the wrong side wins no matter how you slice it (emotional, ethical, political). Of course, Le Carré kept going -- Le Carré stories move forward in time as wholes, pretty much, whereas one suspects Harris's texts will blur but the characters and tropes look to live on independently. Once you've taken your best shot and potted that position, a valid choice is simply to hold your fire and avoid fucking it up. Which of course leaves me with no more series to read. XD; I've been plugging at George Bataille's La part maudite and Habermas: A Very Short Introduction by James Gordon Finlayson, and am halfway through Borges's Dream Tigers (El hacedor in Spanish). There's also another Kathy Reichs in the picture. Probably I'm gearing up to write.

Also bought a whole bunch of books but mostly of the previously-read, shelf-stocking variety (Angela Carter, Lawrence Durrell).


3 out of 5 Harris movie adaptations, Valhalla Rising, Pompeii, Kaze Tachinu )

I'm following Hannibal-the-TV-series, of course, which gives me pleasant flashbacks to watching The X-Files late on Friday nights. I'll write about that separately, probably? Like thematic meta, on Tumblr.

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